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How does Amazon Prime Now deliver packages in under two hours?

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Amazon's Prime Now service offers 1-2 hour delivery of items ordered from their website in select cities. They will be delivering last-minute holiday packages up until midnight of Christmas Eve for holiday shopping procrastinators. Watch as GeekWire's Monica Nickelsburg tracks her order from the app to her doorstep from one of the Amazon Prime Now hubs in Seattle.
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Text Comments (111)
sahlool (8 hours ago)
And thats how retail market crashed
GoodNews777 (11 hours ago)
Lori Richter is a hottie
Jonathan Brinkenfalk (18 hours ago)
0:52 Did he just accidentally scan a random object in another shelf?
Unboxing Deutschland (22 hours ago)
Tolles Video gefällt uns, echt top 💪 Schon bei uns vorbeigeschaut? wäre klasse. Like hast du aufjedenfall 😎
Danny Badillo (4 days ago)
Best job for around Christmas time and always hiring ladies and gentlemen.
Hashterix (5 days ago)
They just leave your stuff on your doorstep in America?? That is the stupidest thing I've ever seen.
Jimmy Moonshine (7 days ago)
Do you mean...and that's how a lot of package thieves are going to get a lot of holiday gifts. OH LOOK, a bag that show's headphones, laptop, camera, and bacon on it...really smart amazon prime. There is way too much advertisement on that bag to be considered safe to leave on someone's porch. Even billionaires struggle to have common sense nowadays, smh!
Grungiestbeast (1 day ago)
alot of the times i get requests to leave them, otherwise i bring it back
damarlboromans (7 days ago)
lmfao ahahahahahaha this is such bull shit
OG REAPER (9 days ago)
Damn let the pickers do there job
0timus (11 days ago)
Those eye brows dou
90210sky (13 days ago)
Lori rocks!
* * (14 days ago)
Holy fuck... Did La Croix pay for this??? They said it like 15 times
Monis Irfan (14 days ago)
She really loves La Croix...
georg bonil (16 days ago)
Fuck amazon! the things they sell are mostly chinese crap.
Steriteo (16 days ago)
3:39 clear phone number leak
Nice Trade (16 days ago)
Amazon sucks !.. pay there Prime subscription or wait 2 - 3 weeks for your order, freakin ridiculous
Elver Galarga (18 days ago)
so dangerous
Fatima Garcia (18 days ago)
Omg I order one and I didn't get it in the day it said
LP (19 days ago)
I wonder where they store the dildos?
Jeevan Nachiappan (20 days ago)
Brought to yo by La Croix
Colton Blumhagen (23 days ago)
So they just leave it on the porch of your apartment? Not very secure.
Zeuxain (24 days ago)
They fucking don’t
redrobiin (24 days ago)
What happened to the Amazon drones?
Bob Joeie (25 days ago)
Prime Now isn't in my area yet :(
kaylumdorking (25 days ago)
Can I have a acme thu
JeevesReturns (26 days ago)
Monica is oddly attractive.
ClassicSynthesizer (30 days ago)
Why do you have to smile and giggle over the stupidest things instead of talking more about substance? If it was original or funny there would be reason to.
Justin (1 month ago)
Who orders food from amazon? why would you wait for granola bars, when you can go to the store and get it in 10 minutes
Conical (5 days ago)
cuz i'm busy gaming at my computer
Just Some Guy (19 days ago)
Maybe you're too lazy to go to the store and can wait an hour.
gaiachaos2000 (28 days ago)
Elderly and disabled, dude. *facepalms*
Bridget M (1 month ago)
It does NOT cost 7.99 for hour delivery! The cheapest I got charged was 25.00 + a tip.
Noe Berengena (1 month ago)
Ice cream emergencies? People have become very lazy and self-important to expect so much convenience and immediate gratification.
Noe Berengena (23 hours ago)
+Grungiestbeast -- you never know... that could have been stuff that MacGyver (or MacGruber) needed to fend off an invasion of gun-toting cobras! Thanks for that -- hard to get that image of those two silly items out of my head.
Grungiestbeast (1 day ago)
you'd be surprised, im an amazon delivery driver and a few months ago there was this package that wasn't sealed properly had its contents fall out and on the ground i saw a pack of trident gum and 1 stick of axe deodorant.
Adan Vallejo (1 month ago)
Drink every time she mentions lacroix
'Jesse Zuniga (1 month ago)
Well i guess everyine wanfs la croix with all their orders
daniel brockman (1 month ago)
The job fuckin blows!!!!!
123456 not (1 month ago)
Better than Santa's delivey system
bluedasher74 (1 month ago)
Holy shit, those eyebrows!!!!! She should've ordered some tweezers for herself.
PrincepsComitatus (1 month ago)
Amazon is just taking over the world.
John Doe (20 days ago)
Amazon is the modern day Sears Catalog.
Joe Almoni (1 month ago)
The future is now!
Pacman GamerPro (2 months ago)
abuka ahmed (2 months ago)
haw to be amazon inbound stow can your tel that pleas
Ka Gala (2 months ago)
Oh, really? I placed an order via Amazon Prime to deliver to PR - this is AFTER the hurricane, after over a week that it happened. They take almost a month to deliver it, then don't deliver to the address when it finally arrives while forgetting to leave a slip in the mailbox so that we can at least know the box is there, then manage to return the box back to Kentucky in 2 days. 1 month to deliver, 2 to return with no notification. My father would have picked it up wherever needed, had he been INFORMED the box had arrived and was simply undeliverable to his exact location. They have this, drones & all types of supposed great service, but can't deliver a simple box in an area that needs it. Nice to know.
Angel Perez (2 months ago)
how do you return the package on amazon prime now???
rollover36 (2 months ago)
using the app, contact them
Mr. Zero (2 months ago)
I was ordering a lot from Prime Now when I was back at school in LA. It was pretty dope and the prices were as good if not better than all the grocery options around me. Only thing not delivered was meat, seafood, and produce. But I did order Ben and Jerry's ice cream and gelato. I didn't have to wait in shitty lines or go out of my apartment and risk an accident or become victim of a terrorist attack. I wished I ordered some La Croix.
P L (4 months ago)
What kind of transportation was used to get the order to your place? Would have loved to see that in the video too.
Ivan Kay (4 months ago)
Okay, hold up. When they were showing the dude scanning stuff - there was Pabst Blue Ribbon on the shelf. Which brings up the most important question... where do I need to move to in order to have beer delivered to me within two hours?
L4D Noob Tube (1 month ago)
Ivan Kay lol
Nuwn (4 months ago)
Why is she obsessed with La Croix?
n00b ClipZ (16 days ago)
It’s delicious...that’s why
Ivan Kay (4 months ago)
Probably because it was the easiest thing on the shelf to reference to when asked questions on the spot.
Jay Mata (4 months ago)
I really want some La Croix all of a sudden . . . .
vikings844 (5 months ago)
Really, left outside an appt building!!!!! Very dumb and won't work! A crack heads dream
don't bink (5 months ago)
2hr delivery... Lol not in rural Nebraska.
IanSucks (1 month ago)
I can't order flesh light tho
No No (3 months ago)
Cs go giveaway Guy yeah I believe it's only in the states.
Cs go giveaway Guy (3 months ago)
Not in the 4th largest city in north america.... Toronto
NEPTUNE SILVER (5 months ago)
I never had a 2-hour Delivery I have Amazon Prime 1 week Delivery
Russ Aman (26 days ago)
NEPTUNE SILVER lol lucky you i have amazon prime 10 days free shipping. sometimes i wonder where my stuff are coming from shit i live like 5 mins from the fulfillment center. maybe my packages are sent from a fulfillment center from a different planet that’s why it takes 10days to nearly a month to receive my stuff. when it arrives it’s delivered to a wrong address so i call for a refund and they say do you mind waiting 1 more day and see if it arrives. shit i’ve been waiting for at least 10 days
Toxic Rainbow (6 months ago)
I heard they where gonna build an amazon store in Houston
Mountain Man (6 months ago)
They are going to make huge margins on Xmas. 2 hours delivery on xmas eve.. Inflate the price and bingo!
Daniel Ahlert (6 months ago)
Robots don't buy cars. you tube
Terp (6 months ago)
How much for the Amazon lady and can she be here within the hour, too?
Me_2 (5 months ago)
350/hr... services include Full GFE, BBBJ, CIM, COF, CFS, and Greek!!
Edwardo Hambel (6 months ago)
This may be nice if you're in Seattle, San Francisco, NY, etc., but is this relevant for smaller communities or rural areas?
COLD ARMY 29 (13 days ago)
Edwardo Hambel nope . That's why I call bullshit. Plus if people notice , she lives in same area the facility at lmao. Of course they can deliver in under a hour to her .
Hal AAA (7 months ago)
Damn, Lori looks so good. Her voice sounds so sexy too. I hope she's single lol
vikings844 (5 months ago)
Hal AAA keep it in your pants ya horney jack hole
hb (9 months ago)
Lori is a babe 😍
ZaynxZapz Vz (6 days ago)
What’s her Instagram ?
rjonzen34 (9 months ago)
1:15 I would gladly go down and grab it! -Trump
GLADYMAR Rodriguez (10 months ago)
so, you don't tip? Hmm... feels weird
L4D Noob Tube (1 month ago)
GLADYMAR Rodriguez yes you tip automatically at check out. The tip is generated to $5 but you can go in and manually set the amount you desire.
Jay Mata (4 months ago)
I feel kinda bad that I've never thought about tipping my delivery guy :/ . . . feels bad man
TigerShark (11 months ago)
Asami Kobayashi (4 months ago)
Like what?
guscles25 (11 months ago)
wait they delivered your items to some sort of apartment/company building and just left the bags outside???? This is not cool... someone will definitely steal these from the front.... you'll have to be literally waiting for them outside.
poker108 (8 months ago)
guscles25 I deliver for amazon . we aren't allowed to leave the packages in the front of apartments like that specially wit alot of traffic facing the road. u either drop them off at the leasing office or find a place to hide it.if no safe place or any1 to accept the packages then u gotta drive it back to the warehouse which is a bitch .
k (11 months ago)
All was staged. There is no way they actually left it there.
xrustynailsx (11 months ago)
4:53 What's to stop people from just grabbing those bags?
fd11fd33fd99 (1 year ago)
at 0:20 I wish she told me that. Thanks for coming....
Shatter Dreamz (10 months ago)
I wanna see Lori's....La Croix.
atlladyleo1 (1 year ago)
no mention of the tip that's added to the bill...
Lucy Celestial (1 year ago)
Did anyone else notice her phone number clearly visible? lol
Al Barleta (10 days ago)
AJ's Vids (11 days ago)
daniel brockman (1 month ago)
Kennedy Paige hmmmm no
Teddy Bass (1 month ago)
Whatts app it
Michael Bey (1 month ago)
I called, she asked if I was the delivery person
Linda (1 year ago)
This video brought to you by La Croix...
Spork Sabre (7 days ago)
same here
DA POTATO (11 days ago)
* * (14 days ago)
Seriously... I scrolled down to comment the same thing.... DafuQ?
Michael Carson (24 days ago)
exactly.. lol
Konrad Schneider (2 months ago)
La Croix was mentioned/seen 6 times during this 5 minute video...
ArtisannasitrA (1 year ago)
This is all fun and games UNTIL the business model takes off. As soon as it takes off ROBOTS will fulfill all orders including DRONE delivery. This means we will put how many thousands of people out of a job?
Russ Aman (26 days ago)
Elliot Dekota can’t wait to shoot down some drone that fly into my airspace
Elliot Dekota (10 months ago)
drone delivery? lol that's not going to happen.
djmaster1995 (11 months ago)
Haha, what a contrast. You are afraid they are losing the jobs but you say they are miserable working at Amazon. Which one do you want? Obviously if a machine can do your job at this point, you probably wont like the job.
poker108 (1 year ago)
ArtisannasitrA it's already happening.the workers seem so miserable at amazon