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Featuring: W.T. Grants Lakewood Penncrest 100 The Dominion! Lakewood P-48 Unknown Top of the Line Lakewood Eskimo Lau Ultra Twenty Tatung 1929 Emerson 1st Generation Avocado Lakewood Toastmaster Avocado Bradford Lakewood 223 Marvin W.T. Grant Lakewood K-223 Lakewood Windsor P-23
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Text Comments (40)
Buster Spencer (2 months ago)
No is not is a fan
Andrew Fournaris (3 months ago)
You have some of the fan's that I have and some of the fan's that I wish I could get!
The Elevator World (4 months ago)
Who's grey car was in the beginning? Was that Spats' old Gallant?
The Elevator World (4 months ago)
That's what I thought
Spats Bear (4 months ago)
TΩwmaX (1 year ago)
0:22 Cute!!
Derek Obidowski (2 years ago)
in the end the meter disc spining faster the result of to many old fans with shaded pole motors since now our meters have been replaced by the infamous Itron Centron smart meters. but the old fans are great if only couple are run at a time but running all is for demonstration purposes. the one Vornado pedistal fan im upgrading the motor to PSC asap.
DJMinor5000 (3 years ago)
I think your cat near the beginning of your video was saying, "enough with all the fans! Now that you're home, turn them off!!!"
Will's Vlogs!! (6 years ago)
nice fans i like the tatung at 1:26 and cute cat
Contraband Fan by Mark Burns (7 years ago)
Impressive collection. Do you keep them running a lot, or mostly for this video? there must be other things on in the house for the meter to be spinning like that! Do please continue preserving them, scrap metal prices up, here, causing much destruction of cool fans, old cars and other stuff. Thanks obama, you moron
ray704ful (7 years ago)
love those vintage fans lots better than the junk of today
Eskie Wolf (8 years ago)
Hi Spats! I couldn't help but notice that about 0:56 there was the Wizard fan in the background. Is that not working or is it a project for later? Just wondering. Thanks.
creepingnet (9 years ago)
Reminds me of walking around the horse barn as a small kid with all these old box fans strapped to the stable doors
DieselPoweredHamster (9 years ago)
Yo spats, what speed do you have most of the box fans running on?
DieselPoweredHamster (10 years ago)
BEST! VIDEO! EVER! + Favorited!
coolbluelights (10 years ago)
I would put them in a big room all in a circle blowing the air around and try to make a hurricaine! :D
ess1898 (10 years ago)
Thats quite a collection you got there. I love the emerson 16 inch on top of the fridge.
TΩwmaX (1 year ago)
So do i
Curtis Owens (2 years ago)
ess1898 I have this fan too; it is my favorite!
Todd W (10 years ago)
ok as soon as i can make vids again i will make a vid of it.
Todd W (10 years ago)
have you ever seen any kelarie brand fans? i have 1 but idk any info about it
John McDevitt (10 years ago)
I'm sorry, but I don't think there is a fan in that house that is NOT running! Around every corner, you run into a running fan, and consequently, lots of air!!! LOL!!!!
Trance88 (10 years ago)
Man! You could start a hurricane with all those fans going at the same time or you could just be getting a higher electric bill this month.
Beau Mitchell (10 years ago)
Also, since I saw the second fan comparison video, I seem to have developed an obsession for those 1st generation Lakewood fan blades. Some people may like the 2nd generation better because it's quieter but the sound that the 1st generation box fans make is another thing that I like about them. The sound of them is so deep and menacing, it seems to tell the cheap Lakewood or Lasko fans or any other cheap Dino Boy (Adrewjarmans) style fans "Who's Boss!"
Beau Mitchell (10 years ago)
I also want to tell you about a vintage box fan that I remembered recently that's sitting in a shed at an aunt of mine's lake house and it's mostly been sittting there for years and I think that it's too good of a fan to just be sitting there in that shed especially one that has the name of "The Craphouse." I hope to save that fan. I'm sure you agree with me. The fan is a K-Mart K-223 like your 1978 one except it has the same bladeset as your avacado green Lakewood.
Beau Mitchell (10 years ago)
There is; however, one fan video missing that I really liked from the old account, the one featuring the K-Mart P-48. Do you plan to bring that one back? I hope you do.
Beau Mitchell (10 years ago)
Hey spats, one again those are nice fans. I've always been a fan of your videos since I saw them. It's nice that you brought back alot of your fan videos that you had on the spatsbear1 acount. I really missed them after that account was canceled. I especially liked the comparing the old and the new Lakewood fan videos. They really educated me alot on fans and quality, as did those videos emersoncollie made about that cheap box fan that was later excecuted via quad bike.
hdyudu (10 years ago)
it a auther way to put it mostly use in canada and the u.k sometimes hear in the u.s
bc0614 (10 years ago)
Awesome fans man! You have some nice stuff.
hdyudu (10 years ago)
i must be thinking about old tube and kot kind wiring that was only ment for a few idems to be on but still if it was me after getting done with the video i wod not leaf all of those fan running like for hours non stop it may run the hydro bill prices up alittle
coondogtheman1234 (10 years ago)
Nice collection of vintage fans, i think mandy wants to be in the video and she was a few times lol. thanks for posting
hdyudu (10 years ago)
i do thing it also good for the wiring to your wall sockits to have so meny of those kind of fans running all at ones two or three is will do fine the only wiring in your home that is ment for a large amp draw is to your furnace and a/c
Beau Mitchell (10 years ago)
Awsome video spatsbear! Vintage fans RULE!!!
Jamie P (10 years ago)
I love that window fan at 2:14 :) So wish they sold those here in the UK, where home air conditioning is rare...
Emerson Collie (10 years ago)
14 inch Lakewood second generation boxfan is what I ment to say. I don't know why I keep on saying it is a 16 inch.
Maxxarcade (10 years ago)
Damn dude, I bet you had some fresh air in your house that day! I wanna do this some day and see if I can dim the lights in every house on my pole transformer :-)
retrochad (10 years ago)
Great video...that's a lot of fans! I have one fan per each room of my house and in my downtown building. I always have all the fans running whenever I'm in each place (they are on timers so they shut off when I'm away)
Kiwi HVAC (10 years ago)
Awesome video of your Fans!! Love the all the Lakewoods you have and of course the Tatung! :)
D. B. - Vintage (10 years ago)
Very nice man! I agree with Mitch about the meter, that had to be drawing some juice. I think the next stunt will have to be all those boxfans on exhaust...
Emerson Collie (10 years ago)
Awesome! I did notice that with all of my boxfans running at the sametime was making my meter spin like as if my A/C was on. Last night I only used one in the window of my bedroom and that was the 16 inch Lakewood second generation boxfan. The only reason why I ran all of my boxfans like that was just for the video. I turned them all off soon after.