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The BEST OXTAIL EVER|| Fresh ingredients||Spanish Seasoning||Step-by-Step Recipe

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The most flavorful oxtails you'll ever make. Watch and learn. The main secret to this recipe is the Goya Adobo All Purpose Seasoning🤫Don't tell anybody 😉 All ingredients used are listed below. Please leave reviews in the comment section below and let me know how your oxtail turn out! Also let me know if there are any other dishes you would like me to take a crack at. 〰️Don't Forget to Subscribe!!!〰️ Cooking Time: 4-5 Hrs All Ingredients used: ➡️ ​2-3 lbs oxtails ➡️ 3 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar ➡️ 2/3 medium onion blended - chop remaining onion into bite size pieces ➡️ 4 large bell peppers(all colors), 1/3 blended - 2/3 chopped into bite size pieces ➡️ a few pieces of ginger... just a few ➡️ 2-3 tbsp minced garlic ➡️ 1/2 cup fresh parsley - a few extra sprigs for blending ➡️ 1/2 cup fresh cilantro - a few extra sprigs for blending ➡️ 1 large tomato chopped ➡️ 2 tbsp of worcestershire sauce ➡️ 2 big pinches of salt and pepper ➡️ 1 1/2 packs of Sazon Goya seasoning ➡️ 1 tbsp parsley flakes ➡️ 1 tbsp oregano ➡️ 1 tbsp cilantro flakes ➡️ 2 tbsp Goya Adobo All Purpose Seasoning ➡️ 1 tbsp thyme ➡️ 1-2 tbsp garlic powder ➡️ 1/2 cup brown sugar ➡️ Avocado oil or oil of your choice ➡️ 1- 1 1/2 tbsp tomato paste ➡️ 1 tbsp ketchup Thanks for Watching! ~~Check out my other Recipes~~ Chicken Stew Recipe: https://youtu.be/O7TtreUJIrM Bacon Cheese & Spinach Quiche: https://youtu.be/8CYNo51HlUU Music: Remember Me by Adrian Walther Email: nyreefloo@gmail.com IG: NyreeFlo
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rob andone (8 hours ago)
Oxtails in my area are $35 a pound at the Asian and African markets. It’s fucking ridiculous. More expensive than ribeye steak or lobster!
jim ness (14 hours ago)
now that everybody has found out how good ox tails are the price per pkg is around 25-30 dollars in Canada eh, too bad but there are versatile
Texas Bandera (15 hours ago)
These look so delicious! I have always wanted to make them! This was a great video!
Denise Juste (16 hours ago)
U wash ur meat but u didn't wash ur veggies
James Helena La Una (16 hours ago)
VlogMonaVlog (17 hours ago)
Try using a spoon to peel your ginger next time works just the same (perhaps even better than) a veggie peeler
marcus pitts (19 hours ago)
I love the way you cook oxtails
Anthony Brown (19 hours ago)
Dam I had to subscribe😩 just rolled a joint and watched you cook... dam I’m hungry now
Lawrence Johnson (20 hours ago)
Thanks so much in going to use your style from now on
NGV TV (21 hours ago)
4-5 hours, to cook what? seriously.................no way am cooking any meat for that long, pressure cook then move to prepare.
Derrick Landers (22 hours ago)
This comment section, like anything else Black people do in numbers, eventually leads to fighting and cursing...never fails...luckily you can't shoot thru a youtube channel or half of these folks might be dead...
nelda Gray (1 day ago)
Roger Defreitas (1 day ago)
She is making oxtail who is she fooling maybe she is making ox tail soup or what ever
Dimitiri Williams (1 day ago)
Looks good
Wow my friend that looks amazing..I want some
Shaniqua Sewer (1 day ago)
New Sub😁Thanks for this delicious recipe
Step5067 Turner (1 day ago)
Like your video keep up the good work
jerry stubbs (1 day ago)
Wow! you is amazing, not only was that entertaining, but you is great
Debra Bridgewater (1 day ago)
That's not how u clean meat , ...... lol That's why I don't eat out much
Emmia B (1 day ago)
You had me at washing and vinegar...it looked delicious...In trinidad we usually put oxtail in a split pea soup with all types of provisions...sooooo good...mom stews it once in a while too...love oxtail!!!
Alvina Scott (1 day ago)
I love me some oxtail I can eat that’s every Day with some mac & cheese
Jabari Akhenamen (1 day ago)
Trying to decide what looks more delicious...the awesome recipe or YOU!😍❤❤
Ricky Ibarra (1 day ago)
Man!!! That looks good!!! I am brought up eating ox tail soup I have never had it any other way BUT I am DEFINETLY trying this recipe. Thank you for sharing and your AWESOME in the kitchen💓
Zara Ami Motivational Speaker (2 days ago)
Everyone has their way of cooking and it's respected. That Brown sugar recipe looks so good. 🇯🇲 didn't start oxtail. That's centuries ago in South London actually using the 🐂 (Ox) it's been more than decades people started oxtail from the 🐄 (Cow) vs. The 🐂 (Ox). There's no way of cooking oxtails. It's like saying 🇭🇹 and 🐖(Fried Pork) one of their dishes. That's not to say anyone else can't fry pork or implement their way of preparing super dishes. All I know is her oxtail have put me in hunger mode and now I want some oxtails lol 😆. Btw: Oxtails were very cheap and many people would buy them because it was affordable. When consumers saw it was always selling. It became high in demand which caused the cost to increase. Well it worked out for business and hungry people like me. I pay the $5.99-$7.99 a lb 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😒😒
Peter Mckay (2 days ago)
Thats disgusting
SOO'K (2 days ago)
That paste resembles the sofrito I make, that looks a lil over powering with seasonings but I’m sure it came out good for your taste.
Melissa Miller (3 days ago)
Can you add chickpeas to this recipe? I’m thinking about trying this out. 😊
Sharon Haywood (3 days ago)
Also I love your voice tone, I have seen videos of cooking instructions the person began to talk about private life and things of that nature and all we want to do is learn the recipe I commend you on this wonderful video🏆
Abel Gonzales (3 days ago)
You can use a spoon to peel ginger
STEAMING RICE (3 days ago)
I've never seen it don't this way before, thanks for sharing your recipe with us. Love & blessings
Teddy bare (4 days ago)
What heat do you use for everything? Low? Medium when cooking the oxtails in the vegetables?
Ochen Pascal (4 days ago)
too many spices makes the food loose the real taste
Dale Dewitt (4 days ago)
Ate an ox tail one time lost my left eye.
Bryana Walker (4 days ago)
Try using a Spoon for the ginger. Sure easy.
dayana ross (5 days ago)
you dont wash anything!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠
antonio montano (5 days ago)
That will go down nicely with some cool aid!!
Cognac Crack (5 days ago)
Lmao that fucking car taking off tho
Robert (5 days ago)
You might know a lil something 🤝
Kim (5 days ago)
This looks good, I'll have to try that brown sugar technique. I make my oxtails how my spirit tells me to and they taste Great💁🏾‍♀️ and Yours look Delicious 💯. I just enjoy watching other people cook because I am one myself.💞💖🖤
Antwan Graham (5 days ago)
Next time X the tomatoes, ketchup that’s where the oil coming from, if you cook the in the stove you can brown them that way, other then that great job.
mike mcg (5 days ago)
Everybody wants to be a cat (5 days ago)
Came for the food, the music chased me away, can't stand it
Karen Green Verwayne (5 days ago)
She used alot of seasoning so it should be good...i think?
Sonya Hymes (5 days ago)
Mash tater salad
Jennifer Olivera (5 days ago)
well I'm pr and dr & this is the first recipe I found and liked so I willll be feeding this to the fam soon lol thanks I've been dying to make this
Sinethemba Chamane (6 days ago)
quick question if i dont brown the oxtail and i just cook it with the veges would it still be magic
Chef Jeff (6 days ago)
I just fell in love wit U
Mz. Money Boss (6 days ago)
Great video! Very clean cook, says a lot about you. It looks delicious....good job!!!
THE BIG 5 FAMILY (7 days ago)
We love your videos Please subscribe to my channel The big 5 family
BC 12 (7 days ago)
I would cook all that meat down in a 8qt instant pot. In 45 minutes, BAM! Meat falling off the bone and melt in your mouth tender. And with just 1 cup of liquid.
Robert LaFountaine (7 days ago)
Looks awesome but why is the kitchen so dark. Kind of depressing. I’m sure it had nothing to do with how good the food turned out.
Marjorie Desinor (8 days ago)
I enjoyed the way you cleaned the meat. That's how my mama taught me to wash, and sanitized all kinds of meats with vinegar lemons or limes. Great job. It looks delicious.
Dudley Harris (8 days ago)
My Dear Sister I have observe that some of the cooking programs they do not mention that all vegetables should be thoroughly wash before cooking please do that.
Loriann Graham (8 days ago)
Thanks for washing your meat first. Great recipe, thank you
Mugethi Gitau (8 days ago)
I’ll definitely try this. First time I tried oxtail was such a major fail. It came out disgusting 😆 Thanks for sharing
Trueblue2053 (8 days ago)
It looks good but ur presentation was fair to ok .... I guess u learn as u go I hope to see more videos in the future from u.... thanks for your video
Troy Jackson (9 days ago)
Your husband and family are blessed.
London Walker (9 days ago)
How many pnds of Oxtails? Just a FACT ADOBO SEASONING , YOU may Not Know CONTAINS "MSG" !
Garain Dias (9 days ago)
Where the pinto beans at girl lol got to have those in there
OG Message Show (9 days ago)
Happy 2020 please subscribe back and comment on my shows for the unity Movement
Lola Lolo (9 days ago)
Omg, you chop every thing from scratch and then use CHOPPED GARLIC IN A JAR !!!REALLY, GIRL!!!!!!😱😩
Maria Franca (9 days ago)
Ai Ai Ai, QUERO COMER TAMBEMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. PARABENS... ( I want to it toooooooooooooooooooo). Congratulations!
Tesa Smith (9 days ago)
The sazon seasoning is pure msg..
Fard Muhammad (9 days ago)
Great Job, I learned a lot sista; Keep Up The Good Work
Hana Mahmoud (9 days ago)
So happy to see someone cleaning their meat properly
Valerie Williams (9 days ago)
This looks soo good
Abdi Ahmed (10 days ago)
You should put adverts on your vids. Increase your revenue, we can fast forward to the end and start again not to see them.
Leneak Shade (10 days ago)
Cilantro is also called pepper grass
Leneak Shade (10 days ago)
Oxtails have gotten very expensive.
Ariyanna Guadalupe (10 days ago)
The best oxtails video 👌
JSneed513 (10 days ago)
Great video 👍, I just tried oxtails for the first time recently, and I loved them. Looking forward to making it!
Ted Barclsy (10 days ago)
Ted Barclsy (10 days ago)
I always wanted to try cooking oxtail seen my ex cooked it but this was wonderful maybe in the summer I'll give it a real try I have a crock pot and also a pressure cooker which I have never used it's been sitting on the shelf for about 5yrs so I'll give it a try one day thanks for the show
Isauro Embuscado (10 days ago)
Look delicious
Rene Hernandez (10 days ago)
That’s super sweet.
Elsa Aquino (11 days ago)
I know you are Domincan😇 love u receipe! Little be of wine it's also really good
namusa ok (11 days ago)
Wash the ox tails, season them with salt, roast them a bit, put them aside. Pan on slow🔥,put oil then oxtails keep turning them over then garlic, onions, tomatoes,keep turning them over then peppers & carrots, then seasonings like curry powder, salt, black pepper,add water for soup, cover up and leave on a slow 🔥. Come back after 30mins. You will pay me for my recipe. No stress, yummy. Feeling hungry right now 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋 that's my home way.
Rahel McKay (11 days ago)
Your voice is so soothing
Lottie 22 (11 days ago)
Great job I am going to try this it looks really good I love ox tails be blessed my sister
Moreese Moise (11 days ago)
You’re voice is amazing 😉
Chris Lewis (12 days ago)
She lost me at the goya. However her dish looks really good. Everyone cooks different
Keith Herbert (12 days ago)
LOVED This Dish One of the Best Ox Tails Recipes Ever Really Liked It Going To Have To Try It!! Thanks for such a Beautiful Dish!!
Alex Livingstone (12 days ago)
Like washing meat is better than washing chicken.... This is utter bollocks. Do NOT was meat FFS
tia mia (12 days ago)
I'm craving that so bad now
Renee Roumain-Jadoona (13 days ago)
Oxtails are not exclusive to just Jamaicans, black people all over the world cook oxtails! Now that we got that straight lets enjoy each other and share recipes not compare.
Mary Jackson (13 days ago)
This was a long video but you did an awesome job and held my attention. Love these oxtails. Gonna try them this weekend. Never tried the past before so I am looking forward to doing that. Think I will add jalapeno for a little heat. Keep up the good work.
Maureen Lionel (13 days ago)
That's how I make mine👍👍
Noel Roberts (13 days ago)
Still'll bang dat shit. On me.
Noel Roberts (13 days ago)
Everything was going good till the ketchup part😬
Sophia Brown (13 days ago)
Thank you this is a new dish of oxtail stew for me to try.
Linkster (13 days ago)
Looks like a wonderful recipe! I must try this..! :)
snooky770 (13 days ago)
Look delicious. Which Dutch oven did you use ?
snooky770 (13 days ago)
@NyreeFlo thank you it's a pretty color
NyreeFlo (13 days ago)
The brand is Lodge
Ny's Kitchen (13 days ago)
nooo mine is the best~!!! lol
charo talavera (14 days ago)
Use a spoon to easily peel a ginger
newphillygirl (14 days ago)
Omgosh I gotta buy oxtails after work today. I can’t have sugar though due to hyperglycemia
Jalyn Holmes (14 days ago)
Watup sweat pea
Bettye's Cooking Channel (14 days ago)
Thanks for sharing your oxtails recipe.
Giorgeno's Beba (14 days ago)
New subscriber, thank you for sharing your recipe with us 💕
The Glamourous One (14 days ago)
Horrible!!!! You need to boil them and rinse them 3 times to get out all the grease!! NOT!!! try and remove the grease at the end!!
BLVNK (14 days ago)
i'm disappointed