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The Untold Truth Of Sally Ride

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Sally Ride entered the history books on June 18th 1983 when, as part of the crew of Space Shuttle STS-7, she became the first American woman in space. Ride has since been celebrated as a heroine and a pioneer but she was more than just an impressive resume in a space suit. Funnily enough, Sally Ride very nearly never became a NASA astronaut. As a young woman, she was a strong tennis player and almost opted for sport instead of space. Ride started taking tennis lessons at age 10, and her coach was none other than Alice Marble, a pro with four U.S. Open wins and two Wimbledon championships under her belt. Having received a scholarship to play tennis at LA's famed Westlake School for Girls in the late sixties, Ride was eventually ranked 18th among junior girl players in the United States and even received encouragement to go pro from the legend Billie Jean King. When Ride left Southern California for Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, she didn't stop playing. In fact, she won the Eastern Collegiate Tennis Championships two years in a row, prompting her to return to the golden state to pursue a career in professional tennis. But this wasn't meant to be. In a 2006 interview, Ride explained that she quit the sport because her forehand was weak but her mother thought it was because Ride, a perfectionist, wasn't always able to control her game. Either way, she eventually decided to go back to school to study English and physics. Anyone who's seen movies like Apollo 13, Hidden Figures or First Man knows that NASA began as the very definition of a boys' club. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration became a thing in 1958, and it wasn't until twenty years later that the first women were officially admitted to the astronaut program. Sally Ride was part of that inaugural class. Ride and four other women were part of NASA's Astronaut Group 8, which also included three African-American men and the program's first Asian American. American women had previously been part of the astronaut training program — but none of those women made it into space. Keep watching the video to see the untold truth of Sally Ride. #SallyRide #UntoldTruth What could have been | 0:19 First class | 1:26 Overachiever | 2:31 A quiet life | 3:23 NASA's darkest hour | 4:21 Sexism in space | 5:36 Women in science | 6:57 Out of the spotlight | 8:15 Sally's soundtrack | 9:24 Creature comforts | 10:10 Her last battle | 11:01 Read Full Article: https://www.grunge.com/177071/the-untold-truth-of-sally-ride/
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Text Comments (89)
Grunge (11 days ago)
Would you go into space if given the opportunity?
Kelly Weingart (10 days ago)
Doodooplays (10 days ago)
No too risky
Mylum O'Shinn (10 days ago)
as a planet explorer, heck yah!
Scott Ferguson (10 days ago)
Neil Stern (4 days ago)
Sally better slow your mustang down.
Christian Sekumade (5 days ago)
Donny Sandley (6 days ago)
Sounds like a little bull 🙄 people naturally love folks that can perform well of course 🤨 achievements matter in the logical mind 🤔 of course 🤫
Donny Sandley (6 days ago)
The blame game never works out well 😁 achievement does in age days 👋 thank godness 🤫
Info Stream (10 days ago)
Nanga Parbat 1970 Expedition story of messner brothers with English Subtitles..👇👇 https://youtu.be/_AA7GAiQmpo
Ryno Opperman (10 days ago)
Oh FFS’s...🤦🏼‍♂️. This shit is way Trump got elected
Sim Bo (10 days ago)
Grunge is the biggest sell out of all time.🤗
Sim Bo (10 days ago)
Except she didn't actually make it to space.
JJ Thomas (10 days ago)
She likes Girls....(!)
q (10 days ago)
you know they almost put big bird on the challenger
Widow Keeper (9 days ago)
I heard about that! Thank heavens that plan didn't go through; it was traumatic enough watching the Challenger explode on live TV with the rest of my shocked third grade class.
Roger Smith (10 days ago)
The mainstream media treats failure and stupidity as a contest that they are trying very hard to win. 8^/
Scott Ferguson (10 days ago)
All those bad men!! Shame on manhood!! WTF! 😂 More and more B.S.
tom ryan (5 days ago)
"Bad ole puddy tat!"
mathiasmorqubus (11 days ago)
My High School, was named after her. Yet that is here or now their.
laserus3333 (11 days ago)
Nobody has gone to space.
matt fahringer (9 days ago)
@laserus3333 tldr. prove it
laserus3333 (9 days ago)
@matt fahringer Theres so much evidence it was all fakery its pathetic. The truth is you dont really want to know. Its a sick joke.Theres more evidence they didn't then evidence they did. The so called moon rocks ceremoniosly given to countries leaders turned out to be petrified wood. And where's your proof they did go to the moon? Video? Hollywood movies are more convincing. Heres a couple examples to de program you. easy proof for you. Remember the space shuttle Challenger disaster in 1984 ? The so called crew including the Teacher? are all ALIVE and well. And pictures to proove it. Didnt even bother changing their names. Or the Vacume attachment in A Nasa Mars landscape photo.Oops Search it. I'll take you 15 seconds. If you really, actually, honestly want to know. After 30 years of investigating many things for truth. Ill give you a cautionary warning for your personal, mentall well being. "With more knowledge comes more sorrow"
matt fahringer (10 days ago)
laserus3333 and i bet you believe the moon landing was a hoax. so where is your proo that no one ever went to space?
mrdeeds72 (11 days ago)
I actually learned a lot in this untold story. Thank you!
Johnny Guitar (11 days ago)
Ride Sally Ride,,,, Sally Cant Dance
Zelda Williams (11 days ago)
Mae C. Jemison: the first African American woman in space, engineer, physician, NASA astronaut. (Retired) RIP. Sally Ride rest in power, super-intelligent, a pioneer, woman, a real life space cowgirl💐 (anything you can do, I can do better!)🎵 Ride Sally Ride! 🙂
CarmenMonoxide (11 days ago)
But don't you understand, wymen have no rights in the USA at all. It favors men and ever since POTUS Trump took away those rights, little girls will have to know how much life is limited to us. It's the white man's fault for not recognizing our ability to do everything they can do. Such a scary time when you know that "Wyman of the Year" was won by a man, Cailyn Jenner in 2015. Men continue to break records in wymen's sports as wymen. Biology be damned! OMFG JUST STOP with this BS about women who've done extraordinary things as women. Typically making things to accommodate wymen. And don't get me started about Black history mouth...
JJ Thomas (10 days ago)
If you can't even spell "women"...what do you expect, honey?
colin crisp (11 days ago)
nasa lies
smokes da herb (11 days ago)
We don't even need to say we know, because we are you.
Deep Throat (11 days ago)
We know.
Peter (11 days ago)
colin crisp only to the uneducated YouTube “scientists” they are liars
Fife Bielby (11 days ago)
fun fact: the first mother in space was a woman
JJ Thomas (10 days ago)
Fact..Sally Ride liked girls...(!)
Johnny Guitar (11 days ago)
was Sally born a she?
Apple Tree (11 days ago)
It identified as female
Mike Hydropneumatic (11 days ago)
Was it a boy or a girl?
Chloe (11 days ago)
Wow, what an amazing and progressive life. I hope to at least achieve a fraction of what she did.
xnyph (11 days ago)
Peewhocantbeaimed (11 days ago)
Margeret Hamilton wrote the software for Apollo 11 and coined the term 'Software Engineering". Just a bit of Jeapordy for y'all
Nima Sakura (11 days ago)
Daniel Gomez (11 days ago)
I think we should learn about the untold history of Christa McAuliffe. One of the Seven astronauts that died from the space shuttle Challenger explosion accident.
Stephanie x Becca (10 days ago)
Patrick Donnelly True. Also, what about the other woman on that flight?
Patrick Donnelly (11 days ago)
Though I’d tend to agree with the sentiment, I’d also point out there is more out there on YouTube about Christa than Sally?
Brain Drain (11 days ago)
I agree
David Dorton (11 days ago)
The Order of the Eastern Star.
Major blitz (11 days ago)
I didn't know Mustang Sally was written about her. Ride Sally Ride...hehe
matt fahringer (7 days ago)
@Mark Peden huh i didnt know your were an idiot
Mark Peden (7 days ago)
I was thinking the exact same thing word for word. You beat me to it LOL.......
matt fahringer (10 days ago)
Major blitz huh i didnt know your were an idiot
PS Gary (11 days ago)
Mustang Sally came out years before Sally Ride took her ride into space
Susan Simpson (11 days ago)
Huh? She died of pancreatic cancer??? I thought she blew up with the spaceship!!!???
tom ryan (5 days ago)
@Joseph Costa "What does this this button do?"
Joseph Costa (11 days ago)
The lady Sally ride q🎶🎶🎶 all she wants to do is ride around Sally, ride Sally ride🎶🎶🎶
Joseph Costa (11 days ago)
The women that blew up is christin McCullough
M DeAngelo (11 days ago)
She wasn't on the shuttle
Eye Am Coa (11 days ago)
I just noticed those 3 🎾 balls in her throat WOW! DRAG ON! Oh and all them folks are alive DID NOT BLOW UP smfh
Kaminari Denki (11 days ago)
Hayden H (11 days ago)
All lies, she is still alive.
Stephanie x Becca (11 days ago)
I’m so tired of this 😔
Zelda Williams (11 days ago)
@David Dalrymple holy Mary Mother of God!👀👀👀👀👀
David Dalrymple (11 days ago)
@xnyph what is sad is this is the world we live in, when truthers found one of the pilots alive from 9/11 the news media fast went to work on saying it was his twin brother. Hopefully Bill Barr puts 90% of them away for life.
Peter (11 days ago)
xnyph Sad this is what people watch instead of studying science and engineering.
xnyph (11 days ago)
Faron Cox (11 days ago)
Dinkum Aussie (9 days ago)
matt fahringer nah, I really don’t give a shit, and I can’t believe these idiots are arguing about it.
matt fahringer (10 days ago)
@Dinkum Aussie you're mad that you werent first.
Dinkum Aussie (11 days ago)
You are all tards
Terry Grossmann (11 days ago)
No I wasn’t.
Broken Lions (11 days ago)
I was
Thanus (11 days ago)
pee poo
Brain Drain (11 days ago)
Poo bum Willy bellybutton
Ricardo Hernandez (11 days ago)
Ee oo
misbas.bG (11 days ago)
Broken Lions (11 days ago)