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Fast Dangerous Skills Operator Heavy Equipment Trucks Bus Fastest Driving Off Road in Action

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Text Comments (1743)
Sueli Da silva (4 hours ago)
Meu Deus que país e ese 🙈
Shaik faiyaz (8 hours ago)
The Queen Ana (11 hours ago)
Very danger
vipin kumar (2 days ago)
Younis Sheikh (3 days ago)
safe journey to Grave...........hit like U agree
RIPON TV JAMUNA (3 days ago)
Prihu Kaur (3 days ago)
Which place is this??
زاهر المحنشي (4 days ago)
Riccardo Gerin (4 days ago)
This is not dangerous fast...this is stupidly fast forwarded video (2x). You fucking clickbait idiot.
Nasir Ph (11 hours ago)
Yeah, you're absolutely right.
Raja Pudota (4 days ago)
Karakoram highwa
Raja Pudota (4 days ago)
Fast forward clip
dil shan (4 days ago)
Very nice
I hope there is a money tree forest at the end of this road to insanity
What causes people driving on the most dangerous of venues to speed like THE TASMANIAN DEVIL???
Ben Smith (5 days ago)
That was fast forward videos, not the actual speed. This is bullshit
Juanita FICHERE (5 days ago)
giannis fanourgakis (6 days ago)
Why there are two ways roads in the size of one. So silly
Jemberu Oumar (6 days ago)
sure i mean it has to be one-way
mcmlxxxviii Oakington (6 days ago)
Is this the new thrill seek over bungie jumping?
mcmlxxxviii Oakington (6 days ago)
We would be here for a week watching this of you played it in real time and even if you also didn't loop many events too. Indeed my memory connected to my eyes works very well..
Aziza Hosni (6 days ago)
Ester Prazeres (7 days ago)
Deus me defenda anda num automóvel desses numa estrada dessa jamais 😉
Misho Manolov (6 days ago)
chin. r @ugpjmmwgwa@'3#0 u478
sujith love (7 days ago)
wow !
Naseer Cisse (7 days ago)
Actually. Very dangerous
李云龙 (7 days ago)
Ita Dz (7 days ago)
كاش جزائرين رهم اقرعجو ههههههههه
ملك الديوانيه (7 days ago)
اكوعرب بطياره لايك يمه كلبي
abdul wahab balouch (7 days ago)
Tomin Nagita (7 days ago)
Эдик Туйчиев (8 days ago)
Пипец риск
Oğlum bak git! (8 days ago)
Roller coaster!
Thomas Fischer (8 days ago)
Film schneller abgespielt 👎👎👎
mei yuk so (9 days ago)
Shangharsh Adhikari (10 days ago)
Video speed is not in normal speed. Wrong title of this video.
Tia Cell (11 days ago)
ليش هل مغامره رفعت ضغط المشاهد
Raghavan julu (11 days ago)
Where is this place
Goodbye USA (11 days ago)
You just know the thumbnail to this video is fake...oh, wait, no it isn't!
The R,s gaming teevee -gaming (12 days ago)
Hien Le (13 days ago)
Just for watching the video will make me go change my pants. Need to put on a new diaper. Lol.
Pasi Sallinen (13 days ago)
why are these people so suicidal
Logan Norris (14 days ago)
Nice photoshop on the thumb nail
Mykid me (14 days ago)
OMG can't use others road of that the only way to there?
thelastcashew (15 days ago)
So tell me, doctor. How bad is it ? Why can't I poop ? Doctor : Well, it appears that you have a bus plugged up in your hole.
Klaus Steinhuber (15 days ago)
Dort wird bestimmt das autonome Fahren vor Deutschland eingeführt 😂
Mehmet Altuntaş (15 days ago)
Amk böyle memleketin
Mehmet Altuntaş (15 days ago)
Karsidan araba geldi hadi buyurun
lwf51 (15 days ago)
I'd say all this was filmed in NewZealand - shittiest roads in the developed world 😂🌍
Joona Koponen (15 days ago)
I know a shortcut.............
I Love Speed Tests (15 days ago)
At first I was like "where are they taking these chemical weapons to"?
Usman Ali (15 days ago)
Better donkey riding no side effects even tired just pull up donkey tail and fuck and make a journey safe
Erol Balcı (16 days ago)
Erol hekesi dövey
Merlyn Scrayny (16 days ago)
Esto no es nada en Perú tenemos una carretera alucinante a pura roca de Lima viajando para Ayacucho cuando se viaje estamos los que llegamos vivos o regresamos muertos. 😢 A nuestro estado les importamos un culo.
SurerRain 20 (16 days ago)
How dare Alvin and the chipmunks steal a bus
Alperkursad Akca (17 days ago)
Deli sikmis bunları.
10000 subs with no vid? (18 days ago)
Shi* I can't even watch I'm scared
Jay Girme (18 days ago)
video is fast forwarded😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Jay Girme (18 days ago)
nmarley_269 (18 days ago)
I would want to die
Md Jony (18 days ago)
POLO (18 days ago)
Achraf Nadia (18 days ago)
Liptito (19 days ago)
Like si viste: "Cristo te Ama"
Bennedict Arnold (19 days ago)
Fuck you cops and equipment drivers FACEBOOK PRICK DROP DEAD NIJER
Пелагон Громойло (19 days ago)
I shit in my pants just watching it!!!
qnkano (19 days ago)
10:50 is way too much of a risk.
KEITH the CARPENTER (19 days ago)
Really?!? Why do very large busses have to drive on that road? I could understand smaller buses, but NOT the hugh ones. That makes absolutely NO SENSE at all.
Fatima Araujo (20 days ago)
where is that?
IBeastHere (20 days ago)
Why is this even a thing 😂
kramit the forg (20 days ago)
that title makes *no* sense whatsoever
Tabassam Naz (20 days ago)
Stupid people !
*FILHO DO REI* (20 days ago)
Thiago Rodrigues (20 days ago)
1:40 passou um brazuca por ali...
Flavio Souza (20 days ago)
Relacho desses presidentes assim como a transamazonica relacho total
كرار كلش حلو Melad (20 days ago)
شؤ هذا
Leo ÁLVAREZ (20 days ago)
Para qué lo aceleras? Y sólo haces recorta y pega de vídeos viejos
Hyp3rNova56 (20 days ago)
You forgot to photoshop the other half of the bus
Delroy Washington (21 days ago)
Puts a smile on my face watching theses inferior trashy people.
Farzad Moman (21 days ago)
Arteoria Na prática (21 days ago)
R. Cristhian Mayta (21 days ago)
LIKE si te apareció en Recomenciones...
فقیر خدا (21 days ago)
Jason Rasmussen (22 days ago)
What a dumbass bus driver. He needs to be fired. There's no reason to go that fast down such a narrow two way street overlooking a sheer cliff.
Sparkus (22 days ago)
1:34 “Cristo, te amo!”. Probably, in that moment it was so dangerous! 😂😂😂
Brooklynn52 Dee (22 days ago)
Pastel Fox (22 days ago)
I wonder how much insurance they have to pay
Sedative Hypnotics (22 days ago)
Funny This is, In Video, There is a Watermark.... Latest Technology !!
Sedative Hypnotics (22 days ago)
This Driver Should get Some kind of Oscar and shit on Driving Vehicle.
Sedative Hypnotics (22 days ago)
Where is this road !!
صندويكه الصندويكه (22 days ago)
الطريق ضيق و على جرف هاو.. فلم المخاطرة أيها الحمقى المغفلون؟
saeed abdullahi (22 days ago)
Iglesia San José (23 days ago)
Señor bendito ese bus se viene a bajo
Iglesia San José (23 days ago)
Pero bueno nadie es padrino si no le yaman compadre
Iglesia San José (23 days ago)
Que gobierno tancorupto y que alcalde tan otorgador y los avitantes que ciegos
Iglesia San José (23 days ago)
niloca ni me pague no voy por a hi
Iglesia San José (23 days ago)
Ay no que personas tan ignorantes por qué eso tan estrecho
mcnuggs (23 days ago)
When the bus schedule is more important than human lives.
Iglesia San José (23 days ago)
Ay Dios
Catinho Official (23 days ago)
Why so fast, because life is cheap and the other way cool dir this people. 🤦‍♂️
Secour Divin (23 days ago)
Gaming With Tanner Tanner (24 days ago)
Oh oh yeah oh yeah