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Hot Wheels "Crack-Ups" commercial (1985)

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This was simply one of the most genius ideas from Hot Wheels: "Crack-Ups" was a version of their cars that would get visible damage from crashing, thanks to rotating panels on the cars. Just a little pressure on the cars' panel makes the "damaged" side swap through, or the hood pop up - all you had to do to get it back to normal was rotate and snap the panel back to where it was. This commercial featured four new cars: Bumper Thumper, Blind Sider, Front Ender and Top Bopper. Transcription: 0:00:00.580,0:00:03.280 There's lots of ways to crack up your Crack-Ups 0:00:03.400,0:00:07.440 Hot Wheels Crack-Up cars, Bumper Thumper, Blindsider, Front Ender and Top Bopper, each sold separately 0:00:07.440,0:00:09.660 You could smash them in the side, Clyde 0:00:09.900,0:00:11.380 Bash them in the back, Jack 0:00:11.600,0:00:13.520 Crush them off the wall, Carl 0:00:13.560,0:00:15.440 Get into the drill, Bill 0:00:15.520,0:00:17.340 Then you could fix them, and 0:00:17.460,0:00:19.380 Pull them upside down, clown 0:00:19.500,0:00:21.860 And...drop them off a cliff, Biff 0:00:22.200,0:00:25.240 Hot Wheels Crack-Ups, Bumper Thumper, Blind Sider, Front Ender and Top Bopper cars 0:00:25.240,0:00:28.500 from the Crack-Ups collection, each sold separately, some cars not for use with some sets 0:00:28.500,0:00:29.860 New from Hot Wheels by Mattel Follow us on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/retrostatic Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/retrostatic Folow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/retrostatic
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Text Comments (16)
Log Roader (1 month ago)
Several bad puns later
david hatred (2 months ago)
i wanted one of these as a kid.......and i still do!
TomatoCowAteYourTomato (6 months ago)
drop them off a cliff *B I F F*
Accel (6 months ago)
Hot Wheels Owner (7 months ago)
There's lots of ways to crap on your hot wheels 0:01
OmikronWeapon (3 days ago)
Smear shit on the glass, Cass. You can piss on the seat, Pete. Or crap through the roof, goof.
tim priddy (8 months ago)
That kid in the BLUE look like he been sniffing GLUE
redstone 20,000 (6 months ago)
Glue 😂
rouge douge (10 months ago)
wait a second who named their child clown?
Venom The Metalhead (4 months ago)
Put 'em upside down *c l o w n*
Sabuj Pattanayek (10 months ago)
i just found one of these in my old hotwheels bin which my kid just inherited
Robert Albrecht (10 months ago)
Man these kids got rhymes for dayz 😎
Christopher Tweed (11 months ago)
This commercial really cracks me up.
microbusss (1 year ago)
who was the narrator on these? I think I've heard his voice on Transformers cartoon
TechHeadHD2 (1 year ago)
i legit have that front ender car right next to me
OmikronWeapon (3 days ago)
so, what are you called then? Clyde, Jack, Paul, Bill, Biff, Clown?