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UPS driver kicks dog: CCTV shows delivery man kicking dog and fighting owner - TomoNews

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ATASCADERO, CALIFORNIA — Security camera footage from an Alzheimer’s home catches a UPS delivery man kicking a dog and then getting in a fight with its owner. Dogs and mailmen are mortal enemies, but that’s seriously a Disney villain move to go and kick a dog. Patch’s owner Tim Paulson, who works at the Alzheimer’s home, confronted the UPS man after the kick, reports the New York Daily News. The unnamed UPS man responds by shoving Paulson twice. The apparently uninjured dog proves that it has the memory of a goldfish and comes back to check out all the fuss. Paulson, who brought his dog to the senior home to assist in therapy, stated that he sought medical attention for injury to his ribs. UPS has apologized and said disciplinary action was taken against the driver. ----------------------------------------­--------------------- Welcome to TomoNews, where we animate the most entertaining news on the internets. Come here for an animated look at viral headlines, US news, celebrity gossip, salacious scandals, dumb criminals and much more! Subscribe now for daily news animations that will knock your socks off. Visit our official website for all the latest, uncensored videos: http://us.tomonews.net Check out our Android app: http://bit.ly/1rddhCj Check out our iOS app: http://bit.ly/1gO3z1f Stay connected with us here: Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TomoNewsUS Twitter @tomonewsus http://www.twitter.com/TomoNewsUS Google+ http://plus.google.com/+TomoNewsUS/ Instagram @tomonewsus http://instagram.com/tomonewsus -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Crying dog breaks the internet’s heart — but this sad dog story has a happy ending" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4prKTN9bYQc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (170)
Daniel Rangel (5 months ago)
some owners don't have control of there dogs a dog has tried to attack me while the owners watch I left there package
D-Eclipse (1 year ago)
The ppl on here who said, "I'd have kicked it too..", Is soo fucking stupid, the dog is soo small, the ups guy is a fucking idiot. If the dog was big......I'd push the dog on my foot on his/her head to the left, not kick, but a small dog? Really? Come on, you're a pussy for that.
Angel Alvarez (1 year ago)
To all the people who order stuff from the internet and are waiting for it to be dropped off to your house, keep your dog inside the house or on a leash, don't expect us drivers to not defend ourselves, you either want us to kick the dog and scare them off, or have it attack us so we can sue you for lots of money, your choice :)
Denya Gantenbein (1 year ago)
dogs are annoying as fuck
Austin Trammell (1 year ago)
I would have kicked the dog as well lol
Tobe Kaviyakone (1 year ago)
melisa Marshall (1 year ago)
I would have kicked the dog too. obviously out of line with the person. I myself have been bitten by a few dogs while at work, and the worst was from a small dog who latched onto the back of my thigh and didn't let go after punching him 3 or 4 times. people don't understand, yes you are allowing us on your property, but that doesn't mean your dog is, they want to protect their home. I have been bitten twice literally just after the words "oh don't worry she's friendly" left the owners mouth. please, don't let them outside till after we leave!
coolguy123 ong (1 year ago)
Why postman ;'[
Juhana Säkkinen (1 year ago)
hahaha So funny LOL i Heat dogs
David Martinez (1 year ago)
fuck that little dog and the owner!
Landon Barry (1 year ago)
Fuck u
J antone (1 year ago)
but you're f****** stupid dog up on a chain
Commander Derpinator™ (2 years ago)
I would take video of the guy's face with my phone and release the anger out of me
edr777 (2 years ago)
Three big cheers for the UPS driver. Dog not on leash, it attacked and he gave it a light kick to get it to back off. Something any rational person would do. Dog learned its place and didn't attack again. Dipshit dog owners are ruining pet ownership for the responsible owners out there. I went someone's house once to do some tech work, little chihuahua ran up barking and they said don't worry he's friendly...CHOMP and I end up with a hole in my leg. I wanted to boot that little fucker to the moon, but I didn't. Next time, believe your ass, I will give little Fluffykins a Size 10 boot in his fluffy little ass. :)
edr777 (2 years ago)
Yeah, the dog ran up, I said "Hey little dog"...the owners said "don't worry, he's real friendly!" and then it just bit me in the damn leg. So that does amazing predictable dog body language work when a pit bull wags its tail and looks friendly before it decides to attack? I grew up around dogs and have been close friends with dog trainers, so the only thing that is real obvious here is that you are a delusional, doggy ass sniffing cunt faced fucking asshole. :)
MexicantGame (2 years ago)
+edr777 Because you have no idea how to read dog body language which in many cases is even more obvious than people.
edr777 (2 years ago)
You are anything but rational. Calm your emotions and READ what I posted. I chose not to kick a dog that ran up to me and it buried its fangs in my leg. Even then, I didn't kick it. But I should have. I've told that story to professional dog trainers who agreed that a gentle boot would have stopped the attack and prevented the bite. Your emotions have overcome your logic, you love dogs, I get it and think they are beyond reproach. NEWS FLASH, friend, THEY ARE NOT! And neither are you!
MexicantGame (2 years ago)
+edr777 Any normal rational human being can look at that dog and see it's not threatening. You're the kind of idiot that will punch a jogger going past because you couldn't tell if they were threatening or not. Just saying if you go around kicking little dogs because you're just terrified of the world around you you're going to deservedly get your ass kicked
edr777 (2 years ago)
Look closely at the driver's outfit. He's in SHORTS. Getting attacked/mauled by dogs is a constant source of stress for people in this line of work. He has no idea if the dog is friendly or not and owners need to train their dogs not to charge at people. In my case, as I shared, I gave the dog the benefit of the doubt. It sank its fangs into my leg, ruined my best pair of slacks and left me bleeding and in pain. Use some logic, dogs can be dangerous, and at their worst, deadly. Call it doggy exuberance if you want, but when an unknown dog rushes up to you, it is challenging your personal space. I consider that an attack. A well trained dog will not do this, so sorry friend, any dog doing this deserves to be put at the bottom of the pack where it belongs.
Back Alley (2 years ago)
I would've kicked that shit too.
Jordan Johnson (2 years ago)
People are so stupid sometimes. If you know you have a package coming, put your fucking dog inside! I have dogs and I grew up having dogs and I love dogs more than most people but, dogs are territorial. The nicest dog in the world could bite if it feels threatened in any way. Also I don't trust people. I assume every dog owner in the world is an idiot that doesn't know how to raise a dog properly. Put your dog inside or on a leash. If you can't do that then don't complain when I smack the fucker across the face with the diad or kick it. If it charges at me it's getting punted.
td boomer (2 years ago)
I would be pissed
Giant Catbass (2 years ago)
Sonic and Amy won't laugh at it
tony s (2 years ago)
the only mistake the UPS man was NOT kicking the shit out of the owner as well for not strapping his mutt up!
donny southwell (2 years ago)
I would have kicked his ass and stole all of his packages
Shiteo Hole (2 years ago)
That wasn't even a kick tho you fuck
RG 1 (2 years ago)
It's not like it was a full on soccer kick. He mainly just stopped the dog from bitting him. People think they can get away with having their dogs lose just because they're small. Well done UPS Man.
John Lewis (2 years ago)
If that were my dog, I'd to the world a service and get that guy fired from his job.
Jen Glozzer (2 years ago)
Ur video sucks I would have kicked the dog to and the owner needs to get his dog under control. I'm a ups driver and everyone I know who has been bitten. The last thing u hers is he doesn't bite. Maybe the driver coulda handled a little better but I will kick ur dog in front of u any day
callofdutyguy9 (2 years ago)
I work for UPS and I got bit twice last week.
Shinya Kogami (2 years ago)
callofdutyguy9 Fight back damn
DJaySplitSecond (2 years ago)
I used to deliver for Fedex, and many dogs will come at us like this but I wouldn't kick them, I just raise my scan gun or a package and the dog would back off, but the dogs should be controlled and on a leash bec many of these guys get bit every year!
meth0d (2 years ago)
I expected to come to this comment section seeing a bunch of ignorant morons defending the dog and it's owner. Was pleasantly surprised to see people on the side of the UPS driver. You've done me proud YouTube commenters; you've done me proud.
carlossotocls Last (3 years ago)
dog in attack mode/dog owner in attack mode/commentator in attack mode/even crazy blogger "pistol whip" in attack mode... looks to me like yous are full of crap yous would off done even worse than him is easy to talk shit about other people mishaps imagine getting bit by a dog while doing your job, yeah right
Standby760 (3 years ago)
Ill punt that fucker too
Kelli Chambers (3 years ago)
The dog was barking and charging, and if was me I would have done the same. Little ankle biters think they're lions, and no doubt they do bite. If the owner had controlled his dogs, and oh, maybe, put them up when the delivery guy came this could have all been avoided.  My delivery drivers have zero fear coming to deliver packages as they know my dogs are always inside, and under my control. I do have signs up stating that my highly trained personal protection and working dogs are on property, and beware of dog signs, but they know that the dogs are never a danger to them because they're always put up, and that they have safe access to the drop off area. It's called being a responsible and respectful owner. You can't imagine how many times delivery people are harassed and bitten by dogs. They have a right to protect themselves when necessary. As a dog trainer I can safely say that in all the years I've worked with dogs, and rehabilitated aggressive dogs...my worst bites came from little dogs.
PsychoWolf23 (3 years ago)
He hardly kicked the dog, it seem more of a light shove with his foot
N3rfe3d (3 years ago)
Well that guy don't like dog, is hus right the owner should not let the dog lose
Warren Lee (3 years ago)
I worked at UPS. I've been chased by dogs and I got a few buddies who were bitten by them. Most dogs AREN'T friendly so I can see why this service provider (aka UPS official title for delivery person) decided to kick it if he has been bitten before.
Eric Larkey (3 years ago)
I'm a ups driver. I would have done the same. Hey, I have been bitten numerous times by the same kind of dogs like this one. If you order a package and are expecting it, keep your dogs up. That simple. Most everybody tracks their package down to the time of delivery, so you know when it's coming. I'm not a dog hater. It's the losers like this pet owner that I don't like. Since when do pets outweigh the safety of another human being.?
Tou Xiong (3 years ago)
The UPS driver did nothing wrong.  The stupid dog was asking for it.  Lucky this didn't happen in Asia or else the stupid dog will be on the menu for dinner for sure.  The stupid owner deserves a kick in the ass as well.  Great JOB UPS DRIVER.
ariesaftershock (3 years ago)
I would kick that dog! it was coming at him, and he was reacting quick. Not mad with the owner, blame this on the animal.
Ken M (3 years ago)
HE didn't even kick it. lol he pushed it back. Quit sensationalizing non news stories and costing people their jobs. You're worse than the UPS person.
UFC FAN (3 years ago)
poor dog
cassius969 (3 years ago)
It aint like he punted the dog. Just a swift kick.
HONESTO UNO (3 years ago)
That little mutt looks like it was going to bite him that was his natural reaction. Trust me even little dogg bites hurt....
jack slayter (3 years ago)
The UPS driver was really just defending himself. Dog and dog owner alike, both ignorantly charge at the UPS driver, so he just puts them both in check.
Luke Tipping (3 years ago)
And that's why you get tiny yappy dogs!
rquinn19 (3 years ago)
Cop would've shot it
pridelion88 (3 years ago)
I would of knocked out that sob ups with a baseball bat!
Shah Mukhtar (3 years ago)
Nah, UPS guy is right. I would have kicked it too. He was gonna bite him. Stupid tomo news cant even justify
Walter Black (3 years ago)
The UPS guy has every right under the law to kick the dog. He was also entitled to defend himself against the owner who raised his fists. That is the law, live with it.
GhostGrind (4 months ago)
When you order something to be delivered to your house, you are giving authorization for the courier to step on your property. Even if it is private property the courier does not have to stand there and be bitten.
Zuniga System Entertainment 619 (1 year ago)
Kyle Hobbs if he has a delivery he has every right to be there
SiCxNeMeSiS (3 years ago)
+Kyle Hobbs ups has the right to trespass on the customers property to deliver his package that he order
Kyle Hobbs (3 years ago)
How would you know?
Vvltvre (3 years ago)
Who fucking cares the dog wasn't on a leash. Who fucking cares it wasn't in a fenced in yard. The UPS guy shouldn't have kicked the dog, period. If i was that guy, the UPS driver would have been going to the hospital for sure.
BeingHonest (3 years ago)
+Vulture | VULTURExGUN 1 and you would be in jail being pounded by T-Dog good luck with that and I'll bet you are weak and the ups guy would have sent you to the hospital
Brian Walker (3 years ago)
Fucking hate you people! Fuck that dog! Biting ass bitch! Dahs that bite need punted!
J.N.J. 704 (3 years ago)
I think the owner should have more control over his dog, bit still why kick a dog?
hheywire (3 years ago)
It doesn't look like he kicked the dog so much as stopped the dog hard and startled it. But he didn't have to square up to the owner like that so yea the UPS man here was an ass.
American Tyranny (3 years ago)
I worked for UPS and dogs hated me after that for the longest time...  Now I know why.
vengefulbeauty (3 years ago)
I love dogs more than I love people; but with all due respect, if not on fenced in property, keep your dog on a leash!
Lia Wilson (3 years ago)
Looked justified. Dog was charging then the owner ran at the driver. Both deserved a good knock. Don't mess with the delivery man.
Exposing Tube (3 years ago)
U know what I could have done, I'll shove him in a postal box, and throw him in the trash
ARednecksLife (3 years ago)
After the guy kicked the dog the dog should have jumped in the back of the truck and left a present for the guy.
Dr Pein (3 years ago)
lol its a reflex kick
marc gabourie (3 years ago)
Go, go, UPS man, kick it harder next time. And give the owner a boot while you're at it.
Time Relativity (3 years ago)
Dog needed a slap anyway. . Wtf it dOing without leash?
Matt (3 years ago)
Kick my dog and you die
khan connection (3 years ago)
Dogs transmit rabies so i don't see anything wrong here.
erik nyjdam (3 years ago)
Dumb little polmyranian ankle biters, my neighbor has one, they're like overgrown rats and the thing sits in my neighbors garage all night and screeches continually because you have to practically strap the dumb rats to your chest to give them the amount of attention they need. I don't like small dogs, in case anyone was wondering....
Trash Sausage (3 years ago)
I have a small dog that doesn't make a sound and is very obedient and I didn't even have to train it, just like humans, dogs have their own ways of thinking...
Rein Kicks (3 years ago)
No one cares
hypermetalsonic (3 years ago)
That dog would have torn that man to shreds
XxX420PinkieP1eXXSwagXxO OxX21mLp4Lyfm9xxxakaB0ssXX (3 years ago)
+BeingHonest $250,000...... no.
BeingHonest (3 years ago)
+hypermetalsonic maybe not but a bite, he would have to be sent to the hospital and get a 250000 bill.
Fleeting Dribble (3 years ago)
three scares from dogs that the owners all say I cant believe they bit you.. just walking down the road. They might be playing or protective, keep your pets under control
ChickenYale (3 years ago)
UPS guy did nothing wrong, when I go work on other people's houses we kick dogs that run up to us all the time. They could bite you.
Arbomb (3 years ago)
I would've taken the GUN i ordered out of the ups package, stuck it all the way up the workers nose and pulled the trigger.
Brian Y. (3 years ago)
Being this to court - the ups man will win. When a dog, regardless of its breed, runs towards a person without a leash, it is a legitimate self defense to do whatever necessary to stop the dog. You do not know what the dog will do. I personally would have kicked that dog harder.
QBeezzy11 (11 months ago)
Diamond Eyes lies stfu
Ironman (1 year ago)
right, but a little dog?
Ap3x 1s1and (2 years ago)
agree. Kick that bitch. (the dog)
THE PATRIOT (2 years ago)
Devin Smith (2 years ago)
Its a shit zu what can it do? death by ugliness? if it where a bigger breed then i understand you don't know the dog so you try to get out of its way or stop it...but a shit zu really?????
gottobefree (3 years ago)
fuck dogs
eveline hernandez (3 years ago)
Ong Jia Wei (3 years ago)
If he had kicked my dog... that will be the last thing he'll do... ill rip his head of steal his money and kick his head like a soccer ball
OG Senseii 先生 (1 year ago)
Ong Jia Wei Keep yo dumbass dog leashed and away from the delivery guy when you KNOW you have a package coming and shit like this won't happen.. duhh 😂😂
Ong Jia Wei (3 years ago)
Im mad bruhh
jack slayter (3 years ago)
+Ong Jia Wei wtf is wrong with you?
eveline hernandez (3 years ago)
alvin (3 years ago)
pretty sure its the dog fault for charging at the UPS man first. he simply kicked the pup away without the intention of hurting it. or else he might just roll over the dog with his trolley if he isn't careful. the homeowner being a douchebag and I commend the delivery man for not having any of it.
D3C3n50r (3 years ago)
Oh calm down it was a light tap, the dog doesn't even look affected...
American Bassist (3 years ago)
I probably would have kicked it too, its out of control and leashless
Nazareth (3 years ago)
Why do people assume the dog was reacting violently? My dog is literally all bark no bite, if this was on the owners lawn then the dog doesn't need to be put on the leash.
USEXPAT (3 years ago)
little untrained dogs ( if this is one) barking and running up to me, I´d probably kick it away too, people get little dogs and never train them & therefore they are the only ones who love said dog.
Razors (3 years ago)
They think those dogs can't bite too. Might not take a arm off, but they can leave a huge gash.
Alex Farquharson (3 years ago)
If your dog wss leashed this wouldn't have happened. Control your dogs!
Timothy Paulsen (27 days ago)
Alex Farquharson it was private property.
Sabastian Hernandez (11 months ago)
_.LAGGY ._ no your just retarded you take this job we have and see how long you last seasonal
Breyer rescue center (1 year ago)
The Otaku Dragon Slayer (3 years ago)
+logan hightower yep
Sea Edu (3 years ago)
i would kick the shit out of em too
Reginald King (3 years ago)
Kerpal would of been mad if you kicked his dog.
Armando Del Rey (3 years ago)
Omg it was the tinest dog wtf what a pussy
Gmen pg (2 years ago)
Armando Del Rey na. If we get bit it's a huge deal at work . We can't take they chance .
eveline hernandez (3 years ago)
man this was so last month +SiCxNeMeSiS
SiCxNeMeSiS (3 years ago)
+EVELYN HERNANDEZ no leash owners fault regardless of size because what if this was a child being attacked?
eveline hernandez (3 years ago)
Bradley W (3 years ago)
I had a dog that size who grabbed my fore arm and ripped the flesh off my arm in front of my eyes. I literally saw a chunk of flesh ripping out out. I was young at the time, but if i saw that dog now i would kick its teeth in so it would be able to bite anymore...yes it bit more that just me. About 8 other people walk away with scars till my family decided to get rid of him
Alex Martinez (3 years ago)
I used to work doing deliveries been bit countless times by big and small dogs I don't blame the ups guy. People are always assholes at let their dogs out, just because your dog doesn't bite you doesn't mean they don't bite strangers.
NightWolfXVI (3 years ago)
You do know mail men don't like dogs right because they tend to bite the hell out of them 99% of the time.
Kevin Powers (3 years ago)
Me and my dad call those dogs punters. Served the owner right. Dont get such a gay little dog and your gay little dog won't get kicked.
Hieroglyphic (3 years ago)
Don't have children, they are small and weak like that dog, if you do then someone might just kick him to put him out of his misery.
DonD512 (3 years ago)
"Well hello there Mr. UPS man, you should have left our wives alone"
Candi Wright (3 years ago)
Oh mana great joke lol love South Park
Bradley W (3 years ago)
Lol south park
roush26 (3 years ago)
Oh come on, the dog needed to be put in check. See how it's all friendly with the UPS driver afterwards? It recognizes the UPS driver is alpha. The Dog Whisperer would've approved.
Joe Mares (3 years ago)
This is sad i would of stuff dog crap in his mouth
Blizkid (3 years ago)
I wouldve curb stomped him 40 times then burry him him under my shower
dontbeghey (3 years ago)
That fuckin UPS driver. That was Kerpal's dog!
dontbeghey (3 years ago)
Fuckin Kerpal is at it again!
BassetHounders (3 years ago)
First off, the commentator of this video should be kicked, in my opinion, for saying ignorant nonsense. Secondly, all this guy sees is his opportunity to get a handout from UPS. C'mon. Hurt ribs? Give me a break. All this guy is seeing is UP$. Package car drivers work hard, and the public has an obligation to be responsible pet owners. This guy is pathetic, and anyone that sympathizes with this irresponsible pet owner that raises his fist to a UPS driver trying to defend himself is just as despicable.
Kuma Bear:3 (3 years ago)
+BassetHounders I agree i nearly got bitten once as well for delivering packages.
Ap3x 1s1and (3 years ago)
+BassetHounders Agreed.
The Otaku Dragon Slayer (3 years ago)
BUBBLEGUM GUN (3 years ago)
+MagnasaurusRex Mcgurk i agree
grrrindz (3 years ago)
ill kick that lillte turd to. trying to get at me like a pitbull. ill punt that sbit to the 39 yard line
crushed2015 (3 years ago)
u deserve 500 bucks lmao
dontbeghey (3 years ago)
This comment LOL 😂
Thomas Mon (3 years ago)
Dont ask me if the UPS guy is an Asian.
Warren Lee (3 years ago)
+Thomas Mon Hmmm, why think Asian? Eating? Go ask some Swiss guy if he knows someone in Switzerland or some French or Polish. There are still dog eaters in Europe, dummy.
eddie su (3 years ago)
There is billion Chinese people all of them eat dogs? All I see is someone got brain wash by the media
Henry Liu (3 years ago)
+Nos Lee You're* an idiot. It was obviously a gorilla in the video.
Nos Lee (3 years ago)
Your an idiot! It was obviously black skinned gorilla in the video.
Henry Liu (3 years ago)
+mjoto i never implied yiu were doing it racially. To be honest I didnt know alot of that and now I wish I never replied. Cause that shits disgusting
Hinz Zimmler (3 years ago)
So what... lol I would have kicked that dog too. There is leash law for a reason.
Sabastian Hernandez (11 months ago)
Evelyn Hernandez I will air I havent see somebody like you for along time take our job and see how long you last when you have a pit bull or Rottweiler charge at you not friendly and you have to deliver the package
Sabastian Hernandez (11 months ago)
Armando Del Rey aye we got a name for them it's called ankle biter for a reason
Secreus (3 years ago)
DrGermanKills (3 years ago)
+Carlos Ramirez Damn it