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Autopilot takes over, will this be the end of PILOTS?!

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Get the FREE app 📲https://www.mentourpilot.com/apps/ On the 18th of December an Airbus A350 did the first ever fully automatic takeoff in Toulouse. With the Airbus ATTOL program, the aircraft will soon be able to both taxi, takeoff and land automatically. Will this be the beginning of the end of the pilot occupation? In this video we will look a little bit closer at the different projects that Airbus has in store and what they will mean for the Pilot occupation. To access more videos like this and follow the Aviation NEWS from all over the world, make sure you have subscribed to the channel and downloaded the Mentour Aviation app! To Join my Patreon Crew and support the channel, use the link below! 👇 📲https://www.patreon.com/mentourpilot To see picyures from my life and work in the cockpit, follow me on Instagram using the link below! 👇 📲https://www.instagram.com/mentour_pilot For your avaiton news, quizzes and more, check out my website! 👇 📲 https://www.mentourpilot.com A huge "Thank you!" to all the featured channels in todays video. To watch the videos in their full awesome glory, use the links below 👇 Airbus (ATTOL Auto takeoff) https://youtu.be/9TIBeso4abU https://youtu.be/RxGsCOvVv80 ARIRANG NEWS (Ground collision) https://youtu.be/PEyDDJcp_fc Cargospotter (London Heathrow madness) https://youtu.be/fgHjVvqLXV8 Voler avec les Oiseaux (Flying with birds in V-shape) https://youtu.be/owiwCIhc0I0 Aviation Education (ILS description) https://youtu.be/80wt2rbeB10 Airbus Links https://www.airbus.com/innovation/future-technology/autonomy.html https://www.airbus.com/newsroom/press-releases/en/2020/01/airbus-demonstrates-first-fully-automatic-visionbased-takeoff.html
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Text Comments (1161)
Maxim Nikolaev (4 hours ago)
Airbus wants to repeat Boeing's mistakes. Good luck.
Dave Andriew Makinano (23 hours ago)
Humans are better than auto pilot Because humans have brains and heart so this should not end the occupation
James Cash (1 day ago)
@Mentour Pilot: What do you think of the emergency auto land (button) that can be engaged by passenger should pilot become incapacitated. Thanks, love your videos.
pihi42 (1 day ago)
Are you sure they aren't just using Tesla Autopilot?
Ria Angalini (1 day ago)
Ria Angalini (1 day ago)
And this we can call swed qualitat xexe
Ria Angalini (1 day ago)
Ouoooaaaoouu i see impro
Ria Angalini (1 day ago)
Art Houston (2 days ago)
Whenever this issue come up, I am reminded of the joke I heard years ago. Was it Rod Machado? Well, it goes like this: Lufthansa has a new program for automated flight, where the copilot has been replaced by a German Shepherd dog. The pilot's job is to feed the dog...and the dog's job is to bite the pilot if he touches anything.
christopher hennessey (3 days ago)
No not ever.
Trip G (3 days ago)
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stop these useless inovations!!!!
Astro Hawk (4 days ago)
Airbus Flight: I need a programmer instead of pilots Boeing Flight: I need a superman instead of pilots
Wai Kin Tang (4 days ago)
The end of Airlines.
Justice Moody (5 days ago)
It’s coming.. cars are self-driving, next will be buses, and then planes.
m3c43 (5 days ago)
Most crashes were due to pilot errors.
Munir Daair (5 days ago)
What measures are available or being developed to prevent hackers, ground based or even from within the aircraft from take over an aircraft en route. Hijacking is not just by physical action. I imagine virtual technology can be more effective and dangerous.
Chris M (6 days ago)
I wouldnt trust a car to drive by itself, let alone an AIRPLANE!
Wai Kin Tang (4 days ago)
If one single manned car doesn't run smoothly, what will happen ?
luis laurencio (6 days ago)
Damn, this really sucks for me, ill continue with the career while it last anyway, there is so many jobs going out that we can only enjoy while it last.
T33K3SS3LCH3N (6 days ago)
On the very long term (maybe a century) there will certainly be full automatisation. On the scale of a couple decades AI may replace the need for copilots. The catalyst for full automatisation will be system redundancy. If you can have multiple independent agents measuring and controlling the plane, the human interaction may be limited to a land based remote access in case the agents come to contradictory results. Edit: should have watched to the end, disruptive cockpit sounds just like it!
Appable (1 day ago)
Only works so well though. How do you program two agents to do the exact same actions in response to the same readings without introducing the potential for similar issues in the design of both? Even with entirely separate teams designing the software (which is done now for existing automation systems), there still needs to be one system specification – and what if that system specification has an edge case that's not accounted for?
sirius4k (6 days ago)
"him or her". How many female pilots are there in the industry? Captains, not co-pilots.
Dave Hammerton (6 days ago)
Boeing 737 max didnt need pilots. It crashed all by itself and ignored the pilots. So yeah. Don't know! If they are just passengers, fly Airbus!!
robert shaw (6 days ago)
Considering how these wonderful automated systems take over plans and drive them into the ground - and pilots are no longer trained to think and take over... Best we go back to fly by wire.
DRIVING Turtle (7 days ago)
Thanks but no thanks. Pilotless planes? Leave that to the military.
Shato Nyruami (6 days ago)
It´s funny how you always talk about how pilots are able to make decisions and are way better than computers, especially when you consider how much time and effort is put into the training of pilots to make them act exactly like computers. Face the truth, you are a computer, nobody wants a pilot to think out of the box, you are trained to act as predictable as possible, you are trained to act according to checklists in any given situation, no matter if normal procedure, abnormal procedure or emergency. You always act like a computer, so why the hell do you think a computer couldn´t do the same? The only reason there are still pilots is that their salary doesn't add much to the cost of a flight. We will nevertheless see single-pilot commercial aviation within the next 10 years and maybe even pilotless commercial aviation when we are getting closer to the ´50s. This will depend on the rate of driverless cars conquering the roads. As soon as the majority of cars are driverless and traffic accidents will drop to record lows every year after that, people will unavoidably ask the question if it still makes sense to let erroneous humans take over such a responsibility as flying a plane with 300+ souls aboard.
Weww Liff (8 days ago)
Hi! Why are the automatic subtitles for this video in Dutch?
jbar100 (8 days ago)
I always thought when self driving cars came along was goodbye to truck drivers and would be controlled like a UAV only each person would control 10 or 20 trucks. I expect somewhere down the road the same will be for all commercial airlines one day.
Ryan Lewer (8 days ago)
Hi Mentour! With technology being such a staple in aircraft, could these computers get hacked from malicious attacks?
Gilchrist Atchaoue (8 days ago)
Basically it will be more fun in the years to come, to learn how to fly. Ok i’ll wait :)
James Wheeler (11 days ago)
Are Computers going to pay taxes and food stamps?
Rudolf Huijs (12 days ago)
Lack of pilots then. Is there a program out there in which an airline partially (or fully) sponsors the flight school expenses for a future pilot who could be under contract and once graduated gets the job and pay monthly stallments to the airline? Sounds weird and crazy, but perhaps it is the best way of tackling down this pilot shortage for the next 10-15 years.
Eljan Rimsa (12 days ago)
How to prevent a lack of pilots? 1. Better pay. 2. Overhaul the strange self-sponsored training system. 3. Build an aircraft that can fly without a pilot. Which one will it be?
Weaknee Rose (13 days ago)
Also neither Airbus nor Boeing wanna be the first one to be the victim of none human piloted commercial aviation accident. Remote control pilot program is getting pretty popular but those are for agriculture not commercial transportation. If we do get fully AI control transportation system it will be for automotive before aviation.
Alberto Gomez (13 days ago)
You really believe this is not the beginning of the end of pilots? The current technology is not there yet, but it is establishing the base for fully self-piloted airplanes in the near future, especially with the upcoming 5G technology.
Ernest Huntley (13 days ago)
As a professional software engineer, I would never trust a completely software controlled vehicle. I've seen how the sausage is made... and it's not a process that would fill one with confidence 😁
Wai Kin Tang (4 days ago)
@Ernest You, guy only optimizedly look forward to the update version after accident.
Knut Ritter (13 days ago)
Likely not! If something goes wrong I as a passenger want to be sure that at least two people in the front keep fighting to the end. Computers in contrast don't fight...
DAC Dynasty (13 days ago)
I would be VERY concerned with formation flying commercial jets. Anyone recall the XB-70? Now imagine that happening with 4 or 5 747s. Not good. And its one of those things that takes one tragedy to end a practice, and I for one, am not willing to die just to prove THAT point. As far as tech, we are scrambling to look at the next high tech solution (because tech companies control so much). My company has a patent (a few actually) that would effectively end taxiway incursions, FOD, and other things. You may see it soon (unless it gets classified by a govt buyer lol)
Raymond Licon (13 days ago)
Stephanie (14 days ago)
WOAH WOAH WOAH woah, cannot have one person in the cockpit! that rule was changed rather recently that there has to be two people at all times in the cockpit because of that incident where the pilot went to the bathroom, and the copilot locked the pilot out and crashed the plane. NO WAY will I accept one pilot in the cockpit with a 'digital assistant'. (Unless it's you because you are cool and seem really kind and want to keep people safe)........ but no one else! The rule of two live people in the cockpit at all times still has to stay; you could ADD a digital assistant to the two people though for incidents where they become unconscious and actually need help though.
Jin Jin (14 days ago)
Sure sure that's what they tell you in the beginning. but eventually it will most likely fully automated due to AI. AI with quantum computing will be able to do everything more safely than humans
Ahmad Sayyed (15 days ago)
Amazing!! Airbus has really upgraded their game on its technological innovation!
Leonid Saykin (15 days ago)
But if the planes are going to do auto take offs. Where the fun in that?
Johnny Beretta (16 days ago)
The head of Ryanair dreams of operating pilotless aircraft. I think he's nutz !
sleeptyper (17 days ago)
Pilots capable to recover the aircraft from dangerous situations become pilots capable to just call MAYDAY MAYDAY. Any job, where manual skill is replaced with automation, loses all the professionals - without excercise their skills deteriorate over time.
Shafi k fasalulhaque (18 days ago)
It's possible to completely rely upon this kind of computer system to control the aircraft?? because I wonder things could happen like the disaster of 737 max which caused by the MCAS
AxemanTitan (18 days ago)
Couldn't the Lockheed L-1011 fly itself (including takeoff and landing)? That was back in the 70s, and it didn't obsolete pilots.
MasterBlaster110 (18 days ago)
Can you explain the V formation flying a bit more in detail? Aren't wake turbulences/wingtip vortices really dangerous for the airplanes flying behind?
Rui Craveiro (19 days ago)
Hi. Even though I am an aerial survey pilot, my other, longer, career has been as a software developer. I always justified to myself that my software wasn't meant to replace jobs, but to help professionals... until the day I had a very happy customer excited about the possibility the software I built for him opened to fire people and reduce costs to perform the same job. This is not specific to any one industry in particular. Computers are indeed replacing people all across the board. Aviation is just an example of a very wide trend. It might not be in 10, 20 or even 30 years, but there will be less pilots per flight hour than today, if not zero. At the very least I would expect for a very hard push towards single-pilot operations with an extra pilot on the ground monitoring several flights at one, just in case one of them goes wrong. The only reason to keep 2 pilots will be the exact same reason pilots wear uniforms nowadays, for passenger reassurance.
Johan M (19 days ago)
Remember that this has already been done to some degree when they replaced the flight engineer with automated systems a few decades ago. But what worries me with this is the value of having two sets of eyes in the cockpit that can make up for missed information etcetera. And I belive that many of the accidents in trains and busses are due to the lack of a copilot in those vehicles. With that said trains and busses are examples of comunication systems that works perfectly well with one "pilot" aboard even on quite long journeys and there is even examples of automated trains with no driver at all. Johan.
Maxio H (20 days ago)
Did he say joystick?
Henning Leo (20 days ago)
sorry but is Not a Joystick like you says on the video, it's a SIDESTICK.
Roy Corrales (20 days ago)
Absolutely makes sense... with so many workload, traffic all around, weather issues, etc. in fact is great that Airbus is considering those ideas to make the flying environment even safer for everybody.
Igor Loncar (20 days ago)
On one hand manufacturers making planes more and more autonomous, and now even giving it possibility to take off by its own but on the other hand leave all crucial decisions to pilots. In other words, they want to protect themselves from any responsibility if anything goes wrong. So I believe that pilots will always be there in the cockpit at least be prosecuted in case something goes wrong, from the manufacturers point of view. Maybe some day in the far future after generations of peoples get used to new technologies (artificial intelligence) and gradually forgot how it has been done in the past, old fashioned ways of flying and controlling planes, they won't bother about if there is someone in the cockpit or not. I prefer old fashioned, humane way. ;)
YeshuaAgapao (20 days ago)
I don't think automation will fully replace pilots, but will probably partially replace them, by enabling single-pilot flight decks.
6StringPassion (21 days ago)
Cockpit alarm: "whoop whoop terrain...pull up" .... Airbus: "I'm sorry Dave, I can''t let you do that"
Robin Sattahip (21 days ago)
A stupid idea, all computers have occasional hick-ups, on takeoff, there's zero time for a malfunction.
shi01 (16 days ago)
That's why there is redundancy.
Mohammad Sanaullah (21 days ago)
Why don't they make something more useful such as detachable cabin in case of emergency in mid air?
Average Joe (21 days ago)
Supposedly a modified PlayStation 4 will have sufficient computer power to fly the plane. Just a matter of wiring plane and console correctly on the dashboard of the cockpit
Jackie McKenzie (21 days ago)
Remind me of new cars that drive it self.
jay Vee (21 days ago)
I thinks this is good since it takes a bit of stress from the pilot but my dilemma is when the automation has a problem will the pilot be skillful enough to take over. It will still end up having the human pilot training the simulators from time to time.
Brendondotexe (21 days ago)
I don’t think pilots will be replaced, as in an emergency, robots won’t know what to do every time. Humans can use their brains and be creative about fixing it, but robots can only be programmed
RODS (21 days ago)
Can this Autopilot land in the Hudson?
Emil Shafii (21 days ago)
The most educational swenglish since Hans Rosling !
SPIROS 737 (21 days ago)
Computer : Minimums Computer : continue Pilot : Zzzzzzzzzzzz😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
Lankumar Patrik (21 days ago)
People finally will acnowledge that robots more presise, more reliable, never tired. This is our future. Cars, planes, trains, ships, all controls will be removed from human. To many mistakes people do.
Tyler (21 days ago)
This scares me; not only will people be completely terrified to trust a computer to operate an aircraft, especially after the 737 Max MCAS incident, but I am a student pilot and i’m not sure where this will leave me (along with other upcoming pilots). Flight school is expensive, and I want to make sure I’ll be able to payoff my debts with a well-paying, stable job.
Cliff (21 days ago)
Well there have been more accidents due to Pilot error then mechanical ones.
Halim Şahin (21 days ago)
Ryanair likes this.😃
Bas Finnis (22 days ago)
All wonderful but can you trust a computer to get you around weather? It has no fear of CBs :/
Nobilangelo Ceramalus (22 days ago)
3:17 Not tail-safe. A turkey-shoot.
B S (22 days ago)
To leave a plane completely automated with no humans for decision making in case of emergency would be foolish, I don't see pilot removing. Bet me I'd get on a plane that was fully automated, same reason I'll be looking at what equipment is being utilized for future flights after the 737 MAX gets approved to fly again. I don't fly on turbo props either.
Gman Boniet (22 days ago)
I want a human pilot or I’m not getting on a plane
Oscar (22 days ago)
getting rid of pilots will take at leat another 15 yrs ... so humans only live around 75 ... just plan around it? .... probably longer then 15 yrs.... all this technology is being funded by the very low interest rates ... without it it would be way too expensive.... the next crash will be worse then the 1930s so don;t worry .... the next economic crash will set us back significantly as humans....
BrantheBroken (22 days ago)
Cars can already track roads and obstacles with sensors and cameras. It's even more logical in the highly controlled confines of airports.
Fathi Nasri (23 days ago)
I think automatic take off is suitable use during low visibility condition.
coolhari2000 (23 days ago)
If we can have autonomous cars we can automate planes. (Yes I am pilot).
Piepsi Panic (23 days ago)
What's that giant church or castle @06:45 and where is it located?
Bob Joy (23 days ago)
visual ? rain night fog snow . i'll fly by gps anyday anywhere.
Alan Chen (23 days ago)
I love the subtitles for this video
aleksander suur (23 days ago)
While automation does not yet replace pilots it very much does replace pilot actions. That reduces value of flight hours as useful metric of pilot experience, watching a robot perform an action for thousand times is not after all the same thing as doing it yourself thousand times.
captain scoop (23 days ago)
I agree with captains point I am post graduate student in AI and passionate in becoming pilot I absolutely agree with captains point in which as enthusiasts saying it is impossible to replace humans by ai just additional feature added we can’t fully relay on computer as is simply stupid machine if in case of engine failure it can do but it is difficult to find the fully automated machine in aviation Example : B737 max incident I think this would happen for rotary aircraft which are emerging for air taxi etc..
Richard Zedman (23 days ago)
they will prob start flying planes in the future by remote control the pilots stay on the ground Just like they do now with those spy and killer drones 1 team of pilots could control a half dozen planes from the ground
ecclestonsangel (23 days ago)
Let me put it this way....if I get on an airplane, and I don't see a human pilot in the cockpit? I'm telling my minder to turn me around and wheel me right back off! I will NEVER fly on an airplane that doesn't have a human behind the wheel! Computers make mistakes and can also short out. They're fine for taking stress off the pilots and helping out but nothing can take the place of good old fashioned human ingenuity!
Pavlos Papageorgiou (23 days ago)
The way to tackle the lack of pilots is to regulate slots and airline alliances so that there's fewer planes flying connecting routes. For example instead of four airlines flying 20 flights a day from ORD to MSP make it only 5 flights a day on bigger planes and force airlines to take each other's connections like they did in the 70s.
Rampy (23 days ago)
Future career model....learn how to fly on a widebody jet, then graduate onto smaller GA aircraft as your skills develop.
Rampy (23 days ago)
2 crew long haul next.
Thanks for the info. Automation is good but trust me. The pilots will not be replaced soon.
Aman Ali (23 days ago)
I remember Jeremy Clarkson saying once that we know modern planes can do the majority of things on thier own however if you ask someone would they get on a plane without a pilot in it you will probably say no.
Jackson Wojahn-Parker (23 days ago)
Please may you change this or remember it for future videos. You might not know because you fly Boeing aircraft, but Airbus cockpits have sidesticks to control the aircraft. It is a common mistake but please remember it for future videos. Thanks
Jackson Wojahn-Parker (16 days ago)
And Fly-by-Wire
B. Kay (23 days ago)
But it's easier, no need to strugle with crosswinds, plus you will have lots of time to monitor instruments and overall safety
SOUTHWEST 7138 (23 days ago)
If that happens im never flying agen cus robots cant react in the right way in a emergency its a robot a real pilot will because there trained
Txx Lxx (23 days ago)
So, it is like an parking assistant for a car. By experience of those, I can say that they are not foolproof and that they make errors. I would not trust such a system to navigate airplanes. One wrong calculation and the plane might react doing something very bad. It would require some sort of backup systems or redundancy besides the visual camera.
Abdel- Anwar (23 days ago)
I got scared when I read the title I got scared I was thinking my career has ended. Me in my head: AIRBUS Y DO U EXIST!!
John Hodgson (23 days ago)
You have to bear in mind that things like Navigation databases and Airport moving maps are all created by Humans. I should know! Of course there are many checks in place to make sure information is correct however everything still needs to be monitored incase anything is wrong. You could say this whole way of doing things is quite outdated and until something brand new comes along, no full automatic planes yet.
麻枝大魔王 (23 days ago)
I think the problem of Autopilot is who has the liability. Airbus? Airline? Pilot?
eM (23 days ago)
Was that a 9/11 low-blow deployed at 3:30 ? lol
Jay Brooks (24 days ago)
No thanks.
pahom (24 days ago)
Tell us more about the cargo bay, do pilots enable heating of the cargo bay?
Jean Muhairwa (24 days ago)
Oh oh, the guys at Airbus seem smarter , how about lend a clue to the Boeing team.
Chris Bunch (24 days ago)
So, as Airbus goes forward, Boeing goes backwards.
Jeffrey Plum (24 days ago)
Actually , some of this technology is used in modern long haul trucks. My brother drives a big rig all over the country. His rig has a lane following system and anti-collision radar. It also has a smart automatic transmission. My brother now manages his rig more than being part of its drive train. He has more freedom to deal with weather conditions, traffic, and even wildlife. He has deal with very high winds and near zero zero visibility. Nor is His GPS good enough for instrument driving. His stories about Four wheeler drivers would support a check ride system and regular (re) training of many drivers. Both pilots and truck drivers are skilled professionals who need quality training .and a complete understanding of their complex jobs. Unfortunately , industry trends are treating these skilled people as low bid labor,, causing operator shortages in both professions. Both professions have your safety in their hands. They deserve respect.