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UPS "Brakes" Commercial

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Mike Ryan, Hollywood Stunt Driver and Pikes Peak truck racer, built and drove the UPS NASCAR Race Truck for the4 commercial campaign. Learn more at www.fastrucks.com
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Text Comments (8)
Msflamingo2008 (4 years ago)
"...about 193" (mph) In the Big Brown Truck! LMAO!!! These were some of the BEST commercials ever. :D Thx, Dale Jarrett & UPS, 4 gr8 Racin & gr8 Ads! I miss them. ♡♡♡
Jae (8 years ago)
BAD BAD safety feel bad for people driving those
Nic (8 years ago)
Yeah, but will they shut off the engine, run out and deliver a package each time they pit?
bmxrcodol04 (10 years ago)
LOL i just cant stop watching that part. lol
GermanSniperBayArea (10 years ago)
i work at UPS, UPS rocks!!
dueltruck700 (11 years ago)
nice drivin UPS my favorite truck lol "go 4 broweN!" lol
WW Towns (11 years ago)
good job bart!!
danicmda (11 years ago)
lol the brakes took him moments to stop