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Text Comments (876)
Arnold Porter (14 hours ago)
I'm too old....thats the problem some old people think they can get away with everything.
David Duplessis (16 hours ago)
10:48 "calm down, but Fuck you. But calm down though. Fuck you"
Walter Radtke (3 days ago)
that first guy thought he was James Caan
sonu singh (3 days ago)
yes I can..cuz I HV 1...savage.
LilVurte3N (6 days ago)
I would knife rape that old man
Ivan Bekish (7 days ago)
I can't believe how ignorant and rude some people are especially truck drivers they think they own the road and if they made mistake they still blame it on you
Jose Bec (11 days ago)
“I’m too fucking to old for that” 😂
Ryan Etch (12 days ago)
The fight that started at 7:35 was good clean and fair, no touching the other persons vehicle, both boxed when one went down they let them quit or get back up, every road rage should be handled in such a matter lol
web five (12 days ago)
Why don’t people just run over these assholes when they get out of their car and get violent. That’s the best way to deal with violence
shikastachiron (12 days ago)
i guess its in the water. or the movie-plots. or the video-games. or the nra-ads. aggression.
Kevin Flores (13 days ago)
Damn in that last video, I live 10 blocks away from where the cars were
Ponlets (15 days ago)
the best response to "fuck you" is "love to"
My Life In The Chi (18 days ago)
Crazy, I talk about this on my show. I talk about issues in the community on my channel.
Thomas Polzin (18 days ago)
road rage with alot of carnage got to love taking the law into your own hands
Thomas Polzin (18 days ago)
where all the cops allowing this to happen
Aleksander Nazarenko (19 days ago)
Какие же уродливые американские бабы...пиздец просто)
Willy Berneck (20 days ago)
Dennis Tissington, who the Better Business Bureau lists as the general manager of Vision Homes in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Grande Prairie is located in northwestern Alberta and has a population of 68,556, as reported by the Government of Alberta. Just two days ago, Grande Prairie was cited as the most “dangerous” city in Canada by Macleans, for the second year in a row. Grande Prairie leads Canada in drug, fraud, firearms, drunk driving, and theft convictions. Vehicle theft in Grande Prairie is reported to occur at a rate seven times higher than the national average. Heaven, what men like this one make with their country ....
Caleb Berends (20 days ago)
nothing better than seeing instant police justice for fucktards
boom Vas (20 days ago)
Lol. He said calm down fuck you
Etienne Lsn (21 days ago)
Les USA dans toute sa splendeur
fosterpainter (24 days ago)
Starsmous (25 days ago)
Half these people would be eating some lead from my glock if I was there
finster444k (25 days ago)
So did Dennis Tissington ever go to jail ?
Nathan Explosion (1 month ago)
I would have put my pistol in the first guy's mouth
ronnie doorzon (1 month ago)
the old idiot at the beginning thinks that he's clint eastwood
Aleeming Chesoh (1 month ago)
Brutal death metal .Ha Ha
TakaS013 (1 month ago)
No one is ever to old to go to jail.
tazman0009 (1 month ago)
denish kishingtonnnnnnnn
Carol Tremblay (1 month ago)
Oh USA... Oh violence...
Justin M. (1 month ago)
First clip: it's not really that hard just to drive away; all that kid had to do was accelerate
mega0876 (1 month ago)
American women are fat and nasty
cameron campbell (1 month ago)
Oh Dennis.
Gaming Noe (1 month ago)
Bro the BMW And the Tundra well the Tundra ran away like a pussy bro
Matthew Caughey (1 month ago)
As soon as that window got smashed the old guy would have a few holes in him at that point all you have to say is I though my life was in danger so I drew my firearm and ended the threat
Mark Cuban (1 month ago)
Yeah, I would have had to whoop "Dennis's" ass foreal!
qwe6348 (1 month ago)
I'm too old to go to jail! Haha.
Krystal EneRgy (1 month ago)
This is why I want those trucks with a ram thing in front people brake get thier car rekted
Pally Crawler (1 month ago)
Would’ve shot that first guy, twice...
Calvin Edmonson (1 month ago)
People here carry guns and we have a stand your ground law, meaning that when necesarry pull your gun and stand your ground. We don't have too much of this.
Yung Jimbo (1 month ago)
9:00 deadass thought that was Tom Sweeny for a second
Snapchat _ (1 month ago)
3:43 how is that funny u assholes!?!?? If I found you laughing at me because of something like that, I would punch out you fucking mirror and break your window!!!!!
MydogTobes (1 month ago)
Dennis tisnington broke the law several times in that stunt. The weapon he had, known as a black-jack or whip-stick is illegal to even possess pretty much everywhere in the States. He used said illegal weapon in commission of a crime by destroying not one but two car windows on a vehicle that isn’t his. He coulda killed somebody. I have to wonder if he caused serious bodily injury or death would that have sufficed his road rage there on the side of the road or would killing somechildren at a school been enough to satisfy his rage?
Legendary Super Saiyan 5 Ultra Instinct (1 month ago)
The first guy Dennis tisingten I would have killed him
ReggaeEli (1 month ago)
First dude id beat his ass so bad he would cry
Kimberly Taylor (1 month ago)
If the first guy did that to me he would get a bullet in his head
Pally Crawler (1 month ago)
Kimberly Taylor fuck yeah
Kimberly Taylor (1 month ago)
Have any of these people heard of a gun!!!!
Muhammad Saad (1 month ago)
Seriously shut. White ppl can say shut. Pussy whites. What's that "fuck you " okay? R they asking for confirmation. Fuck you. Are okay with that. WTF
Deborah Clark (1 month ago)
My big cock is sore
Pally Crawler (1 month ago)
Deborah Clark so is my pussy
Dildo Schwaggins (1 month ago)
4:30 Ew look at that nigger and his nasty ass thot. Too bad that truck didn't run them over.
Crushmania (1 month ago)
is denis inside jail now?
Cgoidguxf Choyixtiddti (1 month ago)
I would have gotten out my car and knocked the old man out and his fat friend over by the truck
Richard Parks (1 month ago)
Fat dude made her ass flew
Flor Alvarez (1 month ago)
Funk first man
Aaron (1 month ago)
6:37 *takes part in a break check* The idiot: hmmm... yea breaks work People behind him : yea he’s breaks work but where are the police to give him a Medal *Police drive up* Police: here we are one medal coming up.
Bigger Cufflinks (1 month ago)
Guess it was a fuckfest.
Ownsurhoe (1 month ago)
people are ridiculous
Im Tylito (1 month ago)
Wish the first dude would of gotten shot in the face on camera
Pally Crawler (1 month ago)
Im Tylito , me too.
Miekjes World (1 month ago)
Hahahahahahah these stupid people make me laugh so hard that tears are rolling down my eyes !! Whahahahha 😂😂😂😂😂😂
MrWadeBarrett (1 month ago)
Anyone know the backstory for Dennis? I doubt he just approaches random cars and does that
Lesnar with the belly flop (1 month ago)
I’d pull a machete on these people
ilovenewgirl and milfs (2 months ago)
I sold your mamma some crack she a fiend
danna mirza (2 months ago)
Dennis going ta jail.
Thrifty Working Girl (2 months ago)
Well Denis is clearly going to jail.
Matt Laframboise (2 months ago)
8:16:  It is called a zipper
MagicalSpirit (2 months ago)
Denis is a maniac lmao
The driver is young and the old knucklehead is trying to scare him away. An adult might of responded by exiting the vehicle very rapidly and promptly sticking that rod "where the sun down shine".
Brenda Morales (2 months ago)
Some of these are in row read some of these are just people trying to start something. Like the very first guy.
ilovesheenaeaston (2 months ago)
what is the digital timer thing on the dashboard of the car at 9:20????????
1986 Cresta (1 month ago)
it's actually an HUD
Malaka Moore (2 months ago)
omg at 5:44 that big rig could've killed him. luckily he was a damn good driver and was able to cautiously swerve slowly but fast enough to avoid the black car and not spin out and cause another accident. cuz I swear I saw that big rig and coming fast I thought he was gonna get slammed. And most likely die instantly cuz you don't survive accidents.
Dan Man (2 months ago)
The first bloke is as weak as piss, should had punched the shit out of the old man.
Justin Lowney (2 months ago)
It's always nice in that one clip, to teach ur children about road rage. Good fucking parenting, not..
Eri N (2 months ago)
So much Toronto
michael williams (2 months ago)
punk ass first guy letting that man
Jesse Barrett (2 months ago)
to beat the fuck outta him
Jesse Barrett (2 months ago)
the third vid i wish there was a bodybuilder there
Polydynamix (2 months ago)
lol, I love when people get humiliated and then they have to find and put on their missing flip flop.
Владимир Sh (2 months ago)
Я смотрю американцы ещё более злобные, чем я думал.
shemeka Latrese (2 months ago)
The 1st one has nothing to do with roadrage. The guy recording did some landscaping for the guy standing beside truck (baton mans stepson) & his neighbor. They dug up a gas line and the subdivision had to be evacuated and they were fined $30,000 also the cement had ruined stepsons sidewalk after being left during evacuation. The neighbors who actually got the landscaping done had paid the guy recording in full in cash. When they couldnt squeeze more money out of these ppl the guy recording gets a bulldozer and tears up the yard that they had done. They kept claiming that they were owed more money and started harassing these ppl and threatening them & 15mins after this incident there was a boulder thrown thru stepsons office door with a note attached saying "payback is a bitch". The stepson received reimbursement 4 the damage done in his yard while they were doing the neighbors yard. Recording guys company felt they were owed something as well. To sum it up recorder guy was at the folks residence harassing them & step dad ran him off & defended his family. Nothing to do with roadrage 😕
shemeka Latrese (24 days ago)
Obi Alfred still a scrub ass fuck boy. 😂😂😂
Obi Alfred (24 days ago)
shemeka Latrese Don’t blow a gasket now. Aww I always looking forward to a new emoji this time. 🤷🏾‍♂️
shemeka Latrese (24 days ago)
Obi Alfred no punchline needed scrub ass nigga. Ur a fuck boy! Point blank. 🙄
Obi Alfred (24 days ago)
shemeka Latrese Get a new punchline. Fuckboy is so 2015 😒
shemeka Latrese (24 days ago)
Obi Alfred only bitch is u fuck boy🙄
E and S videos (2 months ago)
Wow what dumbfucks
Patrick Michael (2 months ago)
There must be some connection between talk radio and road rage........
First name (2 months ago)
That first guy would be looking down the barrel, then up at the sky!!!
Kelli Dameron (2 months ago)
I hope the first guy went to fricken jail
melissa schiebel (2 months ago)
Man they have issues.
Shailja Verma (2 months ago)
Shailja Verma (2 months ago)
First guy need my dick
Robert Boulay (2 months ago)
At 10:12, you were being an asshole! He had his turn signal on and you refused to let him in. You don't own the road, you are a prime example of why there's road rage. Ugh.
Robert Boulay (2 months ago)
Not the most impressive folks to ever exist....
Chris Mann (2 months ago)
You're putting yourself in a very dangerous situation when you approach someone from the drivers side like that. A lot of people keep guns in their car. You approaching to attack them is not a good idea because you cant see what they have until they pull it on you. I think you're justified in defending yourself if someone tries to pull you out of the car or attacks you with a weapon.
Kevin N (2 months ago)
Don't call me bud, pal
StreamVid7 (2 months ago)
Dude if that old first guy smashed my window, I would've instantly shot his chest.
Peyton Collins (3 months ago)
id be mad too if my name was penis jizzington
Tim Bibin (3 months ago)
Dennis Gizz-ington
Buddy Dyer (3 months ago)
Boy I can tell you what angers me is when people text on their phone while in the hammer lane.
ja da (3 months ago)
The first one we only see after the fact. I wonder what the kid had done in the first place to make an old man get out of his truck and walk all the way to the other person's vehicle. People do not just do that with out a good enough reason, even if it is the wrong reason. I have a feeling the kid was a punk and thought he could take a video of the situation while seeming to be an angel. Normal people who are innocent at the first window crash would of either gotten out of the vehicle and attempted to fight back or simply drive away. To act like that because he is holding the camera reeks of suspicion.
Emm Cee (3 months ago)
Shaan Shaz (3 months ago)
us ppl dont belongs to human species ... yes dey are ddogs..
Misheel Khurelbaatar (3 months ago)
If something like this happens just walk away or in this case just drive away or call the police
Misheel Khurelbaatar (3 months ago)
Old man: -smashes window- Guy: What is your name 😂😂😂😂
gmualum08 (3 months ago)
Driver 1: fuck youDriver 2: no fuck youDriver 1: fuck you pull overDriver 2: fuck You no calm down man Hahaha New Yorkers
Benjie Fields (3 months ago)
I would have beat the shit out of that ol bastard or shot him in the face for busting my window