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Special Delivery | UPS Guy Don't Give a F***

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Online shoppers beware. A UPS worker gets a little careless while making deliveries. Would it have been that much more work to set the packages down nicely? Original link: http://bit.ly/IOF7Ut SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/JukinVideo LIKE us on FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/JukinVideo FOLLOW us on TWITTER http://twitter.com/JukinVideo FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/JukinVideo REGISTER on our WEBSITE http://JukinVideo.com TO LICENSE THIS CLIP, GO TO: http://bit.ly/1bhZZcI
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Text Comments (938)
Derek Langman (1 day ago)
..and his mirror isn't pulled in. Please don't let one bad apple create influence.
gmwilliamsful (1 month ago)
UPS drivers at 180 Canal Place, Bronx, NY 10456 scan packages as delivered in order not to make MULTIPLE deliveries to the same address. UPS drivers hate their jobs & scan multiple packages as DELIVERED in order to go home early. They don't want to work all day. Report UPS to the Better Business Bureau.
mo momo (1 month ago)
I hope he's fired
BrabusTunedSTI - (5 months ago)
I deliver in bryn mawr, PA. That area is filled with the most snobby mansion campers ive ever come in contact with. This past peak season on christmas eve a lady ordered 150 packages all next day air for a christmas party that was being held on christmas. She had her armed guard stand at the back doors of my truck and watch me gently place every single one on the dock of the guard house. She then called my supervisor the day after christmas and complained that half of them were delivered after 10:30. I arrived at her house at 9. The audacity of some people is truly disgusting. Havent delivered to her house since.
Eric Carter (1 year ago)
I would go out side and start tearing him up
Juana Martinez (1 year ago)
Is this the punk ass little bitch that lost my fuckin packages!!
Ozzy C (1 year ago)
These guys get paid well to deliver.
Rep0007 (1 year ago)
This is why UPS are known as "The Brown Losers". Real delivery people work for the post office. The rejects end up as brown losers. #upsbrownlosers
green phantom (1 year ago)
He better hope he got fired because if he did to my stuff I will f*** him up
Tim Bolt (1 year ago)
that lazy ass ups driver just troing the packages shoul be reported and fired
da Flowerblue (1 year ago)
I have a friend that work as UPS costumer service, he told me that he need to understand both sides, people call crying because their pkgs where scratch and then he checks his program and sees that this is the stop 198 of 315 and is 6 in the afternoon and the truck was load at 6 am, so this driver had been delivering for 12 hours and is far from finishing his deliveries. And then the costumer crying because he paid 20 dollars and his pkg box is just a little bit scratch or the driver didn't wait 20 minutes on the door for the person to decide to attend. As he told me once "if you want your pkg to be babysitted all the way go and pay the 300+ dollars of critical pkg" if you are going to pay for a ground saver you get what you paid for.
666 (1 year ago)
what if that was his cheating girlfriend packages
Mike D (1 year ago)
Lmfao y’all think this is bad see how we do inside the hub
Leonard Wood (1 year ago)
Wtf I can't believe ups is still a business
Foxyroxy1961 (1 year ago)
Just a matter of time in Saint Joseph Michigan they only last leg
Foxyroxy1961 (1 year ago)
They CEO is the same fucking way they whole company
Texas Patriot (1 year ago)
IF your package is properly packed, he could throw it across the street and it would be fine.
gokinsmen (1 year ago)
Far better than the average UPS driver. At least he didn't just drive away and lie about "attempting delivery."
Fatal (1 year ago)
Fuckin piss take
Nightcore Central (1 year ago)
What a dick
Noel S (1 year ago)
Fuck this job lol. I'm a driver that make deliveries for a small company but I still make the same money as this guy and I don't need to do 100+ stops a day.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. (1 year ago)
Where's the "UPS guy?" All I see is packages falling out of the truck. Could be anyone inside that truck.
Paul Nolan (1 year ago)
Lol Ive worked for 4 parcel delivery company's and if you think this is bad you would be shocked at what goes on in the warehouse haha. Your "fragile" box that contains your brand new 4k curved tv? Yeah, that's getting thrown 2.5 meters into the back of a van, 50kg boxes stacked on top of it. Every box gets thrown everywhere, to people working as drivers or warehouse staff, those boxes are nothing more than boxes. Doesn't matter what it says on the box. Nobody cares lol.
Call Me J. R. (1 year ago)
This is why my fucking shit is late and every time I try to track it it always says error. Fuck UPS. Probably open my shit too.
Samet Ertaş (1 year ago)
ups worst
TRILLIN FLOSSIN (1 year ago)
Yes, yes it would have been alot more work to set 300~ packages down for 8-10+ hours a day while also driving a truck and dealing with people who are so bored that they watch the ups guy and complain....
Joshua Dressler (1 year ago)
Yeah it's only a problem when you see it, but trust me those packages go through far more abuse in the warehouse they pass through so many hands and those fragile stickers don't mean shit they're all the same
apollo jan abcede (1 year ago)
ups is suck.........our package is lost.....from Philippine to saudi...it cost almost 30k in Philippine money
Carlos Gonzalez (1 year ago)
I Understand He Not Feeling His Job Anymore But Come On Dude! People Paid For Whatever Are In Those Boxes. I Would Never Do That. Lol I Do Feel Him After Awhile You Get Tired Of It. I Get It But Dont Throw People's Packages On The Ground Like That. They Worked Hard For That Package Guy
Eisenbahn an Saar und Mosel (2 years ago)
Derek Conklin (2 years ago)
This is nothing compared to what we do to your packages at the hubs.
ajhaux19 (2 years ago)
this just makes me not wanna order stuff online anymore
Ben Dennah (2 years ago)
they do so because they dont like the Tour... so thats why they throw all Like this ... the buyers will never choose UPS again and then they can Chillout
kush god (2 years ago)
Would it have been that much more work to set the packages down nicely yea it literally would be
Brown soxs (2 years ago)
ups sucks had three alexas stolen they just leave your package outside dont even ring the bell ,..feel like punching them
Kevin Wolfe (2 years ago)
I use to work in UPS warehouse you'll see a lot of this lmao my first thoughts was damn that's how they handle my shit when I buy stuff online
Daniel Reding (2 years ago)
Hahahahaha xD
Zoch Buppet (2 years ago)
one of the packages was a box from Bestbuy. It had on it.... Intel Processor - Handle with care.
Antonino Gianpiero Benedetti (2 years ago)
Ganu Rocks (3 years ago)
Hand 2 surface...
YourLocalPikachu (3 years ago)
That is exactly what happened to my eighty dollar package
CrossfireAmbush (3 years ago)
This is why I use FEDX
RzVids (2 years ago)
CrossfireAmbush Fedx is the same shit lmfao
ANN WILSON (3 years ago)
way to go UPS...
Sally Traylor (3 years ago)
so by worldwide does that mean it has to look like earth
Albert .G (3 years ago)
tomorrow my delivery is to come and i have a that day off...ima keep a eye on the USPS driver when it arrives!!
Sony Sonic5 (3 years ago)
how did it go? wish me luck I am supposedly getting the items I order this following Tuesday
Sony Sonic5 (3 years ago)
how did it go? wish me luck I am supposedly getting the items I order this following Tuesday
Daryl M (3 years ago)
This is why I use FedEx Express!
The Benz (3 years ago)
UPS don giv uh Fuuu!!!!
M. E. B surgeon B (3 years ago)
henok (3 years ago)
this is normal he is doing his job its packed to handle this kind of impact.
nesadx11 (3 years ago)
What an idiot !
capotillo 28 (3 years ago)
Respect 2way street (3 years ago)
This fucker should be bent over and take the biggest box you see there and just shove it up his ass. dude wtf if you don't like the job than quit. Other people is paying the price by receiving broken merchandise for you not giving a shit. I guess your Mom didn't give a shit when she brought your sorry ass into this world huh?
Angered Shrek (3 years ago)
lazy fucks!
SuperBigblue19 (3 years ago)
I used to work for a outfit that contracts package pu for USPS  the loaders would throw boxes from the feeder into a bin. Roll the bin  to my trailer then  throw the packages onto the trailer till the bin was light enough to dump the rest. you would end up with 3 or 4 piles of packages in the trailer.  Most shippers would use rollers and hand stack  the load and make sure the heavy stuff was not stacked on top. But not the USPS.
Smart Shipper (3 years ago)
If you are a serious company that ships with UPS, you may want to take a look at my channel for tips.
PlaystationFanDude (3 years ago)
That guy should be immediately fired and sent to federal prison.
TheGuyAtTheWheel (3 years ago)
You should see how the UPS and FedEx trucks are loaded.
SavagePanda845 (3 years ago)
I'd go out there and tell him to stop. If he said no, id smash up his truck and see how he's like it.
The Darasz (3 years ago)
Not giving a fuck is an art :P
Izzy Simmer (3 years ago)
ups = oops
Robert B (3 years ago)
Hope he was fired
Captain (3 years ago)
Put a sticker on the box that says "please be careful with my landmine"
George Y (2 years ago)
even you say that, Every Ups guy is hero,They should keep throwing packages.
Falakiko Taulanga (3 years ago)
I think he got fired
Justin Jr (3 years ago)
UPS is the worst shipping company in every way. They delivered the package without notice or ring the bell to notify home owner, they throw the packet over the gate or fence without caring what was inside the box. if you buy the merchandise and choose shipping ground method, it will arrive to your door at the end of the day, around 7 or 8 Pm, stay away from this suck shipping company.
Jonas Spry (3 years ago)
That's pretty much me everyday!!!!!
Bryce Fite (3 years ago)
Maybe the packages weren't listed as frag- *see's a lamp on the ground* maybe the lamp was super stro - *see's a flat box hit the dolly* Maybe he's just having a bad F*cking day getting chased by dogs.
Sandra Staton (3 years ago)
These drivers are mad because they are working over 40 hours and only getting paid for 33.  They need to go to the labor department and protest
Michael Bizzarro (3 years ago)
get a life people
dish125db (3 years ago)
Shouldn't have ordered all that at once anyway. Heck yeah hes gonna be a bit bitter, its probly 5pm and he just wants to go home.
gmwilliamsful (1 month ago)
UPS don't make multiple deliveries as it is a LOT OF WORK. They just make ONE delivery-scanning the rest of the packages as delivered although the packages were never delivered.
My leg! (3 years ago)
If only you people saw what goes on in the UPS warehouse
gmwilliamsful (1 month ago)
@Matthew Grubb, you UPS drivers consistently fuck up orders. This is a SIMPLE job, you Asshat moron. There is no stress. You are just a subtard that is performing a job WAY beyond your intellectual capacity. You must be a borderline moron. Your intelligence is in the double digits- that is why you say the job is "stressful". I have had UPS shit idiots like you lose my precious packages! Fuck UPS!
BrabusTunedSTI - (5 months ago)
My leg! - I deliver to a physical trainer. He always gets at least 3 or 4 of the “rogue” boxes, weightlifting equipment. I feel future hernias with those packages.
SUBHUMAN .COM USA (9 months ago)
Unfortunately this his how all big delivery services work, and believe it or not This is common practice for loaders and delivery guys, the management at most delivery firms actually show you how to throw the parcel carefully, when a big Articulated truck comes into the depot full to the brim the unloaders only have 1to2hr's to unload it, and normally form a chain to put the packages straight onto a conveyor belt, its at the end of of the conveyor when things start to get nasty thou, 7 and half ton loaders are actually allowed to throw the parcels flat side down in the air so it comes down and skids on the floor to the back of the truck similar to how a rugby player passes the ball, then when the rush is over he will load the truck from the pile of parcels he has created, the only packages they dont throw are t.v,s and glass items. Delivery guys are not allowed to throw parcels around like that thou, thats disgusting, their only allowed to skid the parcel to the back of the truck carefully, It looks like his loader hasn't loaded the truck to the drivers schedule, and he's lost his rag by having to go and sort through them to find the right ones, the loader actually has to load the truck right to the days schedule, to make it easy for the driver
Isaac Valdez (9 months ago)
supergluehotty (10 months ago)
Right? Smalls bag be f this! Wooooooosh bang mother fer!
Broke News! (3 years ago)
it depens upon if he is white or black ...
Micheal Winlow (3 years ago)
I HOPE THIS PERSON IS FINED AND SACKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!G60
fzntv (3 years ago)
Sometimes i can understand these people , they work all day for almost no money and if soemthing bad happens in their life....
the crazy cowgirl (3 years ago)
RzVids (2 years ago)
the crazy cowgirl they don't get fired for this shit lmao it's typical
tankmaster1018 (3 years ago)
+kayla Tweedydird lmfao if you think this is bad you would shit your pants actually seeing the packages in the warehouse get loaded. And almost every driver handles packages like this to some degree when they are overloaded on work. This one just made the mistake of having them spill out of the cab for people to film.
JukinVideo (3 years ago)
+Ayla Tweed He had one job!
ian 123 (3 years ago)
See if I send anything again!
awesomeness gameing (3 years ago)
Electric Hellion (3 years ago)
That's completely uncalled for. Hope he got canned for that BS behavior. Take a sick day if you aren't feeling like giving a care. Moron in brown.
THE NHRA GUY #49 (3 years ago)
hell yea chuck them bitches
Taehyungs Left Nostril (3 years ago)
I only trust Fed Ex.
Erik DeWitt (3 years ago)
WTF!??!?!? During my training they never said I could do this, why have I been wasting time carefully placing things down and bending my knees???
Sony Sonic5 (3 years ago)
please don't do what this mf is doing what ever you do comes around and you wouldn't like somebody throwing your items
Jay Stryker (3 years ago)
9 times out of 10 it's the preloader. Probably has a preloader that threw shit in his truck and he doesn't give a shit
jhon doe (3 years ago)
this is why i suck the UPS guys cock every Christmas; and none of my stuff comes broken
legman till i die (3 years ago)
I work for ups and unfortunately they give you this attitude. We want to do a good job but the company is dark and ugly.
chelzeydarling ! (3 years ago)
+legman till i die yeah like your uniform.
En het (3 years ago)
I would be pissed too if 1 Person orders that much Bullshit.
NDHvideos (3 years ago)
If you are making $90,000 a year you should handle the parcels better. Still not even close to how bad the sorting warehouse is...
azeleapark (11 months ago)
More like $100g's
Maxie Shepherd (1 year ago)
Can confirm drivers make more money than they know what to do with
Patrick star (3 years ago)
+Katie Sasser can your husband recommend me?? Im a good guy we went to highschool together best buds
Katie Sasser (3 years ago)
+robertintexas Yep! My husband doesn't get a lot of overtime, but still makes around 85k a year.
robertintexas (3 years ago)
+kx250fmotocross Actually, NDH is correct. I just retired (2014) after 38 years with UPS. I was making over $35.00/ hr. when I left. One of my best friends who still works there hit 120k before Thanksgiving. We drove the 18 wheelers, which pay about $1-1.50 more/hour than package car drivers. If you made less than 100k in my department, it was because you turned work down.
Angel Colantuono (3 years ago)
lmao I do the same thing because our job doesn't pay us enough to care and our benefits package sucks ass...
EdiBlazE (4 years ago)
UPS motto is UP YOURS!!!
Josh River (4 years ago)
Its ok...he opened the boxes first. They all had cotton-candy, pillows and marshmallows!
M&M (4 years ago)
Now I understand why my packages always look like they have been routed through to Gaza Strip before coming to me. Thanks, now I get it...
Ricky Kline (4 years ago)
You should see how ugly it is when it's being loaded. lololol
stng100gmailcom (4 years ago)
How come you didn't show his face? That guy needs to be sacked!
Devin Davidson (4 years ago)
We throw packages at the warehouse all the damm time haha good times at UPS still a better service than fed ex its the UPSer way.
Jeremy Mcgillivery (4 years ago)
Okay he has be on crack
TrainerRubyCheah (4 years ago)
I can already image if this is Yummir6's mail even tho hates UPS......
TrainerRubyCheah (4 years ago)
Whoops,meant to say imagine ^_^
twikie twikie (4 years ago)
@DatBoiRuby What are you even trying to say?
Jon Baird (4 years ago)
10 to 1 says this is a smear campaign ad put out by FedEx
LTDBrandon (4 years ago)
UPS, pay to have 2 packages delivered Get one sent 1,024Km away from your destination and the other one sent back to you almost a month later looking like if someone purposely placed 3 tons of weight on top of it to break everything in there after stealing all your valuables. Great service you offer UPS, good thing FedEx actually cares about the costumer and if they mess up they actually refund you of all you money and give you back the $1,000 insurance you payed on the boxes too. -Mmmm imagine a world without fraud, no wait, that will never happen, because your still here.      I hope nobody else falls for your BS of a service!!!
They call him dangerous Bryan (4 years ago)
He's thinking.....WTF is this useless trolley going to do when ive got all these packets?
ServalSV (4 years ago)
QuebecoisGuy (4 years ago)
UPS are shitty. They don't even ring my door or snap a notice on it, like they should do. They just pretend I wasn't there on first 'attempt'. Fuck you guys. I lost an entire day locked in my house and now must lost a 2nd entire day locked in? Thats 2 days off , lot of time wasted, lot of money wasted. The worst ; Purolator delivered me the same day, very quick and easy, and my friend came the same day as well, both of them used the ring doorbell. I'm really pissed off, don't go with UPS. Pretty sure tomorow they will use the same lazy strategy.
SavagePanda845 (3 years ago)
+QuebecoisGuy Retarded delivery men.
LTDBrandon (4 years ago)
@QuebecoisGuy UPS, pay to have 2 packages delivered Get one sent 1,024Km away from your destination and the other one sent back to you almost a month later looking like if someone purposely placed 3 tons of weight on top of it to break everything in there after stealing all your valuables. Great service you offer UPS, good thing FedEx actually cares about the costumer and if they mess up they actually refund you of all you money and give you back the $1,000 insurance you payed on the boxes too. -Mmmm imagine a world without fraud, no wait, that will never happen, because your still here. I hope nobody else falls for your BS of a service!!!
Darjack (4 years ago)
I ordered a new laptop....