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FS2004 - Disaster on Mt. Erebus (Air New Zealand Flight 901)

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Please support this channel by following me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/allecibay (TE-901) was a scheduled Antarctic sightseeing flight that operated between 1977 and 1979. The flight would leave Auckland Airport in the morning and spend a few hours flying over the Antarctic continent, before returning to Auckland in the evening via Christchurch. On 28 November 1979, the fourteenth flight of TE-901, a , registration ZK-NZP, flew into Mount Erebus on Ross Island, Antarctica, killing all 237 passengers and 20 crew on board. The accident became known as the Mount Erebus disaster. Music: When The Lights Came On Artist: Kai Engel Listen to the entire music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFS_RWHYx7U Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/allec.ibay https://www.instagram.com/joshandroma/ https://www.twitter.com/joshandroma
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AppleDaYoutuber (1 day ago)
Yoma Sane (3 days ago)
Air New Zealand was accused of presenting ''...an orchestrated litany of lies...''? Wouldn't a reasonable, equitable result have been criminal charges being brought against all identifiable responsible parties then? Instead it's yet another example of the application of the principle of ''reverence in the presence of wealth'' by which the 1% NEVER faces consequences for any havoc they cause for those of lower economic strata. It just isn't done, old bean!
Steve Logan (4 days ago)
Forget the sight seeing,get me to my destination safely, and what are those mountain goats doing in the clouds ahead, sad, white on white on white, maintain a safe altitude and tell the commentator to get back to his seat in the cabin, sit down, and shut up
Cristian Margiotta (9 days ago)
And air new zeland is one of the safest.......
Peter Beedle (10 days ago)
I hope someone was jailed for criminal negligence. Also they should never have flown without one pilot having experience in Antarctica.
Gin Weston (10 days ago)
I love the Kiwis, don’t get me wrong, but they messed this up just like they messed Everest up. Too much bravado not enough common sense.
Maggie M (14 days ago)
Pissing about in the Antarctic - and for what?
Werewolf (16 days ago)
That "pull up" alarm always seems to be a lil late. It should say "you're fucked."
Mick Cane (17 days ago)
Another case of blame the pilots.  They were relying on their INS which had an impeccable record of locating the plane with a very high level of precision. They were not told that a waypoint had been altered so that, instead of flying bang up the middle of McMurdo Sound where all previous flights had gone, they were actually flying straight towards an invisible mountain. They were below the cloud base, having let down safely in a break in the clouds (hence the two turns) , and it appeared to them that they were flying in clear air over a level terrain with a clearly visible horizon in the distance. Experienced Antarctic pilots gave evidence at the Royal Commission that the condition known as whiteout gave them the impression that they could see all the way to a clearly defined horizon, when in reality it was an optical illusion and they probably couldn’t see more than a few feet forward though their view of the ground below and the cloud base above was unobstructed. The RC completely exonerated the aircrew.
cambuurrinse (17 days ago)
is it me or does the pull up warning only sounds when its already to late to pull up?
Frederick Kiel (19 days ago)
I absolutely reject the arguments absolving the pilots of blame. Who cares if the coordinates were changed. It's the responsibility of the pilots to know exactly where they're flying. God help me. Are you really telling me that airline pilots have no idea where they're flying, that they blindly follow the computer coordinates? Chinese owned company bus drivers taking passengers for ten bucks between New York and D.C. are smarter then. Very valuable video. I wish that I, a journalist, could interview the pilots for five minutes before getting on any flight to find out if they were mindless drones or alert humans.
emergency alert system guy (19 days ago)
Actually this weather conditions don't look very good at all. Do they?
Toby E (23 days ago)
Allec, thank you for making these. A needed and somber reality check. I used to be in the US Air Force, and been and will probably always be fascinated by flying. Take care, my friend
jabba0975 jj (24 days ago)
I see blaming the pilots doesn't work as well in NZ as in the U.S.  Not surprised. Most of the rest of the world seems to be smarter than we are.
grabber168 (25 days ago)
It makes no sense to fly a DC-10 on a sightseeing tour... how stupid!!!
Michael Shearer (26 days ago)
Is there a chance.tou could do XL888 crash please?
Shashank Vagal (1 month ago)
Crazy decisions of all concerned. We always face irrationality like this many times with guys with high air.
Antonio Perez (1 month ago)
Doing sightseeing flights over Antarctica, one of the most hostile natural environments on Earth, with a long-range high altitude airliner, is probably one of the most foolhardy things to attempt...that it ended as it did, surely was no surprise to anyone-it was bound to happen, at some moment...
Alan Daniel (1 month ago)
There were a lot of people that didnt want civilians flying over shall we say a sensitive area,that part of the earth is not what you think it is
CocaColaMan2733 inc (1 month ago)
So much white 🗻✈ 🗻 🗻 mountains & 🌨 snow made it so hard to see plus, who goes to Antarctica??? 😫
Grant Christensen (1 month ago)
Idiots get what they deserve.
ChristianAndy (1 month ago)
Does anyone know if there was anyone of significant importance onboard, that could have been targeted to be assassinated by death by airplane crash? Was any of Air New Zealand management or personnel that knew of data coordinates changed the night before, Free Masons or Odd Fellows?
Mio Sandberg (1 month ago)
Face motor campus accomplish now convince excuse salary profound engine.
pond shark (1 month ago)
sight'seeing ?! ... well they got to see a split second close-uP of lovely mt' erebus ... ...
Jonathan Vogel (1 month ago)
hostile enviroment .. go there and understand the risk .. a big risk
Joseph Casey (1 month ago)
impossable to see the subtitles on a large part of this video. look at it before you post it and learn about "contrast"
6omega2 (1 month ago)
Nothing like the concept of MSEA, you know, to keep you from running into nearby fucking mountains.
Barry Trout (1 month ago)
Allec, you have misinterpreted or missed out much vital information and it is clear you do not understand the details of this accident. The only person who had flown this route previously was indeed Flight Engineer Gordon Brookes. On at least two occasions he expressed his concerns about the situation asking about the whereabouts of Erebus as he could not easily see from the F/E panel in the back of the cockpit. A few minutes later he forcefully stated his concerns: "I don't like this" regarding the continued descent in poor conditions that Collins admitted to shortly later with 'actually, these conditions don't look very good do they?' Secondly, the arrival procedure published and briefed by Air New Zealand called for the NZ901 to overhead the McMurdo TACAN/NDB at not less than FL200 (20,000 ft, well above Erebus) and descend in the southern sector where there is no high ground if it was safe to do so. Despite having no experience on this route, Captain Collins elected to use his discretion to disregard his company's arrival procedure and conduct a visual letdown well to the north when he was unsure of his position and was not under control of McMurdo radar. To the extent that he believed he 'knew' where he was this was based at least in part on the track programmed into his INS (inertial navigation system). Unlike modern systems such as GPS which are updated several times a second, the last definite position fix received by the INS was the Timaru VOR many hours previously. Since then computerised INS gyroscopes had been projecting an estimate of his position. Those who believe the change in the final waypoint caused this crash don't understand aircraft navigation. The INS is for area navigation over vast oceanic distances. It is most certainly not for flying an approach procedure or for terrain avoidance. Thirdly, even though on their assumed track and position they were well within radio range they could not raise McMurdo on the VHF frequency (which operates line of sight) and had to keep using the HF set. The reason of course was because there was a very large lump of rock called Mt Erebus between them and McMurdo. There was nothing wrong with their VHF as they were talking to a military helicopter flight in the area flown by a friend of mine who was the last person to speak to them alive I expect that the combination of  the crew struggling to visually identify landmarks and having to get help from the commentator, descending to 1,500 feet when there's a lot of cloud around, the rather odd situation with the VHF, all contributed to F/E Brookes growing unease as expressed on the cockpit voice recorder. If Mr Justice Mahon was right about Collin's relying on the INS to avoid terrain then this indicates profound negligence that cost 257 people their lives. Thankfully they felt nothing.
dazhibernian (1 month ago)
"Attention ladies & gentlemen, im the pilot of the plane, AND THIS, IS, JACKASS!".
Allec Joshua Ibay (1 month ago)
dazhibernian I don't think this is appropriate
Michael Shearer (1 month ago)
Sir Edmund Hillary was meant to have been on this flight as the commentator.
stephen green (1 month ago)
so air traffic control watched as the plane crashed into Mt Erebus? ....
Melvyn Tiong (1 month ago)
Oh an Dc-10
BassGirlSusan (1 month ago)
Mr Mulgrew (passenger) was an In-Law of mine, still remember that day like yesterday, what a shock.
What Ever (1 month ago)
Total bullshit. Change or no change, you can blindfold the pilots and if they can instrument fly, they are dead because of it. News flash, it’s called a Map. Imagine that, a map. The plane tells you where you are and if you don’t there’s a fucking volcano you’re a moron
madmoiselle007 (1 month ago)
So sad 😥
g00gle minus (1 month ago)
Who the hell wants to sight-see from a jet airliner anyways? It's flying to high and too fast to make out much detail. Plus, there's not much to see over Antarctica. Snow, ice, snow, snow, snow. snow, ice, snow, snow, ice, penguins, ice, snow and ice. Who are these people that are paying to do this and have they been cleared by a mental health professional?
VegasGirl35 (1 month ago)
Right? What if you're in the middle bank of seats on that DC-10. What the hell are you going to see? Everyone on either side of you leaning over and blocking your view of the window?
wallywadd (1 month ago)
Good that they found the true cause of the crash and who to blame. As pilots were never told of changes or warned of whiteout conditions.
Pratheepธุรกิจโฆษาณาสินค้าท้องถิ่นบนyoutube (1 month ago)
Kendrah Whyte (1 month ago)
With all due respect, wouldn't it be easier to look-up Antarctica in National Geographic Magazine?
millieo (1 month ago)
Why did they put two pilots with no previous experience flying to Antarctica on the same flight?
Sincopare (2 months ago)
My condolences to the friends and family of the lost.
Armando Silvier (2 months ago)
".... public outcry led to the establishment of a Royal Commission of Enquiry" by those whose principal aim would be, as the illegitimate thieves of 1/3 of the world's land resources, to whitewash and hide the truth -- that this (and any other aircraft or ship attempting to cross Antarctica or even to go near it without approved military surveillance tracking) aircraft was sent to its death on purpose.
pec104 (20 days ago)
You been on the skunk Armando?
Sailor Man (25 days ago)
Lol, you probably think the earth is flat too.
Armando Silvier (2 months ago)
".... The US Navy suggests that they take advantage of the Air Surveillance Radar..." Anyone wonder why the US Navy has a radar parked out there for "surveillance"? It's not US Navy land and they should stay the fuck away from places they have no business sticking their shit-covered noses in.
pec104 (20 days ago)
Are you too much of a fucking stupid cunt to know that lots of countries own sectors of Antarctica? Go kill yourself.
rfn944 (2 months ago)
Sad so many died. Pilots didn't know where they were. With all that experience in the cockpit, it should never have happened.
OÄKTA DOPBOK (2 months ago)
Passengers never knew what hit them.
Loco Joe (2 months ago)
Now I see NOBODY can make flights to Antartica? Mmmm, wonder what’s up with that?
Sailor Man (25 days ago)
Loco, you really should do better research before posting ignorant comments on youtube. Of course there are still sightseeing flights to Antarctica. http://www.antarcticaflights.com.au/
halmc (2 months ago)
I'm an aging Cessna ace, with stale experience.  But I'll be damn'd if I'd fly anything in that part of the world relying in any way whatsoever on what I could see out the windshield.  In addition, a DC-10, or any other aircraft of that size doesn't seem to me like a wise platform for farting around as a sight seeing platform.  Finally, fine to blame the ground folk, but to my mind the folks with rudder pedals under their feet are in charge -- such that in the absence of mechanical failure of the aircraft it self, they are ultimately responsible for where the airplane flies -- and where it stops.
desiguy55 (2 months ago)
air tour on antarctica? see snow, and more snow, and even more snow.
jlu.26 (2 months ago)
dc-10=death chamber 10 md-11=more death 11
Jared Drogose (2 months ago)
I'm not a pilot, but if that where me, I'd decline the suggestion. Safety wins everytime.
Tango Bango (2 months ago)
Luv these videos. There are so well done.
macpower72 (2 months ago)
Dumb ass pilot
Hooperman (2 months ago)
Have the poster advertising the sightseeing with that ill fated date on it :/
Sibte Kazmi (2 months ago)
Sibte Kazmi (2 months ago)
what hapind to the peppol
Thomas Rudder (2 months ago)
can you do the camel toe flight with podesta and clinton?
Tae Kang-Stewart (2 months ago)
My grandfather was in that crash :(
JURGEN GJIDIA (3 months ago)
O sure blacken the entire screen and act like a big explosion now I would really like to see the crash impact as it hits like flight 191 or flight 1549
LINDA (3 months ago)
Hmmmm.....were the pilots intentionally not informed of these corrections made to the coordinates to keep them for some reason, from flying to/seeing McMurdo and/or Ross Is. as well????  Too much is hiding from us down there.  I hope we will all learn the real truths of what is going on down there sooner than later.
Kevin Edwards (3 months ago)
I remember that day well. It was a horrible day. The passenger's names being read out over the radio in Auckland. Actually I was going to make the trip myself. This may well have been the flight that I took?...I changed my mind. Thanks for the video. Btw..today I was invited to make the trip again. This is why I looked up & found this clip. They showed Mt Erebus on the tour promo's of Qantas & Accor & my mind went back to that day immediately.
K. Chris Caldwell (3 months ago)
_"The crew input the coordinates into the plane's computer before they departed at __7:21__ am from Auckland International Airport. Unknown to them, the coordinates had been modified earlier that morning to correct the error introduced previously and undetected until then. The crew evidently did not check the destination waypoint against a topographical map (as did Captain Simpson on the flight of 14 November) or they would have noticed the change."_ What you get when you let HAL do the flying.
Torbjørn Espedal (3 months ago)
It is not the hole story you guys are in to here: listen to all the lies in several hearings in the following year. If you put all info together you will find that there is some thing that is well cowered in this story. Why would Collins with more than 11 000 hours and his mate passing 7 000 hours having trouble descending in an area with radar and no traffic? 11 000 hours and not handling a miscalculated position, something they do hundreds of times? 11 000 hours 257 on board, you dont dive into nothing? With the st.Erebus top at 12 448 ft height above sea level? (3 794 m) Using all statistic material, and correct all theories and false statements in the hearing-shows, and you will find that pilots like Collins do not do that. Not even in a million to one- time. Not this, and together with other experience colleagues. Never. What was the speed of that aircraft at Impact? How long did it take from the system warm a pull up at 500 feet and until impact? No, nothing adds up. Chippendale added it together years later and knew something did not add up. He never managed to complete that, he was run down by a car at a sidewalk, unlucky he. I am not a conspiring-nut, never will be, we did land on the moon and there is no hidden true regarding twin towers, and so on. But when you listen to all the storys in the hearings i NZ you will at the end realize that something is being covered up. I know, but it is your turn to find all the interviews at the court and hearings and start to take notes. It will not add up, I promise you that. Good luck!
Isaac Barton (3 months ago)
What is the difference between MD-11 and DC-10, also plz do The Gimli Glider flight
Maxell Millian (3 months ago)
I like that music
Dylan TH (3 months ago)
40 years later we mace are memorial in new zealand
I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE (3 months ago)
fucking jacinda is so stupid
Ron Hoffstein (3 months ago)
Have been kind of curious about the events concerning this as a team mate of mine perished in this crash. Sad, but interesting as to what transpired.
Eugene Brown (3 months ago)
No excuse for crashing into any mountain. If there is a mountain around that is 10,000 feet high then you fly 12,000 feet high. Just crazy in my book.
klavss76 (3 months ago)
Mount Airbus?!
Diego Cardenas (3 months ago)
trashtruck fan11 (4 months ago)
Why did the pilots ignore the command to pull up would've saved all their lives
I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE (3 months ago)
you clearly don't know what actually happened
D Dave (4 months ago)
Do not blame the aircraft (DC-10) for the crash, and do not blame the pilots or crew. The cause of the crash was ground crew error, as reported by the investigator appointed to the follow-up inquiry, the highly respected Judge Peter Mahon who was called in following public outcry after the initial crash investigation report was released. At the heart of much of the eventual controversy surrounding the causes of the accident were changes made to the flight plan of TE901. The plan loaded into the aircraft’s flight management computer was not that on which the flight crew had been briefed 19 days earlier, but no one had told them. For an explanation of how and what was changed, refer to BACKGROUND[http://www.erebus.co.nz/background/thestory.aspx], Flight Path. In addition, Judge Mahon controversially found that airline executives and senior (management) pilots had engaged in a conspiracy to whitewash the inquiry, accusing them of "an orchestrated litany of lies" by covering up evidence and lying to investigators. See the entire report on Wikipedia: "Air New Zealand Flight 901".
pec104 (20 days ago)
Barry Trout (1 month ago)
D Dave - the Air Accidents Investigation report found the cause of the crash was flight crew error, namely continuing a descent when unsure of their position. Mr Justice Mahon was a respected judge with no clue about aircraft operations who found the flight crew completely innocent and became a national hero in the process. This doesn't make him right. HIs conclusion that the dominant cause of the crash was the change to the destination waypoint necessarily assumes that Collins was entitled to use a non-precsion INS oceanic navigation system to disregard the arrival procedure for this route, and make a visual descent in less than ideal conditions while using the INS to maintain terrain clearance. In my view he was not.
Armando Silvier (2 months ago)
maria fincham Bullshit.
Armando Silvier (2 months ago)
D Dave The coverup is not even relevant. That would be routine. What is most relevant is why the ground ATC for what there was, particularly the US Navy, routed the plane into the mountain. They would have been able to monitor it all the way to the mountain itself; but they did nothing to stop it, nor the deaths of those onboard. They are deliberately complicit. Thankfully, all of those responsible will absolutely as a fact, receive the due and full reward for acting on their diabolical nature.
maria fincham (2 months ago)
I'm a New Zealander who watched this drama unfold. To the dismay of most right thinking New Zealanders, Justice MacMahon's highly accurate assessment was dismissed in a blatant attempt by officials to whitewash Air New Zealand and shift responsibility. As Terry Offord points out, basic military pilot training covers a "whiteout" situation, but not commercial aviation. As a New Zealander I was ashamed by the dirty-tricks brigade that made Mr Justice MacMahon's life a misery and dragged his professionalism in the mud.Lastly whether one likes the rotten truth or not, the crash was caused by incompetency on the part of the aircrew. Full stop.
john harris (4 months ago)
It is pilot error..how about " No, I'm not decending where I can't see " ? Altitude is your friend.
Alessandro Olla (4 months ago)
May I suggest trying to put the white text on that lower black strip? I think it would look a lot cleaner overall. Maybe enlarge it a bit
Blue Acidball (4 months ago)
I was pretty much expecting the plane to go upwards at an angle, and then everyone would have survived.
DJ Gamer (4 months ago)
The ending of the flight was scary for the pilots
Calvin Richardson Sr (4 months ago)
The D C- 10 was not safe ever, anywhere, only parked on the ground every time I was on I heard strange noises
CrankyJack (4 months ago)
The remains of the aircraft are still on Mt Erebus today.
Freckles057 (4 months ago)
that man on the pull up system sounded angry
Jim Kaff (4 months ago)
Alec, can you please tell me the piano music at the end?
MiserableOldFart (5 months ago)
Getting on a jet liner for a sightseeing trip is insane from every angle.
Manbun Mullet (5 months ago)
People and their need to sight-see. Stay home and look at a picture book ffs!
ReVivesNETWORK (5 months ago)
great videos here!
Jamie H (5 months ago)
if the plane was an AIRBUS, then that can't be coincidence cos it crashed over mt. erebus.
pond shark (1 month ago)
Jamie H lol ...
wisnu aji (5 months ago)
I just wanted to know what is your job? And where you can get all these information?
blessOTMA (5 months ago)
So management dropped the ball by not informing the pilots of the change and then tried to blame the pilots for the crash. Glad the truth came out
Terrion Evans (5 months ago)
The DC10 is a good aircraft its just due to pilot error or improper maintenance so it's not the aircraft's fault, but it does have a bad safety record
Nintendo boy (5 months ago)
Ok first if all why the hell would they fly over Antarctica
Sailor Man (25 days ago)
It was a sight-seeing trip - why wouldn't people want to see the world's most southerly continent?
Capit guys! (5 months ago)
This was really useful for my skit on mt erebus Thnxxxxxxxxxxx!!
PewDiePiegamer90 Productions (5 months ago)
Fuck you volcano
Carl Moore (6 months ago)
There are at least 2 places where I have trouble reading the white lettering because of light background.
666MikeRochip (6 months ago)
Q: Whats white and f##ks aeroplanes? A: Mt Erebus! (Sorry no disrespect to those involved...it was a tragic event)
Steve Skouson (6 months ago)
We did build them pretty! The DC-10, and MD-11 are quite attractive airplanes. steve
Crypt (6 months ago)
Were flight engineers qualified to actually pilot the planes?
Gianluca Badejo (6 months ago)
It doesn't matter whether it was 'pilot error', or whatever, it's still another couple of hundred people murdered by Satan's favourite plane - the DC-10.
ronald (6 months ago)
Allec Joshua Ibay (6 months ago)
That's just wrong.
Viyuyinn Valar (6 months ago)
Stupid fucks
TheBeingReal (6 months ago)
Jim Kaff (6 months ago)
Allen, what piano piece is that?
RaYze dark (7 months ago)
Well atleast they got to see the mountain You know after their death but atleast they did
Robert Findlay (7 months ago)
From the Royal Society Range to the west I could see clear air between the cloud-base at maybe 400 feet on Mt Erebus and the sea, although this was after the plane had been reported as missing. Photos taken over the right wing of the plane before the crash clearly showed Beaufort Island, and Peter Mulgrew was recorded in the cockpit recorder as saying that he thought that that island was Beaufort Island. If Beaufort Island is on your right side when flying south at that altitude in that part of the world there is only one thing that can happen, and it did. The crash had nothing to do with the aeroplane. Firstly the flight plan had been changed with the aircraft flying about 2 degrees to the east of the original flight plane when it left New Zealand. Second, the pilot was no doubt unfamiliar with white-out conditions and their disorienting effects, which have to be experienced to be believed. Third, clearly the pilot was clearly unfamiliar with the local geography. Fourth Peter Mulgrew should have screamed his head off when he recognised Beaufort Island on the right rather than being polite; but such is the problem of speaking to authority when that authority is the captain of a ship or aeroplane. And fifth, I recall being told by a former colleague that he was on a radio to the aircraft about maybe 20 minutes or was it 40 minutes before the crash telling the pilot that McMurdo Sound was clouded in and it would be better to fly over the Dry Valleys to the west, which were clear. It's now nearly 40 years ago; let the dead rest in peace.
jhudiel pepito (7 months ago)
Yeah this could happen
Viyuyinn Valar (6 months ago)
jhudiel pepito It HAPPENED DUMB ASS