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How Freight Trains Connect the World

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Text Comments (2022)
almisami (1 hour ago)
Wouldn't it make more sense to have two crews on rotaton with a comfortable sleeper car?
Jonathan Dean (9 hours ago)
My dad is a truck driver so this is an interesting video. Also I lived and went to college in Norfolk, NE, absolutely did't expect to see that mention haha.
Canard708 (1 day ago)
How memes torn the world apart
Jpoka (1 day ago)
That Lathrop pronounciation
Channel War (1 day ago)
i just realized that you have a "topics covered" counter on the bottom left
Lost Kid (1 day ago)
its citation of where he got his information
CSX BNSF and Amtrak fanboy 2019 (2 days ago)
Nice one.
lilton S (2 days ago)
lol Union Pacific in my town goes about 48MPH
Xushi Masuta (2 days ago)
Gallons.. Tons.. Miles.. none of this makes any sense. Can you please use international standardised measurements ?
Saurabh Sharma (2 days ago)
what was keyboard at 9:39 ??
Rylee Roseborough (2 days ago)
Why don’t we upgrade to a bullet train system for cargo. Would seem to make more sense
kindlin (2 days ago)
That might be able to compete with planes for fast cargo travel, but anything not needing to get from A to B in a day could take the less complex, non-bullet variety.
Edward Drew (3 days ago)
Very interesting! Gonna check out more.
Blorp (4 days ago)
Saw Glasgow and got very confused
Dale Thomas (4 days ago)
This is the type of knowledge that law makers and executives should have.
Revox Jazz (4 days ago)
Congratulations on the efficiency of the communication used, the good voice service and the audio quality achieved in this video. So worth seeing and listening. Nice job. Keep it up that way. Macedo Pinto Portugal
eli goldman (5 days ago)
Oakland has a major port and also has an extensive rail system right there....
Dennis Austin (5 days ago)
Trains save money transporting goods. ok maybe but consider all the trees cut to make RR ties, and all the iron needed to make the rails for the trains to ride on saving money shipping goods, not to mention Locomotives need and use a lot more diesel than trucks and training and re-training costs to learn these things, then there are repair and maintenance costs on the engines and freight cars, so tell me how trains shipping goods is going to save money?, Not to mention all the plates and spikes needed to join track lengths and the cost to build these trains and cars and spare wheels in case of a derailment which probably loses a lot of the freight it was saving versus trucks all of this has to be done before these trains are put to work, another cost is those train crossing signals that stop traffic so the train can cross roads.
MWB Gaming (5 days ago)
No planes in this vi... 1:41 nevermind
Puraskar Chakrabarti (5 days ago)
India has overtaken France as the sixth largest economy.
CSI48 (5 days ago)
whats the deal with your use of the letter T ?? you put to much emphasize on that letter. you do not sound smarter. you sound like an idiot.
MaccidX (6 days ago)
Kearny, NJ is pronounced "Kar-nee" the e is silent.
Pepe Le pew (6 days ago)
ngluon (6 days ago)
Would like to provide an alternate perspective on future of rail in US. For US specifically, there would be an impact with the widening of panama canal, bigger ships are now able to pass through them and thus shipping volume for the west coast to east coast route will drop significant as more will prefer to ship direct to east coast via sea.
Sachin Ambate (6 days ago)
In last year india surpassed france in gdp you should up to date bro we are not on 7th position actually on 5 now in 2019 .
Chris Kavanagh (4 days ago)
Nobody will take your nation seriously if you don't stop shitting in the street.
Jasey Studios (6 days ago)
Kearny is pronounced Car-nee
Bruno Quaresma da Silva (7 days ago)
Your videos are great.. best channel on YouTube! Could you maybe make a video about Hollywood? Like how much costs to make one of those huge blockbuster movies and why...? Tks
Steve Dong (7 days ago)
737MAXs are grounded, so Wendover Productions turned all of them into cargo trains!
thetrainguy1 (7 days ago)
I work as a conductor out of New Jersey for Norfolk Southern. We just hand a train off to the next railroad. They change the engines then they're off.
Vormacht (7 days ago)
7:17 of course my state is the only one that doesn't have one (CT)
kimberly shelley (8 days ago)
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Martin Šálek (8 days ago)
great cinematics. I have always been fascinated by America's freight transportation system.
averwaverz (8 days ago)
Skillshare, brilliant, Vikings war of clans, honey, and squarespace.
Guillermo Cruz (8 days ago)
Just a reminder, Union Pacific rules
Clayton (8 days ago)
Happy birthday
[Campers] Intenew (8 days ago)
happy birthday
Alexander Wood (8 days ago)
This is a great video overall, but autoracks are a bad example of interchange as they are pooled and manifest freight interchange yards and run-through trains aren't covered in the video at all.
ian74747 (9 days ago)
There's an idiot driver swerving to exit at 8:32.
SantaFe19484 (9 days ago)
Driverless trucks is a very dangerous idea!
カラス (9 days ago)
I like trains
Ashraf Saleem (9 days ago)
9:38 Which keyboard are you using?
kakarroto007 (9 days ago)
2:48 stowaway on top of truck! lol
Test Test (10 days ago)
Matthew (10 days ago)
I wonder if they’ve ever considered putting in a single sleeper car with some amenities behind the engines and doing two weeks on, one week off. With the 12 hours shifts that means only 2-4 people for the whole trip without stopping the train to change crews. And no paying for hotels.
Sukesh Momle (10 days ago)
Wendover Productions: Planes are boring now..lets move on to trains now..
McGhie The Scot (11 days ago)
Those Yanks always stealing our city names. Glasgow seriously. come on.
JollyOldCanuck (10 days ago)
In Canada we had the decency to at least add a "new" in front of the stolen name.
Allan Peda (11 days ago)
Wow 4300 meters? Canada rocks!
Danx Tgcad (11 days ago)
Cranki (11 days ago)
His perfect enunciation is cringey.
Mike Lewis (12 days ago)
What are your thoughts on the grounding of the 737 Max?
Matthew (10 days ago)
Mike Lewis I’d say the first option seeing as how the FAA puts us through security theatre with the TSA.
Mike Lewis (10 days ago)
So would you say the groundings were just for show to allay passenger concerns? Or would you say the FAA doesn't really understand the problem?
Matthew (10 days ago)
Mike Lewis That’s stupid. Both crashes were proven pilot error.
Timothy Cook (12 days ago)
As a milk truck driver in the US, I have no competition from any other method of transportation 😁👌
Kingsley EG (12 days ago)
SOunds like you are scared of trains mate
MusicalMylow (12 days ago)
He's gone from birds to snakes
A Half Assed Username (13 days ago)
oida10000 (13 days ago)
One thing I don't get, why would self driving trucks be a big problem for trains? If you can do a self driving truck surely you can do a self driving train and properly faster too.
EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos (12 days ago)
there are self-driving trains already ...
shashank ganesh (13 days ago)
how are so many containers loaded and unloaded
Rodion Makovskiy (13 days ago)
0:58 Uhhh... Uhhh... We want a video about two first ones in the list. And now I really know a reason why China build HighSpeed Passenger lines like a hell - to liberate freight trains, now less slow classic passengers - freight trains the can move freely. In Russia have develop speed sevce but unfortunately hightspeed. Sh*t!
SpecialJ11 (13 days ago)
I wish that here in the US the government built passenger lines separate from the freight lines. The advent of high speed rail makes intermediate distances much faster than car and somewhat faster than plane, but due to freight trains getting right of way on rails not made for high speed as freight rail does not need to be at as high of a standard as high speed rail lines, there is very little high speed rail in America despite tons of room and level terrain for it. Illinois Department of Transportation recently upgraded the passenger route between Chicago and St. Louis to be capable of speeds up to 110 mph, which is a wonderful and welcome improvement, but is still abysmal compared to the rail lines seen in other developed nations. Having rail dedicated for freight and rail dedicated for passenger would be very expensive, but in my eyes would be worth it due to the efficiencies rail brings. And if rail transit became more viable, there would be more incentive to build up around train stations rather than out along highways, which in the past several decades automobile oriented development has been seen to be an economic, environmental, and to many, social detriment.
mellowfish316 (13 days ago)
Go Spokane!
kurbycar32 (14 days ago)
Lathrop is pronounced: Lay - throp
DWBookout (14 days ago)
I can imagine the pressure at Boeing to get this issue resolved. It’s business as usual with US regulators that side with big business and against consumers. Introducing a new control system without adequate training is going to cost Boeing a ton.
Prithvi Raz (14 days ago)
Could have been better if the title is how the freight trains connect us instead of world
learn Hole (14 days ago)
I like signing, I like dancing (Wendover) I like trains
Navodit Verma (14 days ago)
Countdown to video on 737 max.... 10 . 9 . 8 . . . .
tsartomato (14 days ago)
should've calculate train coast to coast in ru i live here and i don't know it would be probably fun and extra cheap
Matthew Brawn (14 days ago)
wow, you don't use crew vans in the USA?
jeffrey mcfadden (14 days ago)
trains will really connect the world when AOC gets her way and we will have "Aqua" trains ,,,, trains traveling across the oceans.
toyotaprius79 (14 days ago)
Minot? 'My-knot'? wtf? Isn't it 'Mineau'?
Vermilion railfan (15 days ago)
I actually expected this to be worse, but this is actually pretty good. One thing though, the Engineer and conductor are in the cab, it'd be bad to just have the Engineer in there.
uncriticalsimon (15 days ago)
Actually, I wonder if someone sending a container from Yokohama to Trafford Park (near Manchester) would be better off sending it by ship all the way, through China or Russia then by rail, or through the US/Canada then by ship.
Peter Houle (15 days ago)
If that railroad train was mine I bet I'd move it on a little farther down the line
Gregory Wright (15 days ago)
Hey Wendover how do you learn all this stuff......
Gregory Wright (14 days ago)
+Micah Lall-Trail - I guess.
Micah Lall-Trail (15 days ago)
The Internet.
Moham YouTube (15 days ago)
Good Job Sam
Felix Sargent (15 days ago)
Could there be another version of this video that uses the metric system?
Xi Rice-Eater (15 days ago)
Best news till date... I'm HAPPY... I LOVE TRAINS... the future...
Vice Liberty Andreas (15 days ago)
We badly needed this freight train system and passenger railways in the Philippines right now. We used to have a expansive rail network built by Americans in early 1900s. Shame 90% of rail network was abandoned and neglected by our government when we were given independence right after World War 2. Right now Freight train is NONEXISTENT. Passenger railways only covers the metropolitan area, which was disappointing because we used have lots of passenger rail going to various provinces. Search "railway map in the philippines during american period " or "Manila railroad company during its peak".
Pierce Cruz (15 days ago)
This video reminded me how much of a sweet spot Chicago is for the country with the many railyards, and why I saw Amtrak trains on tracks usually for freight
Josh Vega (15 days ago)
Great video! Just an fyi, Kearny NJ is pronounced like "car-knee". I don't know why but that's how we say it. (I live in a neighboring town and go there often).
Pam Lin (15 days ago)
S U B S C R I B E T O P E W D I E P I E ! ! ! ! !
Micah Lall-Trail (15 days ago)
I prefer to not, but at the same time, I pledge not to subscribe to T-series or whoever his main rival is named.
Hhhj Hhj (15 days ago)
No freight hopping.?!?!?!?!!?!? !!?!
scott web (15 days ago)
trains still need trucks to get the freight from the train to the customer.
Bradley Canty (15 days ago)
Build common freight terminals for use by all railways, which would simplify the freight transport process and thus improve efficiency.
Gray Fluff (16 days ago)
“Smooth steel rails” sureee
Arno P. (16 days ago)
Damn fuel trains ! Living in Europe I did not think that there were still that many fuel trains left
Arno P. (16 days ago)
Micah Lall-Trail (15 days ago)
dude same. just not most american passenger trains.
Mark O'Brien (16 days ago)
Love the video! One thing though, Kearny, at least locally, is pronounced more like "Karny" as opposed to "Keerny"
Athllleeo (16 days ago)
I live right next to Lathrop, CA. It's pronounced lay-thrup ;)
J W (16 days ago)
Waiting at a train railway in Canada sucks, they’re so long !
JollyOldCanuck (10 days ago)
I'd take a greyhound bus any day, thank God they still operate in Ontario.
James Gillies (16 days ago)
It’s CAR-NEE. Not how you pronounced it.
287Drew (16 days ago)
at 4:05 thats not where chicago is
Andie (16 days ago)
Uhh one issue with the Philly thing, I highly doubt CSX would truck shippments into Philadelphia, CSX has one of their biggest rail yards in South Philadelphia. It's more likely that they'd just take it into the city itself.
12 GPM (16 days ago)
Thanks for mentioning the prices. You forgot to compare ticket prices in your 20 hour flight video. A freight train went from China to Europe, probably for the first time in history, a few years ago. You could have mentioned that.
trains on planes (16 days ago)
I feel like I should comment
András Fogarasi (16 days ago)
Imagine having to take a 3 hour long mandatory rest in the middle of nowhere because of a slowdown.
Transperth 4567 (16 days ago)
Australia has the longest freight trains ever and an automatic freight train
Dini SCH.OUTEN (16 days ago)
villevirtanen00 (16 days ago)
Can you make a video about passenger trains do the same? :) Passenger trains should be taking more of the share from airlines, at least where the trip by train is 4-5 hours and the flight itself is around 1-1.5 hours or less. Getting to the airport may take around an hour, checking in around an hour. Then the flight itself, before landing at your destination. Getting to luggage reclaim and exiting the airport as well as transit to final destination may take 2 hours, depending on situation. 2 hours in advance, 1 hour flight and 2 hours after it leaves us with five hours of stressful hassle of check-in/waiting in boring terminal/cramped up flight in an uncomfortable seat.
Andrew Armstrong (16 days ago)
When it comes to bulk transport, nothing beats the rails, nothing. Railroads in the USA get few handouts and are required to fix and maintain there own infrastructure as well pay a myriad of local, state and federal taxes. They are also common carriers and under the law can not refuse to carry anything. What you failed to mention in this video is the "Land Bridge" were containers are offloaded on the west coast and transported by rail to the east coast and loaded back unto a ship for transport to Europe. This is also sometimes done from east to west but not much.
Bushrod Rust Johnson (15 days ago)
The "land bridge" is evidence of how shitty freight rail is in Eurasia. If they privatized it that would probably be fixed in 20 years.
Joe Rafferty (16 days ago)
So what I get from this is: Coal is ridiculously cheap BUT it’s consumption creates way more high-paying/union jobs than I thought. Damn, Trump is on to something.
Michael walsh (16 days ago)
2:49 is it just me, or is there a guy hanging on the back of the train?
Samurai Warrior (16 days ago)
What's funny about this video is that there is less that 300 dislikes and over 23k likes. haha
Sumnusson (17 days ago)
Imagine citing 29 sources for a train logistics video