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Testing Amazon's Alexa in a hotel room at the Wynn Las Vegas

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GeekWire's Taylor Soper visited a swanky hotel suite at the Wynn Las Vegas that is enabled with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant. Watch how the Wynn uses Alexa to let guests control, lights, temperature, shades, TV and more in their hotel rooms. Full story here:
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Fengo Gaming (17 days ago)
He already said 6;
TheDiamondGamer - Fortnite and more (7 months ago)
Land Scapes (10 months ago)
Now that I know you’re into CNN I’ll never be able to take you seriously again.
Riley Smith (10 months ago)
You had me till you said CNN
Rick Galvez (10 months ago)
grow up
AMBROSIA FARMS (10 months ago)
What about Alexa ordering room service?
Mj Drush (10 months ago)
Ooo yeah...Geekwire probably brought the rain!!! Lol
GeekWire (10 months ago)
Yeah, Las Vegas had a Seattle-esque vibe on the first day of CES this year. Unbelievable rainstorm for Vegas, no doubt!
André Souza (10 months ago)