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Bubba Watson goes driver-driver-putt for eagle at Kapalua (2011)

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In the first round of the 2011 Hyundai Tournament of Champions, Bubba Watson uses a driver off the deck on par-5 18th at Kapalua to get on the green in two, then holes the putt for eagle. . SUBSCRIBE to PGA TOUR now: Welcome to the official YouTube channel of the PGA TOUR. Here you can find everything you need to stay up to date with the world’s foremost golf tour.. Check in for highlights from every tournament plus player interviews, player profiles, tournament previews, swing analysis and all the greatest shots and amazing moments. Teryn Schaefer presents the best social media posts from around the world of golf in ‘Trending on TOUR' and after each day's play brings you the biggest talking points in 'The Takeaway'. Check out for complete coverage along with all the latest news, scoring, and stats! Follow PGA TOUR online: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: SoundCloud: Sign up for exclusive coverage - PGA TOUR Superstore -
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Text Comments (591)
juan alt (2 days ago)
bubba watson (5 days ago)
24K Sports (7 days ago)
Big driver off the fairway
roger peet (25 days ago)
When they say, 'He's never had a lesson', I don't always believe it. Even 10 minutes getting tips from a guy is a lesson.
Showme Dumuny (1 month ago)
Hubba Bubba 👍
Spencer Nokela (1 month ago)
So much hatred on the internet nowadays.
Stu Sargent (1 month ago)
Cinderella boy from Augusta about to become US Open Champion! He’s about 350 yards out. He’s got an 8 iron!! ⛳️🏌🏼‍♂️Ohh!!! 😮He got all a dat one!!! It’s?? it’s in the hole! It’s in the hole!!!👨🏼‍🌾
Defy Convention (1 month ago)
Metal God (1 month ago)
And to think he wanted to quit the game, not too long ago.
tntkop (1 month ago)
Big deal. I hit slices like that off the tee all the time. And I’m playing from the WHITE tees too, not the tips. Big woo Bubba. 🙄
Joey Garcia (1 month ago)
pendragyn777 (1 month ago)
RIP Anthony Kim
Methodic L (1 month ago)
Now I'm completely convinced that bubba is an android. In fact b.u.b.b.a. Probably stands for Best Unbelievable Ball Bashing Android. Or something like that. I'm sure people out there can come up with more.
Danny Ferguson (1 month ago)
People mock the guy for certain things but this guy can play golf and do things other players can’t even imagine
Danny Ferguson (1 month ago)
Flat Effect great words 👏👏
Methodic L (1 month ago)
The only people that mock him are those with no skill for this game and are jealous because after 5000 lessons they still suck. What bubba does is not teachable.
K D (1 month ago)
I can do that..
Dwayne Butler (1 month ago)
Cobb Knobbler (1 month ago)
I can't stand Bubba, but I remember watching that live. Amazing.
John B (3 months ago)
only sighting of bubba smiling
PopularMMos 0000 (5 months ago)
nice shot
Kingsway Country Club (5 months ago)
What a great talent! Love watching Bubba hit shots like these!
saggypants4 (5 months ago)
The pros have such an advantage over amateurs with the courses they play. No common course would’ve given that roll onto the green like that. Still an awesome shot.
peter brown (5 months ago)
Love to see Sandy Lyle in his driving prime play that hole
peter brown (5 months ago)
.uck it Lyle would use a 3 wood for the 2nd shot!
jason leclaire (5 months ago)
Why did he use the driver twice
mindofalunitc (5 months ago)
Only thing about the range is.its not forgiving.
mindofalunitc (5 months ago)
Everybody should practice with there Driver off the ground. You would be suprised how easy it gets..
James Colvin (5 months ago)
It's actually quite easy to do if you practice practice practice
2678dhetysjk (5 months ago)
HighCurrent11 (5 months ago)
He did EXACTLY what he imagined at the tee. Thats about as boss as it gets...
pabs211 (5 months ago)
The putt made the shot what it was
djordan22 (6 months ago)
Driver off the turf is riskier than nutting in the box.
Bevyn Prasad (6 months ago)
How can you dislike this? Come on
stripervince1 (2 months ago)
Thats not hard to do. Every shot i hit with my driver carves 50 yards. Lol.........Wow. Unreal. PLUS HE EAGLES IT!!! Check out that smile at 1:02. Priceless
girlsrockurboyz (6 months ago)
old tigeresque?
Henri C (6 months ago)
Why not just putt with his driver?🤪
888Industries 640015 (6 months ago)
I don’t get how 160 people didn’t like this vid 😂 wtf
Adam Barnett (6 months ago)
What a stupid shot. And he makes the putt. Legendary.
Christian Oskarsson (6 months ago)
driver shot on a downhill slope, why the f not? haha
Reuben Ahmed (6 months ago)
Bubba does it, his way.
Tom Hill (6 months ago)
0:56 goooddd clear your throat!
skyy2 (6 months ago)
Being a lefty helped big time there ...being righty and trying to draw that shot in with a driver would have been very tough ...just sayin...
pierrot mtc (6 months ago)
le vrai golf et pas celui des culs serrés
Arctic Gummibear (7 months ago)
Nice to watch truly elite golfers.
Sludge (7 months ago)
I can’t stand bubba. But this is the greatest eagle I have ever seen. 🦅
Drone Fishing (7 months ago)
I hit driver off the deck all the never goes well for me.
dafield (7 months ago)
Shooters shoot, lefties slice, please help out
Larry Emert (7 months ago)
insane hand eye coordination
Ryan Walsh (7 months ago)
Behind the match decider at Augusta, that’s easily the best shot he’s ever hit, unreal
Nathan Conner (7 months ago)
Who would've thought a guy with a name like "Bubba" would hit a golf shot like that.
Elmo Blatch (7 months ago)
It's amazing that a golfer with such poor technique can hit it so well...just atrocious.
arttime timeart (8 months ago)
golf vids
I like turtles (8 months ago)
It's 2019 and I still can't get over that shot
Corek BleedingHollow (8 months ago)
If I tried that with a driver off the deck, I would've topped the shit out of it. How did he do that???
Milky Way Galaxy (8 months ago)
Freakishly talented. Like his back to back chip ins at the 2018 Players Championship. On #7 and #8.
Me Too (8 months ago)
Modern drivers I thought were meant to be hit on a ascending did he pull this off oh I know he's got more skills then i
Elmo Blatch (8 months ago)
He is such an idiot, but what an amazing shot maker.
jrfoleyjr (8 months ago)
I love the "Bubba grin" as he is walking up the fairway after that incredible second shot.
Blx5 (8 months ago)
Just played this hole from the tips last week. I had watched this clip quite a few times in anticipation of playing Kapalua. After actually playing this hole, I hate to say that I'm far less impressed by this video. There is far more topography than the camera shows, which allows the ball to travel much further downhill than you'd expect. This green is quite reachable in two for any decent golfer that can drive the ball 300 yards off the tee. The placement of his tee shot is on the right side of the fairway, which is about 40-50 yards further away from the hole than where you would want to play it. If he had been in proper position with his tee shot, he would have had an easy 3 or 4 iron into the green. With that said....still a wonderfully creative shot that took a non-ideal lie and turned it into an eagle. That's the difference between the pros and the rest of us!
Matt Yellowhorse (8 months ago)
I can now say when I slice with my driver, I'll tell my buds I'm carving the driver y'all wouldn't get it.
Peter Cavellini (9 months ago)
It’s a stupid long Hole even for most of the Pros, and for us Handicappers it’s a four shot hole to get on the putting surface, getting a Par is like getting a Birdie .😎
Glenn Daniels (9 months ago)
Glenn Daniels (9 months ago)
thevmanvj (9 months ago)
Unreal .
Tj Mckenzie (9 months ago)
Watson is one of the all-time most talented golfers. Never had a lesson. Hits the tar out of the ball, and is great around the greens. I loved watching him in the Ryder Cup, hitting the ball 340 yards off the first tee with the crowd screaming behind his back.
Weeztonio (9 months ago)
Aizad Arif (9 months ago)
What driver did he use?? Is it G15?
harrysj7077 (10 months ago)
wow he's amazing
Corek BleedingHollow (10 months ago)
Someone tell me how the hell he didn't top the shit out of that ball.
breadfan262 (15 hours ago)
TheHackman44 (10 months ago)
yeah, but he's still a F head!
Quinn Jenkins (10 months ago)
That guy who talks and says “that is the best golf shot of the year” needs to clear his damn throat that’s nasty
Anonymous Poster (10 months ago)
How is 3 under a 70??
Blx5 (8 months ago)
Par is actually 73 at the Plantation Course (36 on the first nine and 37 on the second). It's not the typical 72 that you see at most courses.
MSTRFKRT (10 months ago)
driver, driver, 10-footer
David Larson (10 months ago)
Big deal... I do that every time without even trying.
Jacqueline Owens (10 months ago)
Big deal! I drive like that all the time!
Borderline Alcoholic (10 months ago)
Why is he so disliked? The guy's a fucking genius with a golf club.
Nigel B (10 months ago)
That was rubbish i can slice way more than that
Fredzonefazbear Bigwilly (10 months ago)
I hit a carve with a driver every time it isn’t that special but then 303 yards isn’t to bad of the deck to 10 feet
rojan lopez (10 months ago)
Im Daegun (10 months ago)
Yes indeed a CARVE
jrfoleyjr (11 months ago)
I have watched this a dozen times and am awed by this display of golf prowess.
Graham Roth (11 months ago)
I don’t get it. He took 3 shots on this hole. The title says driver driver putt. But you guys don’t show the first drive? Come on!
Golfzilla1961 (11 months ago)
I played Kapalua. I went 3 wood 3 wood....oh I forgot, then wedge to the green to a very similar pin position. 😎
Transcendent Studios (1 year ago)
This man makes hitting a slice look GOOD
Grayson Nicol (1 year ago)
hit keys 7,8,9....using illegal driver
Mark Mark (1 year ago)
The circumstances are different for every shot on everyday. I hit a 300 yard 3 wood last month, my fellow players called bullshit on it, so I dropped a ball and did it again. Tail wind, light long grass for a flyer, it was all there for the shot. Other days I might struggle for 200 yards. Bubba's shot was awesome indeed, with incredible result, but not as hard as some of you think. Imagine the hole in reverse for a right hander, many of you could do that with a wild swing and natural (for you) slicing strike.
Methodic L (1 month ago)
So I take it your on the tour?
speedwayman100 (7 months ago)
but to fade it like that with a driver off the deck was amazing
Scarlett Johansson +18 vide|os ♥
Scarlett Johansson +18 vi-deos ♥
coopertrooper (1 year ago)
99 people are just jelly
Brian Rapp (1 year ago)
ernie cortes (1 year ago)
remember his winning playoffshot during the masters
Carp Studio's (1 year ago)
I'm reluctant to try that shot on my son's X-Box.
J P Lotzkar (1 year ago)
what're the name of the two announcers?
khanage666 (1 year ago)
Bubba is fun to watch... He isn't a conventional golfer... He makes the game exciting !
roger peet (1 year ago)
That was easy .......... to watch.
cyuiyu wyguiyui (1 year ago)
Moe Norman used to do shit like this.. Caddie: Use a driver and a 8 iron and you are on the green. Moe: I teed off with the 8 iron instead and used the driver on the second shot to reach the green..
Lordeverfall100 (1 year ago)
that is AMAZING!!!
Foxtrot Family Law (1 year ago)
Best part of this is that he made the putt. Love following a great shot or chip with a stone cold perfect putt.
Tony Begley (1 year ago)
Thats the best shot ive EVER seen and I'm 120 years old!!!!!
mitchell powell (1 year ago)
i hate his hat.
Jacob Croix (1 year ago)
Just played this course this morning...didn't exactly do as well as Bubba.
Jake Crowl (1 year ago)
The goat