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High School You VS Child You | Jeanine Amapola & MyLifeAsEva

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New video with Eva! Give this a thumbs up if you like High School You vs Child You vids! Hope you enjoy this video :) Eva's Video- http://bit.ly/1PssgT3 MY VLOG CHANNEL ➳ https://goo.gl/g4vC30 VLOG CHANNEL WITH MY BOYFRIEND➳ http://bit.ly/1nOrbxS ------------------------------------------------------------ INSTAGRAM ➳ JeanineAmapola- https://goo.gl/kdF14A TWITTER➳JeanineAmapola- https://goo.gl/BKldUs SNAPCHAT➳ JeanineAmapola TUMBLR ➳ hhttp://goo.gl/NxOF9E FACEBOOK ➳ https://goo.gl/ZqjvmF ------------------------------------------------------------ For business inquires ONLY, email me at: JeanineAmapola@yahoo.com FTC: This is not a sponsored video
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Text Comments (31755)
Erin Gee (18 hours ago)
Penny Gerivas (19 hours ago)
I started to wear a bra in 2ed grade and got my real one in 5 grade
Penny Gerivas (19 hours ago)
Wow I start to drink coffee before I want to 2ed grade
Anastasia Aitovschi (21 hours ago)
So what..........umm...............................
Belle Ngimbi (1 day ago)
Every single one of Ava’s smile as a child is killing me that face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅💜💜💜🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
「Kookie Gacha ™ 」 (1 day ago)
Y’all it’s 2020 now so uh-
Canesha Bouie (2 days ago)
My daughter middle name is Paris
•Ell Gacha• (3 days ago)
Why was this me? First real bra: Me; Amazing! Mum please I definitely want these ones! Me literally 1 day later; THESE ARE PAINFUUUUL! *shoves to back of wardrobe and never wears then EVER again* Crop tops all the way! :D >3
Amanda playz ROBLOX! (4 days ago)
Esmeralda Romero (5 days ago)
Kid are so
Julia Be Cool (5 days ago)
Teen you putting on makeup.... 2020 TIK TOK SONF AHSGHAGS
XxRoselionxX (5 days ago)
I see 2019 2018 2017 anybody 2020.?
Kaitlyn Gass (5 days ago)
It's 2032 now peeps!!
Natalie Perez (5 days ago)
I love coffe even though i am 10 UwU
Kiera seanor (6 days ago)
Brooklynn (6 days ago)
Am I the only one as a child who didn’t want a bra as a child
Deadheart Laurinn (6 days ago)
Who’s watching this in 2020 😂
amelia upton (6 days ago)
This person under me is in 2019 guess what IM 2020 BRUH
Lucy Ficeli (6 days ago)
2020 anyone
The Gacha Master (7 days ago)
paris Crowley (7 days ago)
Ur cat has the same name as me
fiona murtagh (7 days ago)
Is it Eva or Ava???
Janene French (8 days ago)
My name is Janene
Mery Oz (8 days ago)
The first bra is described me
The Amazing Friendship Channel (8 days ago)
Im a teen I love this vid
Amit Levy (8 days ago)
theres a tik tok song here wtf this vid was posted 3 yrs ago
Holly Ludlow (8 days ago)
Who’s here in 2020 and just realised the song 2:01 is now viral on tiktok😂
Macey Caulfield (8 days ago)
Who's here on 2020 ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️
kuusi puu (8 days ago)
I never Love FIRST bra i never use them
Mawiya Mishal (9 days ago)
I’m with the one that posted before me. I will be grateful for the first person who likes
Strawberry Gacha (9 days ago)
Child me making money: I want a tablet... DAD! I don't have money for lunch, give me 3 euros. Mah dad: * gives me 5 euros. * Me: 😎🤑🤑😎 Highschool me: I want an iPhone... MOM! I need 5 euros for lunch. Mom: * gives money. * Me: DAD! I need lunch money, only 2 euros. Mah dad: I don't have 2 euros. *. Gives meh 20. * Life changed so much. XD
David Innis (9 days ago)
Who heard the tiktok sound and did the dance
ꨄEsmeralda _Starꨄ (9 days ago)
Diamond Sanders (9 days ago)
2020 winwin
Ida Mørskestøl (10 days ago)
I just realized that the second one the put on meakup in high school its a TIKTOK sound😆😂😂😂😂
Hla Ahmed (11 days ago)
Eva looks so good with blond hair
thisluvisbulletproof (11 days ago)
I just realize something most of the music in this video is now trending on Tiktok .......
Athena Kominos (11 days ago)
I'm only ten and I can relate to all the teen things except for the car of course!!!!! And the money....... hehe
Dannell Roberts (11 days ago)
Who watching this and realizing that the high school makeup music is a TikTok song
Christy Roman (12 days ago)
When I got my first bra I was sooooooooooooo mad
UwU #Gacha (12 days ago)
Who got this on there recommended: l l v
SMOLL POTATOES (13 days ago)
If brent saw the bra one xD
Ishika Rachakonda (13 days ago)
I hated my first bra. I'm definitely the only one.
Taehyung's Girl (13 days ago)
Getting bras Me: first bra and 1st grade (no I'm not chubby) Also me: first real bra in 6th grade (still not chubby) now I'm in 7th grade and a 34DD
Joy Tham (14 days ago)
Intro ends at 1:20
Tash Mwendwa (14 days ago)
and nice seeing you because it is my first time
Tash Mwendwa (14 days ago)
it is
Natasha Johnson (14 days ago)
No because l am a boy and I'm a kid
Henry Mogafi (14 days ago)
Ava:"Mom see me i a woman" Mom: ... Me (waching): Ofc your a woman!
Map of Soul: 7 (14 days ago)
The price tag in the sports bra was not removed cause she gotta go return it😂
Snigdha Anantharaju (14 days ago)
I miss the times when the comment section was more than just a calender 🙄😏
Joy Tham (14 days ago)
Snigdha Anantharaju me too!
Lily D (14 days ago)
Jan 2020 anyone
Sweet Lemons (14 days ago)
Who’s watching this in 1642?? | | | | | | V
Joy Tham (14 days ago)
Sweet Lemons I’m watching in 2054.
Brooke Roberts (14 days ago)
May I ask who acks like that when they get a bra
jilky ventures (14 days ago)
Loved it
Zena Alkhatib (15 days ago)
Antons? 2020!!!!
Its_lasarusa21 (15 days ago)
Children don’t drink coffee ☕️ if your an idiot child 🧒 then your gonna drink coffee ☕️
Its_lasarusa21 (14 days ago)
Joy Tham Nah you not idiot 😂
Joy Tham (14 days ago)
I drank coffee when I was eight🙊...I guess I’m an idiot! 🤷‍♀️
Kitty_likes_to_draw :3 (15 days ago)
2020 anyone?
Gold Gold3n (15 days ago)
I might the first one to say this but.. 2020 ANYONE??
unicorn mythical (15 days ago)
Who’s here 2020? Anybody here at this time! Because for sure I am! | | | | | | | \/ ??? | \
SuperMeerkat (5 days ago)
Nope 7528
Toasty Kimmy (15 days ago)
I am the first to say...ANYONE ,2020?
Tamira Marshmallows (15 days ago)
Omg eva
Allie W (15 days ago)
These daughters these days are so much more advanced
Amy Bean (15 days ago)
It is funny that your hat seized LA.
Mia Meow (15 days ago)
2020, years of my life is in a great place
Kiera Nix (15 days ago)
Ummmm 2020 no ok bye I guess ummmmm what am I still doing here bye Karen 😂
Erin 666 (15 days ago)
I’m only 8 years old and I drink coffee.just me?
David Borgsdorf (15 days ago)
i can relate
Jeena_Patel.519 (15 days ago)
Who’s watching this in 2020?! ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️
calithewolf Ticer (14 hours ago)
Vlogs with Banana! (2 days ago)
No. 6767767687667565655544443212279963 ^_^
陈伟泽 (4 days ago)
Jeena_Patel.519 I am in 2020
April Damon (10 days ago)
Teodora Zlatareva (15 days ago)
2:01 omg 😂 tik tok
Claire Bear15 (15 days ago)
did anyone else hear the gimme somethin sound from tik tok?
Sampreeti Sahoo (16 days ago)
Love from India Hit like button
Tom Johnson (16 days ago)
2020? Anyone?
Sunset (16 days ago)
2020 babbyyy
Stavvys Show (16 days ago)
2020 any one
kwaii drawing tutorials (16 days ago)
2020 anyone
Elfis (16 days ago)
I might be first to say... 2020 ANYONE YEEEEEEEAAAAAH!???
emmeline behrendt (16 days ago)
2020 anyone?
Brystal Davis (16 days ago)
Hey I’m sorry for asking... but what editor do you use???
Brystal Davis (16 days ago)
January 2020 anyone?????
Døñ’t Łøøk Ñøw 2008!! (16 days ago)
2020 ANYONE ;w;?!?!?!?!
ItzJamie27 (16 days ago)
Stephanie Buturajac (16 days ago)
2020 anyone?
TabiBunny AJ (16 days ago)
2020 anyone?
Brenda Collison-Schmidt (16 days ago)
2020 anyone! Love yourself you are amazing I love you so much!
Alexandra Nicole (16 days ago)
I see a bunch of 2019 comments...but... 2020 ANYONE!!! 🎉🎉🎉
Antonija Dzeherovic (16 days ago)
2020 anyone😂
Moa R (16 days ago)
2020 anyone? XD
Kitty Kristen (16 days ago)
Girl don't u brag Oh look I'm better I'm inn Paris i am 😉 amazing
Isabella Short (16 days ago)
Emmaleigh Pendleton (16 days ago)
2020 anyone
Namjoonie fall (16 days ago)
2020 anyone?
BLU-HyperDoge (16 days ago)
2 0 2 0 Anyone?
Xhesika Kola (16 days ago)
Emmy Gills (16 days ago)
Jan 1 2020
tiffany pollack (16 days ago)
I might me the first one to watch this in 2020 lol
Nikoleta Achtsalotidou (16 days ago)
I think that I am the first comment that says:"2020 anyone?"
Kamila Loperena (16 days ago)
Anyone from 2020
Éléonore Tardif (16 days ago)
Who’s 2020??? 🔽
Stella Buckenmeyer (16 days ago)
I love coffee and I'm only 10 it's the best thinggg❤️❣️💕