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Playing with Heavy Equipment Under a Full Moon // Ep. 103

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Playing with heavy equipment under a full moon. What could go wrong? Well, nothing! Extreme Sandbox welcomed a group from 3M out to our site for a pretty awesome nighttime event complete a bonfire, some heavy equipment operation and a car crush with our 26-ton excavator. C'mon - where else can you do all three things in one place? ^^^^^^^SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL^^^^^^ A truly unique heavy equipment adventure company that lets clients PLAY on construction equipment. Multiple locations, check out our website. Come play on an excavator or bulldozer for FUN! Toll Free (855) DIG 4 FUN info@extremesandbox.com www.extremesandbox.com
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cowboy wess (1 month ago)
Oh. My. God. What happened to irockkkk? He didn’t even say bye! 😭