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11Foot8 Bridge Top 11 Best Crashes

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The 11 best crashes at the 11Foot8 bridge in Durham, NC, recorded by Jürgen Henn (c) FAQ What is the location of the 11foot8 bridge? 201 Gregson St in Durham, NC (intersection with Peabody St) Why is the bridge so low? This train trestle is about 100 years old. At the time when it was built, there were no standards for minimum clearance. How often do trucks crash into the bridge? On average, about once a month a truck gets visibly damaged at the bridge. However, every day I see trucks that trip the overheight warning lights, stop and turn into the side street. Why don’t they fix it? Depends on who “they” are and on what “fix” means. The North Carolina Railroad Company owns the train trestle, and their concern is primarily with keeping the trains running and keeping them running safely. So their concern is mainly with reducing the impact of the truck crashes on the actual structure of the train trestle. As far as they are concerned, they solved that problem by installing the crash beam. The city of Durham has installed “low clearance” signs on each of the 3 blocks leading up to the trestle (Gregson is a one-way road). There is an “overheight when flashing” sign with flashing lights that are triggered by vehicles that are too tall. Several blocks ahead of the trestle the speed limit is 25 MPH. The folks from the city planning department said that they made an effort to prevent accidents. The North Carolina Dept. of Transportation maintains the road, but not the signage. I suspect they have much bigger problems to deal with statewide than this bridge. Is the clearance signage accurate? The clearance signage displays a maximum safe clearance – and yes, in that sense it is accurate. The actual clearance of the crash beam right in front of the trestle is 11 feet 10.8 inches, which gives it a 2.8 inch safety margin. The MUTCD allows for a maximum of 3 inches difference between the signage and the actual clearance. Metric, please! Would this situation be better if the signage were metric? Well … take a look at his website: 2m40.com (Warning: French. Metric) For the convenience of our metric-only audience, here are the measurements we’re talking about in meters: 11foot8 (11 feet 8 inches) = 3.556 meters 11 feet 10.8 inches = 3.627 meters Safety margin: 7.1 cm (at the crest of the road) Can’t the road be lowered? That would be prohibitively expensive because a sewer main runs just a few feet below the road bed. That sewer main also dates back about a hundred years and, again, at the time there were no real standards for minimum clearance for railroad underpasses. Can’t the bridge be raised? Here, too, the question is who would want to pay the millions of dollars to raise the tracks a couple of feet? To accomplish this, the grade of the tracks would have to changed on both sides of the trestle, probably for several miles. That would require rebuilding all trestles in Durham. And NS would have to shut down this busy track for months. I don’t think they are interested in that idea. Is the signeage inadequate? The signeage is pretty good. Large signs alert driver to the low clearance several blocks before the bridge. Overheight vehicles trip a light switch that turns on flashing warning lights.right at the bridge. Should there be more signeage? It’s hard to see how more “low-clearance” signs will significantly improve the situation. But maybe a different kind of signeage would get the driver’s attention. Could they install a low-clearance bar? A low clearance bar is a bar suspended by chains ahead of the bridge. Overheight vehicles hit that bar first and the noise alerts the driver to to the problem. I understand that this approach has been successful in other places, but it’s not practical here. There are many overheight trucks that have to be able to drive right up to the bridge and turn onto Peabody St. in order to deliver supplies to several restaurants. Making Peabody St inaccessible from Gregson St would make the restaurant owners and the delivery drivers very unhappy. Why are they using yellow flashing lights? Warning lights have to be yellow according to the NC traffic laws. Are the drivers stupid? No idea. They certainly seem distracted and the rental truck drivers are also probably inexperienced. Will insurance cover the damages? Most truck rental insurance policies specifically exclude overhead damage from coverage. However, a good auto insurance or liability insurance might pick up the tab. Check with your agent. Or even better – don’t hit the bridge!
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Marlie (13 hours ago)
I would say this bridge should come with a warning for anyone that rents a moving truck . But really this is to much fun
Nacho Man (1 day ago)
#1 has 2 dum drivers(truck and a black car)
Ivan Gálik (1 day ago)
they should just replace the bridge mitigating the space between rail head and lower edge of the structure
Amy Capen (2 days ago)
Did I hear a guy go holy crap?
Paul Lewis (3 days ago)
The drivers should know it's not gonna clear. Funny to watch though.
Anthony Narozniak (3 days ago)
This is one brutal overpass, and it doesn't even budge an inch when hit
Mr Malav3 (3 days ago)
2 men and a convertible truck*
CyanEpicness (3 days ago)
Half of the vid is the last 4 crashes
Billy Potter (5 days ago)
Sardine can opener. LMFAO. That's some funny shit.
Salatrel (7 days ago)
Mr. Penske disliked this video.
Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior (9 days ago)
There should be a sign before the bridge, No Utility Trucks.
Corey Mullis (9 days ago)
Every time I see this kind of footage, it's always this underpass. People are stupid.
WF6i (9 days ago)
3:51 First he had the good sense to turn, then changed his mind, what made him change his mind?
Jackie Acheson (10 days ago)
It opens them like sardine cans
Tony P (10 days ago)
So many blow through the red light. If I was the insurance company supplying insurance to the truck rentals in the area, I would cancel. Rental agent: "Do you want the insurance for an extra $20 a day?" Renter: "Yes" Insurance company: "We're screwed". The average claim for each of these is $25,000 according to a survey of the area truck rental companies.
keldeo studies (10 days ago)
Are truck drivers not all most are stupid
Lord Knightcon (10 days ago)
I read a story once about a bride in main that was like this. The height was supposedly 12' but because it was at the bottom of a steep hill that cut about six inches off the actual height. The locals called it, "the can opener."
bananian (11 days ago)
So satisfying when it's a complete peel.
ray jay (11 days ago)
All it would take is to close road for about a 3 days and dig up pavement and lower street by grading and repave. 3 feet isnt that much work
cs512tr (12 days ago)
it's like a big can opener lol
cs512tr (12 days ago)
just a bit off the top please and square up the sides
MakoRey Florida (12 days ago)
easy fix just dig the street and make it a bit lower. unless that county did that shit on purpose ???
seanaudio (12 days ago)
Its Like a can opener...
Stephen smith (12 days ago)
Does a red light mean stop on red in the US ????
Francis U (12 days ago)
Darwin take the wheel
Kim M (13 days ago)
Next time they will fit much better.
krakatoa1200 (14 days ago)
A couple of pop-rivets, and some 'T' Cut they'll be ready to go.
zummo61 (15 days ago)
How come not one is going the other direction?
Cousin Eddie (15 days ago)
#1...genuine fucktard.
_afk93owC (15 days ago)
We do only one style here at Barber Bridge.
Jae J (16 days ago)
Free convertible transformation
H ? (16 days ago)
(Phone rings.) "Uh, Hello? Boss?" "Yeah, who is this?" "Well, Boss, it's Jimmy. The new guy? Just hired in the day before yesterday? Remember me?" "Oh, Yeah! I remember you, Jimmy. You came highly recommended by XYZ trucking, one of our rival companies. Sure, I remember you, Jimmy! What a bunch of Schmucks those dorks over at XYZ Trucking were for allowing me to scoop you up out of their clutches, eh?" "Well, Yessiree, that's me and I really appreciate your confidence in me and my driving abilities, Boss. But, (pauses) I got some news for you, Boss, and I hope you won't be too mad at me, Boss!" "Aw, dammit, Jimmy! XYZ Trucking isn't trying to whoo you back, are they?!? I've been a LONG Damned time trying to scoop up their share of the market place and hiring all of their guys away from them, so whaddya think? Is it the Money??" "Well, Boss, that's not it, really, it's just that....." "SPEAK UP, Jimmy! DAMMIT, Man! I can't abide by someone who plays me for a couple of bucks an hour more, and especially when they get health insurance PAID for by the company the day you walk in the door AND invested in our company 401k program after your 30-day initiation, Son. So, tell me WTH is on your mind....." "Well, Boss. See it's like this. It ain't the money so much and you all have treated me like family since day one, but, well, to tell the truth, my heart just isn't in it like I thought it would be and I'm just going to have to pull up stakes and go somewhere and do a little self introspection, if you know what I mean.....get to know the 'Inner Me,' as the saying goes." "Well, gee whiz, Jimmy. If that's the way you feel, I don't suppose there's much I can say to convince you to stay, is there?" "No, Sir, I'm sorry but you are right. But because you have been really decent to me and all that, I'll tell you what I'm gonna do." "Sure, Jimmy. What's that?" "Well, Boss, here's the deal...I'll finish out the day, make all the rest of my deliveries and when I'm done I'll bring back the truck, park it in the lot and set the keys in the glove compartment then lock up the truck yard when I'm done, since this was a BIG load and I'll be back when everyone is gone for the night. And, because I'm leaving you with such short notice and short another driver, and, well, you've been just so great to me and all, I couldn't THINK of you even paying me for just the couple of days I've been with your great company. Does that sound fair, Boss?" (Sounds of shuffling papers and a sniffle or two) "Dog GONE, it, Jimmy! I surely DO appreciate your being such an upstanding Man and I wish you the Best of Luck! If you EVER need a job or even a reference, you just call up your Bestest Boss Man Buddy in me and I'll hook you RIGHT up, Deal?!?" (Sniffles) "Well, Boss, that's the nicest thing I've EVER had a Boss do for me and I surely do appreciate it! But I better let you go so's I can finish all these deliveries and get back to the truck yard. You take care of yourself, Boss, and I'll catchya later." "Ok, Jimmy. Thanks again and you take care now, you hear?" "Yessiree, Boss, I surely will. Bye for now." (Jimmy hangs up.) (Boss man hangs up his end, grabbing a Kleenex to wipe his eyes and dripping nose.) "I sure will miss that kid, Jimmy. He's a one in a million and I just KNEW that he'd help us this year to get that 1,000,000 Million Miles Without An Accident Trophy this year, too! Our insurance policy would be going to less than HALF with his help. Well, DAMMIT! That's the way it goes I suppose." (Sounds of shuffling feet under his desk.) (Cut back to the accident scene.) "Ok, Sir. You need to sign here at the bottom of this Summons and acknowledge your court date and that you agree, as an employee/agent of your trucking company, that they will pay for all the damages to the overhead bridge and trestle." "Yessir. Thank you and have a great day, Officer." (Fade to black as Jimmy parks the truck in a nearby shopping mall, tosses the keys in the glove compartment, grabs his coat and lunch pail, locks up the truck and walks off into the night, whistling a happy tune.) The End. (Or IS it?!?) LMAO
H ? (16 days ago)
And THAT, Boys and Girls, is how you make your enclosed moving van into a convertible and get fired in one easy step! LMAO
John Martell (16 days ago)
Wow they should fix that problem saying no trucks
John Martell (16 days ago)
11 Foot 8
Michelle Charlton (16 days ago)
Love how cars drive past. Ain’t nuthin’ but a thing.......
Nolan Forsyth (16 days ago)
I thought that one idiot was going to try another go at it. 🤔
Nolan Forsyth (16 days ago)
They put the height on those bridges for a reason. 🤔🐒
Nolan Forsyth (16 days ago)
Make you wonder how people can be so stupid. 🐒🤔💣💥
F.B.I 2 (17 days ago)
People normally see this happen all day everyday. 24/7 365
Matt Bennett (17 days ago)
Not only does the truck at 0:30 run a red light, it also destroys their truck.
s rodin (17 days ago)
hahahahahaha....that moving company must be a TRUMP - owned biz....ALL MY SONS...are MORONS!!!! How many times have trucks from there hit this bridge...OH, RIGHT, I FORGOT...The drivers MUST be Donald Rump Jr., Eric, and of course, the in-law idiot Jared...Ivanka probably does the books....A FAMILY OF VILLAGE IDIOTS AND GRIFTERS!!!!
Joseph J (19 days ago)
11 foot 8 can opener
Aidan Roberts (19 days ago)
so satisfying! like slicing cheese or something
veerchasm1 (19 days ago)
Instead of a warning light they need a picture of an opened Sardine Can
steven g (19 days ago)
that poor bridge :(
Lawrence Genereux (19 days ago)
I blame all of this on calculators. Nobody can do math in their head anymore.
Ronan B (19 days ago)
Wow... Time to increase that bridge height... Seems about half a foot too short lol
theee (19 days ago)
My retarded uncle did the exact same thing years ago. I never let him live it down because he is and has always been a fat drunken loser who could never hold a job and day 1 of his job I kid you not he did the exact same thing with the semi and and the bridge
SubZer0 _ (19 days ago)
*I feel sorry for that bridge*
岩倉玲音 (19 days ago)
Barber: So Mr Penske how can I cut your hair today *Just a little off the top*
5002strokeforever (20 days ago)
if the bridge and sewer are that old then they probably need to be redone anyways, might as well fix it proper while there at it it wouldnt be that hard to replace the I beam with a 6 inch solid plate making at least an extra foot, no re sloping the tracks necessary. if it still needs more strength you could add the supports on the top of the bridge at the outer edge it would be a lot less downtime than the bridge inspections required every 6 months
Singer (20 days ago)
The famous can-opener bridge
Victoria Cyunczyk (20 days ago)
4 was my favorite.
pete witheridge (20 days ago)
No good asking why they don't fix it, people should be asking why are those drivers so stupid, they Should know the height of the truck they are driving or if a loose load, the height of their load, no excuses
Driver Jeff (20 days ago)
Imagine the credit card charge on repairs to the rental truck
DK (20 days ago)
Ryder......straight up busta!
McRocket (21 days ago)
1:20 A perfect 'can opener'.
Jeff Dooley (21 days ago)
I have no words
zero2a100 (21 days ago)
Allways no experince drivers in rental trucks ....no clue how high they are or bridge is ...not even a slowdown. I would open a truck body Shop right after that bridge
Carol Johnson (19 days ago)
That makes no sense.
Sam Dickenson (21 days ago)
This bridge is better than a cop when it comes to red light runners.
Jim Jeffcoat (21 days ago)
0:20 side should read "Two Idiots and a Truck"
Nijssen Philip (21 days ago)
I do not know but your enforcers are really not smart. If in Europe, the height of a truck, play a role, we are looking for alternative routes, by placing a plate with the height and a prohibition plate for lorries. Every truck driver, knows or should know how high his truck is. otherwise it is a donkey and you can see that there are so many. We have few accidents with low bridges, but more with too high stacking of trucks.
Juan Contre (21 days ago)
Most of those trucks are rentals except for a few that weren't see the logic in all some are just plain stupidity read the sign 11 8 versus 13 6 most trucks high depends on tires size too
Neverfailer YT (21 days ago)
*they got opened up like sardine boxes*
roguejeff1 (21 days ago)
Can fix trucks, for big $$$$$, but can't fix "STUPID!" 😂
Joe Orzech (21 days ago)
That last one omg
Joe Orzech (21 days ago)
I want to be there when this happens to a beer truck
Joe Orzech (21 days ago)
Who ever built that bridge knew what they were doing its indestructible I can imagine something like caddy shack hey your truck scratched my bridge
GameWalkthroughs (21 days ago)
0:31 that guy ran a red light
thegrandfinale2 (22 days ago)
Has anyone heard of the Metuchen Mangler? It's 11'2" and has its share of challengers on wheels
gredangeo (22 days ago)
It's as if every truck expects 12 Feet of clearance. What a stupid bridge. Dip the street lower or something. What a hassle every time.
Carol Johnson (19 days ago)
Cant be done.  Main sewer line for city runs under it, and this is a RR bridge, which can't be raised without raising a few MILES of track.  Prohibitively expensive and disruptive to the area.  All drivers have to do is pay attention!
cousin Eddie (22 days ago)
Just grade down 3 or 4 feet curve under bridge about 100 ft on each side....or just let air out of tires
Carol Johnson (19 days ago)
Can't be done.  MAjor sewer line under it.
Kos_m (22 days ago)
Would love to capture some of these peoples reactions if they get out to look at their truck. Or police interactions if they're called.
Michael Coleman (22 days ago)
Full marks to the guys who put that steel in,nothing gets past without coming off worst
ron hugepenis (23 days ago)
Try as you might, you just can't fix stupid!!
Everything Is Awesome (23 days ago)
Just found your channel. I love this bridge!
Gerald Johnson (23 days ago)
I drove truck, amazing how many commercial drivers can not read signs, l slept at the wheel but never hit a low bridge !!!( P S, don't drive next to an 18 wheeler, he might be sleeping at the wheel, l know!!!)
EWOODJ (23 days ago)
Many of the crashes sound like the 1940’s MGM logo.
roachtoasties (23 days ago)
One of these days "the world's largest can opener" is going to fall down because of this. A lot of these are truck rentals. The rental companies must know immediately what happened when the renter returns the truck with the top peeled open.
Mark Leuchte (24 days ago)
FEED... ME.... MORE.... 'The Bridge'
Knight Bane (24 days ago)
How many of these people do you think lost their jobs over these accidents
Carol Johnson (19 days ago)
None if they were driving rental trucks and moving their furniture.
Knight Bane (24 days ago)
San Antonio?
Carol Johnson (19 days ago)
Conor Duggan (24 days ago)
There's plenty of warnings, it's driver error.
michael garren (25 days ago)
I need to hang out here lmao.. think of how many fuckin idiots rent trucks a day
LQP (25 days ago)
Someone needs to interview one of the people in those trucks.
Topspeed350 (1 day ago)
Yes! Never thought of that!! It would be hilarious 👍🏻😂
Charlie Galanti (25 days ago)
Les Gasl (25 days ago)
How about a sign that says no Ryder no Penske no All My Son. Problem solved 🤷‍♀️
Carol Johnson (19 days ago)
They have enough signs.  They just dont' have enough halfway bright people driving rental trucks.
Blankey Blank (25 days ago)
What does a red light mean where this is happening?
AFISHIONADO (25 days ago)
ah two men and half a truck ............LOL 🤣
Duryl Cook (25 days ago)
It's satisfying the way the tops peel off. Total ASMR
Thomas Montagliani (25 days ago)
Hahahah two men and no truck bahahaha
Seth Cragan (25 days ago)
Why not just fix the problem? It's not that big of a process to re grade the road. I know working on the bridge my not be an option but they could absolutely make the road a foot lower at the problem point. Seems like a city that can't cut through political crap and just get it done.
Carol Johnson (19 days ago)
Oh, yes, it is a big problem.  There is a major sewer line right under the bridge.  Prohibitively expensive for taxpayers to relocate that.  This way the dumbasses who refuse to read signs pay for the truck damage.
Scott Winfrey (26 days ago)
Dan from the game grumps did this exact shit. Id love to be able to see footage from that.
Kaye Sampson (26 days ago)
If a height registering rod was installed on the front bar on all trucks, mainly rentals, when the rod touches the bridge or height restriction, then you just stop. When they are rented out, just tell people when it touches, STOP!, as you ain`t gonna make it buddy. Save a lot of insurance claims all round. Pete 379.
Carol Johnson (19 days ago)
No, all of them are going too fast by the time they get to the guard rail that protects the bridge and peels the tops off.
Richard OBrien (26 days ago)
Their are many running red lights...lol
GManGT (26 days ago)
'Enterprise wreck a truck' 'Penske ...crashke'
Dondi Dykes (26 days ago)
Can opener
Mr Flibble (26 days ago)
The removal trucks are the worst imo because imagine some poor guy just had all their possessions destroyed as they moved house because some idiot can't read the sign above the bridge.
cookies4present (26 days ago)
Drivers of cars probably thinking....not again!
cookies4present (26 days ago)
Instant sun roof?