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Q&A With Grey: Favorites Edition

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Text Comments (2959)
Minecraft PC303 (1 day ago)
How much for the macbook?
rene ziesig (3 days ago)
a dimir player i see.
Sigbjørn Buraas (6 days ago)
What's your favorite favorite question
Gabriel Kesler (7 days ago)
anyone else watching this on a macbook air
Lancehardwoodfulable (8 days ago)
I loooooove the fact that you watch redlettermedia
Ichijo Festival (10 days ago)
I generally favor metric over imperial. 12 Inches = 1 Foot = 1/3 Yard. It's stupid just plain stupid. And by that... metric, I prefer Fahrenheit over Celsius for daily use. It's a scale of 0-100 for how hot it is outside. The equivalent in Celsius? A scale of 0-38. Seriously, give me a break. And if you want something more scientific, might as well skip over to Kelvin.
Arctic Lemur (12 days ago)
okay i will come at you celsius is more efficient and im american btw
Shadow Of Light (14 days ago)
2:24 YouTuber friends are still friends, do you not have a favourite friend among that group?
TTimeschannel (15 days ago)
So apparently Siri thought that Grey was talking to her. And stated what her favorite color is.
Björn Eriksson (17 days ago)
Black and blue?! DISAPPOINTED!
Lee Hong Hui (18 days ago)
Steam FTW
this is not me (18 days ago)
Here is a non favorite question. If you would make a fnaf game what would be the most important thing to change for you?
Jetrick Policarpio (19 days ago)
I think a compromise on the senate is necessary where laws that pass should have 51 senators AND the people that voted represent 51% or more of the population. So large states can’t just ram through legislation without small states and small states can outnumber larger states
Nortautas P (20 days ago)
0:59 farenhite sucks why does allmost the whole world use celsius i don even understand farenhite whel im not from amerika
FightingFights (23 days ago)
Youtube, at least on the mobile app does timeshame though.
Galaxy 9Radio (23 days ago)
Is no one gonna mention how the "New Amendment" scroll had the words new amendment on the back instead of the front
sir Clogg (23 days ago)
youtube used to show how much time you spend on it. I'm sure the information is still there somewhere and I'd be interested in knowing it.
KeRen Tan (23 days ago)
Question: What's in your mug?
KeRen Tan (23 days ago)
by 2:44 I'm already laughing _so_ hard. Let's see what comes next...
Eitan G. (24 days ago)
How the hell F is your fav?! Metric system rules!!!🤘🤘
Liam Beckett (24 days ago)
1:19 Is that Grey?
Nathan (25 days ago)
0:50 Waluigi fans circa. 2019
American Mapping! (25 days ago)
RedLetter Media Now Has 1,050,000
Nicholas Machado (26 days ago)
I answer all of the questions that he didn't (with a few exceptions) Favorite Integer? 75. Favorite Color? Ultramarine. YouTuber? Me, duh. Podcast? NO. Movie? I don't have one, but I do love Disney. Liberian County Flag? Grand Bassa. World Leader? No. Law of Physics? Third. Conspiracy Theory? Ruby in BFB is a vampire. Tree? The one in BFB. On a scale of 1-10, what is your favorite color of the alphabet? 10, duh. That's all of them!
Luke Barbour (27 days ago)
I’m on a crusade to change our 24 hour time structure to metric. Think about it for a while and it comes out awesome. This post was inspired by the “different lengths of months” comment in the video.
borntochill (27 days ago)
ah interesting in germany we call a irish exit a polish exit.
Rory Lenihan (28 days ago)
farenheit is dumb
UserName0043 (26 days ago)
Celsius is dumb
Huskies Shibes (28 days ago)
Ok but F° is the worst
UserName0043 (26 days ago)
Celsius is the worst
A Paintbrush - (28 days ago)
Very smooth ad transition
Oliver Dolcino (28 days ago)
Mostly right with blue black
Robert Burdett (29 days ago)
(Blank):fav- Cop grey: no
Runk (29 days ago)
I live in Rocket city! I think I was at your event, was that really you on stage?
Dankman9 (29 days ago)
Ghosting ain't cool bro... :'(
AAWW Productions (29 days ago)
Okay, what is your MTG deck that has won the most?
coder cable (29 days ago)
I really want to set down and play some group EDH with Grey and then run a D&D game with him....although my lack of historical accuracy in my world building would probably cause him to hit me with that Macbook....
Spicy Arbiter (29 days ago)
Black and blue, OBVIOUSLY, LMAO (Tho I run green and red, separately, mostly... hm.)
0lympius_ (29 days ago)
Both my favourite channels loving RedLetterMedia, I need to check this channel out.
Brick's Toilet Store (1 month ago)
One of my most persistent subscriptions has been CGP Grey.
Tyger Thompson (1 month ago)
Were the green and purple "tribes" a representation of the Green Party vs UKIP?
Thomas Parikka (1 month ago)
I subbed to you on Patreon last month, and I'm staying subbed now that it's monthly. You do amazing work and it's worth the wait.
Munjee Syed (1 month ago)
Grey seems more like a blue and bronze
Orion 9 (1 month ago)
Youtube does track watch time it’s in your stats
Daniel Falconer (1 month ago)
This guy runs Dimir what a fucking idiot *cries while getting my shit kicked in by Tyrant’s Scorn for the 90th time today*
Alexander Rodriguez y Gibson (1 month ago)
2:42 Those favorites are spelled differently.
Ornithocowian King (1 month ago)
"I use farenheit come at me" _gladly_
Ornithocowian King (21 days ago)
@UserName0043 No u
UserName0043 (24 days ago)
Ornithocowian King You’re wrong!
Ornithocowian King (24 days ago)
​@UserName0043 you're wrong
UserName0043 (24 days ago)
Ornithocowian King Nope!
Ornithocowian King (24 days ago)
@UserName0043 you're wrong
Jordan (1 month ago)
1:20 Threw in the cameo of them wearing a CGP Grey shirt, lol
Hero Gamer (1 month ago)
nintendo switch- to the metric system!!!!!!!!!!! >:(
UserName0043 (26 days ago)
Stfu nerd
Jay Tee Kay (1 month ago)
I'm upset RedLetterMedia didn't comment on this video
thewatertorch (1 month ago)
Black and blue are pretty good but... simic has crab-sharks
Age Restrictions (1 month ago)
A question do you have ocd?
Néstor Abreu Jiménez (1 month ago)
Wtf...CGP cited my Mormon Utah comment...min 1:59🧐 thanks CGP I knew they are moro...I mean Mormons! I am nobody to ask to you man, but as a NY like you who likes to tease his Mississippi girlfriend...can you make her play a trumpet? Or at least make her say”No Y’all turns”
Not From Denmark Production (1 month ago)
My favorite "Exit" Would have to be Texit, y'all.
Carlos Garrido (1 month ago)
But youtube does track and shame!
NailaCafé (1 month ago)
I love Black and Blue as well
Kaiser Voldemort (1 month ago)
2:00 I have now;)
MagiMine (1 month ago)
2:36 yes
Ryan Deschanel (1 month ago)
2:19 My favorite magic color is Octarine. Octarine is the only true magic color.
Phil Chadwick (1 month ago)
Ryan Deschanel aye lad, aye.
spencer powell (1 month ago)
2:36 the perfect question
Berat Uslu (1 month ago)
My favourite exit is; brexit
CthulhuOnCam (1 month ago)
Lets play DnD some time brah
Minecraf Minecraft (1 month ago)
Degree is better then f
UserName0043 (26 days ago)
Minecraf Minecraft fool
glitch (1 month ago)
plz catan
Gbdnhb the Yeeter (1 month ago)
"– But Farenheit is still my favourite, come at me." *INTERNAL ANGERY* , but he's still great, that's not a reason to hate him. "– Favourite Magic Colours? – Black and Blue" *Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Cyan, Orange and White gangs RISE UP!*
Lucy gorgulho (1 month ago)
What's your advice for future generations?
Alice Lu (1 month ago)
It’s annoying to hell
Thunderstorm93 (1 month ago)
2:38 snakes
Linda mc guinness (1 month ago)
No you can’t
Eli Egbert (1 month ago)
Bee at 2:02
Garmo (1 month ago)
In the spirit of recognizing references I can't help but notice that if there's one thing about the MacBook air that YouTube parodies love to make jokes about is the laptops ability to fit inside a manilla envelope from the original advert. Not sure if the laptop in the envelope was intentional or just happenstance
Will Yaboi (1 month ago)
Fahrenheit 😂 (No context needed)
UserName0043 (26 days ago)
Celsius 😂
An Eevee Named Pearl (1 month ago)
If 48% of Americans don’t know how chocolate milk is made and 7% think it comes from brown cows is there hope for society?
Tyler Duncanson (1 month ago)
When you try to flip the system off but you’re a stick figure.
MagiMine (2 months ago)
Unlurking Sentinel (2 months ago)
7:30 Right after Grey disappeared, my computer spontaneously shut down and restarted for updates. Eerie coincidence.
Merlin tym (2 months ago)
Blue and black? Really? REALLY? ReEaAaLly?!?! Shame. Tribe not aproved.
Jen Wren (2 months ago)
I just live your animations 😍😍 if more videographers did it too maybe they're videos would be more watchable?! 🤔🤔
Ben 22403 (2 months ago)
Wait at 1:18 on the screan guy warning cgp merch is that you?????
Thomas Fieschi-Rose (2 months ago)
When are you going to post another Q&A?
The Salty Dog (2 months ago)
1,500 hours pathetic
Ghost Chris (2 months ago)
In the middle of class i yelled which is better target or Walmart. Everybody but me chose Walmart and every time I walk in the halls, people from that class give me the death stare 😂
Noel Hann (2 months ago)
Liberian county flag you watch the most?
M.R. P (2 months ago)
Take out the CPU. Drill a hole. Put a chain through it.
Gabriele Montrasio (2 months ago)
Maaan, dimir are subdole... I like you XD
austin meowing (2 months ago)
Do you miss Bailey Blue the Tesla
Phantom Soul (2 months ago)
2:39 the correct answer is yesteen.
motanelustelistu (2 months ago)
2:47 Did you see how he underhand squeezed / false created the oportunity to put the comercial :P ? I'm gonna jump that !!!
motanelustelistu (2 months ago)
2:40 Did you see that while putting the question he put both spellings on :D ?
motanelustelistu (2 months ago)
1:56 CGP PUT THE NAMES OF THE VIDEOS of the said hidden things too :D . Also,anyone else stopped to look at the comments :D ?
motanelustelistu (2 months ago)
1:17 We can FINALLY SEE GREY :D . The gray t-shirt :D . And before saying "it's just a dude" look how IDENTICAL they are to the stick "person" :D .Same form of the head,same boldness,wearing glasses,same form of the glasses etc :D .
DizzyFizzy420 (2 months ago)
1:36 Actually YouTube does, you can see statistics of how much you spend on YouTube on settings, by day yesterday and week. Yet you they don't tell what you watch so they're kinda useless :/
Benjamin Kelly (2 months ago)
Fahrenheit is the worst Kelvin is the best then celcius then that abomination of a temperature measurement system called Fahrenheit!!!!!
UserName0043 (26 days ago)
Benjamin Kelly Fahrenheit is undeniably superior to Celsius
Dale Palmitier (2 months ago)
Not that I don't agree with you, (Kelvin is indeed the best) but can we at least agree that Rankine is better than Fahrenheit?
Niko Moe (2 months ago)
Please Catan "simplified" video including explaining various expansion (not GOT, star wars versions) and the basic different stratagies. It would be so fun and super useful for my family.
Vas Biliychuk (2 months ago)
I live in Hawaii and I have ac so hmph
Toby Kim (2 months ago)
4:26 Humbled. Love that correct usage. HI
KiwiCodder007 (2 months ago)
6:36 Lord of the rings
kirby march barcena (2 months ago)
@6:11 "Sometimes I can hear the memes calling me" I think that was your iBook who's trying to call you...for ten years!!!
Doge (2 months ago)
Favorite tree what?
no (2 months ago)
4:33 mullenier
Ginga Ninja (2 months ago)
What's your favourite superlative?
Bee Cafe (2 months ago)
When is your fav... When the troubly book return