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INSTANT JUSTICE POLICE 2018 - Idiot Drivers vs Police #63

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Text Comments (438)
g2macs (18 hours ago)
If you're wondering why all the info ....British police have all pursuits monitored in real time by a senior officer/commander. As well as the state of the road (e.g. slippy) the driver or his no2 will state direction, speed, traffic density and to what level the police driver is trained and what vehicle he is driving. If the pursuit is becoming too dangerous it will be called off.
What a maroon (2 days ago)
why didn't they shoot the tires out or shoot the driver?
Kelly Smith (3 days ago)
GOOD JOB !!! ROCK ON !!! 😎👍
Im betting that dumb bitch couldn't even catch the old white dude on foot!
Nater K (4 days ago)
0:37 "Female driver..." *Woman stops car, steps out and runs up to police car* "DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY GENDER?!?!"
greanstreak04 (7 days ago)
10.05, was that a MAGA hat?
greanstreak04 (7 days ago)
American here, would some of you British police officers like to come over here and help us recruit and train a new generation of calm, intelligent officers and commanders?
Stormfire962 #IMASTARCITIZEN (13 days ago)
When I see videos like these I cannot help thinking just how a police officer job really is and the crap they have to deal with from the media. These men and women do their job to protect us and yet people still act like morons toward them. To anyone watching this that is in law enforcement thank you so much being there for us and thank you what you do.
Nathan Johnson (17 days ago)
5:20 Sounds like he is commentating a soccer match. Love UK police lmao
Nathan Johnson (17 days ago)
UK police are still polite even in a fucking chase lol
Jose De lar (17 days ago)
I will never understand why in these persecutions if they already know that they will be captured because of the stupidity of continuing to flee. The human being can be the most intelligent of living beings but also the most stupid, I will never understand it.
Following Phan (19 days ago)
There's high speed Chase in London
Luke Hightower (24 days ago)
At least they won't get cited for not using a blinker
Chris Teet (24 days ago)
10:05 Hmm, white American male, red ballcap, zero respect for authority. Gee, wonder who he voted for?
andyrowlands50029 (25 days ago)
The clip starting at 5 mins in is on Tynedale Road in Tyseley, Birmingham, about half a mile from where I live :-)
Laveyan Pride (25 days ago)
Only maniac I saw was the dick in the cruiser
Robbie D (28 days ago)
That last one: pull up beside him and open fire.
Torry Tighe (29 days ago)
How come the UK and USA police chases are so different? Think the US has way better tactics. UK is soft. And they need to carry guns. People won't stop because theyre told so. Idiots
jOSE Cant SEE (29 days ago)
Hi and welcome to our new game show “I think I can out think and out manuever 100 police officers,k-9 units and helicopters with basic permission to kill me any time they want”
Dale Clay (1 month ago)
Need a mandatory Taser on all runners, even after they are caught.
Robert Ornelas (1 month ago)
on the last one... who told the cops you can pit a car by executing the manuver on the trailer they are towing.. so stupid.. one cop even ruined his car.,
Robert Ornelas (1 month ago)
The British are so calm .. lol
Jamesygal (1 month ago)
I wonder what those people thought about a car almost crashing into their house in the first video.
Nerd Girl (1 month ago)
Especially in the US, it shocks me how some ppl think they can outrun cops in a Prius or some such POS car. Even sober!
RFS Korolev (1 month ago)
It is pretty impossible to outrun cops in any country, you know?
Avg Murican (1 month ago)
Praben (1 month ago)
I wonder what happened to the last chase, shots fired
Kuno Østergaard (1 month ago)
You Brits are just so Benny Hill in every thing that you...
Mark Stengel (1 month ago)
Paid the price what lunatics !
Elizabeth Shaw (1 month ago)
I lived in the West Midlands for a short time when I lived 15 years in the UK. Nothing ever happened. I didn't see it anyway. Pretty dead and quiet.
MondayMayhem (2 months ago)
The last clip was kinda showing all of the things that's wrong with the US police. Unable to make a vehicle stop (which is unbelievably easy with 4 cars, not that it seemed like they were even trying tho, wth) and finally giving permission to shoot without a good reason (and possibly just because it took so long already and they got fed up with the situation). Makes me cringe all the time seeing stuff like that.
guzzini (2 months ago)
Looks like the cop in the second clip waaasn't reeaady for a chase, the adrenaline sure got to her. Hope they caught the criminal
guzzini (2 months ago)
First cop sucked at PITT! Got lucky the vehicle didn't crash into a house, risking the occupants. What an idiot.
labutchi (2 months ago)
9:28 One bullet through the left ear and I guarantee you he will eventually stop.
James (2 months ago)
I so wanted the idiot hauling garbage in the last clip to be taken out.
jim galati (2 months ago)
Your videos end too soon.. YOU FAIL
sideburns2009 (2 months ago)
We dun raymmmed eeeeem
jw '46 (2 months ago)
A high speed chase in England? WTF! Don't they understand they're living on a little island?
Perry Wolf (2 months ago)
European police are like video games
LovePink54322 (2 months ago)
He did a pit maneuver WITH a trailer one it 😂
mester csiga (2 months ago)
First clip : Imagine the people living there,crashing into the house at 4am ,then police yelling D:. On the 2nd clip tho...wtf police woman playing virtual reality,follows the man in the car and keeps reporting instead of getting out.
Seamus McFly (2 months ago)
Gonna ram the trailer!!! Doesn’t do anything! Ram the trailer!!!Nothing! Ram the trailer!! Still nothing!Ram the..........needs to play more video games, apparently.
Mace S (2 months ago)
9:45 you can't PIT a trailer! It's on a ball swivel.
Flynn Livescmd (2 months ago)
Uuuh. This was pretty much a police chase compilation. No "instant" justice and a few were not 2018. I do not appreciate your stupid deception buzzwordy fuck boy title. Greed is all you know faggot.
John Doe (2 months ago)
Using his blinker while running from the cops lol. Nice.
Zumun Gaming (2 months ago)
This isnt instand justice you miss used the term this is just normal police chases
LeVelle Coley (2 months ago)
Lol 4:10 seconds guy swerving like midnight club racing on ps2 😂
தமிழன் (2 months ago)
Last one is amazing 😮😮😮
Olafo Vikinger (3 months ago)
Que policias más inútiles!!!
Me Me (3 months ago)
Let me see your cold dead hands
Jannes2015 (3 months ago)
*suspect flees the scene* british cops: "he failed to stop, maybe I should give him a hand"
Beth Schneider (3 months ago)
Lol You missed! So, if you don't want to get pitted just tow something.
Vault - Tec (4 months ago)
entertaining but its not insta justice...
Bryan Liguori (4 months ago)
Wait wait wait. I thought the US was the only "backwards" country still using the Imperial system of measure! What's all this MPH in those non-US English-speaking places in the middle of the video? So much for "outdated."
Active (4 months ago)
2nd one is the worst fucking radio traffic ever. jesus H woman.
MR MILFMANZ (4 months ago)
Fuck tha police
Alex Carr (4 months ago)
Police in England are much better drivers
Passthedutch 1977 (4 months ago)
European police are so well behaved and tactical, American police are all over the place lol
val3sha (4 months ago)
People who start a high speed chase are dumb. You put your passengers and others in danger
Isaac Lang (4 months ago)
That was intense!
Steven Huffman (4 months ago)
9:01 where was this at?
T Zinot (4 months ago)
Why 🤦🏻‍♀️
theymusthatetesla (4 months ago)
These cunts should get ten years inside. End of....
NaqoyqatZ (4 months ago)
Pussy had the pit on that driver and he didn't go for it...
MrBigpiee (4 months ago)
The first Car getting picked very bad decision car could crashed in someone's house it was close
Sander Könings (4 months ago)
Wondering how the crash victim in the second clip is doing. That drivers side looked nasty...
Joe Bramblett (4 months ago)
4:40 somebody finally figures out why it's called "the right side of the road" and the British cops get all pissy about it.
Alan Velociraptor (4 months ago)
3:36 The best thing you can do to a Fusion.
Alan Velociraptor (4 months ago)
ertz mcgrackitz (5 months ago)
At 9:00 a Dick or dickless tracy takes themselves out haha
Andrea Croci (5 months ago)
American cops can't drive, they are violent killers and just plain incompetent!
philip hutchinson (5 months ago)
I liked the one at 4:25 as much less space on the roads for driving police handle it nice no weapons little violence
tyedye 28304 (5 months ago)
That moment when the brass authorize your death. Any means necessary.
It's yuh girl mikkeai8908 (5 months ago)
The cops driving skills who kept blocking the driver should be given a metal. Them driving skills were phenomenal
tleatherland (5 months ago)
3:44 "He's fleein' the interview! He's fleein' the interview!" -- Marge Gunderson, "Fargo"
rb26dettskylinegtrr34 (5 months ago)
That Pontiac Vibe Can't Outrun A Dodge Hemi V8. It's Mopar Or No Car.
PMC John (5 months ago)
The last clip is how police departments get rid of old cars
Pat McCrotch (5 months ago)
He just bailed, going eastbound, correction westbound through the yard, white male black jacket!
Geoffrey Wan (5 months ago)
Freaking Brits. Who cares how fast they are going at the moment. You don’t need to calculate and report every single MPH. Just focused on stopping the guy.
Jacques d'Orleans (1 month ago)
Geoffrey Wan, as Waraila wildrunner said and also they do that because the video will be used as evidence in Court and e.g. if the perpetrators did 70 mph in a 20 mph zone it's not speeding anymore it's dangerous driving which is a felony in the UK and earns them an extra prison term (maximum 2 years) added to the theft of a car and the forged license plates.
Waraila wildrunner (3 months ago)
They do, because of the risk of the police chase, and to give other cop cars an idea of where they might be able to intercept with a stinger - if the cars are going too fast then they have to plan further down the road than if they were going slower etc. Also allows the call room to determine whether the chase is too dangerous and tells the pursuit to fall back etc.
tsfcancerman (5 months ago)
Police shouldnt be allowed to follow ppl if there are any traffic cause they put other ppl at risk of dying because the criminal are pushed to drive like an ass to try to get away.
Paul Watson (5 months ago)
Lmfao video that started at 3:14....must have been her first time calling a chase. That was absolute shit
tuberesu (5 months ago)
Better without the moron music.
zombieresponder (5 months ago)
That last one was....nonsensical. A slug or two from the shotgun into the engine block of the truck would have ended that with minimal damage to any of the *paid for by taxpayers* LE cars. A single round through that moron's brain would have saved taxpayers a lot of money.
ImTryingToBeA BetterPerson (5 months ago)
Just shoot them in the head. Every one of them. None care of they kill a pedestrian. Just end their pathetic existence.
Sam Schellhase (5 months ago)
that milwaukee clip, 3:30 roughly, is right near the college campus...it's one of the highway exits that lead to campus. crazy how close that is
Zach C. Benton (5 months ago)
West Midlands did a great job keeping up with that Golf R! And that snatch and grab was quick too.
Levi Grafton (5 months ago)
The first ad was the rolls Royce, if it’s never been driven, how does it have 11 miles
Daniel Dorné (5 months ago)
Why does the first person continue to use their blinker? LOL.
mhoward0527 (5 months ago)
I always wonder what a person who flees from cops is doing or saying in the car during the chase! Like, are they freaking out, scared, saying, "oh shit, oh shit,"? Are they pissed off, cussing out the cops (and the traffic that's so inconveniently in their way)? Or do they have their game face on, saying, " let's DO this!!"
labutchi (5 months ago)
They should all die on the spot.
Joost de Graaf (5 months ago)
Crew divorce design living democratic automobile serious okay injure
Jeanette Marie (5 months ago)
The last part of this video was awesome! That driver had no chance to get away..Great job guys!! 😁
Police Gamer TJ 107 (5 months ago)
The police rule the streets!!!!!!!!
Police Gamer TJ 107 (5 months ago)
I hate it when people run from the police.
Zack Legleiter (5 months ago)
6:15 is that a 2 lane road? Or a one way?
Don Bates (5 months ago)
I guess we've all learned that trying to pit a trailer seems to not be the best technique.
Stealthy (6 months ago)
This is a waste of time a money. If deadly force is used this will eliminate all crimes. #Russia
Nick Trincia (6 months ago)
10:23 - Wa Dun Rammed 'em and shots fyrred!!!!
Vietboy Gamer (6 months ago)
police dept need to upgrade their dashcam quaqlity
Samuel p (6 months ago)
the first fucking chase they pit her into a house jeeesus mothafuckin terezaaaaaaaa
Dogphlap (6 months ago)
That last one, the driver had a nice red hat on, could it be MAGA ?