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The Biggest PORT in the World 2016 - Shanghai port Yangshan Deep Water Port

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The Biggest PORT in the World 2016 - Shanghai port Yangshan Deep Water Port Yangshan Port (Chinese: 洋山港, p Yángshān Gǎng), formally the Yangshan Deep-Water Port (洋山深水港, p Yángshān Shēnshuǐ Gǎng), is a deep water port for container ships in Hangzhou Bay south of Shanghai. Connected to Shanghai's Pudong New Area by the Donghai Bridge and forming part of the Port of Shanghai, the islands of Greater and Lesser Yangshan are administered separately as part of Zhejiang's Shengsi County. Built to allow the Port of Shanghai to grow despite shallow waters near the shore, it allows berths with depths of up to 15 metres (49 ft) to be built, and can handle today's largest container ships. The port is built on the islands of Greater and Lesser Yangshan, part of the Zhoushan archipelago, with fill from land reclamation. It is connected to the mainland via the 32.5 km (20.2 mi) Donghai Bridge, opened on 1 December 2005 as the world's longest sea bridge. The six-lane highway bridge took 6,000 workers two and half years to construct.In mid-2011, port officials said the port was on track to move 12.3 million TEUs during the year, up from 10.1 million TEUs in 2010 The great world, The great world playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cliiZXh-NPc&list=PLGBuNtvUJdRIgwzrO3yJnRCcGAAYONAlH
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ShakespeareCafe (9 days ago)
The unsung heroes here are the tugboat skippers. Harbor pilots in the San Francisco Bay make $350,000 a year!
Artemirr Lazaris (27 days ago)
The port could be advanced, for loading efficieny and proficiency. If the doc had a creative approach, massive amount of crates could be loaded in a few minutes. Saving loading times. Redesigning on the boat docs and loads and or sea oeprations could also increase its sail and load ability, or speed. Although most likely a terrible idea. I always wondered about a transatlantic tube or asia tube. Sends goods through a tube, lol or a submarine type transport. :D Many ways to transport. but serlf driving crates in which robots load and unload and organize is probably faster. If the creates are self navigating and driving, they oculd even, transport themselves!
Mohammad Karbaschi (29 days ago)
And US competes only in missiles an weapons
thomas (29 days ago)
So crane driver had work plans on display in real time per container, draw up done by computer cvt camera verified but 18 Forman to oversee on each 18 canes follow the list. Stacking has to do with muti destinations drop off, no error.
marcel bienefeld (29 days ago)
It would be also a good idea for Kaliningrad (Königsberg) to construct for Russia an ice-free harbour, what would reduce the importance of Syria for Russia making political solutions possible. When ice comes to the coast, you have to construct by dragging in the Sea. For that reason we have constructes the Jade-Weser Port. And the North-East-Sea Channel could be widened to Panamax size. The bridges in the Levensau are already high enough for that purpose.
Arshad Ali (1 month ago)
Kazi Hossain (1 month ago)
Bangalee, or Bangladeshi can do no thing
Allen Lichner (1 month ago)
China is an ambitious nation. They are using their brains. America can’t compete anymore
A T28 (1 month ago)
Its unfair china is using real world cheat code. This is amazing
Joe John (1 month ago)
Mike Bennett (1 month ago)
Very interesting. George Dudley "Doc" Galligan, my great uncle, a merchant marine captain who could sail anywhere on any sea, would have loved this story. I remember when he told me about the future of shipping when it would go to "CONTAINERS." He was dead on right!
Yimin Wu (1 month ago)
wout van den heuvel (1 month ago)
Thanks voor de video , Shanghai is the greatest harbour in the world a littel smaller is Rotterdam.
Owen Prescott (1 month ago)
This should be made into a video game
Suzuki Torben (1 month ago)
29:40 Seems legit :D
magellanmax (2 months ago)
Impressive! I guess this is how they figured how to build the artificial islands in the South China Seas.
Ryan (2 months ago)
I am only surprised that there are still humans moving the cranes and placing the boxes. Seems like a job fit for robots.
Jim Lo (1 month ago)
already automatically controled by AI now.
Jacob Castle (2 months ago)
Adon Lando (2 months ago)
Who would have thought? Capitalism at its greatest, in China.
Am Pm (2 months ago)
china is going good. Bless.
Julian Reischl (2 months ago)
How about producing more stuff locally instead of creating ever bigger shipping capacities?
Toby Plays (2 months ago)
I’ve been there, amazing structures
SoCalFreelance (2 months ago)
China's massive infrastructure projects are a thrill to behold. An amazing time to be alive watching their rise to power.
Agent 47 (2 months ago)
Chinese "goods"? You mean "bads"! So that's how this Chinese shit makes it to our country.
Zhang Sheng Li (2 months ago)
Agent 47 well, your keyboard seems to be working fine. Guess what, it’s MADE IN CHINA. So are your tables, chairs, cloths, PCs, and the list goes on.
Agent 47 (2 months ago)
The fact is- EVERYTHING that says "Made in China" is junk, doesn't last long, breaks or just falls apart after a short time. Some of the crap making it out of there is just plain dangerous, with the shitty electronics schematics that they make electronics with.
Nic Phan (2 months ago)
Agent 47 yep the shit your US companies braught to China to be made and you blame China for your shit that's made in China.
Bee be Cee (2 months ago)
Daniel HHO Hydrogen Donatelli (2 months ago)
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Biker Boiy (2 months ago)
The is interesting but I gave you thumbs down as you NEED TO LEARN MUSIC and NARRATION DO NOT MIX one or the other talking is sufficient the music is distracting.
Chandra Reddy (2 months ago)
Amazing China ,,,, hard work
Chandra Reddy (2 months ago)
lvzong Song 👌👍
lvzong Song (2 months ago)
Chandra Reddy love u
Dragos Panescu (2 months ago)
Never ceases to surprise me and the rest of the world... this is Confucius China in full swing... go China !
Phil Sykes (2 months ago)
Err....guys....29.40...look up! WTF?
Yatish Shelke (3 months ago)
I'm saddened by the way India's busiest ports operate. Labor problems, congestions, slow AF.... and they say we want to beat China?? I'm amazed and stunned by the STS cranes and the way they were transported to save erection time of six months!!! Salute to you guys!
Jim Pikoulis (3 months ago)
Bhanghai port Yangshan
Jeff Cockmann (3 months ago)
china is doing something pretty big right now, the new silk road. Its a 900 billion dollar project.
David Houma (3 months ago)
I have a feeling that China will also do this great work in Tonga.
AJIT CHAUDHURY (3 months ago)
https://www.change.org/p/prime-minister-narendra-modi-remove-the-caste-based-reservation-system-2?recruiter=497386922&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=302200 SIGN THE PETITION TO MAKE INDIA RESERVATION FREE
Robert Jensen (3 months ago)
Just imagine the amount of rice it takes to feed all those workers each day. It must be brought in by an entire fleet of semi-trailer trucks each day at noon.
maganojr (3 months ago)
What china didn't know is all develop countries are killing their nation.all those toxic producing products are moving in to china.maybe 20 to 30 yrs from now.china will become a toxic wasteland.
William Wonka (3 months ago)
hit em with tariffs trump, slow that port right down
Nic Phan (2 months ago)
William Wonka China's new silk road will leave the US scrambling in circles. China will cut off US trade and trade with its neighbors.
georgewu5 (3 months ago)
3,000 coming in and 3,000 going out in two days. moving 30 containers per hour. Well my container housing needs to insert 30 containers per floor in an hour and 1,500 per tower in two days with the steel structure pre- built. At $2,.000 per container. I probably can build the cheapest and fastest housing in the world. There are hundreds of thousands of homeless people in China , the U.S.A., Europe, Africa everywhere . The containers are my tools to solve the housing problems in the world. I have the plans and details to do just that. I am ready . George Wu, ARCHITECT, A.I.A., NCARB 2018-4-7 georgewuarchitect@gmail.com
Justin Sane (3 months ago)
The editing in this video is harsh. Too many flashes of nonsense filler frames. What is the point of editing together scenes so fast, the can't be seen.
m0rthaus (3 months ago)
MmMmmmmm.. smoggy
Unknown (3 months ago)
so in 2000 years they've built 4 cool things? What the first minute of show implied to me. lol
Harrison Hunter (3 months ago)
I don't understand why they wouldn't build a railway for that bridge. Trains are over ten times more efficient and you don't run the risk of crashing. it's not like they need the road to transport peopel, seems like a waste.
Gregory Kemi (3 months ago)
The biggest junk-spreader on the planet.
Nic Phan (2 months ago)
Yet they keep coming back for more. No one ask you to buy. But it's what keeps your economy going. 😂😂😂
Francis (3 months ago)
Greg lol...
Lit Username (3 months ago)
Gregory Kemi sounds like your mum's street name
Exogenous (3 months ago)
Gregory Kemi Yeah youd rather
Gregory Kemi (3 months ago)
I can't afford junk .. I rather pay x5 the price to get things that lasts more than just a short time.
Pork Wontons (3 months ago)
great piloting...
Andy Appan (3 months ago)
Leonardo Iglesias (3 months ago)
Amazing! Americans need to catch up and stop worrying about gender identity issues! How pathetic! We are becoming a brainless nation.  Remedy? Hop on the Trump train!
Toon Nufc (3 months ago)
At least its its one thing they didnt just copy
Levar Allen (3 months ago)
how did they pull off this massive, huge, vast etc amount of work? Amazing tho.
Andy Ma (3 months ago)
GREAT , best shipping price and service China/Asia to World andyma@cnwlogistics.com skype:amoupll
KubaJ100 (3 months ago)
Terrible port from navigators' point of view. Traffic density is HUGE, fishing boats are everywhere with their nets and communication is very difficult because of constant yapping in chinese on the radio. Loading and discharging is quite fast, but you cannot speak with stevedores and even some officials, because those idiots don't speak english.
神武天皇徐福 (26 days ago)
George Campbell (3 months ago)
Looks like we are headed for a nasty trade war. Activity at the port may slow down. Trade wars hurt the little guy most.
Birjit Leishangthem (3 months ago)
Amazing......I luv it......
eri k wilson (3 months ago)
I wish people would give us the metric to standard conversion. I know, I am old but I loose interest when I have to keep figuring out the conversion to feet
Kissa Deff (1 month ago)
eri k wilson For about the millionth time on here: Its LOSE, Not "LOOSE" !!! Christ, can anybody fg spell anymore ???
bob sanders (3 months ago)
chineese port made in china
LinKun林鲲 (4 months ago)
What is even more surprising is that Shanghai Port is already an automated unmanned port using AI technology. In the past, many restaurants here to provide food for workers but it has now disappeared.
pass iton (4 months ago)
What an engineering project!
Justin Xie (4 months ago)
when was this documentary made? perhaps at least a decade ago.
Davo UpNYa (4 months ago)
Great work China, but why is there so many waves in the decking (roadway) of your bridge it makes it look unstable. Or does it serve as drainage or something like that ?? Pray for world Peace !!!
CEN TRAL (4 months ago)
I liked the beds / dormantries
Stanley Loynes (4 months ago)
Wow just wow most amazing thing I ever seen, being over seas will be amazing.. Thanks for video
Killer99215 (4 months ago)
Gudrun Maersk is 366 meters long. The Eiffeltower is 324 meters tall. Just to get the facts right.
Alice Rabbit (4 months ago)
These dog eating slopes love their containers.
神武天皇徐福 (26 days ago)
immeohmyoh (4 months ago)
3things: 1) China is amazing. Most earthlings don't even know they went full-hog capitalism in 1970's. 2) The British deserve all of the blame for this. Had they not poured their $ into China, China wouldn't've surpassed everyone so quickly & easily. 3) Suprising that we're still stuck in the steel-age. You'd think someone would've figured out how to build a strong-plastic, or aluminum, or composite, etc etc shipping-container by now. Just imagine all the weight and waste could have been spared by now for all phases of shipping costs.
Claudio Saltara (2 months ago)
Pres Nixon opened up china when he and Pat Nixon (wearing a red coat, Chinese favorite color ) visited Peking . I remember the first imports immediately brought in the '5-10 cents stores' all over America, they were items of the 30s, enameled pot and pans, wicker baskets, alarm clock with the bells on top (which I had to return because were not working) and other cheapest things. As time went on more things came into the country in titanic quantities (manufacture improved ) but do not buy a beach chair won't last a day, it's a fact verifiable at the beach. This is the marvel they could go from 10 miles to supersonic speed immediately. The clues were there --(do not awaken the giant), the Great Wall of china can be seen from space.
immeohmyoh (4 months ago)
British IS "the west".
Teringventje (4 months ago)
Blame? the west made china lol.
Vicky Malhotra (4 months ago)
why chines cummnist eat  dog?
Nic Phan (2 months ago)
Vicky Malhotra can I eat your 🐕?
jingsong zhou (3 months ago)
China is a small world there are more then 100 different minoritys with different culture in our coutry mybe dont agree but we respect their culture one or two minorities of them like eating dog not means everybody in China like doing it the fucking small birds shit countries likes your coutry can not image it
xrcrx ftfghjg (3 months ago)
Vicky Malhotra why not
Finn Hansen (4 months ago)
only about 1 % eat dog in China so get over your self.
RUDI FRANCOIS (4 months ago)
Tradeinmercosur Eho (4 months ago)
Liv Elden Djokoto Foundation. Who organized the foreign Norwegian investments to 7.000 (seven thousands or more), “no real value companies” abroad? Tor Elden is reported to be involved together with famous Norwegian politicians and companies working for the Norwegian Aid programs. Is that true or just fake news? The entire book keeping abroad was cancelled. The investments are done with values of 0.05 % to 0,5 % shares concerning houses and other funny objects. Who are the real owners of these fictive values? Look to China, they know what to do. Are the Norwegians the most stupid and corrupt peoples on the planet? One Singapore investment agent received 3 billion (three billion us dollars) for a transfer or an electronically transfer of currency for the Norwegian Oil- and pension fund.
Jackie Binns (4 months ago)
3,000 is a small shipment i thought? On a different video they were speaking about 12,000 containers ?
pak siswanto (4 months ago)
Amazing.... 👍
#ultrabarqueros / Barqueros de Ultramar (4 months ago)
Khawaja Ji (4 months ago)
Really awesome chainease leadership and people of chaina
MrThisIsMeToo (2 months ago)
Learn to spell moron.
KutWrite (3 months ago)
I take it your spelling of "Chaina" indicates their people's chains of slavery?
GOTHICforLIFE1 (3 months ago)
lmao, this is what you call chinese propaganda? Attempting to fill in positive comments and blind the rest of the world?
Age of Reason (5 months ago)
They're betting on the US economy which is 70% based on consumption. The US economy will implode long before they finish this project. What were they thinking.
Tampa0123456789 (2 months ago)
Age of Reason Dude they know. They found this out the hard way during 2008 Now they are aiming for the Third World. They don't care about the west any more. They realize that we are bankrupt in the west.
Nonov Yerbusiness (5 months ago)
Didn't watch the video stolen from National Geographic, just dropped by to give it a dislike and tell you you suck for using a false click-bait thumbnail for this video.
MTL Limousine Service Inc (5 months ago)
MUSIC /ESC (5 months ago)
3000 units. And now the largest ships can have 21000....
georgewu5 (3 months ago)
3,000 units can build two container housing I designed; now 21,000 can build 14 housing container. see my housing design in face book George wu.
MUSIC /ESC (5 months ago)
Humans need to go extinct
Michael Banich (1 month ago)
Kill yourself
SkyEnd Dragon (1 month ago)
Then the grandeur of human activities prompted you to lose faith in human being. LOL
MUSIC /ESC (2 months ago)
You know we are in the beginning of another one? The sixth mass extinction. Yet nobody talks about it. You know why? Because we know what's causing it. "It’s simple. It’s us. The more people there are, the more habitats we destroy. Human civilisation can only survive if the population begins to shrink". Human population growth is out of control, and the video here, is a symptom of it.
MUSIC /ESC (2 months ago)
Says the moron whose Youtube name is KILLER. I've officially lost all faith in humanity
Killer99215 (2 months ago)
MUSIC /ESC Life is not like that. Onlu Humans are able to say: "Kill 90% of that species, so that others can have more room." You are a human, only problem is you talk about your own species. Lock this one up... police are on their way!
Super hornet (5 months ago)
I think Chinese people never heard about Rotterdam port.
Kissa Deff (1 month ago)
J Lai (1 month ago)
Teringventje yes I know, I know you are dumb fuck retard that every thing you are is inherited from your inbred dad and whore mum
J Lai (3 months ago)
Super hornet it is true we learned that Rotterdam in our high school, but that was in 90s of last century, it's history. And here is reality I just searched, don't know who's been feed the wrong info here. Top ten largest port as of 2017, 7 are Chinese, rest of 3 shared by Singapore Korea and Netherland, they are by order of volume: Shanghai, Singapore, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Rotterdam, Suzhou, Qingdao, Dalian, Busan
l p (3 months ago)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_busiest_container_ports Rotterdam handles more containers than Antwerp.
Teringventje (3 months ago)
J Lai do you even know what you just said? Or what? 😂😂😂
Murtejiz Hussain (5 months ago)
Spectacular and highly informative video with beautiful background voice, it shows China's continuous struggle, strong commitment and their long term vision to be top in this world. The absolute credit goes to the people and leadership of China.
uhadme (5 months ago)
most efficient, amazing accuracy and speed. sometimes orders arrive 4 days sometimes 34 days.. all about timing 'missed the boat'. literally order same item, same time, same day.. and had them delivered that far apart. processes seem to improve yearly
Davidson Vincent (5 months ago)
What a great project! I love Chinese for their hard work.
s alwaheedy (26 days ago)
jealous SCUMS are everywhere!
Lit Username (2 months ago)
idiotdetection01 you need to check your sCHEdule because I think you've missed your medication
idiotdetection01 (2 months ago)
Very sad.... With this being a documentary, I’m surprised to see that they just pulled a bum off the street to be the narrator. The ignorant fuck FAILED to properly pronounce “schedule” every damn time!!! It is pronounced “sK-edule” and NOT sCH-edule you ignorant fuckin Britt!!
Mr Stone_age_man (3 months ago)
Hi Lit, thanks for advice.
Lit Username (3 months ago)
Mr Stone_age_man get back in your cave
Jon Tolar (5 months ago)
Wtf did all of this cost?!
xrcrx ftfghjg (3 months ago)
Jon Tolar who cares
Larry Riffett (4 months ago)
I believe they said 18-20 billion US dollars
Finn Hansen (5 months ago)
The cost may be high but its worth it besides its a necessary for them to build
joseph-mario pelerin (5 months ago)
and then... 10years later; ''oh! ship are getting too big, need a deeper deep water port!''
Its_an_Invasion_LowInfo_Votees (5 months ago)
SO FKN WHAT. The CHinese can just buy products from themselves and lets see how long that'll last before Hyper Inflation
Nic Phan (2 months ago)
Its_an_Invasion_LowInfo_Votees and you can buy your own shit that you cannot produce.
joseph-mario pelerin (5 months ago)
my poor friend, Chinese rules the world right now, hyper inflation will be controlled by those mega installation... Chinese don't want you to stop buying their shit
Fritz Stehr (5 months ago)
Before I watch a doc on Youtube I observe four things, first, I check Settings to see how much higher above 240p it can be set, then I verify by checking with fast forward a few minutes into the video if the setting is actually relevant to the video quality. Second, I read some user reviews, those alone may well send me off to explore for another video. If a majority of the commenters employ the adjective "awesome" (or some such other over worn cliche), I don't bother with third for fourth, I'm gone. Third, I start the video from the beginning and if it sounds like a TV commercial promoting all is well, I'm gone. I'm also gone if in the background a whole bunch of drum beating like one would expect in a movie where the "stars" are cars and the main theme is car chase scenes. Number Four: And what guarantees to send me off for greener pastures is when the video "blinks me off", never letting my eyes focus on any particular scene, continually jumping madly, not unlike a 30 second TV commercial, from scene to scene in milli-seconds as if the video editor was high on methamphetamine. Dogs and infants become fixated with that blinking off effect of TV commercials. Summary: The incessant drumming irritated me, AND, since I'm neither a dog nor an infant I abandoned this video at 3 min and 23 seconds. ('_')
Adrian (3 months ago)
I do not want to know what novel you write if you like a video.
Fritz Stehr (4 months ago)
Congratulations Md Nealy, with respect to being so swift at stopping. I feel so inferior to your claimed ability. I'd also like to congratulate you on your spelling x 3 in just one short sentence: "Fritz Stehrm [sic] between the checklist you perfrom [sic] and typing your perimeters [sic] I could have stopped watching 5 videos." Keep up the speedy, albeit dysfunctional commentary. Please regard me hereafter not as "Fritz Sterhm", but instead as "Spelling Nazi" or if you prefer: "Nelling Spazi". pe·rim·e·ter pəˈrimidər/ noun plural noun: perimeters 1. the continuous line forming the boundary of a closed geometric figure. "the perimeter of a rectangle" synonyms: circumference, outside, outer edge
Md Nealy (4 months ago)
Fritz Stehrm between the checklist you perfrom and typing your perimeters I could have stopped watching 5 videos.
cjeam (4 months ago)
I got to about 5 minutes. I think it was getting better but I was still done.
Fritz Stehr (4 months ago)
After this comment, I am going to let you have your very important last word as is an absolute necessity for many of CL's R n' R regulars. Which city's CL do you post your flighty mood swing ranting and ravings on. <<<JUADLAM You've got yourself pretty well worked up with your wet n' runny thing Missy. Incidentally, it isn't "...your [sic] a funny guy..." It is "you're" as in "you are": https://www.englishgrammar.org/your-vs-youre/ I know, I know, that's pretty tricky academic sh*t for a Dick and Jane level reader. Please don't go away mad Jackie, just go away.
Syaidil Fitri (5 months ago)
Ada ..
Pieter allen Master Blue (5 months ago)
In India, they unload 40 containers an hour not 30
Kissa Deff (1 month ago)
R. Michael McLellan In Chicago, we unload 100 guns per hour 🔫 Bang, bang!
Agent 47 (2 months ago)
And they all wear flip-flops while doing it, too.
Kenny Smith (3 months ago)
In india, one woman gets rape every 5 minutes.
R. Michael McLellan (3 months ago)
In Russia, containers unload YOU.
The end of time (3 months ago)
Lol, of cause you do, all Chinese people know India is the No. 1 in our galaxy, we are desperately chasing your tale.
Omar Adan (5 months ago)
Thanks that's amazing beautiful Shanghai high project The biggest port in world video fantastic we love you fantastic we love you
John Burns (5 months ago)
30% of containers are shipped via post-panamax vessels. The Panama Canal has been widened so this figure is now not the case. Previously only approx 5,000 container ships traversed the canal, not it is 14,000. The biggest ships afloat carry 19,000. Anything more than 14,000 is now post-Panamax. Liverpool built a new extension to the their container terminal that can accommodate two 14,000 ships coinciding with the opening of the new Panama Canal locks. If the demand is there the channel adjacent to the quays can be widened to accommodate 19-20,000 container ships. On full belt, Liverpool can handle just over half of what Yangshan can.
Felipe Mendiola (4 months ago)
Dan marianas
SassyHershsey SassyHershey (5 months ago)
China is inclusive and that creates the peace. They just don't suck out money, the lend it wisely to disciplined Third World people. No need to build aircraft carriers which are really worthless to a global network of jobs.
Jeff Cockmann (2 months ago)
so is england, france, belgium, germany etc etc... cry me a river, china is no different than the rest of the so called western free world in that regard. If you think about it, the united kingdom is the biggest offender when it comes to blood diamonds. They are basically criminals.
Pepe Savior (2 months ago)
Jeff Cockmann, China is “raping” Africa nowadays. Look up Chinese Blood Diamonds. They are leasing toxic water, land, and mineral claims and are polluting villages that rely on the environment.
Jeff Cockmann (3 months ago)
not true, i know how positively the fisherman villages were impacted by various chinese projects out in senegal, not only by the chinese government but there are also small investors, just regular people going there for opportunity. Also, don't act like the US and European countries don't take part in economical warfare borderline colonialism, why shouldn't china do it? European countries have been raping the african continent for hundreds of years.
GOTHICforLIFE1 (3 months ago)
No need to build aircraft carriers? Tell that to the Chinese then XD Jesus try and read up on a subject before you make baseless assumptions. The Chinese started on their last aircraft carrier in 2015 and are expected to deploy it into service by the end of 2020. I assume it's for tourist attractions :D? LOL
Teringventje (3 months ago)
SassyHershsey SassyHershey hahah you have no idea😂😂😂
Happy Vegan (6 months ago)
how does a pile of mud stand up to the open ocean ? i don't understand what keeps it from washing away
Ristube (2 months ago)
Happy Vegan Pylons. Deep pylons. Wow I think that’s the new Bond villain’s name. Or at least should be. Ha 🤣🤣🤣
joseph-mario pelerin (5 months ago)
gravity... is the first law that keep stuff together... then they probably drop huge rock all around the perimeter just like they did in Dubai. and, they will fight erosion and wash out every day and night until they close the port or the sea reclaims it in a sudden rage...
Abrar Ahmed (6 months ago)
What cargo ton he holds?
Emory Lewis I (6 months ago)
That vision video was very informative and awesome. To learn that today's super mega cargo shipping container ships will get bigger and will require bigger ports in the future is just mind blowing.
Mohamad Irwan Abdul Aziz Agency iN eTiQa iRLiN (6 months ago)
Game until you win (4 months ago)
Nowe filmy