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Crispiest Dosa in India | Rava Mysore Dosa | Indian Street Food

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Manju Dosa is a small street food joint located in Santa Cruz, Mumbai serves the crispiest Rava Dosa. It was started decades ago by a man from Mysore and his legacy is carried on by a team of skilled, sweaty young men who work together to put out more than 200 dosas a day. They have variety of dosas and uttapas which are cooked in Amul butter only and served with special coconut chutney. Address : Manju Dosa, South Avenue, Vithaldas Nagar, Santacruz West, Mumbai
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Text Comments (1594)
J Townsend (8 hours ago)
I want to try this so bad that's how I want mines cheese me please
قلبي يؤلمي علاوي (15 hours ago)
Pakistani tiger (23 hours ago)
Akhhhhhhhhh 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖
RDX'RANGER OP (1 day ago)
Why South Indians are so jealous about this dosa. ...calling it unhealthy and unhygienic. .? It is so delicious
Kannada talks (1 day ago)
Is this a dosa typically no dosa can ever match south Indian look at that toppings with cheese 🤐
Ali Mohamed (1 day ago)
Dosa gangster till Chinese start coughing there
Karina Fiquio (1 day ago)
Meu Deus que lugar sujo😮 olha as paredes 🙁
phoenixSoundbyte (2 days ago)
That looks delicious!!!!
cooking outdoors and diy (2 days ago)
Stanley Sandeep (2 days ago)
This is called rape of a Rava dosa...why do all these Mumbai street vendors use paav bhaji technique to every goddamn thing is beyond me...
SHAKIL (2 days ago)
Esses indiano e muito porco vei
Niharika Telang (3 days ago)
Those who are saying that he is obsessed with cheese, I guess it is paneer, not cheese.
Futhark (3 days ago)
I would feel safer eating a turd off the street
Ernist Munene (3 days ago)
I thought he was done with the ingredients, but he is still adding them. Oh my
Aaditya Shekhar Chowdhary (3 hours ago)
Yeah, it's been a week.
Noor HK (2 days ago)
Anto Zucca (4 days ago)
Por eso hay tanta enferma en esos países sin guantes carecen de control sanitario y surge los virus
Saptarshi Saha (4 days ago)
every dish in mumbai boils down to paw bhaji
Susi Handayani (4 days ago)
abdul jilani (8 days ago)
Kabhi pyaaz muthi bhar ke bhi daala jaata tha
Harshit pandey (9 days ago)
Why everyone waste so much in india...
Все временно (9 days ago)
Это не полезная пища.
aPkAtTi (11 days ago)
It's not crispy rava dosa, it's all vegetables salad dosa with overloaded with cheese 😂😂
ホヤHOYA Tube韓国 (11 days ago)
I have never seen this food before.😅😅 but it looks so delicious and the way to make it is interesting~~ I want to try it oneday😋😋
yendry gonzalez (12 days ago)
Se ve muy mala higiene en el puesto
vicky (14 days ago)
I like classic aaloo ka masala dosa pata nahi logo ye faltu ka tamjham kaise pasand aa jata hai
Kawaii Onee-chan (14 days ago)
Looks like a salad quesadilla to me
Chandrika Kanabar (14 days ago)
Cheese mein dosage kam hai aesa lagta hai. Kitna cheese daala? Cheesecake ban gaya
Keisha Alexander (14 days ago)
Javed Anjevelkar (16 days ago)
Of corse he will be using local butter
Ashutosh S (17 days ago)
Heart attack Dosa hai ye!! 😁
Pratibha Tripathi (18 days ago)
Trypophobia left the chat
The Hulk (18 days ago)
indian food looks so poor like Indian people. you people only eat rice, wheat, and oil.. eat some meat guys. cow, goat, fish, chicken. . poor people.
Abdul (18 days ago)
This is just filth too dirty i wont eat thix this for free open defecation india a c he uses hix filthh dirty hands feel like vomitting
Jeremy Evangelista (18 days ago)
All the same. Cars honking, no gloves being harmed, unhealthy amount of butter been used, tons of masala, tons of grated cheese. Yeah that kind of sums it up
Kamala Aathavan (19 days ago)
Super excited to see super sir
يوميات عتيقة (19 days ago)
AKP PAR (21 days ago)
What is the price ?
The Lone Wolf. (21 days ago)
None of this bullshit can beat Madrasi ghee roast masala dosa.
Dhivya suganthi (21 days ago)
How much
Dhivya suganthi (21 days ago)
How much
Aidah Abd Ghani (23 days ago)
Very nice.
Srikandan Arthanari (24 days ago)
My 1st choice is moms crispy cauliflower roast. Then my wifes crispy rava onion dosa.
مكاش كي المحاجب ديالنا😎
Victoria D Boss (26 days ago)
I'm 30 n never had this b4 😢 looks yummy
Mai Tran (26 days ago)
South indian dosa are simple and delicious North indian dosai are too.much ingridient and overdone
Leticia Cons (27 days ago)
Como inventan tragason por eso hay tantas enfermedades 🤮seguro ni sean de lavar las manos 👐
T k tuhu (27 days ago)
Rate kitna hai any one
Karina. Lissandra (28 days ago)
Good excellence food.💯
Gayathri Gayu (28 days ago)
It is dosa not pizza 😬😬😬
Dynamic Beauty (1 month ago)
I want that if the person using gloves..and face mask...sanitary in proccessing food is needed.....
Family Recipes (1 month ago)
Plz frndz mere channel ko bhi subscribe kr do
Alejandro Sanin (1 month ago)
⛔ Did he washed his hand?
cs ap (1 month ago)
U r not allowed here.....
Afreen Khan (1 month ago)
Rama Rangoli (1 month ago)
Super dosa
الاناقه الملكيه (1 month ago)
Rudy Rahmat (1 month ago)
Dosa is sin😁
Bala Ramana (1 month ago)
It would be nice if you could add the names of ingredients.
احمد كريم (1 month ago)
Jamyang Yoesel (1 month ago)
This people have to find new ideas to capture the interest of the consumers . Surely there are hundreds of street vendors selling pure authentic dosas but we shouldn't complain on their version . This people are working for their family . They need new ideas to support their family . The market is very competitive . We all know authentic pizza but now the world has hundreds of their own version of pizza .
Ruby Ansari (1 month ago)
Nothing is better than plain dosa with nariyal chutney... He just ruined it....
aim so bored // jjh16 (1 month ago)
Bgm: never ending horn
adelika Adelika (1 month ago)
Looking so nice
Mohana Babu (1 month ago)
What is the price of dosa😀
P Elango (1 month ago)
Why nothindia using much butter in food
Abhi Verma (1 month ago)
It took me 2mins to understand it's not CRIPIEST
Booper 343 (1 month ago)
What ingredient in the batter makes it have holes when put on the griddle ?
Maury 74 (1 month ago)
Dick Soprano (1 month ago)
Splashing krap everywhere
d d (1 month ago)
bhai price bhi dikha diya kro....... nalle bethe matlab sirf dekhne keliye nahi bethe ........ or middle class he( point to be noted) price dikha dia kro baad me sochenge jana he ya nahi......
karthick aswini (1 month ago)
How much this dosa
rachida ben (1 month ago)
bravo , qu'est ce que sa doit être bon
Kamlesh Oda (1 month ago)
Lim的Bounds灰界 (1 month ago)
Can post it to me Malaysia, look delicious 😋
Южный Ветер (1 month ago)
Шаурма по мумбайски...,😂😂😂😂
V Kumar (1 month ago)
Yummy Mouth Watering DOSA👍
Bella Carolina (1 month ago)
Pranav Devkar (2 months ago)
Tumhare Mumbai Mai authentic food bhi milta hai ya nai 😆
manish tewari (2 months ago)
Total khichdi ...like today's social media 🤮🤮
Sathvik Pandeshwar (2 months ago)
2020 Menu in Mumbai Streets: Cheese Idly Cheese Fresh Lime Juice Cheese Jalebi Cheese Mango Lassi Cheese Badam Halwa Cheese Biriyani
Himalayan artist (2 months ago)
Bhook lag
Alok kumar (2 months ago)
I just hate cheese
QueL Alves (2 months ago)
Eca falta de higiene
زهرة النرجس (2 months ago)
انا مشتركة جديدة في ترحيب على فكرة انا كمان عندي قناة
Fernanda Santos (2 months ago)
Meu estômago embrulhou aqui véi , serão
Shahina Ansari (2 months ago)
Crispiest? Y'all haven't ate my mum's dosa yet!
andi karya (2 months ago)
pusat dosa...?
Ahmad Alkaldi (2 months ago)
شو يخبص هاذا شي يقرف
Rise & Blaze (2 months ago)
Please support
Trisha Heavenly (2 months ago)
they put too much ingridients 🤢🤮
Varshini s (2 months ago)
Most of the south Indian people don't eat butter and cheese
Aiko The Great (2 months ago)
Kani unta moy ipakaon ni Trump aron ma tigbak tos high blood
My Great India (2 months ago)
Classic nd traditional dosa is the best nd healthiest one. Plz don't ruin this . Why Most of the food stalls of these days r giving western nd foreign flavours in our traditional Indian dishes , this should nt be done.
Faroek Nasierkhan (2 months ago)
It sure looks delicious and all that. But I am sure my ass will explode from diarhea after eating that.
امواج البحر (2 months ago)
تبادل الاشتراك في قنوات هلا بيكم في قنوات هلا بيكم
경희 박 (2 months ago)
Looks really delicious~^^
atish mule (2 months ago)
Funny thing about this video is tipical north indian bhaiya is making tipical south indian dish in tipical maharshtra
Andrea C. (2 months ago)
His hand materializes endless cheese
Priti Raj (2 months ago)
Soooo yummy muh me Pani aa gya
Rosie Hutchinson (2 months ago)
It look's hot spicy food dot like
Rosie Hutchinson (2 months ago)
It look's hot spicy food dot like
JjR succeed (2 months ago)