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Where do NEW pilots STRUGGLE?! Mentour Pilot interviewed by Students!

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In this video I was visiting AFTA in Cork and was given the chance to visit a class of Integrated pilot students. I gave them the chance to ask their biggest questions about Airline training and Type Ratings and this video is the result! I hope you will enjoy this Q&A session. If you have more, similar questions, feel free to contact me in the Mentour Aviation app-chat or during my in-app Live-streams. Have an Absolutely Fantastic Day! To download the app, and interact with me, other pilots and flight students directly, use the links below! 📲IOS: https://appstore.com/mentouraviation 📲Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teamta.mentouraviation Join my Patreon Crew, and support me and the channel as well as previewing videos 👇🏻 https://www.patreon.com/mentourpilot Follow my life on instagram, and see what its like in the cockpit! 👇🏻 https://www.instagram.com/mentour_pilot
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Text Comments (344)
Overton Window Pain (1 day ago)
the best thing about this channel is the funky guitar at the beginning.. it always puts me in the mood for some groovy avionics..
MintyAviation (1 day ago)
lol he mentioned about rotation but not about flaring because he was at a Ryanair training facility 😂
Daniel Tier (3 days ago)
future Ryr Pilots I hope they have a better start then my former colleagues in the flight deck :)
Magda Rasnoveanu (3 days ago)
Hi, Peter, just finishing my type rating on B737 CL & NG. Do you work for Ryanair?
Daniel Tier (3 days ago)
@Magda Rasnoveanu multumesc frumos pentru raspuns.
Magda Rasnoveanu (3 days ago)
@Daniel Tier super! BAA in Lituania.
Daniel Tier (3 days ago)
Buna, unde ai facut asta? in RO sau in alta tara si iti raspund eu la intrebare da lucreaza la ei :) Este printre putinii piloti de la RYR care are permisiunea sa se filmeze in timpul jobu-lui
Mehmet Yiğit (3 days ago)
you speak so fast like a rapper. 1:39 WTH?
Brang Zonghus (3 days ago)
Where do new pilots struggle? (They all secretly want to stay on the ground)...
Di B (4 days ago)
Love your videos dood
jijo john (5 days ago)
Ryan air place where the cadets are trained to do flat landings
Zentien Plays (6 days ago)
What airline do you work for?
mark mullan (3 days ago)
Zentien Plays Ryan air
keith ibbotson (9 days ago)
Sat there in a class room becoming a commercial pilot would be a dream come true for me
Captain Agulo david (9 days ago)
I have a challenge in understanding the radios on ground what should I do ...I have trained on the Cessna 152 and the 182 .
The Protagonist (7 days ago)
Captain Agulo david Listen to alot of atc conversations , thr are channels here where u can just listen to atc conversations which should give u a good hang of it
CuAcK tHe PiLot (9 days ago)
I wish my class was like this:/
Noah H (10 days ago)
This advice applies to all levels of flight training honestly. Be a step ahead always.
Alan H (10 days ago)
Struggle with money to become pilot even tho so many people out there with talent to be a pilot.. And there is shortage no pilots?? LoL Figure this out
Ferdinand Baricevic (10 days ago)
Probably the most helpful and informative video I've found for aspiring ATP pilots
Pochade Box Painting (11 days ago)
6:55 "get your flaps out" means something else where I live, but dont ask.
henksuli (12 days ago)
Nah, 4 or 14h sleep
Nick Baldeagle (12 days ago)
Aha. Ryanair. I suspected that based on your flight vlogs.
Comando2112 (15 days ago)
My real struggle is money lack of money to pay for flight training.
Raj Jhala (15 days ago)
Ryanair pilots... no hope lol
James Sambrook (16 days ago)
Hi Mentour, im in Madrid and have just finished ground school. Do you do these trips to schools often? Would be great if you could come ton ours. Love all your vids. Keep up the good work!
Icie Flake (18 days ago)
good thing I sleep only 4-5 hours a day and eat every 2'nd to 4'th day. I just drink Imsdal water and when I get a moment like 10 minutes I meditate but still are aware of everything around me (sorta like out of body or remote viewing but I am just sitting behind my physical body) And in my opinion. . Better English on all Pilots. x'D
Maitrik S Mehta (18 days ago)
Is it recommend to do the ATPL THEORY with CPL course and if yes pls explain Why
Mike P (9 days ago)
It is recommended. When you do the ATPL theory with the CPL you get so called frozen ATPL. When you get 1500 flight hours your licence becomes unfrozen and you get a full ATPL.
Nick Baldeagle (12 days ago)
Yes. More is more.
FSXNOOB - GAMES & MORE (19 days ago)
11 boys, 1 girl.. Mentour picks the girl to mentor... =]
Marcas Roche (20 days ago)
Still sad he didn’t come to my class in AFTA
Moeenuddin Saiyed (20 days ago)
Moral of the video is TO BE PREPARED!
Princess Sophie (20 days ago)
I am newly Certified Flight Instructor who is just starting a youtube! Please come and support!!🙏🏼🤩
PilotRaider14 (20 days ago)
Be Prepar3D! lol
Christopher Johnson (20 days ago)
Professor Commander! Nice! CJ
Finn Agler (21 days ago)
Cadet in front second from left needs to work on his English pronunciation.
Koray Gun (19 days ago)
Who are you, level examiner?
Ahmad Sayyed (21 days ago)
this video was soo helpful! I feel much more confident now of me becoming an airline pilot which Is my dream career
Kathy In Oklahoma (21 days ago)
I loved this! This made my understanding of the challenges of becoming a pilot real. Thanks
Stathis Chatziapostolou (23 days ago)
Nice video captain, great video as always, keep it up!!
Levente Lénárt (24 days ago)
Didn't watch (yet), just read the title. Answer: they struggle in the cockpit.
CESAR CASTRO Jarochelo (24 days ago)
A natural teacher here! Lucky cadets... and YouTube followers
Cliff Wheeler (24 days ago)
Noticed the young lady had gained a stripe on her epaulet between the classroom and the simulator. Well done.
LiamE69 (24 days ago)
12 student pilots in the room, 11 men. And the airlines will be castigated for a wage gap.
LiamE69 (23 days ago)
​@LeLion012 No you are imagining that. I do have problem with fake statistics used to foment division that ignore the very real differences in life choices made between the sexes. The airlines have been pilloried in the media for a supposed wage gap. They have an earning gap, not a wage gap and the reason for that is demonstrated eloquently by this classroom.
LeLion012 (23 days ago)
@LiamE69 you seem to have a problem with women... Good luck with those feelings.
LiamE69 (23 days ago)
@LeLion012 Did that make some sort of sense in your head before you typed it?
LeLion012 (23 days ago)
Your mom is a man?
Stefani J Weisshaar (24 days ago)
Great video! The filming is excellent too.
FXLSEPXSITIVE (24 days ago)
Great video, Great insight
FXLSEPXSITIVE (24 days ago)
@Mentour Pilot I want to be a RYANAIR pilot one day, any tips?
Mentour Pilot (24 days ago)
Great to hear that you liked it!
steve goodwin (24 days ago)
very impressive teacher
Timothy Nguyen (24 days ago)
The buttons
Dave Cue (24 days ago)
Grant Cardone says 10X it baby
cnordegren (24 days ago)
All these student will have amazing performance because they are learning from the best!
anthony dow (24 days ago)
Is there an age cut off point ? What about medical requirements etc? How often do pilots have m edicals and does it include psychological assessment too? Presumably so !😨
Formasikurakura (19 days ago)
Medical exam every 6 months
anthony dow (24 days ago)
How many fail the course ?
anthony dow (24 days ago)
How many fail the course ?
YeshuaAgapao (24 days ago)
Probably too used to tail draggers, but most airplanes will get themselves off the ground with just a little bit of back pressure on the yoke. Tail draggers often don't need any, some even need to push forward to be able to gain speed for takeoff.
tha bludga (24 days ago)
Is there a problem with a slower rotation rate?
Nick (24 days ago)
"...that you're good enough to start flying on line" My mind immediately went to "that you're good enough that you're not gonna be instantly hated by everyone on VATSIM"
Progy (7 days ago)
Honestly, most people get annoyed on VATSIM not because of other users' inefficiency but because of the poor way VATSIM transmits sound over the network.
Jonathan M (24 days ago)
Well the lanyards gave it all away now haha! Although most of us longtime viewers already knew.
Soliton1961 (24 days ago)
I don't have to worry about struggling. I can't afford to graduate and get licensed.
Bradley Thorburn (25 days ago)
I hope you asked if every one was absolutely fantastic? 😁
Metal Detecting UK (25 days ago)
Which pilots license would i need in UK to charge people money for sightseeing tours around Blackpool etc in a light aircraft.
Mike P (22 days ago)
@Metal Detecting UK - You must first have a PPL, and after that you can get a CPL. (So yes, you have to pass both of these.)
Metal Detecting UK (24 days ago)
@christopher wilson so would i need to pass both of these or just the commercial?
christopher wilson (24 days ago)
Metal Detecting UK ppl, then a commercial pilots license
Luke Urevig (25 days ago)
Not sure, but you may have told us all what airline you fly with.
Bob Ross (25 days ago)
Just make them watch denzel washington flight ..Instance pilot ..
Hong Wuen Law (25 days ago)
How do you ensure that you stay on the extended runway centreline when you are taking off? I kept getting blown off the extended runway centreline. When you are landing, you can see the runway. While taking off, the runway will be out of view, so now where do I look??
098Matrix098 (24 days ago)
Set the heading bug to the runway heading and track that bug with your wind diamond after safely departing if under vfr
Blind Dude Carl de Campos (25 days ago)
Chat message input Hey there Mentor, i enjoy your channel, i may be blind but love aviation, i have taken control of a Foxbat and also Cessna 172 once at altitude and also successfully landed a light aircraft on the simulator under verbal instruction at the local training centre, i have a few aviation friends. I find your info very interesting and educational. Ggreetings from George in South Africa. Carl Text field Double-tap to edit. Actions available Use the rotor to access Misspelt Words Chat message input Hey there Mentor, i enjoy your channel, i may be blind but love aviation, i have taken control of a Foxbat and also Cessna 172 once at altitude and also successfully landed a light aircraft on the simulator under verbal instruction at the local training centre, i have a few aviation friends. I find your info very interesting and educational. Ggreetings from George in South Africa.
G POWER DRAGON (25 days ago)
Peter is the perfect flight teacher talking through the different items slowly gives you time to remember nice
Mikosch2 (25 days ago)
To answer the question: In most cases, new pilots struggle... in the cockpit.
Pilot Derrick (25 days ago)
I thought mentour flew for SAS airlines ??? I'm seeing someone with Rynair tags
Lucas Fachbaron (24 days ago)
He does fly for Ryanair
Hemant joe (25 days ago)
Mad respect captain. Just love the dedication with which u explain things to them. U don't try to make an answer short. You take ur time in educating those future pilot. Hats off!!
Arkady Rojba (25 days ago)
A really good segment!
Pomelo 55 (25 days ago)
Please be my father, M. Petter Mentour Pilot Sir! 🤗
Abdullah Ahmad (25 days ago)
Here in Alpha Aviation we do the Atpl in 9 months, u guys are so lucky to have 16 months 💔
Fikri el Hamouti (25 days ago)
The whole course is 16 months. ATPL is 6 months, so you're the lucky one.
Thomas Meyer (25 days ago)
Cant be too easy flying with Ryan. See the card -holder strings.
Sumatra Animator (25 days ago)
Ryanair sacking hundreds of pilots while training cadets at the same time
Gigs (25 days ago)
Heh yeah when I saw Ryanair I was wondering when he'd go over deploying the reversers in the air.
R L (25 days ago)
You’re in Ireland!
lunt banzi (25 days ago)
Inject this into my veins
John Baxter (25 days ago)
Have you thought of founding a flight school? It would be popular.
Parneet Singh (25 days ago)
Bianca Spindler (25 days ago)
Mentourpilot telling the cadets to eat sounds like my grandmother calling me each day to make sure I’ve eaten at least 9 proper hot meals in a day ehheheheh
Lik3 ViaZ (24 days ago)
It's very important. Every contract or a company document has something written regarding eating and sleeping
dannydaw59 (25 days ago)
Will these new pilots start out in regional airlines once they finish training? I assume this is in Europe.
Robert Tadeusz (25 days ago)
No most of them are on the ryanair mentour scheme meaning they will go into ryanair and others may be on the stobart air mentour program
Elou44Prod (25 days ago)
Great content Peter! And to my fellow French citizen, please, work on your English accent! ;)
Elou44Prod (3 days ago)
@UC3debpxl4ic-ZYMZhE8LQ2w I'm talking of the dude at 10:12 , he's definitely french and does 0 effort to sound somewhat english. lol
Pomelo 55 (25 days ago)
Elou44Prod Haha, il est terrible hein!
Sachin Hatkar (25 days ago)
make a viedo on how to write a resume for junior pilot licence
B A (25 days ago)
When I was a kid, I wanted to be an F-16 pilot but I was too tall. 😢 😆
FrameGame (25 days ago)
Alpha Centauri yeah I’m 8’4
Alpha Centauri (25 days ago)
I think you can be 6'4'. You must be super tall.
Ody (25 days ago)
J'ai reconnu le français !
Franz Ben (25 days ago)
Petter, this is an absolutely AWESOME video ! Quite different from what we're used to on your channel, and it's really great ! I ain't no pilot, just an aviation lover, and it's great to see how beginners feel. On a side note, do you think you could do in-flight videos ? Of course not in the sterile phases, but it's always cool to see you fly ! :-) Tak sa mycket ! (hope I got that right: I'm French). ;-)
Larry Southern (25 days ago)
This will always be my go to place when I want listen to intelligent professional pilots talk aviation!!! Mentor Pilot is for true aviation enthusiast..no hype...no bs..just straight talk!! Thank you Sir!!! 🐦
Ibrahim Hamdy (25 days ago)
I hope one day I have a professional mentor like you in my career
Jeriel Tee (25 days ago)
Ryanair lanyards...
Cap Edvin (25 days ago)
Great to see a video like this!!
magni hansen (25 days ago)
I will never put my life in the hands of a female pilot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
christopher wilson (24 days ago)
Why? If she’s qualified, she’s already proven shes better than you in every way. She will be professional, determined, intelligent, assertive, cooperative and calm under pressure. All you are is a youtube troll commenting about how you wont let a woman fly you, lol looser
Pomelo 55 (25 days ago)
And this guy has been looking to have sex all his life and that won’t happen any time soon.
Ivo Brick (25 days ago)
You will never see or get noticed if your pilot is male, female, or mixed crew. Or deal with consequences of stopping plane on taxiway or wherewer they do annocences.
(25 days ago)
They struggle because they have not switched to Geico.
B A (25 days ago)
〇 == 🦎
nminenko (25 days ago)
😔 I was hoping the gender ratio would be better.
nminenko (23 days ago)
Nen Yim Thanks. I hope you understand now re: your earlier comment, that you are not sacrificing safety if you hire a female pilot. Alan Joyce, QANTAS CEO, “says they can't hire the best pilots if they aren't considering 49.5% of the population.”
Nen Yim (24 days ago)
@nminenko personally I think it's awsome that women now have the choice to become whatever they want to be. But it must be a individuals choice, it shouldn't be forced or it turns into discrimination or worse. Congratulations on acheaving something that is still only a dream for me.
nminenko (24 days ago)
@Eternal Tech What you are talking about is socialization. For example, earlier this year I was in uniform getting breakfast at the layover hotel before the van departure time and a woman said hello and asked if I would come over to her table and talk with her little girl. She said that her three year old daughter had said "Mommy, I didn't know girls could be pilots." I was shocked and a little saddened that a three year old thought this way ~50 years after women were first hired at the airlines, and sat down to have breakfast with them.
Eternal Tech (24 days ago)
For various reasons, males and females tend to have different interests and hence sometimes become involved in different occupations. For example, most nurses, day care workers, and kindergarten teachers are female. This may not result because of discrimination, but because more women have an interest in pursuing these positions than men.
luis Cota (25 days ago)
I can't describe what I'm feeling.... 7u7. Now I'm crying I really want to be a pilot
luis Cota (22 days ago)
@Mike P .... Probably I will in a year or two
Mike P (22 days ago)
@luis Cota - It's common to take a bank loan to pay the costs of the training.
luis Cota (25 days ago)
@Абракадабра Кобра [25% & 9%] actually I don't know if here in my city can do that I was looking for discovery flights on internet but I couldn't find anything ,in the other hand there is a flight school but I'm not able to pay for it (6,300 dollars, 126,000 MXN). I hope to be a pilot one day :")
Абракадабра Кобра [25% & 9%] (25 days ago)
do yourself a favor and take a discovery flight. take your friends too, it's cheap and a lot of fun. maybe you'll catch a bug too, maybe you would even be flying commercially who knows.
bobby cvSixFour (25 days ago)
I really liked this, this was great, seeing from a students perspective.
Jim Roberts (25 days ago)
OUTSTANDING advice, Captain
lxdimension (25 days ago)
Did you land in Cork Mentour? Super short runway isn't it?! I saw plane after plane having to do 180 turns back to the terminal after landing as they were so far down the runway by the time they stopped!
Denis Lara (25 days ago)
How... how do I become a pilot?.... I’m the US? Is there a LEGIT college or school? Do airlines offer to make you a pilot for a contract?
Willybots (25 days ago)
Denis Lara yeah, scams are bad, but they’re few and far between I’d say. If you have doubts, just do your research. Google reviews and word of mouth are good places to start
Willybots (25 days ago)
Denis Lara you need to go to a flight school if you want to understand more. There is certainly a standard, and they will teach you the standard because they are certified by the FAA to do so. The military has its own standards for obvious reasons, but it’s not like they can’t fly civilian planes. Having one way to go about getting a license would hamper a lot of people trying to become pilots. It’s better this way
Denis Lara (25 days ago)
Willybots ah!!!! Ok ok.. I just don’t want to end up in a scam like American Career college for pilots. You know what I mean?
Willybots (25 days ago)
Denis Lara there is a standard. It’s called passing the check ride. If you don’t know what you’re doing, they won’t let you fly. Doesn’t matter your background
Denis Lara (25 days ago)
Willybots but why???.... should all pilots have the same skills? There should be a standard by now. =(
Kevin Convocar (25 days ago)
Very excellent and competent trainer thank you for sharing your brilliant knowledge in teaching to future pilot you are magnificent Captain Petter congratulations to you
Chris Holt (25 days ago)
Great video Mentour! I was very impressed with the students - they all seemed very engaged.
Axel Marrufo (25 days ago)
I have a question, are these "student pilots" already in the airline?
caza101 (25 days ago)
No... I believe this school AFTA only likes to promote that they are in Ryanair..but no they are not airline cadets
Mululu Picha (25 days ago)
You're a really good communicator and teacher. I have followed you for a while now and learning heaps. Bless you sir!
William Henderson (25 days ago)
Great job answering the questions. I just loved the change up in format!!!! Not everyone has a gift to teach and I saw one here! Thanks. Our lives may be in the hands of one of these students someday.
Lucky Me (25 days ago)
Oh my goodness. These are future Ryan Air pilots. They are stuck with the MAX! 🤪
Pomelo 55 (25 days ago)
Lucky Me I’ll admit that made me laugh quite a bit.
Lucky Me (25 days ago)
I am humbled by your knowledge to this regard and am experiencing a deep sense of remorse. I admit my mischievous pathetic attempt to poke fun at the MAX (yet again) has backfired on this occasion and I am left with a huge amount of egg on my face! My initial comment has now become a sad memory - nosediving into the ground, vapourising on impact.
caza101 (25 days ago)
They are not future Ryanair pilots .. only a flight training school students.. ryanair is too busy to have a cadet school
Shawn Khrusch (25 days ago)
Amazing. Thank you Ryanair for allowing this to be released. What an asset they have in Mentour.
watershed44 (16 days ago)
@Shawn Khrusch Indeed, allowing this to be uploaded to YT and viewed by the public generates a LOT of good will. I see this as a sign that the airline wants training to be the best possible and encourages learning as much as possible and always throughout their career.
HS W (25 days ago)
7 Ps
PilotLife (25 days ago)
New pilots/cadets lack the confidence to fly the aircraft. You’re typed in the airplane not the MCP/FCP. FLY THE DAMN AIRPLANE! Turn the automation off on visual approaches and get used to the aircraft both in the sim and real life.
Kenny R (25 days ago)
Mentour I failed my instrument checkride 2 days ago and I need to retest on some subjects. I worked on the main area I was lacking with my instructor today and got a new endorsement. However, knowing that you are not as a proficient pilot as you thought, has killed the little confidence I ever had and I'm afraid it's going to affect my judgment on the second try. Any advice?
Mohammed Elmehdawi (25 days ago)
After i complete my training how do i gain 1500 hours to become a first officer😞😞
mcdonaldc1989 (25 days ago)
Get experience by being a flight instructor. Get as many ratings and licences as you can.