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Flaming Crunch Chicken KFC’s new TVC - Feed Your Fire!

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KFC is offering Flaming Crunch Chicken with the world’s hottest chillies. ‘Flaming Crunch’ brings a hot new twist to the craveable KFC taste that will leave consumers wanting more. Join the KFC India Facebook community for special offers, contests and a lot more excitement: http://www.facebook.com/KFCinIndia
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Text Comments (59)
Sheba Isahac (11 days ago)
Like mike similarities
Kusum Sharma (2 months ago)
Inspiring video 😊😊
Syedar Begum (7 months ago)
Icyy_kelvin (8 months ago)
double dribble lol
Łəæđęř•Fłævəřy (9 months ago)
0:51 Tom and Jerry are different
Ranabesh Roy (9 months ago)
Moon Lover __ (10 months ago)
What the song in the background ?
Rahul Iyer (1 year ago)
All credit goes to Tom and Jerry man not kfc but ok nice add
Sumit Gupta (7 months ago)
Rahul Iyer g8vd
ameer bahi (1 year ago)
I play football and u motivated me thx :)
ameer bahi (1 year ago)
Mohsin 1 Junaidi :)
Mohsin 1 Junaidi (1 year ago)
Ya you are the best and you should keep doing what you love. Thanks dude
Kryptoz Playz (1 year ago)
2:17 thats a double dribble
Hossain Mussadek Shihab (1 year ago)
It was a born vita add😂😂😂😂
Sagiri Izumi (1 year ago)
Yall saying that kfc makes you fat and couldnt play sports but look at the black folks they be dunking all night touchdown every play killmonger almost become the king of wakanda and of course you have to have watermelon with ya
Dave Parker (1 year ago)
What’s the background music that starts at 1:10????
Sambhram Suresh (3 years ago)
I know that main guy. He is my friends cousin. His name is Rajneesh
Ali Hussain (5 months ago)
Sambhram Suresh peng
SNBA (3 years ago)
Double dribble much
Ekansh Gupta (4 years ago)
hi kfc team, can i post my own advertisement on your you-tube page ?
GH VJ (4 years ago)
Just went thru the add... Well the background Song No Doubt is a copy of song named About today by the national from the flim Warrior... But it was sung by Clinton Cerejo!!! Well You can google and chk his website and many of his Background score to commercials are given...
Deepak Samuel (4 years ago)
I had KFC once. Fed my fire all right. Sent me to the toilet for hours. 
Vishal Kesarwani (4 years ago)
mummy ko bolo complan pilaaye... :D
aniruddha oka (4 years ago)
Leave aside "kfc has nothing to do with it" part. The coach asking this kid to get out of the court jut because he's short is very inappropriate and completely against the spirit of the game. Moreover, this game has had a lot of good men and women as coaches and this is completely against their spirit. 
Amar c.k (4 years ago)
Kfc, we need that baground song 2:15 pls share the song name
Techie-X (4 years ago)
Flame our fire with such UNHEALTHY shit ??!  WoW.. There cannot be a bigger example of irony than this ad.
ki 2 (4 years ago)
It has vitamin MSG!!
Panagiotis S (4 years ago)
Keep eating mutated chicken and you will be a basket ball star (In your mutated dreams).
Bhavya Jakhu (4 years ago)
Moral of the story- you'll have stunted growth by eating at KFC.
V'deate Communication Consultancy (4 years ago)
Fried food and sports? What are you thinking? Wrong positioning
Steroid Symphony (4 years ago)
Should have went to a Doctor and hooked himself on some HGH. To grow taller. You can still grow tall if you are a kid. But once growth plates are fused. It's impossible stretching might help a little I guess. Limb lengthening surgery is the only option left for him if nothing g works. Plus height is all genetics. You can only increase a few inches after that nothing.
AMIT GARG (4 years ago)
Very nice add,.. They also gave 1 hidden message that if you eat junk food like this it will affect your health.
Sumit Kalsan (4 years ago)
chicken kha k basket ball ki practice hui h roti,fruit kha kr nhi hoti....
CLIVE MAC (4 years ago)
How do KFC and Sports mix in ?? KFC makes you fat, so play basketball to Burn the fats ? that may what Feed the Fire could be. The video makes no sense but the story line of the video is great, there was no reason for KFC to be there, it wasn't even the focal point. Just replace any product with KFC and voila, the Video would still be great. Seems familiar with that Popcorn Theory.
Rising India (4 years ago)
Agree wid u sir (y)
Eternal Truth (4 years ago)
Such an inspiring and amazing ad.. so much teamwork and beautifully executed. Great connect!
Eternal Truth (4 years ago)
It is so sad that despite knowing that the ad is consisting scenes, even during the match, which are a combination of different scenes, still some of us are choosing to ignore this and continue pulling it down... saying 'foul play' etc... reflects on the critique's self, definitely not on the ad.
Ankan Mohapatra (4 years ago)
The music of the song played in this ad is similar to the song played at the end fighting scene of The Warrior movie.
soumith potturi (4 years ago)
Good ad but it has got nothing to do with KFC at all. THAT'S the main problem with Indian ads. Very irrelevant. And the dude dint even follow the rules of basketball.
soumith potturi (4 years ago)
Yash Deshpande (4 years ago)
That boy is in my school !! 
Nikhil Jose (4 years ago)
KFC had a cameo in this ad
AlphaAdnan (4 years ago)
Umm, violation at 2:17, the play shouldn't have continued  -_- 
Subham Bhattacharjee (4 years ago)
At 2.10 what is the Background song name..please share with us..
Subham Bhattacharjee (4 years ago)
did you know who is the artist of the song and title...
Anchit Kumar (4 years ago)
Yaar though its background music is of About today by The National (amazing song) But the advertiser added some lyrics to it.
Vishal Kokate (4 years ago)
what is the name of this song? @KFC India Please share with us. Many of us are searching for it.
Vishrut Chhajer (4 years ago)
Why are they Competing Complan now  ? xD
Nitheesh AG (3 years ago)
lol xd
GauravNikoBellic (4 years ago)
Nice ad but seriously kfc has nothing to do with it lol
Techie-X (4 years ago)
Moreover, that guy who's supposed to be healthy & fit is eating the unhealthy kfc crap.
ankit shard (4 years ago)
gr8 work team :) 
Joe joseph (4 years ago)
2:15 Double dribble BRO!!!
Siddhesh Shelar (4 years ago)
Background song name please..??
Anchit Kumar (4 years ago)
Music is from About today by the national (amazing song) Advertiser added lyrics to it.
CrazycrocVault (4 years ago)
Rajneesh (4 years ago)
i just subscribed to u 
Rajneesh (4 years ago)
thank you uncle. This is my account. 
Sanjeet Itkyal (4 years ago)
wow Rajneesh you are a star, Keep it up!