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United Parcel Service

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We take a trip through the United Parcel Service (UPS) and find out the true meaning of corporate responsibility. This company is over a hundred years old and is on the cutting edge of technological innovation, helping the environment and their bottom line.
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Text Comments (56)
Jacob Spannbauer (2 months ago)
The trucks in Gloversville ny are junk the doors don’t slide shut like there supposed to
Henry Kudlacz (3 months ago)
They growing because slavery people working for them. In 1991 I unloaded  them at night four trailers for $ 33.00 - minus taxes, union etc. Very often they ask for money to United Way from people which worked for free.  Modern USA is tolerating slavery - where  is OSHA ? To this moment working the same way. Today I'm living like wreck from soc. sec after 5 spinal surgery. I been hit over there by heavy small packages which some idiot placed under roof, also many times hit by floor, because broken locks did not hold them at the wall. They get away because UPS is paying lawyers $400/h. and work comp commisioners working with them destroying victim and his family. When I left three month later my personal file was lost (inside: exellent so far) and after one year I been forced giving them proof about my employment over there.
Leighton Elliott (6 months ago)
More Global warming crap. Thank God Obozo isn't in charge anymore and George Soreholes' NWO is being systematically being shit canned.
SnuffyG2 comrade (7 months ago)
You suck UPS!!!
SnuffyG2 comrade (7 months ago)
I've been at my residence for 8 years and have had nothing but trouble!! UPS CANNOT EVEN VERIFY MY ADDRESS!!!
Igor Schmidlapp (8 months ago)
UPS SUCKS! I will NOT do business with sellers who use UPS for shipment.
Kevin Deeb (8 months ago)
Typical upper mgmt outlook! No clue about their employees working their asses off, working with injuries, all kinds of weather and time constraints!! So glad I quit this crap machine!
mtabernig (1 year ago)
electric is not necessarily cleaner. the electricity in most os the USA is produced by diesel generators. so you get a charge in your electrical vehicle from a diesel generator. So unless you charge the batteries from solar cell or windmills or hydro...you are polluting anyway. biomass has a bigger carbon footprint than regular oil because the fuel used to grow,harvest the product also it is more dirty burning. Not everything is the way it may look.
Aaron Judge (1 year ago)
Memphis world hub is more efficient
mike watters (1 year ago)
FEDEX and UPS are merging. the new firm will be called FED UP
Nick Hahn (6 months ago)
mike watters 2/10
beau swingle (2 years ago)
Every package shipped through ups I have to chase around and drive to a ups drop point to claim. What is the point of shipping if I must chase my package around and then go pick it up? worthless!
WOOD BUTCHER (2 years ago)
Anita Washington (2 years ago)
You can't claim the company you have to blame the managers of the local offices. The company don't make the company the workers make the company. If you are having problems look at the general managers and the managers of the local offices in which you are working in. This is something corporate needs to look at and lost of monies. driver's lie and get away with it. driver's damageing shipments. I have been rescheduled for a package 3 time's after the third schedule to deliver. One driver shoe up and waited inside the truch while Im looking and he drove off and it was reschedule for the next day. the next day no show reschedule for the next day. The next day no show mean while another shipment come to be delivered and while I'm waiting for the shipment that didn't make it I get an email that they tryed to deliver but not able. This was a complete lie. I'm already waiting for a shipment and now there's another shipment why didn't any shipment show up. There was no reason for any shipment to show when I have been waiting from 6am to 8pm no truck ever showed up. The reason is that some companies have a contract with ups to delivery there products and the driver know this and they play with your products if you have a problem with her services. I had a package left at an access point 1 mile away from my home when I live near an access point 2 blocks away. It doesn't pay to be disable with this company's employee's. Today employee's have no fear of loseing there job's with the person in charge look's and think like them. This is a decision they leave up to the driver's when some driver's make one attemp then drop off to access point without the 3rd attemp. Don't they get paid to try at least the three times that the company is paid to do before making the access point they next move?
montwolfman (2 years ago)
try and trace /recover a lost shipment...impossible to get LIVE assistance virtually impossible to get electronic response...lost $600 product. Never UPS again. The biggest conglomeration of incompetent imbecils
steve jones (2 years ago)
This biz is the biggest crock of shit. They waste so much in this company, they dump a ton of shit into their plastic barrels of kitty litter. Such compulsive liars, everything thing they show and say. All for show in their videos to look clean for the overall company aspect. Also so some hubs are so outdated in this country. Whites creek is one of those, and they slave your ass for little pay.. Preach so much bullshit it's outrageous, and you see or ask them something they don't want to hear red flag goes up. And they probe your ass and watch you from then on. So who wants this place, managers and sups are such assholes, fall over and find out see if they save you. Their to busy pampering theirselves to give a shit less. But if you think it is good go for it try it and see for yourself!! Users, enablers, finaglers if you ask some, such hipe. Peace and leave YouTubers..
Debora Komer (2 years ago)
p #Truth bubby g get it TGIF be at the moment,
Channel Three (2 years ago)
In Chicago, you can see UPS delivery guys walk up to someone's door, breathe on the doorbell, wait three seconds for someone to respond, and then slap a sticker on their door, and then run away as fast as they can. It's the most pathetic, laughable level of customer service. Third world service in every respect. We've even had UPS claim to have delivered a package, no sticker on the door, when in fact there's we had the front door open the entire day with an attendant waiting in a chair by the door for eight hours, filming it on a Canon 7D. What a pathetic, pathetic excuse for a company.
Alan (1 year ago)
Channel Three So one employee speaks for the entire company?
verna vinzon (1 year ago)
Hi just want to asked.someone's he send me a package in parcel courier. And the package. Is already there in abudhabi but he called me I need to pay 500$ ..before he released the package. It is true or scam?thanks
vikings844 (1 year ago)
Channel Three So you thought he was casing the place and still let him in,Lol! You Actully are dumb then!!
WOOD BUTCHER (2 years ago)
Channel Three (2 years ago)
+imojojojo yo bro fo sho the last UPS delivery guy I open the door and he said it's really hot here. He looked like he was about to faint. He came inside and I gave him a bottle of water. of course he was casing the joint. we're not dumb.
Smart Shipper (3 years ago)
Whether greenwash or not, any big corporation need to create a perception in the public. For that, I don't see any harm about this video. The bottom line is that smart companies should look to improve their processes and automate as much as possible. That's where real SAVINGS can be achieved, and by saving they can also be "greener". I'm putting together videos so that companies can become smarter and more efficient.
Deplorable American (1 year ago)
Smart Shipper So greener, but way less jobs. You're an idiot. 😂
andrew azar (3 years ago)
I worked ramp at Worldport for five years. The only green I ever saw was the burial ground for Native Americans. No electric loaders nor fuel efficient tugs. It's all one big sham.
globalpeter100 (3 years ago)
UPS Bring your box  UPS is all over the world
Shnuffers (4 years ago)
Jim Casey started off with $100 not $50, this man is a disgrace to the company!
GuruAidTechSupport (4 years ago)
Garbage! FedEx fixes problems UPS creates!
Texas Patriot (6 months ago)
I have had better service with UPS than Fedex.
Ryan Yuschock (4 years ago)
I have the opposite problem :P
GuruAidTechSupport (4 years ago)
+Ryan Cunningham I was just making a point, UPS has caused nothing but problems for me, to fix future problems, I use FedEx instead.
Ryan Yuschock (4 years ago)
How would FedEx fix something in a company it has nothing to do with?
Pedro Abreu (4 years ago)
Those motherfuckers don't do the job right, Lie about delivery attempt Fock UPS
Nathan Harris (4 years ago)
why did UPS their A380 order if there trying to save gas :I
Nathan Harris (4 years ago)
matt o (4 years ago)
They haven't ordered any.
Andrew Jones (4 years ago)
It's a shame the big wigs at UPS have no idea what really happens at worldport. They sit in their offices making tons of money while the regular people sweat in the summer and freeze in the winter for low wages and huge amounts of heavy labor. They are totally out of touch.
Radim Holík (4 years ago)
UPS stands out as an environmental company, while not even sort their basic waste.
arafat faisal (4 years ago)
i don't like ups cause the don't respect their employees unstead they considere like fucken slave
Ram Dat Pussy Sqweaky (1 year ago)
arafat faisal they watch everything you do. They practice a system called workplace mobbing, or black balling. They get all their coworkers to gang up on one till they quit. I am a victim of this.
A random Channel (2 years ago)
its the exact opposet for me. ive worked there for about 11 years now and they care for us totaly. thats why ive stayed there this long
Kipp Stirling (5 years ago)
This company works well in some parts of the country and not so well in others. I'm the guy who loads the packages in the delivery trucks and I've never worked harder for so little. It's hard to swallow sometimes when I hear the fantastic profits the company earns. The Union tries to trickle down this profit, but the disproportion is still huge. Please have some sympathy for the drivers in those areas where they are pushed to 10hr. plus days.
John-Paul Nagel (3 months ago)
Kipp Stirling Fed Ex Same Hang in there Brother
blessedwithoutmeasur (1 year ago)
Kipp Stirling amen to that i work at ups and the drivers and loaders work very hard, yes ups drivers works hard
Kipp Stirling (4 years ago)
4.4 billion in profits!!!! 2013
Kipp Stirling (4 years ago)
Too funny!  The thing is when something is broken one must speak out so that a problem can be fixed. The current algorithm being used to evaluate the productivity of a UPS site is flawed. We are told that we show up every day and work hard just lose the company millions of dollars. Our site does not ship out as much as we deliver. We have high volume, but even though we provide a critical function of the business we are made to feel like financial suckers. Our site burns money as far as corporate is concerned so we can't justify spending money to make us more efficient. The algorithm is wrong.    
Randy She (4 years ago)
Kipp, did you apply for this job or were you sentenced to it?
honeybun33 (5 years ago)
i worked for UPS over the holidays and my driver(Tim Jones) in Atl was a complete A$$hole ! he fussed about every little thing and even had a cold and cough the truck up! thank God i didnt get sick ! . drivers make 35/hr and they'll push theyre helpers to the limits who only get 8.50hr.  i wouldnt recommend anybody work for UPS as a helper unless youre looking to get worked like a slave for little money.
vikings844 (1 year ago)
honeybun33 Why don't you get a job there and be the guy that makes that 35.00 hr dummy
James Fenian (3 years ago)
+honeybun33 Helpers get $15 in the central region, many areas are much lower
Marcus Unitis (5 years ago)
My parcel arrived in town on a Wednesday. Because UPS decided not to unload trucks Friday, I didn't receive my parcel till Monday. I REALLY needed it for the weekend. Shame!
Romantic Donkey (5 months ago)
Marcus Unitis ... It’s been 4 years. Have you gotten over it yet?