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Bono Reveals Reason He Always Wears Sunglasses - The Graham Norton Show

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Bono reveals that he always wears sunglasses indoors because he has had glaucoma for 20 years. Subscribe for weekly updates: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=officialgrahamnorton
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Text Comments (846)
petar kosovic (1 month ago)
Robert Duvall be like...."what the hell am I doin' here!?"
Sarah Jamali (1 month ago)
I love u2. He's my # 1 singer.
Simian Rogue (1 month ago)
Bono is a globalist elitist douche bag lackey - I used to love U2 when they first appeared, but now, Bono's hypocrisy is vomit inducing.
iseeolly (1 month ago)
and The Edge (good essex boy) always wears a hat because he's bald.....
Shawn El Bucho Loco (1 month ago)
Most members of the media want to be actors, most actors and comedians want to be rock stars. Rock stars, eventually, mostly want to be anonymous.
MissyB 75 (1 month ago)
Can you also reveal why you are a hypocritical lefty scumbag??🤷🏼‍♀️
Lippy Witch (1 month ago)
he is so pro for sosmany things why wouldnt he have publically mentioned this before being in the blind community myself its kinda wtf
The_Artistic Big_Kamy (1 month ago)
Iv never thought and said "wow evil" frankly
Adam Bowers (1 month ago)
There’s two things I don’t like about Bono, his face!
Lukas Piala (1 month ago)
He should smoke weed, its great for glaucoma:)
Joe (1 month ago)
English ppl are corny!!
spiralout72 (1 month ago)
How bout an interview where he explains why he’s such a douchebag
Bart Allen (1 month ago)
*He wears sunglasses as he plagiarised the style (to an extent) from Roy Orbison, who he was a fan of; why not say that instead lol*
Teige Powell (1 month ago)
It’s Bono’s birthday today!!!
Charles Boulet (1 month ago)
Nyeah, it ain't glaucoma. Why is he lying about this? Hmmm.
Ronan Rogers (1 month ago)
Well, that’s about as totally insensitive as you can get. It’s clearly been traumatic for Bono. Silly me, I believed all that propaganda that gays are sensitive.
Victoria Albastra (1 month ago)
The Joshua tree album is one of the best ever made in the world. I felt it had an aquatic cooling effect. I listened to it over and over again in the hot Romanian summer nights of 1999.
Relentless Rescue (1 month ago)
Robert Duvall the legend. Just watched “Open Range”
islanti (1 month ago)
Because m'future's so bright.
Bernard Hartnett (1 month ago)
It helps with the douchyness.
Daniel Doyle (1 month ago)
Robert Duvall just has that smile. No laughter.
Hater Bart (1 month ago)
The only acceptable answer from him is " because I'm a giant douchebag".
Hasib Imam (1 month ago)
I too have glaucoma for last 5 years now. Had surgeries done and eyes got extra sensitive to all sorts of light. Use shades everywhere.
Luke Jo (1 month ago)
I thought it was Connor McGregor the rapist
Matt Hardy (1 month ago)
Huge douche. He weighs 16 courics.
Mike Moats (1 month ago)
He wears glasses so he doesn't look old I wear ear plugs so I don't have hear them get old.
damachine3 (1 month ago)
I suffer from imtoocoolarrhosis, which requires me to always wear my sunglasses.
MeSaDrums (1 month ago)
Only thing I needed from bono to be the coolest guy ever was to describe his weight in Courics
Mike Klug (1 month ago)
Love this show. Love U2. "All I want is you" by far my favorite
Saw W (1 month ago)
Before and after picture of selling your soul to the devil! Hooohaaaaa
gonçalo galveias (1 month ago)
So Bono with RDJ glasses is Ed Sheeran uncle...
broms316 (1 month ago)
"The edge" Fair enough if you were Keith Richards..... But you play in U2. There's many many other harder guitarists.
Glywnnis Wells (1 month ago)
I used to think bands like U2 were against the establishment,they are the establishment now and back every single establishment cause,LGBT, womans rights etc there is no point they not even slightly rebellious.
Stanislav Zaverukha (1 month ago)
He is not always Hung over?
ashdragon1 (1 month ago)
Bono is nuts
dougie miller (1 month ago)
What a great programme. Graham Norton is just a top funny witty guy. U2 are so down to earth. This is what the Irish can do for you!
John Doe (1 month ago)
Bono looks like a dude from a porno
MacClovia Solis (1 month ago)
Bono and RDJ! Died and gone to heaven!
Daniell Watson (1 month ago)
Awh cuz hes a narsistic weirdo
Paul Mitchell (1 month ago)
He wears sunglasses because he's an arrogant douche bag full of himself...
Xavier (1 month ago)
Bono is only 5 yrs older than robert downey jr
vaguemartin (1 month ago)
How’s the drummer?
John Calvin (1 month ago)
Unless the reason is because he is the world's largest douchebag, he's lying
Padmaj Rane (1 month ago)
j j (1 month ago)
Too many drugs. That's what purple tint is for
Izzy johnas (1 month ago)
South Park 😂
Nicky Williams (1 month ago)
because he's a liar
Méchant Manu (1 month ago)
Obama walked into a bar and saw Bono with the Edge and Obama goes: “ Oh no, not U2 again “.
Andy Burton (1 month ago)
Cos he's 2 faced
Méchant Manu (1 month ago)
It’s cuz it’s pedophile glasses
German BG (1 month ago)
I love this show, U2 is awesome!
Ninja_Watch _Dog (1 month ago)
*clicks video* *reads description*
VASHTA NAVADA (1 month ago)
I alway thought he alway had on sunglasses. Because he took opiets..
NefariousPorpoise (1 month ago)
Sunglasses don't help with glaucoma, so I don't see what it's got to do with anything.
Belinda Angelozzi (1 month ago)
It isn't a treatment, but it helps the discomfort some.
stewart quark (1 month ago)
That's what I also thought
Gangsta Grieves MT (1 month ago)
Actually they do help. Just Google it and you'll learn something new 👍🏼
Miss Lane (1 month ago)
😎 i to wear sunglasses all the time because my eyes are very sensitive to light especially flouresent lighting it actually makes my eyes water if exposed to it very long.ive had people accuse me of trying to hide that fact that im high which is totally false accusations
Sherie Vaughn (1 month ago)
Me too. I’ve worn sunglasses all my life in all kinds of weather and in full sun or overcast. No accusations though...
Paul Schroeder (1 month ago)
The future's so bright....
Shiro Tan (1 month ago)
They became gay wearing Norton's sunglasses
Tiger Masters (1 month ago)
I caught the lift up to my room at the Versarce with the Bass player, we had a chat about Gibson’s because he was carrying a Gibson case. But didn’t even know it was him until the next day and there was 1000 people outside.
dannyd464 (1 month ago)
Because he's an egotistic ducking manchild idiot who pretends to be Irish because he doesn't want to pay taxes in Ireland so he lives in another country.
longlivethefish (1 month ago)
My all time favorite band U2!
Vince Abate (1 month ago)
@longlivethefish and led zeppelin never had one no1.. I know which was the better band.
longlivethefish (1 month ago)
Vince Abate... overrated🤨🧐🧐 U2 has achieved a record (shared with Coldplay) 12 No. 1s on Billboard's Adult Alternative Songs chart, as well as eight No. 1s on Alternative Songs and seven on Mainstream Rock Songs. The band has charted 22 titles on the Billboard 200 albums chart, including seven No. 1s. U2 has won 22 Grammy Awards, the most among groups, including two each for album (1987, 2005), song (2000, 2005) and record of the year (2000, 2001)... N if you have any questions here the link to the American billboards! https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=0ahUKEwi316aW-I_iAhXQrZ4KHV9vCtcQzPwBCAI&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.billboard.com%2Farticles%2Fcolumns%2Fchart-beat%2F7792075%2Fu2-songs-billboard-hot-100&psig=AOvVaw3KNQUzzC3Vv8YySISws_lf&ust=1557542520158537
Vince Abate (1 month ago)
Nah. Overrated
Because he's a closet case who's in love with the GREAT DENNIS TAYLOR ? 😂 😂 😂
stonewall jackson (1 month ago)
Bono the poxy globalist bollix
WhatAWorld (1 month ago)
Adam definitely got the short end of the stick on the sunglasses!
Anth eic (1 month ago)
Very insensitive making fun of someone with glaucoma. I’ve had it fir many years and trust me it’s not anything to joke about and I know Bono was like these people have no idea.
johnboy5355 (1 month ago)
How is your vision? Was it caught early?
Jerry Sedlacek (1 month ago)
He's a giant douchebag ???
Robert Van Zandt (1 month ago)
I always feel like bono looks like jason bateman's older brother
bongo155 (1 month ago)
lol Robert Duvall is wondering wtf is going on.
Mark Morris (1 month ago)
Hes a moron and an idiot named after a dog bone
S S (1 month ago)
Is it because he is the world's greatest toolbag?
BassVentura (1 month ago)
Bono, 7,5 courics in 1960
Charles Jones (1 month ago)
There’s blood on this group’s hands.
Erik P (1 month ago)
Tax evading dork band
phyllis brady (1 month ago)
Is that old clown still hanging around thinking people recognise him poor thing ,one song he thinks he great
John Byron (1 month ago)
Robert Duvall doesn't understand what the hell is going on.
Original Man Productions (2 months ago)
Shut up Robert nobody cares what you think
Hartley Hare (2 months ago)
Zoo Station Even Better Than The Real Thing One Until The End Of The World
stringer 2295 (2 months ago)
A bit like Michael Jackson with his vitiligo =bollocks.
Emmanuel Dugenia (1 month ago)
You know this how?
V. Scott (2 months ago)
He looks annoyed by the glasses question.
Kay Jay (2 months ago)
Bono is a wanka!
Marlon Brando (2 months ago)
Have a look at the hedge ... LoL.. anyway like them or lowd them.. they are laughing at us all..
Gerry D (2 months ago)
Graham Norton's laugh sounds like he's chocking on an egg 🤣🤣🤣🤣
simonisable (2 months ago)
20/20 vision isn’t good. 20/10 vision is perfect.
Daddy Paddy (2 months ago)
They suited RDJ much better 😎
Brad Langton (2 months ago)
Because he's a cucktarded LIBERAL Weasel who's always sticking his nose in other countries business.
sebthered (2 months ago)
Bono = narcissist
Mikael Lewis (2 months ago)
Great sports.
Eamon Dunne (2 months ago)
Poser MOFO
n nn (2 months ago)
bono is such a No.2.
Yorgan Yog (2 months ago)
I was loving the interview and then I realised was there Robert D. Jr. WOW!!!! Gets better!! What a surprise!!!
bkew111 (2 months ago)
I never look at Bono in the same way after watching Southpark... Number 2!!!! Bono isn’t the record holder...he is the record... 😂😂
Connor Wilburn (2 months ago)
Matt S (2 months ago)
Duvall’s thinking, “What am I doing with all these ninnies?”
Cmajor (2 months ago)
It's so he can't see the blank face crowd
Tru Neilson (2 months ago)
I was his driver years ago on the Vertigo tour and he carried a box full of extra glasses, he also have several away to fans...his assistant was flusted everytime he did. He was kind and stopped to take photos and sign autographs for fans who had been outside the private airport all day waiting.
Nexus I (2 months ago)
Bacause he's a clown.
John Bowkett (2 months ago)
He's only 2'6" tall in real life . A midget . If he wasn't in a band , he would be a fairground freak ! 🙂
White Noise (2 months ago)
RDJ seems to fit into Any crowd of Celebrities..
monstersince (2 months ago)
Dog Breath (2 months ago)
Rocks biggest PHONY !!!
Giles Taylor (2 months ago)
U2 are probably the most overrated band ever