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KENZO World - The new fragrance

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https://www.KENZO.com/kenzoworld KENZO World - The new perfume created by Carol Lim & Humberto Leon and KENZO Parfums. Discover the film directed by Spike Jonze starring Margaret Qualley with an original track by Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums feat. Assassin “Mutant Brain”. Listen on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/MutantBrain.sp #KENZOWORLD Written & Directed by: Spike Jonze “Margaret” played by Margaret Qualley Producers: Natalie Farrey and Vincent Landay for MJZ Executive Producers: Humberto Leon and Carol Lim Co-Producer: Amanda Adelson Director of Photography: Hoyte van Hoytema Production Designer: KK Barrett Editor: Eric Zumbrunnen Choreographer: Ryan Heffington Costume Designer: Heidi Bivens Song: Mutant Brain (feat. Assassin) by Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums
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Text Comments (3667)
Jr Crawford (1 day ago)
That's Michelle with propaganda
Bradhp11 (1 day ago)
Me: h- Girl that has “if u can’t handle me at my worst then u don’t deserve me at my best” in her bio:
j78987 (1 day ago)
Impressive dancing and physical skills, ugly dress, bad color grading, good special effects, bad lighting, weak narrative.
Chelsea Berry (1 day ago)
When Macdonalds has 24 nuggets for $10 special on.
demigodnz (1 day ago)
Stupid fuckin ad
Sam G (1 day ago)
why is everyone talking about Satan in the comments? I dont get it...
Витий Мк (1 day ago)
Wow! That was something!
setphaser (2 days ago)
I can't believe it! A perfume ad I like! Did you fire all the men in the ad agency?
Hrithik George (2 days ago)
This was actually a parody edit of a Paranormal Audition.
gillyssquashball (2 days ago)
Is this the new scent for spastics on meth?
Sam G (2 days ago)
Andrea B. (2 days ago)
Ich glaube, so will ich nicht riechen....
Maxine Mars (2 days ago)
If more Youtube adds were like this one, I'd wanna watch more youtube adds. So creative, LOVE IT
kenzo juanites (2 days ago)
hey i am kenzo
papist77 (3 days ago)
what is the lyrics?
Fabienne Charles (3 days ago)
Владислав Цезарь (3 days ago)
Видео как русское не отличить ставлю пять
Almandite (3 days ago)
Me when schools out.
J Kalimergo (4 days ago)
Illuminati's shit, baphomet pyramid eye and mk ultra monarch mind control with pedophilia, raped , cannibalism. Boycott this crap ! Une merde des Illuminati qui venerent le diable, la pedophilie, le viol, le cannibalisme, le controle de l'esprit. A boycotter. Kenzo vous êtes des sous-merdes.
lxXCoolguyXxl YT (4 days ago)
1:55 im still looking for the camerat at the mirror reflected but no use 😀😀😀😀
Darknessday102 (5 days ago)
Alain' TaTaTin (5 days ago)
La drogue est dangereuse pour la santé. En voici la preuve
Amoramore7 (5 days ago)
Can anyone explain me why she cries??
Joshua Fay (5 days ago)
44 QuirkyGamer 44 (5 days ago)
This is a perfume ad!
NeverSayNoToPata (6 days ago)
Christopher Walken did it better.
Зубик 666 (6 days ago)
Ach GRIMONPREZ (6 days ago)
I did she got upstairs with heels so fast ?
Jr Crawford (7 days ago)
Ugly whore
Jr Crawford (7 days ago)
The cuban hooker who arrived here on a boat and is the daughter of a gay prostitute who died of AIDS
РОСТЯН (7 days ago)
Ну Нихyево )) XYЛИ ))
mumsbread (7 days ago)
I don't get these perfume ads. Reminded me of sia chandelier
Alistair Steele (8 days ago)
Beautiful performance and production
mc dank boyzzz (8 days ago)
the fuck
ViZii (9 days ago)
what i what
Asael Faviãn (9 days ago)
I L L U M I N A T I, hell! someone has to be idiot for not seeing all the satanic/illuminati propaganda in this video.
Saina Byamba (9 days ago)
Tinkerbell madness 😂
Cosmic Centurion Deathvoid Entropic Darkswarm Abyss Meteor Suplex Firefist Twerk Team Wolfpack (9 days ago)
0:23 _"Barbara that wasn't coke. __#Brb__"_
Daniel Howells (9 days ago)
For those that need to know this is Mutant Brain by Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums :)
Daniel Howells (9 days ago)
Just noticed it says it up there DOH!
bill ebinson (9 days ago)
Rose Fitzgerald (10 days ago)
So this is what happens when you snort too much perfume 😂😂
Ankaboot (10 days ago)
i still dont get whats the ad about
Georgina Ode (10 days ago)
I'm strangely turned on.. probs just because she's hot af
Eric Latil (10 days ago)
Who is her pusher? I want the same drug XD
Richard Gonzales (11 days ago)
lol satan
Jack Savage (11 days ago)
Spike Jonze needs to make more stuff. Holy fuck me.
Mia Green (11 days ago)
OMG she should be in a horror movie like the demon that would freak everyone out!!
Ignacio Arfeli (12 days ago)
100% Mk Ultra propaganda
QUISHA MUSIQ CAN (12 days ago)
I knew I wasn't the only one who walked and danced around like that! WOOOHOO!
Mak Lau ═.) (12 days ago)
I want her drugs.
Mak Lau ═.) (12 days ago)
What is that?
Becca Cuisia (12 days ago)
This girl is fucking amazing
Frostbite (12 days ago)
She looks so much like Isabelle Adjani in Possession
Virna M. Fonseca (13 days ago)
This video is really scary and the bottle... Illuminati, with that only great eye!! 😲 I remember flower the Kenzo, so soft and kind....
Rocxstar Bandboy (13 days ago)
motherfucking its awesome kenzo & team & the casting girl, jealous bitches sluts charlottexxx fuck your💋 assholes on fire 💥 damnpussyassholeovaginalbullshittt
elif (13 days ago)
looks like sia's clips
Ibby W (14 days ago)
Flovera (15 days ago)
Please don't tell me this woman is on drugs
Manuel Medrano (15 days ago)
Me Encanta! Jajaja
DVSN (15 days ago)
Reminds me of Massive Attack - Voodoo in My Blood video
Jeremy Scott (15 days ago)
I recognize this charming smile...
Jeremy Scott (15 days ago)
It made me wanna buy this fragrance
Jeremy Scott (15 days ago)
I somehow fell in love with Margaret after this. And the song is on replay.
Maxim Paseka (15 days ago)
Реклама не соответствует аромату духов. Видеоролик смотреть второй раз не хочется,кривляние и музыка больше подходит рекламе кокаина.Режиссерской работы не видно.Одна банальность.
Dadė Fifi (16 days ago)
Looks like Sia's style ! No ?
RusiTonkkari77 (16 days ago)
Louis CK kept the speech.
thevanishingflame (17 days ago)
I Don't Know? But I think it was awesome
How this is a demonic possession. I don't know how?
Hiếu Minh (18 days ago)
Music ?
MB (19 days ago)
What a horrible video! Waste of money and lack of performance. The director chose the wrong actress.
l l (20 days ago)
my local bum behaves the same way when he's tripping on bath salts.... They should film him for part two
Ilana Yegay (21 days ago)
She's got real talent 😍
Kasia Brokul (23 days ago)
she doesn have heels all the time:)
acme64 (23 days ago)
i broke an ankle watching this
최하니 (24 days ago)
Maksalina Kanhaeva (25 days ago)
ну и адриналин разыгрался
Fnaf Maker (25 days ago)
Fnaf Maker (25 days ago)
M.C. S (26 days ago)
the best fucking commercial I have ever seen. no kidding. Volkswagen commercials tend to be very very good (tremendously funny actually) but his one is by the far the most mind blowing commercial I've ever seen, especially for a perfume. LIT as F.
I finally found this yey I love this a lot no words. Omg omg.
john smith (27 days ago)
Still Christopher Walken in fatboy slim-weapon of choice won!! this is just a cheap copy
Camille21 (28 days ago)
Very confused reactions over this ad! But I think the main point of this is to give the feminine perfume an image of a woman who is not afraid of being ugly or look like a freak... This is taking feminism a little bit further than what we are used to. Kenzo here is confronting the beauty standard in a way that any beauty brand has never did before. That is probably why this is a controversial ad in my point of view! Anyway sorry for the grammary mistakes, great ad! :p
Mbari Hogun (1 month ago)
Awesome Indeed ~
張智傑 (1 month ago)
Across the eye was amazing
Lapetiterobe noire (1 month ago)
I love this so much ✨♥️
Jad Sneij (1 month ago)
If this isn't me
DeMat (1 month ago)
I will never buy this perfume, but I'm glad this video exists
Jessica de Barrera (1 month ago)
OMG! I dont like, iluminnaties of devil. Your sick sick sick... Dios tenga misericordia de ustedes pues su dios el diablo no podrá jamás salvarlos.
pindaenbeer (1 month ago)
lol i love this. its fucking wild and unconventional, usually perfume commercials are women rolling around in rose petals or seducing some guy in a suit w sexy french whispering in the background. i love how they took an entirely different approach, not to mention how it seems to promote how the perfume makes YOU feel rather than how you will be perceived.
DungeonStudio (1 month ago)
Holy smokes! Quite the dancer! Quite the video! But please Spike - make another movie soon!
Pavel (1 month ago)
It's not particularly silly, is it? I mean, the right leg isn't silly at all and the left leg merely does a forward aerial half turn every alternate step.
Amelia Bee (1 month ago)
Oh god I just spit out my tea XD
savicast (1 month ago)
me and my girl meet with this video. men and her still watch this video.
Indominus375 YT (1 month ago)
....... wtf did I just witness
Ingra Grasiela (1 month ago)
Ela tá possuída?
Sae095 (1 month ago)
ahh all this "demonic" and "you're evil" stuff here makes me want to wear it even more. :') Smells amazing guys. Great perfume, bought it recently.
Sae095 (1 month ago)
fruity and floral for sure! slightly sweet but not too much. Love it for summertime
Amelia Bee (1 month ago)
Oooo really? That's awesome! How would you describe it? Is it floral, fruity, musky, etc?
Rolling Charity Boy (1 month ago)
W00000W!! This is totally insane. Her performance is quite impressive and remarkable.
locolama (1 month ago)
"Weapon of Choice" was strange and at the same time had a unique charm, this is just weird for weirdness sake and fucking awful. What were they thinking?
lucas dance (1 month ago)
Trop bien faite la pub j ai le parfum il sent trop trop bon elle danse trop bien et moi aussi je sais fair la rou à une main je vous adore kenzo j attend le prochain parfum 💋
Кирилл Макаров (1 month ago)
alexander ierecumi (1 month ago)
дезодорант не основе героина.