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How Freight Trains Connect the World

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Text Comments (2147)
BB B (6 hours ago)
Everything is about the $$$$$ its alll about the $$$$$$$$$$....money works the world spin. EVEYRTHING IS ABOUT THE $$$$$$$$$$. And dumbasses say money dont buy hapiness when litreally EVERYTHING is all about the $$$
Sam 89 (3 days ago)
Thank you for including both miles and kilometers. The most annoying thing is having to pause a video to do a math conversion.
BGerbs66 (4 days ago)
Never thought my hometown (Long Beach, CA) would be mentioned in one of these.
Railway Zone (4 days ago)
Great Video..
Maurice Jones (4 days ago)
thaintriguing1 (4 days ago)
Does skillshare have a class to teach you how to make smooth ad transitions?
Sophie S (6 days ago)
Wait so in America the trains are still fully on fossil fuels? What about making trains run on electricity?
Richard Nairn (2 days ago)
Hernando Malinche We aren’t talking about battery power. Much of Europe has electrified trains that use overhead wires. North America just has too big of a network and very remote rights of way where it would not be economical or efficient to electrify...
Hernando Malinche (2 days ago)
Sophie S Electricity doesn’t make sense for trains. Trains require a LOT of energy and you need energy sense fuel source like fossil fuels. Batteries just can’t compete. The train will need way too many batteries and the batteries will have to be thrown away which damage the environment.
Richard Nairn (3 days ago)
The networks are far to large to electify...
Agent piggles (6 days ago)
There are so many trains where i live but not one of them is a passenger train, when i used to live in ny it was the opposite
Josh Chavez (6 days ago)
Has anyone actually tried the skillshare thing? I’m just curious for feedback from other people who just watch the YouTube videos.
李子俊 (9 days ago)
Poor Amtrak that it has only few railway as priority for passengers.
Jia Li (10 days ago)
it's pronounced Nor-Fork Nebraska not Nor-Folk
bhsbass (10 days ago)
Why check Skillshare when I learn so much from Wendover Productions?
kiran sahith (10 days ago)
Tittle : how freight trains connect the world Video : train schedule of usa
David Alexandrovitch (10 days ago)
Stick with Trains, Wendover. The real mans transportation. Airplanes are for rich soy boys.
Gaming Montages (13 days ago)
4km long fucking trains????? This is some bullshit!
Stella Martin (13 days ago)
From a NJ native: “Kearny” is pronounced CARNIE not kyeerknee. Like a carnival worker :)
KaioKakarot (13 days ago)
Kearny is pronounced Karny
Cygnus (15 days ago)
The section about why trains are more fuel efficient is fairly off. The friction between the wheel and the road is not where energy is lost. In fact, the more friction between those two, the more efficient, which is exactly the reason we use rubber on asphalt. A perfect wheel would be something like a gear on a track, because if there isn't enough friction, the wheels will spin, which is just wasted energy. Trains get away with metal on metal because of the insane pressure on those contact points, and the fuel efficiency is thanks to a variety of reasons, namely the bulk nature of freight trains compared to trucks.
Josh (15 days ago)
I do not miss being a conductor
Josh (4 days ago)
@John S being on call all the time wasn't for me
John S (4 days ago)
p1rgit (16 days ago)
i need it translated into European by Tom Scott :) i mean, gallons, miles and such - only measurement i understood is USD. and even that's bit vague, to be honest. what is current $/€ rate again? he tries to say kilometres and - but it only means twice as much numbers what tend to become numbing. and still too much gallons, mails, cubits, ells, whatev. happier without. well, never mind, as most countries are not very far from sea, even European part of Russia, it's not so important. interesting, though.
Austin Hamik (16 days ago)
I'm from Norfolk NE. Was a little surprised to see and hear my town name considering we're in the middle of nowhere 5:58
Hurricanefalcon128 (17 days ago)
It takes nearly an hour to walk 4.3km? How fast does Wendover walk?
Mirza Ahmed (13 days ago)
Most people walk about 3 miles (5 kilometers) per hour. 4.3 km would be a little slower than average.
90 days (17 days ago)
Ill be honest with ya.. in AUS we ran a bulk freighter out west 20years ago that was 7.3kms long.
Ro Pegasus (18 days ago)
Oh you mean Trucks can go anywhere EVEN ON OCEAN????
John S (4 days ago)
Yes, clearly
Echo5562 (18 days ago)
3:44 M8 ya forgot to blur out the BNSF
epu (18 days ago)
Honda CRV (18 days ago)
8:43 Heyyyy a Volvo XC60!
Ben Berkebile (19 days ago)
Great video I love your content!
luigi ionascu (19 days ago)
__very cleaver very power very bring very eficience very inttelligence very good _good good good_ __archaicxn lord
Ryan Butterly (21 days ago)
I saw training getting stuck in the snow. There's a lot of videos on YouTube I'll train is getting stuck in the snow. Comment. Super.
only funny (23 days ago)
Who built these railways?
Mirza Ahmed (13 days ago)
Private companies, e.g. Union Pacific, Central Pacific, Great Northern, etc.
Soviet Pepe (24 days ago)
3:30 private romanian railway
Arch Stanton (25 days ago)
The advent of the container is what's kept railroad relevent. Even after the Staggers Act the RRs were still in trouble because of de-industrialization. With deindustrialization, the RRs were shipping less and less raw materials and finished products. Where I live, the region deindustrialized during the 1980s and eventually all the short spur lines have been ripped out and the former "trunk line" is used exclusively be commuter trains during the day and just a couple of UP trains at night. Again, it was containers that saved the North America RRs as it's the containers that drive the income for the RRs as the other bulk commodity items only provide a steady but stagnant income for the RRs but container-hauling is where the big money is for North American RRs.
Doc Brown (25 days ago)
Most of this I knew, few new details so I learned something, we gave up cable so no tv so youtube docus are my thing now.
Kevin Howard (26 days ago)
There are two because the engineer is in charge of the trains movement, the conductor is in charge of getting the freight to the location on time. There are 3 types of Freight in the US actually. Mixed Freight, Chemical, and Intermodal.
__spencer__ (26 days ago)
fuck freight trains. mad respect to passenger trains though.
John S (4 days ago)
I have neutral respect for them
Manuel Tasser (1 month ago)
3:13 and in italy they cannot be longer than 500 meters
Tyler's farm sim Channel (1 month ago)
Correction to the coverage map csx has Massachusetts covered.
Tarik360 (1 month ago)
In German, the word "Plane" is "Flugzeug" which can in a literal sense translet into "FlyingTrain" Wendover Productions remaining true to his work.
Spam Filter (29 days ago)
@Tarik360 Yes :)
Tarik360 (29 days ago)
@Spam Filter ah, derp, it was "zug" that wad train.
Spam Filter (29 days ago)
Nope Flugzeug is literally translated as 'fly thing' like Feuerzeug would be 'fire thing'
Sean McDonald (1 month ago)
Wait . . . . .Thats KANSAS ?? . . . . . . . Kansas looks like some surveyor was pissed off and just plonked a ruler down " REALLY !! YOU WANT SIMPLER BORDERS . . . .HOWS . . . . .THIS . . . . .FOR . . . . .SIMPLER!! YOU WANT SIMPLE, YOU GOT SIMPLE!! ". . . . . .
Mirza Ahmed (13 days ago)
Try Wyoming.
Sean McDonald (1 month ago)
"These countries have some areas over 1000 miles from the coast" Australia: "So . . . . .next door then"
Peroman200 (1 month ago)
Love the fact that video of a freight train driving into a storm at the end is from my country in Europe. Mainly because so little freight is transported by train in Slovenia. Great video though.
mlawson7854 (1 month ago)
Kar-nee New Jersey not kear
Tapera Mukwayira (1 month ago)
In Zimbabwe a distance from Seattle to Chicago can be run by 1 crew ,back and fourth for a 1 week
Mirza Ahmed (13 days ago)
We did that in the US, back when trains had cabooses.
Tapera Mukwayira (1 month ago)
@Frozen Kebab they have wat they call service van that they sleep ,cook and bath in, basically a coach
Frozen Kebab (1 month ago)
Does the crew stop the train to sleep or they switch drivers within the crew? Obviously one driver won't be able to drive 30-40 hours non stop
kairon156 (1 month ago)
So if the US ever stops using Coal the tracks that ship it might be able to convert over to passenger trains.
kairon156 (13 days ago)
@Mirza Ahmed No one wanting to get from San Diego to Houston? Though, I guess many US cities are quite far apart so they would need Huge passenger trains.
Mirza Ahmed (13 days ago)
No, coal isn't the only thing trains carry, and there isn't much demand for passenger trains.
kairon156 (25 days ago)
@Gaming is life But the video said a lot of their shipping is coal. So they can replace some trains that ship coal to passenger trains.
Gaming is life (25 days ago)
kairon156 no most of everything cargo in the us uses trains
Charles Johnson (1 month ago)
FYI, LAY-throp. But it's small enough it won't matter much.
Kevin Ng (1 month ago)
Freighttrain connects big time rush with gustavo
Lukeland (1 month ago)
Wendover Productions: Freight Trains Me: *AdVenture Communist!! (The Ad)*
844Steam Fan (1 month ago)
Ever heard of the Black Mesa and Lake Powell railroad? They had completely automated trains, until the unions ended it.
Marie BCFHS (1 month ago)
2:50 is that a Vietnamese train? I can see D20E locomotive (and trash on the wagon roof)
ntwwwnt (1 month ago)
Why the most of railroad in the United States run on a diesel-powered locomotives instead of electrical? In case of electric-powered locomotives there is another benefit of eco-friendliness.
GEES44DC (1 month ago)
Because it's too expensive.
ntwwwnt (1 month ago)
Why the most of railroad in the United States run on a diesel-powered locomotives instead of electrical? In case of electric-powered locomotives there is another benefit of eco-friendliness.
Mirza Ahmed (13 days ago)
Good luck electrifying 140,000 miles of track.
Douglas Forsyth (1 month ago)
Because if freight trains in America ran on electricity they would be running on coal power. Not any more eco friendly with how efficient their diesel powered engines are. And that would also require a fuckton of infrastructure to electrify those 100s of thousands of miles of track.
ntwwwnt (1 month ago)
Why the most of railroad in the United States run on a diesel-powered locomotives instead of electrical? In case of electric-powered locomotives there is another benefit of eco-friendliness.
Spam Filter (29 days ago)
The problem is the infrastructure. You have to invest a vast amount of money to install an overhead wire which also needs service. An overhead wire is only profitable if there are many trains running on the track per hour. A solution for large countries like USA and Canada could be fuel cell driven locomotives running on hydrogen.
en9ineer81 (1 month ago)
Why you hating on BNSF
Cinnamon (1 month ago)
In Russia and all the other CIS countries, people prefer going on a train. We usually buy some instant noodles, kolbasa (something like salami) and maybe some bread with some tea or cola. You just go through taiga/steppe/desert/mountains, look out of the window and eat your Doshirak.
James Jones (1 month ago)
What about rj corman
Rousse Luzincourt (1 month ago)
Trains have one more advantage: Train carry trucks.
Louftu (1 month ago)
There arent railroads under construction in germany...
Hawk Who Knows All (1 month ago)
Its GOODs TRAIN.. Stupid Americans .
Rishabh Sharma (2 months ago)
Please speak slowly
Mirza Ahmed (13 days ago)
You can change the playback speed.
SportDogg2008 (2 months ago)
@Wendover Productions. Canadian Pacific also goes down the New Orleans like CN!
dyah utari (2 months ago)
Glasgow ?£
name (2 months ago)
So do trains in America suck or not, Mr. Wendover?
Mirza Ahmed (13 days ago)
Passenger trains, yes. Freight trains, no. He made this point clear in multiple videos.
Spenezzet (2 months ago)
ITS NOT [mainaʊt] ITS [minoʊ]
Ankit Jain (2 months ago)
".... Connect the World?" The video mostly talks about the USA.
Mohak Gautam (2 months ago)
What was that counter at bottom left corner?
courtemanche437 (2 months ago)
What highway is that at 9:09?
Francisco. Reyes (2 months ago)
✌️ I'm one of those owner operator who moves those crosstown moves in chicago from rail yard to rail yard, to all of them. Driving in the City is a pain in the ass and specially on rush hour 😅😂😂
Nick McCann (2 months ago)
If you think train engineering is cool, you wrong
Army Birb (2 months ago)
For someone who lives in Kansas and lives in a small town that has a railroad running through the center I can say it's always crazy. It's always a mixture of Train company's. Mainly BNSF.
Zipplandian Gaming and More (2 months ago)
The CSX would probably come through near where I live by what you showed.
SportDogg2008 (2 months ago)
Don't forget not only do we have Class I Companies but we also have Class II and Class III (small companies) also inter mingle with each other. I know a class III that switches its cargo with a class I railroad.
Hi-Fidude66 (2 months ago)
"How Freight Trains Connect the World" *Only talks about the US*
Hi-Fidude66 (2 months ago)
@Marc Brown Never said I had a problem with it, retard.
Marc Brown (2 months ago)
He talks about the U.S. as an example, because he lives there, and so what? It's a great example of Train workflow... He can't just talk about every country in one video, just to satisfy butthurt individuals such as yours.
FNAF 54 (2 months ago)
Burlington northern Santa Fe
Boone Keller (2 months ago)
Self driving trains?
rat (2 months ago)
Freight Trains Hopping :)
Anirban Dutta (2 months ago)
"How freight trains connect the US"
Manav Gajera (2 months ago)
It's more like "how trains connect the US"
wogfun (2 months ago)
Kearny NJ is pronounced "carney", as in carnival. Not kee-are-knee or whateverthefuck that was lol
Maserati7200 (2 months ago)
No u
Doc Dat (2 months ago)
A electric powerd driverless train is even cheaper ;)
joebear 119 (2 months ago)
They are diesel-electric. A 16 cylinder diesel engine drives a generator which powers the motors in the trucks. And driverless trains will never pass in the U.S. too many people are rightly afraid of accidental that would be caused by them.
Nomade (2 months ago)
PLEASE!! Trains VS Autonomous&Electric Trucks.
Be. We. (2 months ago)
thank you for using the metric system <3
Trains and Stuff (2 months ago)
7:09 You forgot Ferromex
Hermes (2 months ago)
in mexico , train transport collapsed in favor of trucks due to a much better road network than rail network
Dylan Beaty (2 months ago)
Actually in most cases intermodel trains are handed over as a unit or the cars with the container is transferred to the other railroad. No need for it to be put on a truck and moved to the other RR.
Paul McGrane (2 months ago)
Wrong pronunciation of Kearny
Édouard Murdoch (2 months ago)
But how much would it cost to transport a ton of freight per mile in a Toyota Camry?
Honda CRV (18 days ago)
This is the Corolla guy
Hyunjong Byun (3 months ago)
Hi, Wendover. You mentioned that the frictional force is smaller for the trains than the trucks around 2:40 of the videoclip, but that is not the case. Rolling objects do not get their kinetic energy reduced by the friction since rolling objects are not sliding and the total amount of work done by the frictional force equals zero. This is because the work is a product of force and distance and the distance in this case is zero. What actually differs is the thing called "rolling resistance". The wheels and the ground deform at area around their contact point due to the vehicle's weight, and then these area revert back as the wheel rolls (of course, the area around the new contact point starts to deform). Due to the 2nd law of thermodynamics, deformation and reversion causes some of the input energy (this case, the stress applied on the wheels times the strain) to be lost as heat. Therefore, we loose some of the rolling kinetic energy of the wheels as heat, therefore getting the speed reduced. However, since steel is a much more elastic material than the rubber of tires and asphalt of roads, most of the deformation work is returned intact as kinetic energy and less portion of the rolling kinetic energy is lost as heat. Edit: timeline of the videoclip adjusted.
Brian Beard (3 months ago)
You can take driverless trucks out of the equation. None of the technologies currently in testing are working out. Autonomous trains are more likely as they have the rails that keep then under control. If it ever happens it will be 50 years from now at least.
Charlie Price (3 months ago)
8:29 why is there Ohio St in Chicago????
Indian Fan (3 months ago)
Indian railways is building electrified double stack freight only corridor
DeeZanic (3 months ago)
Isn't it possible to have completely automatted trains? I mean the human factor here is a safety and economics concern. A fully automated train would run more efficient and without breaks.
Dahlmasen (3 months ago)
Also, american ”big rigs” are tiny, probably one reason why the price for trucks are so high
Husker GSA (3 months ago)
Norfolk, Ne is pronounced Norfork. It's a spelling error in their city charter.
Joe (3 months ago)
I know he's probably passed reaching comments on these videos. Norfolk is pronounced (nor-fork) in Nebraska
Baseball boy (3 months ago)
I live in Chicago
Boone Keller (3 months ago)
Correction: Trucks can only go where there are roads, and trains can only go where there are tracks, but it just so happens that there is much more road than track.
Matt Brine (3 months ago)
Trucks can go off road, but how off road you can go depends on the area and the truck. Pretty much most of the trucking done up north is fairly off road (in that its not paved up there, especially when ice road trucking).
petokSKCZ (3 months ago)
Glasgow ? wait its in the UK
TheMattmatician I (3 months ago)
At 3:42 you can see everything is slanted because that's how the camera works. I think that's cool
Chris Rogge (3 months ago)
when the world transitions to renewable energy, trains will be more relevant than ever, because the only economically viable "renewable" energy source is hot fusion. helium-3 and hydrogen will have a low cost per ton and the world will need a lot, making them be hauled by train for the same reasons as coal today.