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2006 Neighborhood Excellence 400

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Hopefully the audio is fine... helluva race to edit Dover International Speedway
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William Grantham (4 months ago)
47:09 RIP Steve Byrnes
William Grantham (4 months ago)
Good Race 8/10
TheBuzzy53 (8 months ago)
Poor mcmurray
budamania1989 (11 months ago)
Dover racing awesome
james gualta (1 year ago)
What the name of song form intro?
OLLHJR (10 months ago)
End Over End by the Foo Fighters.
Evan Williams (2 years ago)
This finish was interesting, all the side by side racing going on.
Daniel Walton (2 years ago)
at 29:39 that's the national anthem for the 2025 horsemanship show
Red Card (2 years ago)
Hey, do you have the 2006 Pocono 500?
Cj Buford (3 years ago)
as a Mac really feels like he gave that one away. If he just would've stayed up high the whole time, idk why he was trying to protect the bottom he didnt need to he got such a run off the corners
Sandra Daurel (3 years ago)
Matt Kenneth rocks
William Grantham (4 months ago)
Matt Kenseth
WestCoastFishing (3 years ago)
I liked the look of the the aero package in the 2006 season, the cars were so "flat" within the height of them they looked so cool planted on the concrete/cement. One thing I did like about 2005 was you could see the front of the car really sink down into the ground when they got on the brakes and as soon as they pounded the throttle the front end would raise up
Raceday Top 5 With Frank V (3 years ago)
Any chance u can post more 05 races
M&M Cup Series (3 years ago)
any more 06 races
Chris Kreager (3 years ago)
I really thought McMurray was gonna pull it off.
M&M Cup Series (3 years ago)
any more 06 races