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Beatersville Rat Rod Car Show - Louisville Kentucky

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Louisville Kentucky - 2017
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ประทุมพร โสภา (25 days ago)
Sandro Bernado (1 month ago)
Só maquinas .
Butch Eckenrode (1 month ago)
That is the best looking truck i have ever seen the two lovely women make that truck awesome
Don Berry (2 months ago)
did I hear someone call that sweet Studebaker a VW Carmen ghia ? about 6,30.
Greg Mosier (2 months ago)
deliveryguyrx (2 months ago)
I wish I could have seen more of that brown pickup with the Comet tail section! Oh, and the redhead who was a passenger in the multi colored rat truck!
David Randall (2 months ago)
Any shows in 2019 ?
Greg Mosier (2 months ago)
I'm going to be doing a few shows this year. Stay tuned. Check out the beatersville 2019 video from this year
Phil Simpson (2 months ago)
Great show - in the US they'll make a rod out of anything that moves
Canelo Cafe (3 months ago)
p mastro (3 months ago)
Does it get any better then that ??
Steve Lamperta (3 months ago)
Whats with all the cops ??? Are car shows illegal there or something ? What a drag and such a shitty way to ruin the day.
Greg Mosier (3 months ago)
Cops are great. They are there to protect the show goers and to direct traffic. The show is kinda in a bad part of town so the cops are welcome.
Terri Treviño (4 months ago)
Bonitos autos resucitados!!!!..👍
Richard Morris (4 months ago)
Even the mail truck is a hot rod up there!
Tom Smith (4 months ago)
I LOVE Louisville!!!
Cobb Knobbler (5 months ago)
1:36 That is cool. Just looks like a rusty truck lowered and that's it. Really showcases how swoopy and beautiful those curves are on that truck. I love that.
p mastro (3 months ago)
two pigs in the back too
Philippe Riopel (6 months ago)
In a time when Detroit was the king of cars!
Tbone V (6 months ago)
Like the car show , but your Rand Paul SUCKS. Un American.
Greg Mosier (6 months ago)
Cars > Politics
David Dayton (7 months ago)
Hate click bate.
Sugar Marie (7 months ago)
Wall Cutter (7 months ago)
Didn't see one car i didn't like. I dont get Gassers....but hey...to each his own
Steve Inczedi (8 months ago)
Looked ace, greetings from Scotland, would love any one of them but not the gassers ( not sure I get that jacked up look) the green and black 30s pickup was my favourite.....
Александр Швецов (9 months ago)
Greg Mosier (9 months ago)
Konstantin Usov (9 months ago)
Классные машины!
TheDarkKnight (9 months ago)
VIVA la Cuba, 50's
Roger Alsop (10 months ago)
Beautiful vehicles.
Luis Virgilio Peña Fiestas (10 months ago)
Greg Mosier (10 months ago)
Rat Rods are the best. Please subscribe and share. All the best. - Greg Mosier
Admiral Sandwich (11 months ago)
A lot of these i just can’t consider a Hot Rod the paint is just to nice
Roger Wachal (11 months ago)
O.G. cummins w250 (1 year ago)
Only one 12v !?
Charlie Newman (1 year ago)
Man...this makes me even more homesick for the Ville...great vid!
mike tavernier (6 months ago)
Charlie Newman me too
Charlie Newman (1 year ago)
Greg Mosier It looked great to me...as did the skyline I haven't seen in too damn long
Greg Mosier (1 year ago)
This car show is the best.
Greg Mosier (1 year ago)
Don Kinzett (1 year ago)
How do all these cars in the states drive on the road with no plates?
labrd41 (10 months ago)
Many states allow antique plates that match the titled date and state of the car. Example: In North Carolina a 1950 car can run a 1950 NC plate, but you must carry current registration and a current plate in the vehicle.
Fat Otis (10 months ago)
Many have plate on rear. Many southern states only require one plate on the back of the car.
scdevon (11 months ago)
Some of these vehicles get trailered in to gatherings like this and get idled around the block. Cops don't care much unless there are problems.
Greg Mosier (1 year ago)
That’s how we roll. Cops got bigger stuff to worry about.
Rat Rod Bob Builds (1 year ago)
I'm diggin it!
Greg Mosier (1 year ago)
Best car show ever
David Hollenshead (1 year ago)
Don't be dumb, there really is a minimum safe ground clearance for your custom car, which is at least 5 inches. Half of these custom cars will eventually be totaled by a pothole since they ignored that when they built their cars. Saw a customer who couldn't understand why no one could align his lowered VW Bug, because the entire floor pan looked like it had crashed into the road at least a dozen times...
James England (1 year ago)
way cool rides y'all love most of them thanks
labrd41 (1 year ago)
Thumbs up! Thanks for not ruining it with music.
Aaron Cone (2 years ago)
Awesome Video!!
2sheets to the wind (2 years ago)
what is clanking behind that purple chevy 4:29?
Stoney Browning (9 months ago)
Chevys clank! Get used to it!
labrd41 (10 months ago)
@Willard Brown I was there, back in the day, but I don't recall them dragging on the ground. This was a fad from the 50's and real early 60's. I started driving in '63 and the fad was done by then. Original club plaques are worth a pretty penny now.
Willard Brown (1 year ago)
just a guess, but i am told , that back in the day , car clubs would have their own plates that had the name of the club on them , to be displayed in this way, and , by dragging on the ground and loudly clanking, thereby demonstrating the extra lowriding nature of that lovely creature and further drawing attention to said club, and vehicle, just guessing...................wb
Shit Box (2 years ago)
Stock small blocks sound awful with open headers...
Hot Wheels TV (2 years ago)
Very Kool! Thanx for sharing!
Greg Mosier (2 years ago)
Hot Wheels TV thanks for the love
oldcaferacer (2 years ago)
Well done to the club for putting on such a fine collection of rat rods trust it went well for all
Joe Schlotthauer (2 years ago)
Take your kid(s) to a car show.
zook 357 (2 years ago)
Where the feckin Inter truck in the pic???
Greg Mosier (2 years ago)
zook 357 it's in my photo gallery from the show. Gregory Mosier Photography on Facebook
f82man (2 years ago)
Can't wait to get my '47 Lincoln Convertible running. My Pappy said Son you gonna drive me to Drinkin' if you don't stop drivin' that RAT ROD Lincoln...Ha ha, I'll bring it when l can...Booyah..
Barry Snider (2 years ago)
Some imaginations went wild with most of theses rides......crazy cool!
surfertube44 (2 years ago)
It doesnt matter whats on the outside it matter whats on the inside!
Musicjunkie1933 (2 years ago)
Whos truck is the dodge one that says phooeys custom pinstriping on the doors in back with a rat rod fat tire bike in the back wanna know more about the bike thanks
Вечный 82 (2 years ago)
ебучий бпан и в штатах
Christopher May (2 years ago)
What a cool show....I would've loved to have seen it in person....
Yamaha SR650 (2 years ago)
If it ain't Rat, it ain't SHAT! Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and Rat Fink lives forever! daviddaveinternational@gmail.com for pix of my 1967 International 1300B 1 ton dually Rat Rod.
Christopher May (2 years ago)
Yamaha SR650 you got that right!!!! I'm almost too young to know the names....but those guys built cool hot rods for sure....