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11Foot8 Bridge Top 11 Best Crashes

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The 11 best crashes at the 11Foot8 bridge in Durham, NC, recorded by Jürgen Henn (c) FAQ What is the location of the 11foot8 bridge? 201 Gregson St in Durham, NC (intersection with Peabody St) Why is the bridge so low? This train trestle is about 100 years old. At the time when it was built, there were no standards for minimum clearance. How often do trucks crash into the bridge? On average, about once a month a truck gets visibly damaged at the bridge. However, every day I see trucks that trip the overheight warning lights, stop and turn into the side street. Why don’t they fix it? Depends on who “they” are and on what “fix” means. The North Carolina Railroad Company owns the train trestle, and their concern is primarily with keeping the trains running and keeping them running safely. So their concern is mainly with reducing the impact of the truck crashes on the actual structure of the train trestle. As far as they are concerned, they solved that problem by installing the crash beam. The city of Durham has installed “low clearance” signs on each of the 3 blocks leading up to the trestle (Gregson is a one-way road). There is an “overheight when flashing” sign with flashing lights that are triggered by vehicles that are too tall. Several blocks ahead of the trestle the speed limit is 25 MPH. The folks from the city planning department said that they made an effort to prevent accidents. The North Carolina Dept. of Transportation maintains the road, but not the signage. I suspect they have much bigger problems to deal with statewide than this bridge. Is the clearance signage accurate? The clearance signage displays a maximum safe clearance – and yes, in that sense it is accurate. The actual clearance of the crash beam right in front of the trestle is 11 feet 10.8 inches, which gives it a 2.8 inch safety margin. The MUTCD allows for a maximum of 3 inches difference between the signage and the actual clearance. Metric, please! Would this situation be better if the signage were metric? Well … take a look at his website: 2m40.com (Warning: French. Metric) For the convenience of our metric-only audience, here are the measurements we’re talking about in meters: 11foot8 (11 feet 8 inches) = 3.556 meters 11 feet 10.8 inches = 3.627 meters Safety margin: 7.1 cm (at the crest of the road) Can’t the road be lowered? That would be prohibitively expensive because a sewer main runs just a few feet below the road bed. That sewer main also dates back about a hundred years and, again, at the time there were no real standards for minimum clearance for railroad underpasses. Can’t the bridge be raised? Here, too, the question is who would want to pay the millions of dollars to raise the tracks a couple of feet? To accomplish this, the grade of the tracks would have to changed on both sides of the trestle, probably for several miles. That would require rebuilding all trestles in Durham. And NS would have to shut down this busy track for months. I don’t think they are interested in that idea. Is the signeage inadequate? The signeage is pretty good. Large signs alert driver to the low clearance several blocks before the bridge. Overheight vehicles trip a light switch that turns on flashing warning lights.right at the bridge. Should there be more signeage? It’s hard to see how more “low-clearance” signs will significantly improve the situation. But maybe a different kind of signeage would get the driver’s attention. Could they install a low-clearance bar? A low clearance bar is a bar suspended by chains ahead of the bridge. Overheight vehicles hit that bar first and the noise alerts the driver to to the problem. I understand that this approach has been successful in other places, but it’s not practical here. There are many overheight trucks that have to be able to drive right up to the bridge and turn onto Peabody St. in order to deliver supplies to several restaurants. Making Peabody St inaccessible from Gregson St would make the restaurant owners and the delivery drivers very unhappy. Why are they using yellow flashing lights? Warning lights have to be yellow according to the NC traffic laws. Are the drivers stupid? No idea. They certainly seem distracted and the rental truck drivers are also probably inexperienced. Will insurance cover the damages? Most truck rental insurance policies specifically exclude overhead damage from coverage. However, a good auto insurance or liability insurance might pick up the tab. Check with your agent. Or even better – don’t hit the bridge!
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Bobby Matheson (1 hour ago)
The city this is in needs to fix this by lowering the road that goes under this what ever the hell it is !!!!!!!!
Edward Nygma (2 hours ago)
At 2:06 an occasional runner doesn't give a damn, must be local.
Halopro895 (3 hours ago)
1:21 Hey can I get a cape for my truck? Thanks!
The Lighter M (4 hours ago)
Dumb Americans
Chevydude_1500_z71 (5 hours ago)
Lol so I just learned about all this with this bridge...11 foot 8 is nothin’. In Boston we have 11 foot 0 and lower bridges all along Storrow Drive...which has very clear CARS ONLY - NO TRUCKS OR BUSES warning signs at all points of entry. Crashes like these arent as frequent but have happened...when a truck driver rips the top off his/her box we call it a Storrowing.
Rasmus Niklasson (5 hours ago)
Thats a lot of damage, they should get flextape to fix that.
Ali Abbadi (5 hours ago)
Sunroof for free ☻
DavidD570 (6 hours ago)
How to open Sardine cans.
Andrew K (14 hours ago)
Is insurance for 12 foot trucks more expensive in this area?
Edelstein Pelikan (15 hours ago)
Wonder which idiot designed this stupid bridge, clearly it does not fit most truck standard.
roti bijan Syonan (19 hours ago)
It's like a barber to trim off the tops,truck tops that is...
Aristeo Juarez III (21 hours ago)
We need to get together and ban low bridges.
Tom Smith (23 hours ago)
Damn!!! Some of those trucks have it written on the side .. readable through the rearview mirror!!!;!
Salil Bhatnagar (1 day ago)
#6 was a nice clean cut lol
Just Monika (1 day ago)
9 & 8 features an entire building complex disappearing in the background.
SwiftVids2010 (1 day ago)
How often does this happen a day!?
Maximum Coolio (1 day ago)
I love the crunchy noises.
paulkazjack (1 day ago)
That's a smashing piece of steel!
Michael Soprani (1 day ago)
This is really the best one… At high speed against the bridge… wtf… they should place a bunch of videocam on the other side.. Just to see the face of the drivers.. This must be so funny…
In God We trust (1 day ago)
Overheight must turn ! How come didn’t they see this warning sign !!!???
john doe (1 day ago)
Why is it always one of those rental moving trucks from ryder or enterprise? This is why they shouldnt just give regular people who have never driven a truck before a large truck to drive.
Jason Jason (1 day ago)
It's not always those type of trucks.
The Gaming Brony (1 day ago)
Fucking asshole spotted at 5:00
The Gaming Brony (1 day ago)
UHaul Sure you can have a box truck where you live and where you moving to? Person: oh i live here! UHaul: ok never mind your not getting a box truck
Davon (1 day ago)
That yellow bar is the reason so many trucks hit it makes the clearance lower and yes I know it's to protect the bridge
Steven T (2 days ago)
It’s weirdly satisfying watching the top get cleanly shaved off
Sand Man (2 days ago)
What happened at the end? Seems like everyone forgot how to drive.
craig neal (2 days ago)
why don't they dig the roadway a little deeper??????
Jason Jason (1 day ago)
Maybe if you add more question marks they will.
git ur own fren (2 days ago)
there's literally a sign that says truck route as well as a clearance sign and flashing lights wtf are these truck drivers on
Robert Lehny (2 days ago)
Is always the same type truck. :D
Jason Jason (1 day ago)
No it's not.
Ashley Moinette (2 days ago)
Wonder how many of them got fired after this...
Scott B (2 days ago)
Got another crash down at the eleven eight.
whiteguysboxing (2 days ago)
Who’s making the money here .. what you can’t raise the sucker a few feet or post huge warning signs.
Tomster 1623 (3 days ago)
Now we just need to offer FREE Construction of 11Foot8 bridges to enemy countries. Then we open up a truck repair shops near every bridge and get paid.
Travis B (3 days ago)
Good job, 11-8! Way to stand your ground!
Trey Styles (3 days ago)
Day ruining bridge.
larzDJ smith (3 days ago)
Are there any rental trucks left in this town?
Kallista Metropoulos (3 days ago)
*It was at this moment Penske started investing in drones instead*
Pascual Castillo (4 days ago)
Thats funny to me an how the truck lifts up in the front when it hits the bridge thats awesome, keep up the good work guys
Jedidah Fire (4 days ago)
The Can Opener !!!
Seag (4 days ago)
Can someone confirm that it is indeed 11foot8?
Nick Soccer (4 days ago)
That’s what happens when you allow regular drivers behind the where of a truck.
Jason Jason (2 days ago)
Sky Lake (4 days ago)
This never gets old
Napoleone Rogers (4 days ago)
just saw a former employer box truck that never paid me my last check.
Disdanny (5 days ago)
The companies of these trucks tho lol
SlimerCraft (5 days ago)
1:30 just put the roof where it belongs and use flex tape. Problem solved
Just a Random Dude (5 days ago)
Notice how most trucks are not loaded: These people probably drove under the bridge, delivered their cargo, and forgot that an empty truck can be almost a foot taller than before.
CONSERVA CLAN (5 days ago)
As low as the bridge may be, these truck drivers must not be paying any close attention to the road. If these morons were actually looking at the road ahead they would probably break. I mean, I don’t even see a single break light out of these drivers. It’s like the trucks have a mind for themselves and are just going into kamakazi mode into this bridge. Also the dumbfucks who built that bridge should be executed by water torchure. How stupid could you be. God people are stupid, we should nuke this city so trucks don’t have to come here any fuckin more
Jason Jason (2 days ago)
+CONSERVA CLAN can't buy what you don't have.
CONSERVA CLAN (2 days ago)
Jason Jason so you don’t want to buy slaves they are on sale, if you buy 3 for 77k I’ll give you the 4th one 3% off
Jason Jason (2 days ago)
+CONSERVA CLAN nope, and no you don't.
CONSERVA CLAN (2 days ago)
Jason Jason yes I actually have 38 slaves do you want one for 12k, or you can buy 1 for 25k and get your 2nd slave free
Jason Jason (2 days ago)
+CONSERVA CLAN no you don't
Malicious Troll (5 days ago)
"Clearance and "height" are both 11th density constructs of the service to self vibration's mundane artifact vehicle." ~Starfire Moonbeam, from the channeling of the god RA "We most kale all who exist or way will die a painful daeth. Dew it. Kill them. Bathe in their blood. JUST FUCKING STAB THEM!" ~from the channeling of RA, seance 12
90 days (5 days ago)
Can you imagine the drivers just faceplanting the front windshield haha
Nihilistic Nachos (5 days ago)
With a low enough bridge, any car/truck can be a convertible.
Sleepy Brown (5 days ago)
They need better signage or something, this bridge needs a retrofit or replacement asap, you'd think that with that many accidents some attorney would be going after the county for having such a hazard over the road!
E3ECO (5 days ago)
I love the first crash in the penske when the guy tries to go again.
jimmyboy131 (6 days ago)
Nice fake-out at 0:25, ha ha
アントニーAnthony (6 days ago)
Most of these are red light runners
アントニーAnthony (6 days ago)
11 foot 8 can opener
Travis B (6 days ago)
No Penske trucks were harmed in the making of this video
Sam Starr (6 days ago)
We need more of these bridges.
Jaoheah (6 days ago)
The one who was almost spared is number 1
Chisel (7 days ago)
Well one never hit the sign but the bridge
Fred Ferd (7 days ago)
PUT UP A HUGE BLINKING SIGN that says "1500 fine for hitting the bridge!!!!"
Soul K (8 days ago)
this should be in.one of those "try not to get satisfied videos" cuz the roof peeling is way to good 😂
Harold Kearns (8 days ago)
I think No 6 was my favorite. Opened just like a can of sardines.
BomaTV (8 days ago)
if the bridge did not have the yellow piece hanging down most of the crashes would not happen.
Random Xbox Clips (9 days ago)
Where are the uploads? :(
Steve (9 days ago)
A compilation of how NOT to drive a truck over 11' 8''
freewill1114 (9 days ago)
I have a crazy notion that would destroy all the fun of watching these videos: there seems to be room enough to dig down a foot, making it a 12'11" bridge!
James Lane (9 days ago)
See Bill Westfall that's why I don't work for them that's a good one Billy
ante juricev (10 days ago)
American idiots
BigTime Ray (10 days ago)
It's cool when the trucks do a wheelie 👍😂
Luckystrike (10 days ago)
Rental trucks. Not a pro in the whole video.
Patrick Wiita (10 days ago)
Job opening
Mr. RIZZ (10 days ago)
#10 ...2 men and a ...oh fuck
Fred Ferd (10 days ago)
OK, the public are IDIOTS! We've got that. But that bridge is a PUBLIC MENACE!!! Dig the roadway deeper somebody!!!!
Stephen Phillip (8 days ago)
Many, many ppl on this channel have pointed out that the road can't realistically be lowered because there's a gas main and a sewer running under the bridge. You'd never make the case for lowering the road as it would be (A)- hugely expensive and (B)- hugely disruptive. No, they are stuck with what they've got. Most of the trucks which hit it are rentals, driven I assume by ppl who forget the BIG BOX behind them- they think they are driving their SUV.
Scott Moore (11 days ago)
Noticed they are all straight trucks
Roy Gould (11 days ago)
1 tough bridge
Thaw Oo (11 days ago)
Who also thought the bus was gonna get wrecked at 0:26?
Tom Marrero-Ortiz (3 hours ago)
I did.
Halopro895 (3 hours ago)
I was confused for a second, then I saw the truck appear on the screen and said "oh here we go"
no1lakersfan (19 hours ago)
Most transit buses are never over 11 foot. Coach buses might be but a transit bus maxes out at just under 11 foot. Besides, they would never route a bus under something it can’t fit through.
foosheezoo (1 day ago)
George Mejia (4 days ago)
I did
AEO Co (11 days ago)
Raise the fuckin' bridge already. Jesus fuckin' crimeny, idiots.
Fleck Smugbrother (11 days ago)
Never get tired of the back-up-beep of shame !!
Joseph Solomon (11 days ago)
Sardines anyone? Budget is the new slime fish brand. Just visit Weis Markets on Deacon Road in Fredericksburg, VA then gladly take a Budget truck at 45 mph underneath the 9'3" overpass on nearby Harrell Road
David Torres (11 days ago)
1:21 satisfying
bryan prindle (12 days ago)
I gotta feel sorry for Penske, how many trucks have they lost? They must have a whole parking lot full of these ripped open tuna cans.
Malcolm Massey (12 days ago)
11 foot 8 inches Truck Driver: Hold my beer.
Maindrian Pace (12 days ago)
You think they fix all these trucks or turn them into flat beds?
Michael Gordon (12 days ago)
Couple things, I think the city missed a spot on the top left where they could put another warning sign😏. And do the rental companies in town ask which route you plan on taking? Are they making money off insurance companies totalling the trucks or something? You think they'd be a little perturbed about all the trucks being opened like a tin can up top, I mean, makes for a great watch on YT, but it has to get old if your management at these places...
Robert Garrison (12 days ago)
Keep driving you didn't need that pesky roof.
Bmack776 (13 days ago)
I have to admit 11 kind of looks like 13 on the sign LOL
Curtis C (14 days ago)
Insurance on rental trucks in that area must be ungodly expensive
tron3entertainment (14 days ago)
It's the truck renters that get me. "Ugh, you gave it to me like that."
Sketchy Moof (14 days ago)
Build a mechanics that specialises in truck roofs right next to it =PROFIT
BitterVoid (14 days ago)
What do you do as the driver after having this happen to you? Lmao. Pull over and start taking down all your car parts?
Michael Sparrow (14 days ago)
Good luck on getting your security deposit back on the rental trucks 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🚚🚚🚚🚚🚚🚚🚚👌👌👌👌👌🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
X S (15 days ago)
Just a little off the top, Joe... Why dont they just lower the road 12 inches???
996601 996601 (15 days ago)
faillblogkeyboardcat (16 days ago)
It worried me for a second that the bus wasn't gonna clear the bridge.
HotShotVQ35 (16 days ago)
terrible choice for #1 but good listt
Nordeast Bea (16 days ago)
It is mostly rental trucks.
三郷 SangouShizuku 雫 (16 days ago)
Best Crashes are Number 4 & 2.
C.H.B (16 days ago)
That Penske company sure pays a lot of money fixing their trucks
Stephen Phillip (8 days ago)
Rental truck driven by car owners- they forget about the big box behind them, but the bridge will remind them in its own way...
Disciple0fMetal (16 days ago)
We need to find the identity of that last driver, the one who almost got away lol Why would you turn back and challenge the bridge!?
Stephen Phillip (8 days ago)
He turned wrong-way into a 1-way street, realised it, turned and...the bridge claims its prize.
lol at 3:52 look like the person was like no no no not that way'''''