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USPS Lying about Delivery

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Footage caught on our Logitech Alert cameras, which unfortunately records in 'clips' which is why there is a stutter when the truck travels between houses. There was nothing captured on the porch-cam, since no one actually attempted a delivery. My husband reported that the woman swore she attempted a delivery, which was a lie since we were both AT THE WINDOW watching the entire time and no such thing occurred.
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The Eerie Midnight Horror Show (2 days ago)
This happen to me yesterday what a bunch of bull$#!?
NOT a Dim/Lib (3 days ago)
Ordered something and it shipped from in Florida to somewhere in Florida. A week later and it's still bouncing around the state like a red headed step child .
Billy Baty (11 days ago)
Yeah, we have a rule: Never use the USPS unless you absolutely have to!
BizarreRo Fry (1 month ago)
Sometimes this happens because they find the package that was supposed to be on the truck so the ups guy or girl doesn’t deliver it and don’t leave a not because they get the package and usually bring it the next day it happened to me before
Rugged Rick Rude (1 month ago)
THIS VID lazy FEDERAL pos mud fish,if you say or do anything they play that I am a FEDERAL EMPLOYEE crap....WHERE we live ,couple yrs ago a lazy fat mud fish backed the mail truck into a customers drive way,she waddled out of truck,opened up back and literally shoved a sewing / embroidery machine onto the ground and left it in middle of customer driveway,was a $700 item,all caught on home video
Marilyn (2 months ago)
Same thing here too. Was home watched him put mail in box, got the note left...had to go pick it up and the reason for no delivery was they could not read the address?!?!?!?!
readyset (2 months ago)
I rather they hold on to the package than have a porch pirate take it.... If a porch pirate takes it, then the USPS is to blame.
Chris Sharp (1 month ago)
That would be reasonable if the actually rang the door bell or knocked instead of just saying we missed you and drive off
Suzuki The Vocaloid Guy (3 months ago)
Same here lazy people doesn’t deliver my mail and I have to go the office and file stuffs
TheBic4 (3 months ago)
Who the hell still says shan’t?
Ocyla (3 months ago)
What a dumb question, because I clearly used it. So, me.
Paul Thompson (4 months ago)
Why expect a government worker to do their job. Unrealistic expectations
Miss Not Of This World (4 months ago)
The sky is blue. Beautiful day clouds. Nice Neighborhood. There are still assholes! There was no reason not to give the lady her package. He gave it to her boyfriend though. I guess that scared his lazy lousy ass! These people shouldn't have their jobs if they can't do them and it's too much for them! Don't snub customers for something they paid for! Someone should do that to them every time they order something and see how much they like it!
Alpha Macho (4 months ago)
They didn’t deliver my package yesterday because of a “Rceptable Blocked” that is the biggest horse shit ever. Lazy fucks if they don’t want to walk and do their job then leave it for someone who wants to work with pride!
Orlyy (4 months ago)
Literally fuck usps. Second time today they have done this, I'm investing in CCTV, it's ridiculous.
Sukha (4 months ago)
I am having same problem all the time. I manage a local shipping and printing business and over dozens of packages are delivered each day except from USPS. Their tracking always show delivery attempted. They should fire those lazy old retard workers
John Hildebrand (4 months ago)
That is EXACTLY what my worthless mail man does twice I busted him leaving without leaving packages then he looks at me with the oh shit look oh I have package for you...dam right you do you worthless turd!!!!
Fr ra (4 months ago)
They should all be fired and the mail privatized every year taxpayer money wasted Drain the Swamp
biff322 (5 months ago)
To lazy to get out of the truck, didn't see a car in the driveway so assumed you weren't home. Hope you called and reported the driver.
Ocyla (5 months ago)
biff322 i sure did
Dammit Boy (5 months ago)
Fat and Lazy
Shawn Eliason (5 months ago)
shan't?? wtf is that?
Markinpuff (5 months ago)
This happens to be constantly, they say we missed you or the package was delivered when it was not, or the package arrived at another city by mistake. I will never use those thefts again, unfortunately Amazon uses them, and when they steal your shit, you have to go crying to Amazon like they don’t know what’s happening. In the last month I must have had 5 of 10 shipping problems with usps, never ups or Fedex. They are a bunch of low life incompetent losers.
XxLindsay1029xX (5 months ago)
I have issues constantly with USPS here (Philly). I'm waiting for a package coming from 19136 shipping to me in 19114 yet for some bizarre reason ended up in Media PA. They have no idea why it was sent there. They also pick and choose when they want to deliver mail. I didn't have mail for a week then got 15 pieces of mail in a day. Now there will be a story on the news tonight about them
Jeff Ruiz (5 months ago)
I need some customers like you guys on my route. I’ve delivered the same route for 15 years. Never lost or messed up a package and have never pulled some lazy shit like this. But one time in years you accidentally deliver a letter to someone’s neighbor they call up and leave nasty notes.
Essy Chilcutte (6 months ago)
My mail person keeps closing my screen door and putting boxes Outside it Two issues with this The Door is Locked open because the Lock is broken and Wont unlock! Second they are putting the Box blocking us in... So we cant Open the door anyway. I have Asked several times and Even confronted them I installed a Large Drop Box on my door step for packages and guess what She Came up and Shut the door INTENTIONALLY locking it. When I did not have a Package. I happened to be on the street Like excuse me Why were you at my door?!? Next week > 30x30 x4 box comes a Normal person would lean it on the rail of the Step Not this lady She Went up closed the screen Door and leaned it up on the Door. So NOW i greet her. Not every day but randomly
Rob K (6 months ago)
Customers of Ebay have more effect than they realize. If every buyer on Ebay would look at the sellers means of shipping and NOT BUY FROM SELLERS THAT USE UPS. This would have a huge effect. Their Customer service (in the Phillipines) lies thru their teeth. Boycott every item that is manufactured in the Phillipines and let the customer service rep at UPS know what you are doing to effect change. If their exports to the USA stop. It will effect the people would are lying to us.
Chris Kibodeaux (14 days ago)
Rob K boycotts don’t work!!
Rob K (6 months ago)
UPS did the same thing to me. Scheduled delivery was Friday the 12th. Got the same "Customer not available for delivery" BS. I had a camera on my door the entire day. They never attempted a delivery. I called the bogus number: 800-742-5877 . CS representative said, that driver would be back to try again later friday evening. LOAD OF CRAP. They never came so I called Saturday morning the 13th of January and got the old song and dance. She told me, "your item is loaded on the truck and is out for delivery" Bull Sh*T. I sat at home waiting for my package from EBAY to arrive. No show once again. I was also told by two customer service reps that the person in charge of the Portland deliveries would be calling me (per my request) and of course that is just another one of the Bull Sh*t lies. I will never buy from another seller on Ebay if the listing says that the ship UPS. Just a line of Sh*T
rag6476 (6 months ago)
Happens all the time. Carriers use the notice left slips as a reminder for parcels. New carrier's help and carry a pivot from the route but don't realize why that slip is cased in with the mail.
Victor Silva (6 months ago)
USPS employees are the laziest bunch of gold bricks. I've always given them a christmas "bonus". I'm really fed up this year. In 2018 UPS is getting the bonus.
Wolffurrr (4 months ago)
Take the video to your office and make them watch it. Send it to the usps to see if their can be disciplinary actions against these type of workers.
Mitch Whiting (4 months ago)
Victor Silva That’s too bad. My office has some of the most dedicated and hard working people you’ll ever meet. Sad when disrespectful employees make all of us look bad. My apologies on behalf of them.
xlxcrossxlx (6 months ago)
I had an "out for delivery" package. Saw mailman pull up when I was out with my dog, see him scan a package, drop off mail but no package, then leave. 20 seconds later I get a notification on my phone that it was delivered. Call post office, no one can explain. Next day package arrives re-taped over cut Amazon tape. Lucky I saw him otherwise he wouldve said he dropped it off and someone else took it. It was a dashcam in a bit of irony lol.
Wolffurrr (4 months ago)
That's against the law to open packages, employees are not allowed to rummage through mail and open what they want.
Ocyla (6 months ago)
It's kind of a running joke here, not with USPS, but with Fedex, that they peek at every package before dropping it off. They are always partially opened somehow.
Chris Black (6 months ago)
This has happened to me three times. On one occasion, my packages required signatures. I go out to my mailbox just to find that piece of paper saying I must go to the post office to sign for it. I'VE BEEN HOME ALL DAY! PISSED, I drive 30 minutes one way to the office and hand them the slip, they come back and say the driver still had the package. WHAT!!! Pissed, I raised hell in there. The next month the same shit happened again with this bitch! This time I call. Once again raise hell. Post Master said not to worry it will get delivered today. I could tell she was just upset. I'm sitting at home, it's around 6:30 (mail usually runs about 3 pm) at night I get a knock at the door and surprise surprise it's my mail carrier there with a package she "forgot" to deliver. yea right. LAZY BITCH! She just didn't want to get out of her car and walk up to my house.
Ocyla (6 months ago)
How annoying! Seems so bizarre to have the package ON THE TRUCK and just carry it out and right back doesn't it? ugh.
Shlomo Shunn (6 months ago)
Did you report the driver?
Ocyla (6 months ago)
Yep, absolutely did. They gave me some nonsense like "they need more training" like you need training to not prepare a false note ahead of time with the package on your truck.
Kim Pedigo (6 months ago)
Hi: I have a problem with USPS saying the packages were delivered, but nothing there. But, I really liked your security camera that can record everything very clearly. Can you tell me what kind you have and where you bought it? Thanks
Ocyla (6 months ago)
Those were our old Logitech Alert cameras, which have since been replaced with a Swann system of 8 cameras http://www.swann.com/
Chuck Taylor (7 months ago)
Had USPS temp steal my package.
Cynthia Burmeister (7 months ago)
carriers are busy if you have time to record you have time to go to post office to pick it up
Chris Kibodeaux (14 days ago)
Cynthia Burmeister r u really that fuckn stupid!!!
Butchie (6 months ago)
It's their job. You pay them to deliver ... Are you a child?
Victor Silva (6 months ago)
Carriers are busy? Too busy to do their job? Maybe the job should go to someone who can do it.
oleanderdreams (6 months ago)
Cynthia Burmeister cant pick it up from the post office if its in a fucking truck :)
Corbin The awsome YouTube kid (7 months ago)
Someone doesn't know how security cameras work...
Jennifer McMillian (9 months ago)
This shit happens to me a lot. Lazy jerk wont deliver my mail on time.
ThrowItOnTheGrill (6 months ago)
Hell, you're lucky, my packages are not getting delivered at all!
David Edwards (9 months ago)
I complained to Australia Post that a parcel had not arrived, they checked and said it was at the Canberra sorting depot (1,159.8 km away) going through customs. After complaining, it was delivered THE NEXT DAY. The delivery driver either wanted it for himself, or just couldn't be bothered delivering it. He was later caught stealing the packages and that was hushed up.
dariusz784 (9 months ago)
There’s plenty of lazy cry baby fucks that work at usps, I have to deal with that crap every day
Jessie 2much (9 months ago)
They do have a hard job and are overworked but that's no excuse.
MaskSo James (11 days ago)
edgar bloop I don’t matter, you supposed to bring the package to the person no matter how you feel, people pay hundreds of dollars of things they buy online and they expect those expensive items to come the day they are supposed to be delivered.
Chris Kibodeaux (14 days ago)
Jessie 2much no they don’t and not they aren’t!!!
edgar bloop (22 days ago)
Vivid Joey it is a hard job. Try it and let me know how it goes for you.
Vivid Joey (2 months ago)
Jessie 2much Hard job? Are you kidding me? Scan the package and put it in my damn mailbox. Construction is a hard job. Being a business owner is a hard job. Delivering mail is not a hard job
William Poppelreiter (9 months ago)
This has happened to me 3 times lately .My desk is 4 feet from the door and has a window that looks out at the mailbox.Every time the driver throws the regular mail in the box while I have been watching.Then drives away about 5 minutes later the tracking updates to attempted delivery no answer and left a notice.None of these things were done.Considering my place is one of his last deliveries of the day I think he just doesn't give two craps and does this.On one of these occasions he never attempted re-delivery and then lied and said it had been delivered 5 days later.Had to file a claim with a seller and jump through hoops for a month oh get a replacement.Don't bother reporting this crap to the post office they never reply and if you call they just throw you on hold till you hang up.
threeof hardts (9 months ago)
My postal carrier does this with every package. Filed several complaints only to be told my home is unsafe because the carrier has to make two left-hand turns. One into my driveway and one out of my driveway. I hate the USPS with every fiber of my being.
Adele D (10 months ago)
a good catch
Tish Smiddy (10 months ago)
Can't you get signature on delivery when tracking????
Ocyla (10 months ago)
Tish Smiddy the sender can require it but that's usually for sensitive or high cost items, not run of the mill shipments as far as I know
Adrian Parada (10 months ago)
usps steals stuff, i bough an expensive cologne online,the delivery day came, tracking shows out for delivery, then later that day delivered in/at mailbox..i checked and no package, this was six days ago and still nothing,i call usps office and noone knows about it,carrier stole the cologne or placed it in wrong mailbox...usps sucks.
xlxcrossxlx (6 months ago)
Adrian Parada yeah i know! Read my post above.. Wrote it before I noticed yours. Its BS.
Walter P Hopkins (10 months ago)
I am lucky.  I have a great letter carrier that delivers to my house.  The vast majority of letter carriers are dedicated to their jobs and to providing quality service.  I know this, because I help train them.  We engage our employees and encourage them to be at their best each day.  While it can be a challenge to reach all employees all the time, we are not detoured in our efforts.
Summer F (10 months ago)
Ever think the package was mixed in another carriers buggy and wasn't give to your carrier before he left? It happens. However, if you feel like you can do a better job, by all means apply. Bet half y'all couldn't make the cut lol.
Ángel Hernández (1 month ago)
You are dumb a.f. summer
ironhorse127 (8 months ago)
Its takes longer to write the we missed you bullshit, than to deliver it. I was a carrier, and that shit just isnt right. Too many lazy ass carriers like this
Summer F (8 months ago)
raheem F no. You stfu
raheem F (8 months ago)
shut TF up.that shit is rear.ive had this shit done to me three times I had to call the Post office heated for them to bring my shit.
Summer F (10 months ago)
Ok, then my appoligies. I'd really love to hear this carriers respomse as to why she got out of the vehicle to only leave the notice. I was taught in training to scan everything at the door, and leave unless it requires a signature. Only then a 3849 would be left and placed in the mail box. If the package is over it's limits in size/weight, we are to scan 3849 at the office, leave package at PO and leave notice with mail, in the mail box. Again, 2 sides to every story. I'd LOVE to here this carriers response.
Ken McGalliard (10 months ago)
Oh my god we didn't get mail down are street to mondaus in a row parked in front of drug house that he called work said he call cops something about aboit a dog I say out side waiting for that fuc ked and it was 1o9 address outside never to see that truck move where it was hhad. No idea
Jayson Childs (10 months ago)
We received 2 sorry we missed you letters on different days for a registered letter from the water company stating that they were changing the meters on our street.   Both times we were home.  Other neighbors had the same thing happen while they were home also.  I think the postman decided he did not want to go to everyone's door for the signature required for the registered letter.  Everyone had to go to the post office to pick the letter up in person.  The water company wasted a lot of money for the letters to not be delivered.  Columbus, Ga.
Brian Clements (3 months ago)
Was it the first attempt?
wiley990 (10 months ago)
Why are you missing footage at 00:15?
Ángel Hernández (1 month ago)
Brian you are dumb a.f.
Brian Clements (10 months ago)
Yep, they're lying.
Ocyla (10 months ago)
wiley990 the cameras we had recorded in clips, there was nothing happening between when she stopped (presumably to write the note) and when she drove again so it wasn't continuous movement to keep the recording active.
Wayne Samuel (10 months ago)
I wish I can do that. I've complained and gone to the post office and filed complaints with the carrier supervisor to no avail. Even got an email to fill out from "your friends at the post office" only because I filed a complaint with the wrong office the Office of the Inspector General. I was told that is the wrong office. That office is only for crimes. Well not delivering my mail and falsifying a document saying I was not home and there is no secure area to leave my mail is a crime. Apparently the post office will only consider crimes such as blatant stealing.
AlDarko (11 months ago)
Danny Speas (10 months ago)
AlDarko there are lazy carriers, but most of the time they are under such unrealistic time restraints that they feel like they have to take "short cuts" to save time so they can get back to office on time.
Veronica Llamas (11 months ago)
Unfortunately this does happen, I'd leave a note next time saying please knock at I'm home waiting for my parcel and you are being recorded. I know that's something no one should have do but sometimes you just gotta train them to do their job right.
Chris Redfield (3 months ago)
Veronica Llamas or you can say" well shoot you next time" 👍👍👍👍
Sean Morrison (11 months ago)
U need to sue
Chris Kibodeaux (14 days ago)
Sean Morrison ur a idiot and is exactly what’s wrong with this country!!! There is literally nothing to sue over!!
Shirley Alvarez (1 year ago)
happened to me to complain in the package came to me two days later
moi01887 (1 year ago)
If I had a nickel for every time this has happened to me, I could retire.
Matt Jenkins (9 days ago)
moi01887 liar..
White Dog (1 year ago)
I live here
hawkdaddy64 (1 year ago)
USPS is just like the federal government, full of shit!!
gmwilliamsful (1 year ago)
+1, hawkdaddy!
Kelly Hardy (1 year ago)
I have had this happen several times...I have been standing outside next to my box and had them put a sorry we missed you not in my box...I finally got a P.O. Box and now the post office is doing the same thing...the tracking shows it was delivered but they have not put it in the box and then tell me it has not arrived. I have come back 20 minutes later and behold the package that never showed up was finally in the box....I hate being lied to and it seems to me USPS simply HATES their job..they like the benefits and the outrages pay but don't want to do the work for it...typical entitlement laden liberal mentality we have in these UNIONS is killing this countries productivity...
moi01887 (1 year ago)
50 years ago the USA had the highest productivity in the world, and had more unions than we do now.
Cosplay4me (2 years ago)
this happened to me with fed-ex, they didn't even leave a note. im so pissed off right now.
Ocyla (1 year ago)
Ha! I'd like to add "use Fedex if you want the package to arrive looking like it was already opened and rifled through".
moi01887 (1 year ago)
If you want something delivered at any random time, ship it USPS. If you want something delivered exactly on time but to the wrong place, use FedEx.
Lily Jameson (1 year ago)
Their final explanation was that he left it 10 doors down from me. But then he did the same with the replacement! And then he almost did it again with a third package that I was expecting, which was shipped overnight! Had I not called them and fought like hell to have them talk to the driver BEFORE he lost another package, I would be looking for a third lost package right now. IDIOTS!
Ocyla (1 year ago)
The best part is when they tell you things like "sorry, the employee needs more training". Really, you need training to not lie about delivery? Get bent.
Lily Jameson (1 year ago)
This just happened to me with UPS - total lying lazy fucks! I called and reported the guy. His manager is going to call me back to see if he can deliver it today. I needed that computer for work tonight and was tracking it online all day...waiting for it...sitting in my living room when the notification suddenly popped up that I was not available on the 1st attempt and that I would need to pick it up on Monday after 1 pm at an "access point." Of course, there was no sticker on the door because the lazy driver never came! That's money out of my pocket because I needed to work all night tonight, all through the weekend, and all next week! But guess what. I have security cameras too! Lol.
snapshots69 (2 years ago)
FILE A COMPLAINT Call 1800-275-8777 At the prompt Say: Mis-delivery Say: Other Delivery Questions
Gerrett Hooker (1 year ago)
snapshots69 that takes hours. google the number and call the office.
Lexus Fox (2 years ago)
This literally happened to me today except they didn't even bother leave the "Sorry we missed you" notice. I was outside for HOURS waiting, this package was important, and they had the audacity to lie about the delivery "attempt." I'm more mad at the lying than not receiving the package.
Networ X (6 months ago)
Perhaps YOU could leave the u. s. p. s. a notice of your own : "SORRY I HAD TO DEAL WITH SUCH A CHICKEN SHIT HEAD UP ITS STUPID ASS JOKE OF A SO - CALLED "SERVICE". (1) As the "Drone-Delivery" technology becomes proficient, the "mail-man" ( or, "mail-person" ) could be phased out. ( Around 2O3O ? ) as well as... (2) Major supermarkets & retail chains... the BIG cats, with the the saber teeth and BIG claws, being Kroger & WalMart... are introducing a technology to be implemented as 2018 rolls along called, "Scan, Bag, Go" (Kroger) and, "Scan & Go" (Walmart) Eventually no more Cashiers ? ( Around 2O25 ? 2O3O ? ) Kroger : 2 , 2 7 8 stores (Wikipedia) estimated Walmart : 1 1 , 7 0 3 stores (Wikipedia) estimated --------------- 1 3 , 9 8 1 - Total stores X 7 5 ( Cashiers per store ? Sound like a reasonable estimate ? ) -------------------- 1, O 4 8 , 5 7 5 - Eliminated (Cashiers/Checkers) Yes. Eliminated. Some were sent to the planet "Uvantfrieswitdat". A world located on the extreme diametrical side of Earth's position in the Milky Way galaxy. The whole place is basically a "BORG" McDonald's run by abducted bitches. No, not steevie coldbutthole and rozzy o'dunnel. We're talking dogs. From France. Where persistence is Poodle. I know. You ain't gotta tell me. Others were placed in cryogenic deep freeze for possible "voters" of the long since dead extinct democrap party as Hil - LIAR - y is to be thawed from "her" suspended animation state and run for President of all nine (9) planets in this solar system in the year 2O99. (Yeah. That's right. Pluto IS a planet.) Attending a museum in the 22nd century : An animatromic grocery store Checker in "her" blue and orange company uniform wearing the name badge, Peaches... repeats the same question every 1O seconds as "she" "smiles" to the visitors : "Paper ? Or, plastic ?" "Paper ? Or, plastic ?" Paper ? Or, plastic ?" "Paper ? Or, plastic ? Little Suzie : "Mommie ? What does "paper or plastic" mean ?"
KickingAssDaily (2 years ago)
You have the cleanest pavement, and the most perfect yard.
18266609 (2 years ago)
happens to me all the time. the workers are lazy and dont feel like getting it out of the back of their truck
Lepre Kahn (3 months ago)
they have to take out of the truck to give back to office. Its most likely no car in driveway so prob didnt want to waste time he didnt have. Its not right but the reason is not laziness.