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Architects Cut Through Roof To Convert Carriage House Into Sunbathed Home

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Preserving the antique exterior of an historic building while carving out a contemporary living space is no easy task. Watch as architects Beth O’Neill and Chris McVoy of O’Neill McVoy Architects offer an intimate walkthrough of the methodology behind their transformative renovation of Clinton Hill Courtyard House. By overcoming a series of exacting design and construction challenges, the architects helped convert what was a run-down Brooklyn carriage house into light-filled, spacious home. Still haven’t subscribed to Architectural Digest on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2zl7s34 ABOUT ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST The leading international design authority, Architectural Digest features articles and videos of the best in architecture, style, culture, travel, and shopping. Architects Cut Through Roof To Convert Carriage House Into Sunbathed Home
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Text Comments (141)
Sarah Grace (1 day ago)
I live in GA- our AC bill in the summer is insane- wondering if u could also do radiant cooling?
Pig Black (3 hours ago)
Sarah Grace I have seen it in China
Sarah Grace (1 day ago)
Really cool- thank you ❤️🌟
dasaini (1 day ago)
8:08 gold deadbolt and silver handle? All that attention to detail and that was overlooked?
KIX_LOVE (1 day ago)
This was incredible to watch. Seemed like a great space to begin the project with but I can only say this because the final outcome makes it look so brilliantly well done. Out of this world of a job and the architects look like masterminds in the industry. Thanks AD for always pumping out quality contents !!
Ekaterina EH (6 days ago)
I hope it will be enough light and sun for trees and plants to stay alive inside the house.
The Hammer And Tickle (12 days ago)
Rich people rarely have class/taste. smh
Ana Sandoval (15 days ago)
I'm glad they explained the idea and need behind the eye holes because if they hand't I would've just thought the design was ugly and unnecessary. If they ever do sell the house, best of luck to the new mom(s) and dad(s) who buy this property, hope you're the same height as original mom!
Francesca Pessarelli (15 days ago)
My dream home!!! <3 <3 <3
A (16 days ago)
It reminds of Weeds, when that nagging wife describes the garden as “this is the room where plants come to die”.
Russell (16 days ago)
I find it interesting that in their discussion of the indoor garden in this carriage house these architects made no mention of the original concept which they basically copied: Japanese courtyard gardens. In Japan, courtyard gardens within the walls of a residence or in a small, enclosed space beside them, are known as tsuboniwa (坪庭). This type of Japanese garden first appeared during the Heian era (794 – 1192). These small indoor gardens are often found in machiyas, traditional wooden townhouses still found throughout Japan and typified in the historical capital of Kyoto.
Pig Black (2 hours ago)
Tsuboniwa is borrowed from Chinese Yuanyi style. No need to put a label on everything. And there are many other techniques and styles inspired by many other cultures and architects. These two designers put together designs with their twists to best fit the house and their clients.
tuber (16 days ago)
expensive house with only one small section of continuous counter space....hmmmm
Alicia Raetzell (16 days ago)
Very informative, please more of these videos
Augusto Kist (17 days ago)
Beautiful! The only thing I would change is the wall with the holes in the stair. I'd rather have an ''open'' staircase, without any walls whatsoever encapsulating it
Phenyo Melody Madiba (17 days ago)
Jesse Arias (17 days ago)
umama zakaria (17 days ago)
This house looks so much like the one from the movie When A Stranger Calls.
Yuzan (17 days ago)
I wish videos had an option to stop the background music. It's awful.
Jules Maneki Neko (17 days ago)
It seems a bit whimsical and cute actually. Someone who is looking to design a home like this enjoys the use of natural light (from a prominent source) and abstract concepts of design to incorporate it into all areas of the house.
Bob Boob (18 days ago)
This vid was confusing and annoying.
Shamsa (18 days ago)
Beautiful. Please make more of these
Puneet Singh (18 days ago)
These lovely home are created by only those people who really love there work
Puneet Singh (18 days ago)
The home have ideas which I dreamt as a child to incorporate in my house, like section where nature and light is put in centre of the whole house
Jan (18 days ago)
As an interior architect, this is so thought out. The skylight is complex and they went through the hassle of making custom perforated holes for that staircase. I mean. They couldve just installed railings so the owners could see whats below. But the kitchen is a mess :(
tuber (16 days ago)
they spent all the money on the courtyard and skybox
Little Boots (18 days ago)
if beautiful but what young families can afford this? Wall Street Banksters, BigPharma, *Real estate landlords?* https://www.thenation.com/article/how-to-dump-tenants-and-make-a-fortune-2/
Alookks (18 days ago)
laughing at all the zoom ins of dyson products
Alex Ashimine (18 days ago)
Absolutely love this house
Greg Calleja (19 days ago)
What's the income for that "young" family?🤔
COLBY A. GRAVES (19 days ago)
I think I’m gonna go buy a Dyson now!
Theone ! (19 days ago)
Kekkeyu (19 days ago)
0:51 If money and time isn't on your list of challenges, it isn't a challenge. Maybe next time challenge yourself to make affordable housing on a tight budget in a city that desperately needs it.
Aoudhubillahi (16 days ago)
They're an outstanding team. Their considerations were impressive.
John (19 days ago)
these are some of the most "new york" looking people ever...
Andrew J A Lee (19 days ago)
I love grease on my whine glasses, what an ingenious idea to put open shelves above the range. The shelving and "sky volume" door is at perfect hight as I'm 9 feet tall. Sadly tho the custom (really expensive) eye holes don't line up properly with my eye sight.
Andrew J A Lee (19 days ago)
get up on outta here with my eyeholes
AMK Aktiv (19 days ago)
We designt radiate heate... What a New idea
Beautiful introduction of light, but the space in my opinion, cries out for some biophilic design. That courtyard garden could be a miracle of plant design.
Keffex (20 days ago)
The owners definitely don't have trypophobia.
PG 1҉8 (20 days ago)
Renee Janssen (20 days ago)
So the client needed a holed wall to be able to see her children not just when upstairs or after descending the stairs, but also whilst on the stairs... helicopter parent much?
Wonderment (10 days ago)
Austin Gamboa (13 days ago)
I absolutely see nothing wrong with having such a wall What is wrong with you.
Jules Maneki Neko (17 days ago)
No need to be so judgemental with so little knowledge of the homeowners.
Yakutty’s Channel (20 days ago)
Ooh beautiful
lichi1244eva (20 days ago)
Cute, in my neighborhood
Moorish Brooklyn (20 days ago)
This may not be everyone's dream home but it's this family's dream home and it all came together as perfectly as they could get it to work. With that said, this is actually a very good concept and well designed home.
Velicia Williams (20 days ago)
Gorgeous home. The outdoor space is 👌🏼👌🏼. The radiant heated floor such a plus. Having a home with light flooding in is so beautiful.
David Oaxaca (20 days ago)
Sexy thang 🥰
tejida815 (21 days ago)
I love this house. You had me at courtyard.
Joe Bradley (21 days ago)
What's the one thing that's worse than excessive, in your face advertising? Sneaky advertising...
ean dean (21 days ago)
The wall porferated at eye level is so extra
Tatdarat B (21 days ago)
Those holes in the walls aren't good for people with Trypophobia!
Endika Porter (21 days ago)
I love these incredible unique homes
avicohen2k (21 days ago)
Wow, a serious design video, with designers instead of celebraties and actual design drawings. Unbelievable!
TheOnlyLand (21 days ago)
That perforated wall that angled at eye height for view and light might be the one if the smartest things I’ve EVER seen.
mistaT (12 days ago)
...ever seen, just like those through the wall from her point of view but fr, one of the most ingenious and yet simple solutions I've seen, just li-...
sparkrich (21 days ago)
When I looked at the pic I thought it was the house unsp gaming
MONIA SAMARA (21 days ago)
EMILIE GUILLON - Equitation (21 days ago)
Beautifull design very well thought out. You obviously thought of it as a work of art 😄
†Κδkiiyζ† (21 days ago)
Печка Газовая Это Ацтой..)
緑山太陽 (21 days ago)
The way the light enters is wonderful. divine.
Guy (21 days ago)
Biggest takeaway for me: Uh, TWO writers live here/have enough money to buy this place? They must be famous.
TED CARL (21 days ago)
Probably received a death benefit or trust fund. Lots of boomers burning through their parents and grandparents savings right now.
Solaris#666 (21 days ago)
New York garden....
Winged Things (21 days ago)
The inside of that house looks like the inside of my garage covered in pegboard. Open my garage door and I get just as much light too.
sammy (21 days ago)
one of the nicest smaller homes ive seen
nicole (21 days ago)
wow this is what I’ve always looked for in architectural goals
Jen Honey (21 days ago)
Kent Zoo (21 days ago)
Where is the Carriage house?
Aleks (21 days ago)
Nice work!
LaV C (21 days ago)
Great kitchen and then that’s it. Why are the rich spending money on clinical boring homes?
Ash (21 days ago)
beautiful home, looks million times better. Who can afford it though lol
GT Bracken (21 days ago)
This looks like the house from ex machina
Jdog1681 (21 days ago)
This Dyson marketing campaign is genius. Pat on the back to whoever put it together.
polo 92 (21 days ago)
What a great design ! Simple and detailed , natural light, good proportions and a nice palette of materials 👌
seasong (21 days ago)
Your house is so clean I thought it was rendered at first
JGElías (21 days ago)
This is how many times they said *_volume(s)_* 👇🏾
Amrit Pal Gill (21 days ago)
Not as brilliant as potential
hugglescake (21 days ago)
Reiterate: Why are people so afraid of color?
kristin (10 days ago)
I find modern homes in Europe much more imaginative and colorful. Drain in America is very bland colors.
Aleks (21 days ago)
hugglescake so you didnt understand what i was trying to say...i already said that trends are only the secondary issue to this. It is about the fact that you want to keep the palette clean because you dont want to enforce any emotions or „aura“ to the space such as this one. Please check out new architectural projects comparing their use in context with their colours. I can guarantee you that most recent buldings, mostly public, will want to use colours because you can create an atmosphere with that. Now again also the fact that there is a chance of you wanting to change colours in the future is already something you want to avoid as an architect. Apart from the costs there is also the issue of labour that you have to put into the process of mixing up the palette. You dont want your living space to be a construction site every 6 years or so.
CcchrissS (21 days ago)
​@hugglescake I think the architects/owners of this house achieved plenty depth... with the play of natural light on the walls, materiality, ie. the textural changes of the natural brick vs the lime washed brick, the use of natural woods (oak) for their cabinetry, oversized vistas to the outside, their collection of art on the walls, antique rugs on the floor, etc, etc. I would say it's just a more sophisticated kind of depth ; think more of an Audrey Hepburn kind of palette and less Circus Clown face-makeup kind of palette.
hugglescake (21 days ago)
@Aleks If it's your mantra to be trendy, so be it but I'm not talking of trends. There is no depth to what's going on in the house. People are afraid of taking chances and, basically, standing out. Considering the cost of the house, painting the walls is an insignificant endeavor and furniture wears out.
Shankar Keshav (21 days ago)
This is it. This is what I want my home to be
paul sehstedt (21 days ago)
Lots of good solutions. Well done!
Sona Swamy (21 days ago)
Please do a video of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's new house, they just bought in echino. I saw some pictures and it's amazing.
Mariza Vögtli (21 days ago)
Jami Penttila (21 days ago)
Imagine having custom holes 🤔
hades (21 days ago)
mrpmj00 (21 days ago)
I like the skylights. I love the garden BUT you just took away valuable square footage and I think it's worth it. The only thing I don't like is the stair openings between the steps, in which a very young child could fall through (which is also a big NO SALE for me if I had very young children). I like the openings but maybe close it off a little so that a young child cannot fit through, or insert clear acrylic sheets in the openings. I totally disagree with wood above the stove which could catch fire or be charred.
Steven Hill (21 days ago)
This was rather calming to watch.
Brandon Burrell (21 days ago)
puertousbmonkey (22 days ago)
SIXC (22 days ago)
Love the work on light volumes.
Kale Brecht (22 days ago)
Beth and Chris reminded me of a younger version of American Gothic.
Bruce Tran (22 days ago)
those white plywood walls looks so cheap up close
Stephen Judd (22 days ago)
Beautiful. The light and courtyard are wonderful.
NYK WHY (22 days ago)
Thank you Dyson.
Peke's Repose (22 days ago)
light art cool 😀
Enhle Marley Mabuza (22 days ago)
I love this
steven189111 (22 days ago)
Beth - A house update - a hair style update?
Jack Snow (22 days ago)
I love this, I'd just be stuck staring into the skylight if I lived there. I do not like the brick wall and the stick-to-shutter say of closing that window blind
End Times Watcher (22 days ago)
This project ended up being beautiful!I love how u made use of space and connecting the exterior with the interior and keeping the integrity of the house!
Chris Mccullough (22 days ago)
Peaceful and Satisfying...I would had used glass instead of the perforated walls
Apocalypse Maow (21 days ago)
yeah, should've used a 4 ton, two story tall piece of glass xD
Caitlyn G. (21 days ago)
And fingerprint smudges
rm brooklyn (21 days ago)
@Spamonfire Plus the shine of glass would be distracting.
Spamonfire (21 days ago)
No definitely use the perforated walls, it maintains the zoning while introducing an interesting texture
Zeke 2Fly (22 days ago)
Am I the only person that thinks this look bad?
ian neverson (21 days ago)
Pinkbunny27 (21 days ago)
Zeke 2Fly No, it's hideous 😟
Wylunda Webster (21 days ago)
Especially the decor
Amisha Shah (22 days ago)
5.19 where did they get that antique from?
garry G Ballard (22 days ago)
Jeremy Smith (22 days ago)
This is beautiful. Well done. I love the perforated wall w angled holes. Genius. One question that I've always wondered: how do you get the stairs sticking off the wall to be strong enough? What holds them up?
Jeremy Smith (21 days ago)
@garry G Ballard oh ok. So the stairs are sitting on brackets connected to the two walls. That makes sense. I just don't get what the perforated wall is connected to up above and how it gets stability. I guess from the stairs?
Jeremy Smith (22 days ago)
@garry G Ballard the stairs are holding up the wall, not the other way around. Right? I didn't see the brackets.Just tiny metal hooks. I'll have to look again
garry G Ballard (22 days ago)
Even though the wall is holly (😳) it doesn't hinder its structural strength. Plus did you see the steel stair brackets ?
Mary Nu (22 days ago)
It looks like they treat waitstaff like garbage lol
simon lezenk (22 days ago)
You built it for old rich folks , which young family could afford this😂😂
MT Yankin (20 days ago)
Rich old folks have to live somewhere too, no?
Tee X (20 days ago)
The ones who own the house
Puff Of Smoke (20 days ago)
Well, if you can commission two architects to make a bespoke house for you, then you are a made man or woman.
CcchrissS (21 days ago)
poor people aren't worthy of architectural design...
David Zafra (21 days ago)
every rich young family can
Jishan Mallick (22 days ago)
My kinda vibe
venu kumar (22 days ago)
graet work