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The US' Overseas Military Base Strategy

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Text Comments (5409)
Bhupendranath Mahato (1 hour ago)
Don't worry usa you are not the only one...china is getting there fast
Blitzkrieg (7 hours ago)
And trump wants to shut them all down due to his protectionist attitude.
Perfectly imperfect (13 hours ago)
Intresting how US bases can be seen all over the World map except with the countries with heavy military like China, India, Russia.
Komrade BigTex sucks (16 hours ago)
Fuck oklahoma. OU Sucks.
Paul Kenny (17 hours ago)
For the cia convenience!
Arsene Who? (21 hours ago)
Peace through superior firepower.....the mantra of the United States government...
Arsene Who? (22 hours ago)
Most powerful air force in the World is? The USAF. 2nd most powerful air force in the World? The US Navy. These require Worldwide bases so that's the reason why the United States dominate everywhere.
Arsene Who? (23 hours ago)
According to reports, the US has around 800 military bases around the World and most of them surround either Iran, Russia or China.
Loosey Goosey (23 hours ago)
Great fucking video with your speech at the end. Good conversations starter
wyom gupta (1 day ago)
4:30 hahaha no bases in 🇮🇳 😤💪🏽
Billy Taylor (1 day ago)
Who's side are you one? Are you an American? I think you'd rather see the country of America week wouldn't you? No America's military needs to stay might and strong So if a country doesn't like it like Japan or maybe they shouldn't have been joining the Axis powers huh.
REgamesplayer (1 day ago)
You should have done more research and answered one of your questions. How much roughly it is estimated to cost for USA tax payers.
David Pauk (1 day ago)
Idk why america have bases in other country
stilldownwiththemutantunderground (2 days ago)
The Nordics seem to have extremely few U.S military bases, and we're arguably among the most peaceful stable democratic equal and legitimately free countries in the world. Also proof that -at the very least for some countries- it's absolutely possible to survive and thrive without a bunch of Yankees setting up camp on your front lawn.
Satan (2 days ago)
All US citizens should be allowed free holidays to the country's bases. That way we can enjoy the countries our government is oppressing. The British knew how to enjoy their empire yet we just stay home polishing our nukes.
Corrine Tsang (2 days ago)
The US bases in Iraq will closes soon,due to the constant missile attavck
Alex Rhone (3 days ago)
The US pays these host countries a high rent for that land.
Night Raven (3 days ago)
So... what your saying is we are just waiting for germany to try and pull some bullshit again XD
Klaus Pallesen (3 days ago)
Thank God for the US having those bases. If I have to choose between the semi-dictatorship in Russia, or the totalitarian, dystopic brutal dictatorship in China, I choose the US. Yes they’re far from perfect but they’re the only ones to protect us from brutal violent dictatorships like China, Russia, North Korea, ISIS. Thank US for being there. And I’m not even American. But try to go around in America with a t-shirt with “Freedom to Alaska” on. Noone cares. You go around with a t-shirt in China that says “ Freedom to Tibet” or anything, the police pick you up, brutally beats you and throws you in a jail for 20 years. The world is not a fun place to be with brutal murderous dictatorships! The US is the least evil, and I therefore stand by them! Besides, those bases are WANTED by the host countries and bring a big economical advantage to the area.
purple ldv (4 hours ago)
​@running287 It's not your obligation, yes, true! But it's your choice not to fight on your own soil, right? Take a look at your military doctrine, it's rapped around the aircraft carriers, that are built to fight somewhere else then the US. You are not protecting us as a objective in it's self, you are protecting us because you are protecting your self... I live in Romania, we have american basis here, but we are a NATO member, we alocate 2% of our gdp as required by NATO, and we are currently buying billions and billions of dollars worth of equipment from you, because we need compatible armament and gear... We have F-16 and plan on buying more, 7 Patriot systems, 3 Hymars battalions, 227 Pirahna V from GDLS, we plan on buying 45 attack and transport hellicopters (and the only offers worth considering are from Bell which is the favorite, Boeing and Sikorsky), also 270 Abrams tanks are considered... And take into account the future maintenance and amunition contracts in the future for your industry, for all of these equipments. You are not protecting us in this straight forward sense... We are in a partnership in which we protect our values and way of life! That's why we let you have basis on our territory! And not least, "the loss of strength gradient" mentioned in the video at 4:47 Be happy and grateful that you are american, you have a very powerful millitary and state! You have a lot of very competent people in the Pentagon, that know how to protect you best!
running287 (12 hours ago)
I appreciate your gratefulness, but the simple fact is that we Americans shouldnt be protecting you. Thats not our job nor our obligation.
purple ldv (1 day ago)
Here here!
Jabbar JD1415 (4 days ago)
I own you now and there's nothing you can say! Put up, pay up, or shut up! But we are staying here!!!
civil engineering (4 days ago)
US military protect different countries due to their bases in these countries.... but protection from whome?????? 😂😂... may be allien.
Bishal Uprety (4 days ago)
we dont need us army in nepal only normal people are welcome here no with arms bombs and gun.you should stop your base planning in nepal ............ our land is not made for your weaponery play ground .......
Fritz Smith (4 days ago)
THREATS THREATS THREATS!  Throughout this video, I hear a lot of PR language to justify Americas presence around the globe.  Note: Russia, France, and the UK have only 30 military base around the world, COMBINED!  So tell me sir: who the hell is the real aggressor here?  And who is sponsoring this video?  PS: this video is as transparent as propaganda can be.  THUMBS DOWN DUDE!  But you can pick-up your check from JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command).
Garrett Giamei (5 days ago)
Watching my tax dollars get pissed away while Flint Michigan still has no water
Pravvus (5 days ago)
4:35 Camp Humphreys, Korea.
Pravvus (5 days ago)
One of those dots is me!
MGate (5 days ago)
Maybe the correct name is Department of Offense not Dept. of Defense
Andrés Falcone (5 days ago)
I just want to note that the supposed US military base in Concón, Chile is just fake news and dumb conspiracy theories spread by (mostly) left-wing "alternative" media and Twitter users. The base, called "Fuerte Aguayo", is a just Chilean Marines base that also houses the Chilean "Joint Center for Peacekeeping Operations" (Cecopac). Cecopac is a military institution that provides training, preparation and research for UN peacekeeping missions to the different branches of the Chilean armed and police forces. I wouldn't be surprised if there's some American professors and military advisers working there, but it's just a Chilean educational and academic research center. Of course, "alternative" media said than the UN and US (because the difference doesn't matter for them) where bringing in a battalion and some other dumb shit like that. As far as I know, there aren't and have never been any foreign military bases in Chile.
D Staff (5 days ago)
One can only MAINTAIN this strategy for so long until it deteriorates from lack of funding, moral, and enemy forces... nations,empires, regimes, caliphates, kingdoms and what whatever else definition of collective power ALL fall down.. The US should really look into how to remedy that curse of history as it expands beyond American borders exponentially greater in human history..
Tony Dean (5 days ago)
Liberals are furious that so many countries gleefully allow the US to have military bases on their property.  "The US is BAD!  How can they like us?????"
Abdi (3 days ago)
Dumb conservative. The US isn't liked by these countries. The US bullies them and if they refuse their military, sanctions and sanctions. Just recently the Iraqi parliament voted for the US Army to leave their country and guess what the US said? We're never leaving. The US is nothing but a bully and stupid American like you think the world wants you. I can't wait the day these countries grow the balls to say no to US bullying.
Everquest Sales (6 days ago)
I just woke up and walked out to my hot tub in back yard while sipping on coffee and listening to the birds. Yes our power projection is worth it.
Sampath K (6 days ago)
So we all live in America basically !
KR Kayah (6 days ago)
4:57 it’s has there a U.S base in China
Jjj Ww (6 days ago)
joe clark (6 days ago)
Thanks for telling everyone
Rimmell Stanley (6 days ago)
More military videos
Rabid Farmer (6 days ago)
Camp Hansen in Okinawa is a huge base? You pathetic liberal. LOL.
A Iron Dot (6 days ago)
So in Okinawa they aren’t protesting the base move, they are protesting the fact that the base is still there. We where supposed to give MCAS Futenma back to Oki about 3 years ago but we keep pushing it back. Interestingly enough that makes us not want to update the base because we keep thinking we are moving the base, so that means the barracks and surrounding buildings are really old and falling apart
DIY PROJECTS (6 days ago)
America is only super power in the history to get punch on the face where ever they invaded.
Brady Chuck (4 days ago)
@Sale Cousin 1776 Independence, The Civil War, Spanish–American War, Philippine–American War, WW1, WW2 all examples of American War Victories...
Sale Cousin (4 days ago)
@Brady Chuck the U.S. has never won a war, unlike all of you just listed. I wonder how the history lessons are in school
Brady Chuck (5 days ago)
britain france rome where are they now oh way they got ko
james nagib (6 days ago)
hi my smart team do stop bed add to me >> I`m ok bye >> I`m will see us soon or later ok bye
Trent Petersen (6 days ago)
Place ten military bases in every country around the world. Overthrow democracies and invade countries on fake WMD's. Watch your infrastructure and health care and middle class fade into nothing. Build walls as others build roads and bridges. Wage non-stop war.
Michael Rigdon (6 days ago)
I love your flat earth map you use on EVERYTHING Depicted on the flat earth map
BIGBADWOOD (7 days ago)
War is good business .... invest your son or daughter today !
360Cruzerman (7 days ago)
Peace has increased since America started policing the world. You are less likely to die from war then at ant other point in history. Thank you America.
Andrés Falcone (5 days ago)
More like peace increased since world powers developed nuclear arsenals.
M Lee (7 days ago)
This is one of the key reasons the US has poor infrastructure, no health care, decrepit roads, no high speed rail etc. Imperialism, in last 100 yrs the US has only had 16yrs where they were not in a war or creating a war.
Brendan Du (7 days ago)
100years later, earth is renamed to America
Cv Smith (7 days ago)
Of course it’s worth it, we must keep our projection of power.
hanief karim (7 days ago)
It's called forward deployment .
Edward Bernays (7 days ago)
So thats where your missing trillions is going ..... equivalent to stealing $65,000 per American citizen. You poor schmucks ...😂 https://youtu.be/J1tiGArOpZI https://youtu.be/MJ5K4lezE3E
Trevor Matthews (7 days ago)
Sea level rise possesses a greater threat to the US lives than its traditional enemies. This is fuelled by burning fossil fuels. It's time to take the changes seriously to save lives in the US.
The Watchful Hunter (7 days ago)
Other countries need to develop their own economic system that makes them immune from US sanctions.
Cowboy Lee (4 days ago)
You cant without leaving the global market, which isnt a good thing
GK TV max (7 days ago)
cyprus is closer to iraq and Syria and it is a very strategic bass used by the british it would be easier for the americans to mobilise there troops on that island or a island similar surely
thushan sylva (7 days ago)
Planes drones missiles and spies do da job globally!
sam brown (7 days ago)
Is this a non classified information? This is too much information and I don't think there's a need to know for that reason.
gianni bude (8 days ago)
Having bases short by is postive and negative. If russia would attact they could destroy most of americains power in europ in a first strike.
Joel John J (8 days ago)
Good Afternoon 😀
Nuaj (8 days ago)
hey bud, i dont know how much you should trust your sources because as far as I know there are no US military bases in Panama but your map says there are.
0tube0user (8 days ago)
They've been preparing for WW-3 since the ending of WW-2, it's logically insane. Nearly all hosting countries would rather the US leave but sanctions and the raining down of bombs is not an option.
Generalissimo X (8 days ago)
Yawn. Its about 800-900 known...so yeh there no need to watch this boring shit for 15 minutes.
Aaron Benns (8 days ago)
could be worse could be a country like north korea or iran with a worldwide presence usa is pretty friendly really
TheMarineGamer IGGHQ (8 days ago)
Strategy? More like blatant imperialism
TheMarineGamer IGGHQ (5 days ago)
@Tony Dean what the fuck are you on about you lunatic?
Tony Dean (5 days ago)
Oh of course.  Liberals are furious that the US military would work to the benefit of....the US.  But your point is understandable - you guys are still depressed over your side losing the Cold War.
Frank christ (5 days ago)
I thought it was Hurry up and wait.
P Davison (8 days ago)
It’s “our turn”. The Greeks ,Romans ,Spanish, British all had a turn too. The Chinese are next..... The US is rapidly squandering it’s Dollar Reserve system and the society is becoming decadent and rotten. It has less than 50 years on top.
Mike Oxbig (8 days ago)
Eghh nah,the usa still controls 80 percent of the worlds oil pretty much through the petro dollar so the world will still have to buy us debt to get oil,I don't see it ending anytime soon,any time opec country gets out of line the usa invades them
Nikita Spitsyn (9 days ago)
I bet my stupid goverment (Russia) haven't knew about that
Reggie Barboza (9 days ago)
Know what needs more publicity? Ya Booty
rahul raj (9 days ago)
5:00 damn..those big balls needed separate bags.
Hdye Hdhde (9 days ago)
camp lemmonie in ya-booty.
ayetrey (9 days ago)
Mannnnn! I loved living in the United Kingdom in the USAF, Korea, and Japan. GOOD TIMES.
phillyslasher (9 days ago)
Europe is at home cooking in the kitchen. Around 1937 A small fire starts. Europe: "Oh, it will put itself out". It's 1939 and the fire has spread into a raging inferno. Europe runs across the street: Knock knock "excuse me America, can I borrow your garden hose?" America: "not this shit again...I want it back" Eventually America walks across the street and helps Europe put out the fire. Afterward, Europe is left having to rebuild its home. America: "Hey it's not much but I can help you get back on your feet, I'll even help you install a sprinkler system it's no worry, I'm just glad you're okay. Just pay me back when you can." Europe: "haha America, my countertops are nicer than yours! and look at my new swimming pool! your house looks like shit. Fuck you." America: "You could have just said thank you. I didn't even get my garden hose back."
Bob Smith (9 days ago)
Total propaganda
B R (9 days ago)
3:45 why the predator-fintip painted with the german iron-cross?
Vaega Schmidt (9 days ago)
Stop giving out too much information about our military to the public. China Russia n North Korea don’t give out any information about their military, stupid people!!
Disbea FakeName (10 days ago)
Real property only includes owned facilities, not rented or leased land. You are using the wrong source.
walterbenford (10 days ago)
Also, a host nation doesn't need to build up their own military if thers's almost an entire Corps stationed there.
FacTor (7 days ago)
In the host nations that's called "resigning sovereignty"... in some cases that's also called "neo-colonialism"
Luis T. Puig (10 days ago)
One thing you omit is that US military bases are a large part of income for the locals... American military personnel get a regular paycheck every two weeks, and a lot of that money is spent on the local economy. When I was stationed in La Maddalena Italy, most of my friends and I spent a big bulk of our paychecks in the local restaurants and stores there, not to mentioned that I rented an Italian small house for the two years I was there. So bases have a positive impact economically on the local locations they are placed in...
Longhaul Brown (10 days ago)
So pretty much USA is the Batman of comics
Sheg (10 days ago)
Very well put together.
Gato Minino (10 days ago)
I knew it there was a place called your booty !!!
Bruva Michal (10 days ago)
freedom for everybody, as long as we have soldiers in other country
Gregory Rose III (10 days ago)
Make a video of all the foreign countries military bases surrounding the United States.
Stuff Summed Up (11 days ago)
So bases are used to project the US's power and threaten enemy nations? Is this terrorism?
QuakePhil (11 days ago)
Special tactics... Make expand and defence it
Take into account US bases have been around since WW2
digital nme (11 days ago)
Would be a shame if the world one day, all together, believed America to be an enemy of the world. I wonder, how would one pull off such a feat? With the right cards, it may be very well possible. Imagine how *fun* that would be.
TeamDATL Tae (9 days ago)
@digital nme ...
digital nme (9 days ago)
I wasn't really talking about isolationism, the opposite in fact - unity. Broken families may be easier to unite together in unconventional ways after they've been ripped apart by the same naughty boy. Guns and bullets are the modern weapons out on the field, though I believe cyberweapons which target a society's infrastructure and its information systems will be the most effective weapons of the future/present. Would be a *shame* if *American(Iranian) missile systems*, got somehow a *tiny bit confused* and targeted those *soldiers with lots of guns*(fucking innocent airline passengers on your national airline)? May be wrong but I don't think WW2 is analogous to today in terms of warfare, though some people still live in that era.
TeamDATL Tae (9 days ago)
It would definitly mean evil won. I do think 300 million real life shooters would make a difference but economics whew its why isolation in ww2 did not work we simply produce more than we consume.
David Zhabin (11 days ago)
I hope that world might one day live in peace. But that is not posible while the USA exists. Because America is the biggest terrorist in the world.
David Hager (11 days ago)
9:40, well it was Iran after all.
QuantumRift (11 days ago)
Gawd, you don't know what OPSEC is. By posting your video you make it much easier for bad actors....
Ga Me (11 days ago)
Metadiscorse __ (11 days ago)
Since when the hell does the US still use Willy's Jeeps?
Ignas (12 days ago)
usa is an empire
Jason Wrinkle (12 days ago)
Mat (12 days ago)
Nobody I know here in Germany actually sees the US as a benevolent empire. Most opinions I heard range from "global warmonger" to "criminals" or "liars", which I can strongly support :) .
Mat (9 days ago)
Oh, speaking about people who actually named the crimes of the US regime like Snowden, Manning, Assange? You know what happened to them and it proves exactly why you're wrong. The latter of the mentioned above is being tortured at the moment in Belmarsh Prison in the UK. You know, because Germans are quite good at recalling the dirty and evil deeds of our ancestors, we are are very aware of global warmongering and we deeply comndemn that.
TeamDATL Tae (9 days ago)
I mean... they did lose 2 world wars. I dont really think you can beat the bad guy out of Germany. A warmonger would not allow you to live and speak about it in such a way (as you may recall) let alone assist in your protection.
Mike Watson (12 days ago)
Obviously you dont know anything😂😂
Eli Wesley (12 days ago)
Ramstien has an ERAU??!!!! I wanna live there
Flux Capacitor (12 days ago)
The strategy is to live off of taxpayers to avoid capitalism.
B. H. (12 days ago)
28 us marines
Brandon Lee (12 days ago)
It's funny how they have like 2 dozen bases scattered around the suiz canal
Young Vices (10 days ago)
Looking for this comment.
gnosticnihilist (12 days ago)
Fear War with USA. Fear I say.
The Last Kunyit (12 days ago)
how battleship works?
George Minton (12 days ago)
You need to take this off of the internet. This is a security risk to the people who live and work out of those bases. Since Trump has stirred up the pot I think you might save a few lives if you would take this off. If you keep it online I will report it to the FBI as a security issue. I am asking nice.
Joe Langley (13 days ago)
Iran president: Write that down, write that down!
Aiwantobuild (1 day ago)
They won’t understand English...
Cowboy Lee (4 days ago)
*Iranian dictator
拿枪来,很多共产狗. (6 days ago)
i hope not, the damage caused by the US democrats here in the Far East has been irreversible.
Дмитрий Лебедев (8 days ago)
Anatoly Dyatlov I know, and you’ll come to find I’m beyond right.
Anatoly Dyatlov (8 days ago)
Дмитрий Лебедев We don’t know if Democrats will win in 2024 it depends on who the republican and Democrat runners are.