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Yard shifter

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Pup on east wall line up door 119
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Hi Bye (2 months ago)
The time it took this guy to back this pup up, I would of had 3 backed up. These guys mostly just pull pups. Try working at a LTL pull from the dock, reset doors break down & hook up sets all day for 8 hours. I doubt y’all rookies on here will be able to handle it..
Chris Davis (10 months ago)
He did not honk his horn!!! That's in the rule book
OGDC (1 year ago)
The UPS way!
Shane Fenley (1 year ago)
Another upser not wearing the seat belt.
darold zink (1 year ago)
Why crank legs with hydraulic spotter ??? So next driver high pins????
Julian Ramirez (1 year ago)
That is the slowest hostler I’ve ever seen
vikings844 (1 year ago)
Julian Ramirez I though the same thing! Must be a rookie. Most those yard guys at UPS can do that blind folded one time!
Ludin Valencia (1 year ago)
Julian Ramirez life greatest lesson is taking ur time
FadeMe1 (2 years ago)
Dallas Feeders in the house. Only real Shifters and Brown Drivers can back on the East Wall.
Blake Kirby (1 year ago)
Paul Grimm yeah, he's a noob. No one told him that's not how it works. Did he not see that when he picked the trailer up it was level?
William Villa (1 year ago)
FadeMe1 The hell are you talking about I used to do this at FedEx for 12 yrs, too damn easy!
Paul Grimm (1 year ago)
Why is that dummy leaving the trailer to high?
Paul Grimm (1 year ago)
Houston Feeder in the House.
Wadell Weeks (1 year ago)