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KENZO World - The new fragrance

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https://www.KENZO.com/kenzoworld KENZO World - The new perfume created by Carol Lim & Humberto Leon and KENZO Parfums. Discover the film directed by Spike Jonze starring Margaret Qualley with an original track by Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums feat. Assassin “Mutant Brain”. Listen on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/MutantBrain.sp #KENZOWORLD Written & Directed by: Spike Jonze “Margaret” played by Margaret Qualley Producers: Natalie Farrey and Vincent Landay for MJZ Executive Producers: Humberto Leon and Carol Lim Co-Producer: Amanda Adelson Director of Photography: Hoyte van Hoytema Production Designer: KK Barrett Editor: Eric Zumbrunnen Choreographer: Ryan Heffington Costume Designer: Heidi Bivens Song: Mutant Brain (feat. Assassin) by Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums
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Text Comments (11045)
F Days (2 hours ago)
Ad targets common people
Niko de La Faye (5 hours ago)
Itzel Torres (6 hours ago)
M. R. (8 hours ago)
deidjera (15 hours ago)
The power of Christ compels you!! The power of Christ compels you!! The power of Christ compels you!! The power of Christ compels you!!
dAb'Y'ANT (16 hours ago)
Когда идешь домой и понимаешь, что не задали домашки
Dilay Kildiran (18 hours ago)
when i heard that man who i love left his darling 😂
Aleks Schtirlitz (21 hours ago)
Шикарненько! Очуметь!
Berlize Van Rensburg (1 day ago)
Who came here because of Rhett and Link?
happ xd scuad (1 day ago)
De kkk
Самсунг Джей3 (1 day ago)
хорошее стильное стебалово!))
Rudolph Meyer (1 day ago)
Did not see that coming.... this is KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA CRAZY.... Love it!
Daniel Velez (2 days ago)
Fuck off, this is illuminatti mind control...wake up sheeple
Вячеслав Александрович (2 days ago)
У неё эпилепсия ?
Danielle 89 (2 days ago)
Isn't it isn't it isn't it... Delicate?
Cecília Topper S2 (2 days ago)
prefiro o da Taylor esse me deu foi medo
蔚藍的天空 (2 days ago)
Mady Loco (2 days ago)
What that?????!!!!!!!
nash snail (2 days ago)
This is me when im alone
BİLGE Khrmn (2 days ago)
Yapmak isteyipte yapamadığım şeylerde bugün 😂😂😂
LoneWolfGamer (3 days ago)
Aphex R (3 days ago)
ok the begining wtf
Carolyn Cohen (3 days ago)
is no one going to talk about how she ran up all those stairs in heels? incredible.
David Van-campfort (3 days ago)
Pitoyable désespérant complètement nul...
Krasimir Rangelov (4 days ago)
Something like after ending the whole semester!
sunny blue (4 days ago)
The Kenzo ad....this girl is moving around like she is possessed.... TAYLOR SWIFT is just dancing goofy like she always does, and can always be funny....this is all TAYLOR. (sorry but, she is unique!
Robin Raine (4 days ago)
This looks so lazy, perfect for this generatio, they don't deserve any better.
cris avila (4 days ago)
jajaj que video tan raro
pacha mama (4 days ago)
démoniaque total! pas de censure pour cette merde?!?!?!
pacha mama (3 days ago)
reste un esclave et surtout ne t'occupes pas des signes caché!!!!!!
Kevin Martin (3 days ago)
C est toi la merde, j adore cette pub
Sarah Clifton (4 days ago)
2:10 who the freak is the man in the background .?
mîñ æ (4 days ago)
Check out my new fragrance. Fragrance of choice.
Александр П. (4 days ago)
Типичный пример действия бутирата...
Tony Montana (4 days ago)
Kenzo drugs👌🏻👍🏻😂
Martín Adolfo de la Peña (5 days ago)
Qué publicidad tan mala.
Uncle Mush (5 days ago)
залупа полная, не интересно ничего.не смотрите.
Beauty Raie (5 days ago)
I wish to push the pressure away from myself with this way of dancing....
ass hole (5 days ago)
菅原孝標女 (5 days ago)
Marc Pons (5 days ago)
wife material
Taylor Valerio (6 days ago)
I had this song as my ringtone and my phone wasnt off and it start playing and everyone was like who phone was that
Kyleigh Webster (6 days ago)
Is she high
DarthGamer YT (6 days ago)
@flashdance Vigo/Galicia/Spain
Alix Alix (6 days ago)
Brillant brillant brillant
lost cloud (6 days ago)
lately i been seeing alot of influnce from maddie that little girl that dances on sias music videos
Wahomi La Chida (6 days ago)
Suficiente internet por hoy
Jessica Martin (6 days ago)
Jessica Martin (6 days ago)
Lord ZEON (6 days ago)
Заключение: шизофрения.
Денис Антонов (6 days ago)
Клип дебильный песня крутая
Medvejonok Olympic (6 days ago)
Что ха хуйню я сейчас посмотрел и почему это у меня в рекомендованных? А от чего тёлку так крючило?
Eric Wright (6 days ago)
I mean, how couldn't you love this?
Zimbabwe Sickest (7 days ago)
I came here because of Taylor
suzuki no1 (7 days ago)
One way to de-stress.....
León Lamelas (7 days ago)
Jaime de Espana (7 days ago)
She is so HOT in this video. Plus, this the original before being PLAGIARIZED by Taylor Swift!!!
Kayla B (7 days ago)
tf did i just watch
Анна Костенко (7 days ago)
What’s Up Wednesday (7 days ago)
Stark333 (7 days ago)
What’s Up Wednesday where's the camera
Arnar Pétur (7 days ago)
2:38 When i sit down in front of my computer.
White Sonne (7 days ago)
we want black power
White Sonne (5 days ago)
this is black music
Stark333 (7 days ago)
White Sonne what is this
Wolf Night (7 days ago)
Lori Howle (7 days ago)
Spontaneously authentic.....WONDERFUL AND RISKY
Dies und das (8 days ago)
1:12 20cm
OBIJECT (8 days ago)
rakaka or ragaga
Stacie Anderson (8 days ago)
love it... great to see a woman take off about 500 masks and be closer to authentic. Makes me want to actually smell this perfume.
Yummy marshmallow potato (8 days ago)
The winner of crazy dacing is awarded to... THAT CRAZY DANCER THAT IS SUPER HARMFULL *nobody claps*
Roshan Lal (8 days ago)
zafar safarov (9 days ago)
so magical
Farah Moh (9 days ago)
❤❤❤❤ ❤ 1:02 ❤ ❤❤❤❤
Diesiel King (9 days ago)
oh is this a commercial im confused now
Diesiel King (9 days ago)
is that the girl from the wardrobe and the lion thing
Illuminati confirm
Kouga (9 days ago)
Youtube autoplay, stop giving me trash!
Janelle Swift (9 days ago)
What the hell is this… I only watched this cause apparently Taylor Swift copied this… and she totally did not
babiipooh24 (9 days ago)
Soooo, am I the only one creeped out by the ending?? I guess so... lol ehhh
Eugène truc (9 days ago)
On demande un exorciste de toute urgence.
Axel Gabriel (9 days ago)
Wtf ¿Qué le habrán dicho a la mujer para hacer eso ._.
Elika Ry (9 days ago)
Taylor copied this moves in delicate
Heavyoak (9 days ago)
was kinda expecting this to be by fatboy slim.
mymelody3000 (10 days ago)
This owns my love...
Manglethefox 101 (10 days ago)
Omg phycopath alert
May Destino (10 days ago)
sebastian sebastian (10 days ago)
Просто Xanyan :3 (10 days ago)
Вам бы клипы делать :)
REFLLY BEll (11 days ago)
? нарко....? кольрова гамма супер, у мене костюм такий є
B OMG (11 days ago)
Sia, are you? XD
Кэтч с: (11 days ago)
Rafi Germanized (11 days ago)
Beggar Beggar (11 days ago)
It's like Maddie Zieglers dancing, ...only not good.
vic rattlehead (11 days ago)
Walken did it better.
ForNoReason (11 days ago)
I feel like this video deserves a better song
Alzo Scott (11 days ago)
human origins /
Elsa McBong (11 days ago)
Where will you be when acid hits in ? :D
CanaryCaia (11 days ago)
Much meth?
Nassima Metchat (11 days ago)
Jdrrr sa robe
what am i (12 days ago)
What is the song
IamGrundy JLK (12 days ago)
.... what was that
Isi Duk (12 days ago)
faut arrêter la drogue les gars !!
Reda Basri (12 days ago)
Christopher Walken can't handle his daughter
fake fake (12 days ago)
Is that Jennifer Lopez sitting beside her in the beginning?