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The CH Cast’s Favorite Sketches of 2017

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Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (2515)
[Content Deleted] (20 hours ago)
Um actually the percival brothers created the deathly hallows HOWEVER in the tales of beatle and the bard he rewrote the legend the three brothers winning it from death +1
Shark_bait_da_cherry (1 day ago)
At my local Olive Garden the stall spacing is 3 inches long so people can see directly at your dick while you take a shit it pisses me off
Cats Forever (1 day ago)
The Guy that Returns to Facebook is my favorite! It hurts my sides xD "Hush."
Poke Noob (1 day ago)
Um actually um isn't a word
ChrisRidge (2 days ago)
Its spelled Jon Jones bitches.COCAINNNNNE.
Hermes (2 days ago)
Zac always gives me great big belly laughs when I'm feeling unhappy
Epic Gaming90000 (3 days ago)
Wait so what did Zach actually eat
Linnea T (3 days ago)
Harold chestnuts (3 days ago)
"Ever think about that"
Nothing Productions (3 days ago)
The first one almost made me vomit
Bamboo Milkshake (4 days ago)
Akemi D. Sora (5 days ago)
OMFG in "Um, Actually" she said dont live in Temecula and I died a little cause thats where I live, so now I feel like trash 😂
Bintendo Snitch (5 days ago)
The last sketch should be real
superpal43 (5 days ago)
I kinda want the awkward amount of time store to exist!
Benedita Zenóglio (5 days ago)
I love the fact that Zac wrote almost every sketch in this video. He seems so talented!
Adam Berwick (6 days ago)
Did he actually eat the fuckin tide pods or no?
Blah Blah (6 days ago)
Am i the only one who LOVES Caldwell?
Sienna (6 days ago)
The Tide Pods look appetizing
Bewildered (6 days ago)
Zac is everyone’s favorite
William Morrison (6 days ago)
what is the laundrey pod one real
J LR (7 days ago)
Um actually were the best videos.
Coke Ninja (7 days ago)
Omg I just noticed zac was drawing the string king from when they did the chome alone thing in grant is a huge klutz idiot
Murdablern (7 days ago)
Wolliwops !!! (7 days ago)
How did he eat them without getting poisoned like where do you get edible tide pods
katrina klick (7 days ago)
did he actully eat them?
Billy Bob 123 (8 days ago)
They predicted the future in the tide pods sketch
jake scott (8 days ago)
slytherin Is best (8 days ago)
Why is there always a illuminate symbol in every video that they make?
Atomicflounder42 (10 days ago)
Like 90% of all my favorites sketches are focused around katie. Shes amazing. My personal favorite is "everyone stop flirting with me"
KianTV (10 days ago)
it's funny. the last sketch is about an akward amount of time, and I just wasted 42 minuits watching it.
Flower Crown Gaming (10 days ago)
What were the tide pods made of
Logan Blunk (10 days ago)
My favorite was how tall is Grant!
MultipleActs (10 days ago)
that seven way cute sketch they put the illuminati in there twice.
dangergamer guy (10 days ago)
anyone notice chads coat has 69 on it
Sirick Terravain (10 days ago)
The banana slip though....
Lily O (11 days ago)
Mikhail. **gunshot** ... Geronimo. Fuckin’ FINALLY
Imani Belle (11 days ago)
For the most part CH has just devolved genuinely funny series/serial sketches, into a mega liberal propaganda and agenda machine. But that last sketch was super legit.
Dat Boi Asmr (11 days ago)
Wait did grant took off glasses or didn’t?
US'S ENTERPRISE (11 days ago)
Is Siobhan still on the cast?
Oozy (11 days ago)
So are chad a hivemind orr?
Jay Brown (12 days ago)
Call me crazy... Katie's pretty hot in the last meal skit 🤣
Jay Brown (12 days ago)
At least until it ended 😖
kinru (12 days ago)
"Chloraline Gas"
John Wendel (12 days ago)
Umm actually the Tarasque is derived from European folklore as well. Tarascon in France is actually named after it
Fesnf (13 days ago)
Guess Trapp got *Trapped*
Rhn - gs (13 days ago)
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To the Bat Mobile (13 days ago)
Kate mrovich Related to sam marovich?
Ken Kaneki (13 days ago)
Nick the Gamer (13 days ago)
What were the fake tide pods made of?
ElPayasoMalo (14 days ago)
Damn! Most people like Zac's sketches. Go Zak.
mervin reyes (15 days ago)
This video MADE me sub
ploufkitten (15 days ago)
so thats how the tide pod challenge started
Emma Schneiderman (15 days ago)
Guys, like all of everyone's favorite sketches are Zack's.
JustABritishNerd (15 days ago)
The forbidden fruit
I'm Tae's Waifu And I Have No Laifu (15 days ago)
_I'll go mix bleach with windex_
Spencer S (16 days ago)
*takes off glasses* * has another pair on *
Coconut ScienceGirl92 (16 days ago)
Well....sense leaving facebook my private account hasnt been advertised to big businesses who want to steal my money
That Dang Leprechaun (17 days ago)
Man I need awkward amount of time station
Zahar Alao (17 days ago)
did anyone else see what happened when grant took off his glasses in the second one
Grumpy_dog Cat_human (17 days ago)
I am so coffe before I had clumsy
maikeru natascha (17 days ago)
You don't need to delete your Facebook to do all that stuff you can just do that.
maikeru natascha (17 days ago)
Hey do we know each other x8
Fire Fist Ace (17 days ago)
i swear that awkward amount of time station or whatever its called sounds perfect for me someone with an iq above 1 should make that a reality
gamerman 629 (18 days ago)
What did they use for the tide pods
E. Chi (18 days ago)
Is Grant really a klutz or is it his clever plot to get all the dogs to hang out around his desk?
zackb6102 (18 days ago)
How did Zac eat the pods and not die
Roberto Alan Corona Espinoza (18 days ago)
wheres zac now????
HarleyQuinn 207 (18 days ago)
Grant is meeeeee
damienh1001300 (18 days ago)
TheChristmasNinja12 (18 days ago)
I like how over 50% of their favorite sketches were written by Zac
Łïv C (19 days ago)
Why did he take off his shirt!?! 😂😂
MegaZevon777 123 (19 days ago)
UI Zac
Diz _ (19 days ago)
The Tarrasque isn't exclusif to D&D. It's from an European legend about a weird turtle dragon.
min suga (19 days ago)
this compilation is all I needed
Pets & Stuff (20 days ago)
I subscribed after watching the computer charger video...
Michael Tsegaye (20 days ago)
zack zack zack, always falling to anti pressure
MongKes (20 days ago)
But srs tho, how tall IS Grant
MongKes (20 days ago)
Zac is like, the fucking best of ch haha
Ebyen McNell (20 days ago)
TARDISgirl946 (21 days ago)
Um actually zac would be technically correct on the deathly hallows question because the story about death is from a wizarding fairy tale (the three brothers) when in the actual wizarding world it’s most likely that the three brothers in fact created the objects centuries before.
Joe S (21 days ago)
did zac actually eat the pods
evan fox (21 days ago)
tic-tac-toe (22 days ago)
I can't even touch tide pods or laundry pods without being paranoid and having to wash my hands 100 times.
Yellow Crusader (22 days ago)
ever think about that
im s h o o k (22 days ago)
I love the line "Oh no, my bag of loose oranges and one French baguette!" So relatable.
Oliver Berger (22 days ago)
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zombie fish (22 days ago)
Did you actually eat them?
GraceyLIKEABOSS (22 days ago)
A okay no I seriously need the awkward amount of time station like right fucking now
Chickhen TM (23 days ago)
Gabrielle Rose (24 days ago)
Farmcat123 (24 days ago)
I like the videos about Trapp's slow descent into madness
catleeryan (24 days ago)
Colby Gordon (24 days ago)
Eyyy it’s Caldwell!
The Last Moderate Democrat (25 days ago)
CollegeHumor's quality has really fallen.
bastianlm (25 days ago)
trapp sounds like that guy that says "EA SPORTS ITS IN THE GAME"
Samuel Azuma (25 days ago)
uh actually, the Tarasque is drawn from french ancient mythology, look it up guys, you suck !!
Finn Conroy (26 days ago)
Just the ending of the matrix. Brilliant.
Ayrton Flaherty (26 days ago)
Well RIP Zac ☹
Aj Martin (26 days ago)
Let’s agree zac is the best
Kavinth Amirthanathar (27 days ago)
This was gold
roche groenewald (27 days ago)
Its a tide Add