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SECRETS ONLY FOOD PHOTOGRAPHERS KNOW Do you usually find fast food photos attractive and want to visit some restaurants to eat a delicious burger from a picture? Today we prepared a new collection of food commercial secrets that will blow your mind! Most people don’t know that it’s highly difficult to make attractive photos of fast food. That’s why marketing specialists have a lot of secrets and use various techniques to make amazing photos. Moreover, food photographers replace some fast food ingredients with shaving foam, glue and hair spray. You will be surprised but mozzarella sauce is usually replaced with glue as it looks better on photos and it’s easier to work with this material. Moreover, when you see a beautiful photo of cereals with milk, remember that milk is replaced with white glue. The reason is that cereals should remain on the surface while the photos are making. Ice cubes are replaced with plastic ones. Berries are always covered with hair spray as it adds shine to them and they look perfectly fresh. Moreover, photographers usually cover strawberries with red lipstick and look so beautiful and attractive. It’s highly difficult to make a beautiful phono of noodles and usually photographers cover noodles with glucose syrup. French fries look very disappointing in real life. There is a whole process of how to make French fries look attractive: kitchen sponge and toothpicks are used to secure fries for making a photo. 00:01 Food commercial secrets 00:30 White glue lifehack 03:25 Cover strawberries with lipstick 08:19 How to make a beautiful photo of a burger ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/5min.crafts/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/5.min.crafts/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/5m_crafts Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: https://goo.gl/fWbJqz Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: https://goo.gl/PEuLVt Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts MEN: http://bit.ly/2S69VUG The Bright Side of Youtube: https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com/
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Text Comments (4979)
sad cowboy (12 hours ago)
There pancakes burned change my mind
Aidan Kelley (12 hours ago)
I like how the music says let me "waste your time"
Aidan Kelley (12 hours ago)
I like how the music says let me "waste your time"
A Person Who Can (13 hours ago)
I feel betrayed
cali (1 day ago)
5:33 wave check 🌊🔥
Shubham Tiwari (1 day ago)
Pagal ho Gaya hai Kya sale Pizza me ki Glu lagata hai
Katie Marie (1 day ago)
Can I get some fake food? So when my mom says “Don’t touch the cake!” I can eat the cake, Then replace it with the fake food. 😂
Real Fresh (2 days ago)
I feel scammed
Alexis Hurle (2 days ago)
They waste perfect food
Maxx Viintage (2 days ago)
5:40 that's truly amazing...
eric mccall (2 days ago)
Yashika Chauhan (3 days ago)
Noodles is looking so nice without glucose
Aria Wirasmara (4 days ago)
People eat how they eat. We eat them, not to make them fancy
John Fisher (4 days ago)
I may never eat again!!
Aura Strawberry (4 days ago)
honeycomb pattern?I talked to many scientists that used their lifes to study bees and honey,the ONLY way to know that honey is natural,is by doing lab experiments!
Royal melody (4 days ago)
Are you heckin kidding me You guys are just wasting food
Karen Bartomioli (4 days ago)
How did this go from photographer "secrets" to harmful food?
Pamela Lewis (4 days ago)
I could care less about commercials lying we know they do that anyway im mad this person wasting food
Alex Shafer (4 days ago)
All of these "secrets of the food industry" are factually incorrect, fearmongering nonsense. https://www.snopes.com/news/2018/09/18/breakdown-everything-wrong-shocking-secrets-food-industry-viral-video/
Penelope F (4 days ago)
But does the filtered mountain dew taste the same
DJ Donn Quinton Fireball (5 days ago)
When its my first to tast flamedgrilled cheeseburger on Burger King the picture there was like yours but when I really look at it........it didnt look like yours. I wanted to shout at it but i resisted
Ash Prins (5 days ago)
Rainbow 291034 (5 days ago)
Do people not understand the space under the noodles is so when you cook them there is space for it to become noodles
Katie Maull (5 days ago)
Haha they didnt even waste much food, youre all dramatic
Bear Duck (5 days ago)
"oH sUcH a SmAlL hElPiNg Of NoOdLeS" dude it may be a tiny brick of noodles but they have compressed A LOT of noodles in that brick, also if the whole cup was full of noodles it would be way to full so if you want some more noodles just fricken buy more
Drew (5 days ago)
Song is hype. It slaps.
Banana :P (5 days ago)
Um, the burger one...some people use a bbq so it gets those lines ._.
Mr Any (6 days ago)
You also do same
Mark louie Aloro (6 days ago)
1:21 Is it edible or not, because it is just a gravy bowl
iikxwaii kawaii (6 days ago)
Sorry 5-Minute Crafts if i offended you earlier, Sorry!
Endera (6 days ago)
Re cooking the motor oil pancakes🤔
Lorenzo Haynes (6 days ago)
That’s a wrap everybody.
Corazon Corpuz (6 days ago)
*At least they don’t put it on the real deal :/*
Terry Cruz (6 days ago)
These guys use the same hacks over and over
Unicorn Cupcake tv (6 days ago)
Ok can we just point out: 1.half of these videos were taken from blossom 2.how dare they put shaving cream on perfectly good cake.
David Kasprzak (6 days ago)
Fucken crooks!!!!
Growing Perspective (7 days ago)
Deeply misleading. Firstly I suggest having a look at this article about the 'harmful" ingredients this video makes about certain foods: https://fullfact.org/online/shocking-food-facts/ (i was curious about the "synthetic fibres in cupcakes" but found that it was actually gluten which it is perfectly fine). Essentially, food companies would be extremely unlikely to put harmful/poisonous additions in food as there are strict government guidelines when it comes to food. Secondly, the video makes a large point that it is wrong for marketing food using the mentioned ticks however there is simply no harm in it. If the food depicted in the ad was not as described but you enjoyed it, great, everyone wins. If you ignored it, fine. If the food depicted in the ad was not as described and you hated it, then don't get it again not to mention people are guaranteed to tell more people about a product they hate than like (this will damage the business's reputation). You could make an argument for restricting/removing advertising for unhealthy food (which i would agree with), but the tricks involved not so much. I understand that the point of the video is to both promote healthier standards and highlight potential harms in the food industry however this should be done by promoting healthier diets/exercise and obviously to put more research into actual cases of food scandals.
Julie Standing (7 days ago)
Is it just me or did the natural ones look better..at least I know what I'm gonna get then
StonerJayBoy SJB (7 days ago)
That is ruing food just to show us something we don’t want to see
Lily The Fish (7 days ago)
How to make thumbnails on this channel.
Jennifer Purvis (7 days ago)
Very nice ✿✿✿
Cutie Animez (7 days ago)
I'm not going to try those trick 😷😑
Christel Marquez (7 days ago)
What a waste of food
Ралица 23 (7 days ago)
It is interesting guys, but i am not okay with all this wasting of food! Don't you just present to us with a small amount of products? Cuz its normal you to want to make much examples, Just do them with small amount of products.
Al_xz (7 days ago)
Why can’t they just show how the food really is? Like seriously no one even notices that the food looks better on the ads and no one cares, they should take pictures of the real food so that they don’t disappoint their costumers and make them not wanna come back
Carmen Julia Bautista (7 days ago)
This is dum
Tomáš a Anička (7 days ago)
Well the truth is that its too so more stretchy when its without glue and mozzarela. Depends on quality.
Skelly (7 days ago)
7:03 yes this one is an mlg fuel
Masuda Sharmin (8 days ago)
That's how the ad maker do like this.....
TTV_Darkninja_og (8 days ago)
It started to tell you about the ads but like close to the end they just stop
Hot Potato (8 days ago)
The pancakes looked better in real life
_Black Ocean_ (8 days ago)
Viví engañada toda mi vida. Con razón cuando compraba la pizza me venia echa mierda ;-;
Zeva Rodriguez (8 days ago)
Hi I’m Zeva and I’m calling the police
VOLT4IK FF (8 days ago)
nice to know that they spoil delicious food
WANDER LUST (8 days ago)
Ayelen Poli (8 days ago)
Btw the noodles will expand once put in hot water
Olivia Ray (9 days ago)
Idk i think all the natural ones look better
MissPop Coin (9 days ago)
Everyone knows oil doesn't mix with water. Margarine is made from oil. That's why it didn't mix into the water. If it didn't melt at all, it would of held it's shape.
MaximilianMus (9 days ago)
instead of hating on the kardashians why not hate on this guy who’s wasting food when they can donate it lol
The Adorable Cringe (9 days ago)
This dude/girl completely exposed them all! 🤣
The Sarcastic Wolf (9 days ago)
I've been lied to my whole life..
DARIS Channel (9 days ago)
Sponsored by Domino Pizza,the best pizza in town
Ericka Anne Labadia (10 days ago)
Title of the first song?
The derp (10 days ago)
They are wasting food why
Judy Sentinillar (10 days ago)
Julie Rusch (10 days ago)
Gectric (10 days ago)
What’s the song called at 6:51
Gir Dog (10 days ago)
I never eat pizza again
Gamer Wolf (10 days ago)
That looks like the most awful thing ever... Poor food
AunovaDlux (11 days ago)
Actually, I really think plastic ice cubes are a good idea.
Jonathan Nuamah (11 days ago)
3 Shocking Tips 5 Minutes Crafts Uses to Get Views. 1. Stretched watch time 2. Unnecessary hacks 3. Click bait Ha!! Gotcha! Lol
Наталья Павленко (11 days ago)
The video should be named “your food life has been a lie”
DME (11 days ago)
Let's try the "Engine oil pancake challenge" looks delicious. hope it taste the same.....
Gaming Boy (11 days ago)
Ewwwww Don't Eat
Lil Gucci best (11 days ago)
Very upset
Hania khan (11 days ago)
Wow potato icecream lol.
LynnZ Fuckin draws (11 days ago)
“Ok kids go wash your muffins!”
Rexsploits Gaming and More (11 days ago)
Why don't you just use the commercial one 9:28
Morgan Sandstrom (11 days ago)
I like how the song playing has “let me waste your time” in the chorus. These videos are so dumb
abo sultan Jan (11 days ago)
Oh wow the real ones r so good and the community R 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Samuel Andrasik (11 days ago)
And thats the most food waisting video ive Seen 😔
Pako Small Munsterlander (11 days ago)
The video should call „how to waste food"
Daisy Beker (11 days ago)
Dont eat that glue
Sky Malouf (12 days ago)
And btw we don t really care if food looks good cause after all we re gonna eat it 😂😂💛💛
Sky Malouf (12 days ago)
Id wanna be rude but.Do u really expect us to eat glue or idk weird things😂😂but btw i really like ur vids
limargtrana 2009 (12 days ago)
They are not really good at plating
Enhtuya Zagd (12 days ago)
Good luck 5 minute crafts
LagLog _ (12 days ago)
5-Minute Crafts: "Reality is often disappointing"
Faimalie Tua (12 days ago)
So much food wasted , and poor ppl at there wandering around to find food
SHIVANGI MODIRAK (12 days ago)
its so ironical that the " food" that is supposed to keep us fit and healthy is actually killing us!!!
SHIVANGI MODIRAK (12 days ago)
all those people who are criticising this video for wasting food dont realise that this is an eye opener for most of us who spend a chunk of their hard earned income on these potentially life threatening "food"
SHIVANGI MODIRAK (12 days ago)
this video just killed my appetite
Tsogzolmaa Sodnomdorj (12 days ago)
oh thats how they scam us
Abigail Ella (12 days ago)
Real pancakes looked WAY bettter
Shariuki’s Dreams (12 days ago)
Think of the homeless when you wach this waste :(
Jacki :P (12 days ago)
Not gonna lie, some of the commercial ones look really good. I’m hungry help me.
ubedream (12 days ago)
3:47 wouldnt they just colour correct it with, yknow, editing software?
GreatMewtwo (2 days ago)
For photos, editing software might be a cheaper, more food-friendly idea, but not if you were shooting a commercial where you need the food to appear edible for hours at a time.
NexoGamez (12 days ago)
Youtube channel:5 minute crafts Video length:12 minutes
Wali Rehman (13 days ago)
My life was a lie !!!!!!
Hayden Weisshaar (13 days ago)
Who nearly threw up . . . •