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UPS Delivery Driver Running Behind Schedule

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In response to the FedEx video http://www.globallogisticsmedia.com/front/videos/U37iHjtJ we decided to upload this UPS Delivery Driver showing total disregard for their customers property.
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Text Comments (17)
C.Foster (2 months ago)
As a UPS driver, when I pull up and see circle driveways, I always smile to myself and say God bless you
Zach Wachs (4 months ago)
I'm a FedEx ground driver and I wish UPS and FedEx would stop delivering just to see you people freak when you can't get your stuff.
SCLaP SCLaP (30 days ago)
I dont use either. Neither one of you can deliver shit. I always count on USPS. Even when they screw up, its still better than your service from FedEx or UPS. Thats year round
WiP FPV (3 years ago)
het that toss was pretty accurate tho, they teach you that in training?
Paul Harms (3 years ago)
Having protection of a Union job shouldn't allow you to act like that.
KhalasFX (2 years ago)
paulharmz1 unions don't allow that. He probably for suspended or possibly fired.
Greg Schenk (4 years ago)
S T R I K E . . . . 
Jennie Spooner (4 years ago)
wow he even had an easy driveway there he could have used
PSILOCYBETRIBE (5 years ago)
wow bro... whatever, 2 weeks and you were out? You know you start off as a loader or unloader right and move up from there.... I doubt at ALL you even made it to driver if you were out of it in 2 weeks... what a lie.
tw828 (5 years ago)
He has strong arms and good vision!
Chris Marsh (5 years ago)
Yup- That's what they do. They treat their employees like crap- I know I was a driver for about two weeks and then got the hell out of that hell hole of a company. A bunch of hard core hipocrites who brag about how safe they are but then break all their own rules.
Zach Wachs (4 months ago)
Stop kidding yourself You just weren't man enough to do the job.
robert schwinn (5 years ago)
The package was a bag of clothes, no harm done
Jagji56 (5 years ago)
If this was to happen in Aus, the guy would be out of a job.
riskinitall (5 years ago)
Thats smart i Tell my ups driver to throw my tees to my balcony so much faster then me coming downstairs every morning to get my fresh tees!!
John L (6 years ago)
this is not uncommon because the managers make them go faster and faster or they try to fire the drivers
KhalasFX (2 years ago)
John L not uncommon where? 😔I'm a ups driver and have never done that or seen it.