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Mourinho tells funny Balotelli story

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Real Madrid head coach, José Mourinho tells CNN a story about one of his former players at Inter Milan, Mario Balotelli.
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Text Comments (571)
Pranav (1 day ago)
Mario pls
Mustafa Abdulkareem (8 days ago)
TheRangers 21 (10 days ago)
He Must’ve been Fuming 😂
GGsport GGsport (11 days ago)
🌾😂😂 I believe that
TrillzTube (11 days ago)
G Y (11 days ago)
Let's be honest,Pogba is even more balotelli
Just The Highlights (11 days ago)
*Mario plz*
Silent Ninja (12 days ago)
Did Mourinho just laugh?!
Adil Jakatoore Ahmed (13 days ago)
He probably had spend 90 mins on Luke shaw positioning on the field in his 2 years man utd matches lool, so 14 mins on Mario not seem too bad
Adil Jakatoore Ahmed (13 days ago)
He was mad that night I tell u that, now he is joking about it
Hester Liong (16 days ago)
HAHAHA.. this one got me laugh
Odus Aiguobs (18 days ago)
I love watching this video over and over all over again so funny 😂😂😂
elmounji (21 days ago)
I'm done hahahaha it can be a good joke
Brothers & Bestfriends (28 days ago)
Am I the only arsenal fan who loves mourinho ❤️great man great leader ❤️
Godot (29 days ago)
“Don’t touch anybody...no erection”
Jess Valentine (1 month ago)
Yitz yitzkhak (1 month ago)
He jst Sinks.... 14minuts for marios 😂 😂 😂
Ikhsan Milan (1 month ago)
Haahahhaah Mario 😁😂
Muhammad Irfani (1 month ago)
Mario benar, morinho berkata saya tidak bisa mengganti. Dan, balloteli tidak perlu di ganti. Dia keluar dengan sendirinya. 😂
Akash Kunte (1 month ago)
Yeah! Book of comedy of errors.
Dobby The Free Elf (1 month ago)
that made me laugh unexpectedly
dark matter (1 month ago)
Balloteli was just baboon
Sports Variety (1 month ago)
You're a baboon too. Haha
Ratko Milutinović (1 month ago)
Muuuuhahaha 😂 Mario whyyy??? xD 🤣
MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day! (1 month ago)
Just Aria (1 month ago)
Mario Pls mario
Sub Zer0 (1 month ago)
Mario pls😂💀
Thuon Jambaka Nyakwar Anuro (1 month ago)
Min 46 *kickass* !!!!
Aamirr Hhhzz (1 month ago)
“Minutes 46,red card” simply mario😂
BARTISism (2 months ago)
funny story, but unfortunately Eto was in starting 11 so that is not true he did not have any striker and Ballotelli was sent off in a minute of 60th ;-)
Bj Jj (2 months ago)
It really a comedy story!! 😂😂👍
Andrés Vargas (2 months ago)
he's a good story teller
Gda Rippa (2 months ago)
Super Mario doesn’t give a fuck
Mr Fantaman (2 months ago)
Mourinho changing the facts to suit his version of history yet again.... LIE: "Mario gets a yellow card in minute 42/43" FACT: Mario booked in 20th minute. LIE: "All my strikers were injured, no Eto''o". FACT: Eto'o played 90mins of that match. LIE: 46 minutes, red card Mario. FACT: Balotelli sent off in 60th min.
Dj Lazzlow (2 months ago)
Back when he hasn't get sacked..
Iam Deadlypool (2 months ago)
Minute 46 😂😂😂
Gio Gvarianashvili (2 months ago)
Balotelli is such a tool
Carsten Möller (3 months ago)
Tom Sagar (3 months ago)
Old but gold
ZixZax Zol (3 months ago)
No reaction! Lol
Josue M A (3 months ago)
Cant wait to hear Pogba's Story.
BWMIM 9 (3 months ago)
Peter H (2 months ago)
Gonna be horror genre
Micky Antiforms (3 months ago)
For the smart guys: Eto'o started the game, but Mou was used to sacrifice him and play him behind, so they would counter Attack faster. Hard strategy, but worth a Champions League.
John Kennedy Ekene (3 months ago)
Today, look at Mario, he singlehandedly destroyed his own football career. Such a waste of talent.
I Rule Hyrule (3 months ago)
Never seen Jose smile/laugh until now..
Sunny M (3 months ago)
He lost his smile. Hope.you are alright Jose
H A (3 months ago)
I sink that’s funny 😆
Lla derat (3 months ago)
It is a funny story but Jose is lying, first of all Eto`o was playing all 90mins and secondly it wasnt 42-43` yellow card it was 20` and second yellow was not in 46` it was in 60`. So yeah.... (source: https://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/history/season=2010/matches/round=2000028/match=2000390/index.html?iv=true )
Kevin Maguire (3 months ago)
Piss flaps.
Daryl Dias (3 months ago)
pogba was the most problematic player
Börsen Kalender (3 months ago)
The red card was actually in minute 60 🤔
Mr Popo (3 months ago)
Hahaha Juve merda.
Dom W (3 months ago)
Gd one😁
Black Rose Love (3 months ago)
Vincent Productions (3 months ago)
nah, Wario is definitely more problematic than Mario, get your shit together jose.
Abdirahem Faisal (3 months ago)
Mario please 😂😂 Fantastic coach Mourinho
Italia 1897 (3 months ago)
TheMrAnthony (3 months ago)
You fucking snowflakes see racists everywhere,get a life you lemon.
becky2 casandra (3 months ago)
it was funny conversation
the womble (3 months ago)
Mario was a virus! i sink.
ndm nesto (3 months ago)
26DeislerFCB (3 months ago)
Tony Marshall (3 months ago)
I miss Jose, wish it worked out at United
Johnny Chen (3 months ago)
A minute 46 Red Card.
Androandroandrica Len (3 months ago)
mario pls...
dcs10291 (3 months ago)
Uareafool (3 months ago)
What is so funny about Mario? Jose the special cock is funnier now looking at what Sojkaer has achieved
Fabian S (3 months ago)
yes it's funny but it's not true.. eto'o started also in this game and balotelli got his red card after 60 minutes and not 46 https://www.skysports.com/football/rubin-vs-inter/teams/109325
Ertan Yilmaz (3 months ago)
mario pls 😂
Sumer Rana (3 months ago)
Why always Mario?
Dmytro Ivasiuk (3 months ago)
cnn = fake news
Roberto Acceri (3 months ago)
balotelli is an idiot like most of people of his race
Roberto Acceri (3 months ago)
+Dangrg lick my ass
Dangrg (3 months ago)
Roberto Acceri Italians too
masters cooper (3 months ago)
so funny
slim 2060 (3 months ago)
Wanna know a funny Mourinho story? He went to Manchester as the special one and came back as nothing special.. and is now called who is that one
INTERISTA X SEMPRE (3 months ago)
Emre Evcimen (3 months ago)
and that...was a lie.
ThatOnePerson (4 months ago)
Alaistar Cook (4 months ago)
The Happy One ! ;)
qwertyuiop asdfghjkl (4 months ago)
Back when Mourinho used to be happy
Afro_Samurai 2000 (2 days ago)
What is the story?
Comrade Hellas (3 days ago)
Sad story
Rosmery Sultana Rony (4 months ago)
Minute 46!
mike robin (4 months ago)
who's here after he got fired from Man u??
Micky Antiforms (3 months ago)
He was bored at Manchester, getting fired for a coach Is Better than Just leaving...It pays more!
DeV (4 months ago)
TEE MOORE (4 months ago)
Who came after sacked MOURINHO FROM MU? 18.12.2018
En?gma Music (4 months ago)
I deffo came after they finally sacked him.....
Manuel Cardoso (4 months ago)
Two Portuguese having a conversation in english...
Hardcore Football Fanatic (4 months ago)
En Light (4 months ago)
No erection... mario plz
WeWantYouToStay (4 months ago)
Look how happy he used to be
Winston Craig (4 months ago)
Did u hear the one about the twat thought he was a football manager ?turned out he was a water carrier🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zakria Mohammed (4 months ago)
No he is ruining man utd thanks jose
Vinitoes Bannanos (4 months ago)
He was send off at minute 60, not 46
Ronny Sutjiady (4 months ago)
This always make me laugh really hard 😂😂😂
Alfa Romeo 33 (4 months ago)
Cnn fake news
Lionel Messi Official (4 months ago)
Mario pls
arcangelo castiel (4 months ago)
You only laugh because Balotelli is black, racism
aviator2492 (5 months ago)
National Geographic viewers watch this. 💀
En Light (5 months ago)
I sink this is funny
Prospera 93 (5 months ago)
Prospera 93 (5 months ago)
Sean Robinson JR (5 months ago)
Samuel Eto'o played the whole game, and Mario Balotelli got a yellow card in the 20 min, and the second yellow in 60 min. I guess twisting the story makes it better. They also played with 2 strikers in that game. They could have easily changed the formation to 1 striker.
MrMoesicka (4 months ago)
btw he always twists reality for his own benefit.
MrMoesicka (4 months ago)
your correct, but its still funny.
Kshitiz Acharya (5 months ago)
Not problematic they were funny. Now Mou, how's Pogba doing??
The Anomity (5 months ago)
Minute 46, red card. Hahahahahah
320speed (5 months ago)
That's funny as fuck lol. Classic Gold
J S D (5 months ago)
Look how healthy and happy mou looks here. So different to how he does now at United