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J Tech Big Truck Amusement Park

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90 degree alley dock
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karondi bolden (18 days ago)
Where do u get those remote control tractor trailer toys from??? I've been looking for them.
Nav Sharma (1 month ago)
Where can I buy one of those trucks remote control
Junkz (2 months ago)
This driver talk shit
TMichelle Brown (4 months ago)
Now everything is starting 2 make sense 2 me now. Did the alley dock the other day and failed, but now I have a better understanding....thanks so much
Nicole Luchinger (5 months ago)
Do you guys have an vid with the real truck tho? We’re the trailer tires should stay when is time to make the hard left to pu the trailer in the box?
Artof Shine (6 months ago)
He cant even back a toy truck without 100 pull up...lol take ur student drivers to the yard please maybe u can do better there lol
Darrell Jones (7 months ago)
Adrian Arias (7 months ago)
That’s a fail in the dmv!!! Lmao
CJ BTWatmr_gooble (9 months ago)
Raven Plowden (10 months ago)
When doing the first hard right do I stop at the middle of the landing gear or the second foot leg of the landing gear
MrMister L (8 months ago)
Passenger side landing gear leg on a 53' trailer, earlier on shorter trailers
Samuel Aavila (10 months ago)
where can i get an rc truck and trailer like that
Gurpreet singh (1 year ago)
How many times we can pull when we do 90 degree alley dock ????
Phổ Quang (8 months ago)
Gurpreet singh at California If u didn’t used any pull ups for two first skills so you have 10 left With 2 free 8 left the minus the points
Josh Cannada (10 months ago)
Gurpreet singh 2 pull ups
Sekou B. Kamara (1 year ago)
I love the video tanx