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FULL WASH 1978 Kenmore - Whites

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Ken Dunlap (16 days ago)
how a washer should wash. modern stuff useless
aftdinnermint (19 days ago)
This is the identical machine my grandmother had in her condo when I was growing up. It's probably still washing to this day! Thank you so much for posting this, cheers from Toronto, Canada.
coondogtheman1234 (21 days ago)
Gotta love these old appliances, they just keep going. This one is nearly 40 years old and still working. I have a lantern type bug zapper almost 35 years old and it still works.
bestcleaningwasher (23 days ago)
32:35 classic wig-wag coupling sound!
pat cola (24 days ago)
Thanks for uploading these videos of the Penta swirl. There are some older videos but the lighting is not ideal. Some of the finest washers Whirlpool ever produced for Sears.
Simone Martini (24 days ago)
Nice revolution before water saving B's . Although I can take stand top loader water never hotter than 120 if lucky only 12 min wash and 1 single rinse . But looks like. Avoid machine although I would had to run the since cycle 4 tines
Cooldude84343 (24 days ago)
How did you manage to get one red item in there? LOL This is a nice machine, I actually love that vibrating buzz it makes when the basket rocks back and forth during agitation. Very soothing.
Harley Badger (24 days ago)
Just for a while to show the turnover action of the agitator :-) And yes indeed.
Declan Marsh (25 days ago)
Which washer do u prefers the speed queen or this? Hope it gives u many more years of use. And which third pair are u planning on getting? Great video btw
SoCal Realtor (25 days ago)
When you guys went through this washer and took it all apart in a recent video.... how hard is it to take the baseplate out of a machine like this? I’m asking since I have to take mine out and send it out to have a new center post installed. It’s all rusty. Thank you
SoCal Realtor (24 days ago)
Hello guys, I thank you much for the reply. I’ll call out a repair Co to get the baseplate out for me. Thank you!!
Harley Badger (24 days ago)
OK he says level of difficulty would be hard/time consuming. Everything underneath, motor, hoses, transmission.. would have to come out, then everything from the top, tub, outer tub, etc would also have to come out. All the seals would have to be replaced upon reassembly, which would of course also suggest bearings while you're at it, then you're gonna have a bunch of leaks once you put it all back together.. So yeah, eh.. quite difficult indeed. An appliance shop could probably do it fairly quickly and probably cheaper considering the amount of time it would take.
Harley Badger (25 days ago)
I'll get Spats to answer when he gets home this evening.
apctech1 (26 days ago)
why does the machine buzz so when its washing mine never did maby something in the panel or inside?
Harley Badger (23 days ago)
Ohh ok. It's just the design.
apctech1 (24 days ago)
i meant the buzzing during the wash part not when it shifts from nutral drain to spin:)
Harley Badger (25 days ago)
The sound of the wig-wag solenoid energizing to shift into spin
Lake Nipissing (26 days ago)
Here is another Kenmore belt-drive that is two years newer... only repair so far is replacement of a burnt out wig-wag solenoid.
Lake Nipissing (26 days ago)
22:08 . . . That is *exactly* the sound!! I always know when the spin cycle is going to start.
dynatrak (26 days ago)
Perfect! Besides the woo-woos, I like the motor sound when the spin cycle ends, of course, when it goes into spin from neutral drain, and the moment all the water is drained. It's all good!
Sharkie626 (26 days ago)
I mean really. It's purely No BS and just does what it is supposed to. Pull the knob, and instant start! Sorry though guys, I am just too attached to the *click-CLUNK* of the direct drive's neutral drain. Hehe. ;)
petermazbabie (26 days ago)
That agitator looks like it’s doing a thorough yet gentle cleaning. Which is exactly what a person wants you can’t ask for more.
petermazbabie (26 days ago)
Harley Badger I found a reason for the delicate cycle if it was a woman washing dainties or perhaps some wool sweaters lace curtains not that I use any of those things😂
petermazbabie (26 days ago)
Harley Badger agreed. 👍🏻
Harley Badger (26 days ago)
Yup, the PentaSwirl. Sorta unneccessary to use the "delicate" cycle really.
John McDevitt (26 days ago)
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrind click......!
Robert Przybylowicz (27 days ago)
Love this Video, I can watch these Kenmore machines for hours!!!
Harley Badger (27 days ago)
Thanks :-) Oh and feel free to watch it a million times ;-)
Florida Railfanningkid (27 days ago)
I've noticed a red item in the machine with the whites are you sure all the whites won't turn pink?
Harley Badger (26 days ago)
That was to demonstrate turnover, I removed it after I got a bit of turnover footage. I knew it wouldn't bleed because it's actually a baked-potato cooking bag thingy, and its dye won't bleed. It's meant to be washed in hot with bleach.
AMDRADEONRUBY (27 days ago)
And me my Maytag will get his first PowerWash Nice video and nice Whirlpool product ! But Maytag ftw! Maytag 😻😍💙💜❤💚💛💗💓💕💖💞💝
jaykay18 (27 days ago)
Plenty of woo-woos and buzz-click-clunks in this one! The last shift into spin was great, the wig-wag must have been in just the right spot to give a really satisfying buzz!
apctech1 (21 days ago)
it was fully back and had to wait for the return travel for it to pull up and engage the spin cam i have seen it and done it with my own machine a few times to figure that out:P
Will's Adventures (25 days ago)
+Harley Badger I don't even think the direct drive Whirlpools spin up this fast! They're fast but not as fast as this.
Sharkie626 (26 days ago)
Hey it could be worse Harley, It could be trying to spin a full tub of water back and forth!
Harley Badger (27 days ago)
Yes! My favorite part. I love how Whirlpools don't fuck around either, they just *bang...* power right up to spin speed. I love our SQ, but it slowly and gently ramps up to spin speed. Obviously due to it being full of water, but still.. nothing like a ", it's spinning."
FireAlarmTechGuy4444 (27 days ago)
too much noise but I still can hear the WOO WOOs
FireAlarmTechGuy4444 (19 days ago)
+Harley Badger the humming
Harley Badger (27 days ago)
What noise? It's just the washer and the water splashing, the rest of the basement was silent.
Michael Gegzno (27 days ago)
There was other noises occurring during this picture, the SpeedQueen, stage right, whimpering, why?!
Harley Badger (27 days ago)
Hehehe.. you heard that, eh? That's why I had to leave the room, it was too sad for me to handle.
Aerospace Fox (27 days ago)
I'm glad someone found this important enough to record for the world, in the name of history.
Harley Badger (27 days ago)
Yeah, well we did it before and got 172,000 views, so we thought we'd try again :-)
craigsclocks (27 days ago)
I had people asking for me to do a video or two on my speed queen washer after some problems I had with it. I did so and had a guy complain because I didn't load it correctly. I put the detergent in and turned on the water then clothes but was told I was wrong. I should have turned the water on then detergent and then clothes. I really don't see what the big deal is because the water and the detergent mixed together before I put the clothes in so I think that's the main thing is for them to mix before adding clothes. I love the action of this washer so thanks for sharing.
Sharkie626 (26 days ago)
In regard to their complaints, tell them to leave it on the doorstep and get the hell outta here. :P
Harley Badger (27 days ago)
Haha...yep. Every one of our "full wash" videos, there's people either complaining because we "didn't do something right," or we "should have used Tide," or overcomplicating things with *"Can you do this again, only with warm wash, warm rinse, 12-minute cycle, Permanent Press, second rinse, with Surf detergent and Tandil softener..."* on and on.
Rixle Pixle (27 days ago)
Ah so that's how it works
Rixle Pixle (27 days ago)
+Harley Badger lol 😂
Harley Badger (27 days ago)
Just like magic