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THE REASONS I DO THIS... INSTAGRAM -https://www.instagram.com/cthompson1135/ TWITTER -https://twitter.com/CThompson1135 SNAPCHAT - CTHOMPSON1135
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Text Comments (55)
Tychicus Sirleaf (5 months ago)
Tyler Blalock (5 months ago)
Love the the positive attitude bro. Watching you enjoy your job and what you do is inspiring and you’re helping people with your videos! Keep them coming
CThompsonTv (5 months ago)
Thanks man for watching and your dope words man! Stay positive
jfell95 (5 months ago)
I heard Ontrack is hiring if you're tired of Fedex
CThompsonTv (5 months ago)
Who are you again?
Diemond Games (6 months ago)
So just started my training as a Fed Ex Ground driver, my route is a very rural route with many private and out of the way roads that google maps can't locate. Can Road Warrior let me map these routes out or would you know of a better app that will let me mark these roads/houses on it for directions to it for future deliveries?
Auto9 (6 months ago)
Every package I receive that was shipped via FedEx never gets delivered on the scheduled day. It'll always say "Delivery Exception - Attempt not made". Could you please give me any insight as to why that always seems to happen? Not even an attempt? I don't get it. Love your videos, keep up the good work.
theforce iscalling (6 months ago)
Man I'm just venting right now. So I have a pick up. I'm in the pick up window. They're like can you wait 5 mins we still have 2 more I'm like ok I'll give you 5. I give them 17 still don't have it so I'm like ok listen I don't have time for this I'm leaving im and this dude dead ass goes no you're not going anywhere you're our customer you're gonna do what we say we have 1 more our until it closes that means you have to wait that hour. I'm like listen you got it messed up you have until the windows open to have that pick up done I've already waited almost 20 more mins that's 20 more mins than any other driver would have given you I decided to be nice I'm not waiting anymore I am leaving and hopped in my truck and left. Dude was so salty.
Sprite LemonLimeSoda (6 months ago)
Hey man I just sent you a bunch of messages on Instagram asking you about what it takes to become a FedEx driver. I want to do the same job as you.
Inzskimz (6 months ago)
Hey I heard that in Fedex ground you got to pay for gas and buy your route is this true. If it is, can you tell us the price of a route.
Jay (6 months ago)
Can somebody help me out here. There is a local job opening for FedEx in my area. It is for a Courier/Tractor-Trailer Driver for FedEx Express for morning/day shift Tuesday-Saturday 8-1pm. I currently work at Pizza Hut as a part time delivery Driver there. I’ve been there for about a year now. Love my job there but I want something with more pay. Pizza Hut has been my first and only job. Do you think work history will affect my chance of getting hired? Would I need to start out as a package handler first? I was also thinking of possibly working the courier driver job and also keeping my Pizza Hut job as well. Someone reply to me and help me out with this, Thank You!
Matthew DAgostino (6 months ago)
Rockin' the aviators. Good taste my friend!
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
Mr Hill (6 months ago)
I have a request video. That is if you do take requests. I just recently started at FedEx. I’m Enjoying it. But I would like to know what are some of you go to sweatbands? I know it might sound weird but I swear easily and I need a good sweatband or something 😂
Mr Hill (6 months ago)
Appreciate that. Sorry for the typo.
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
Nike headbands are legit. I sometimes wear bandannas, but for sure the Nike headbands work
Javierjr316 (6 months ago)
Will they call the cops on you if you quit and leave with the truck there with the packages ?
Javierjr316 (6 months ago)
CThompsonTv I know I was just asking lol 😂
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
lol I'm not too sure. I don't think so, but I wouldn't advise trying it 😂
Chelsie Burnett (6 months ago)
Just got a job at FedEx and was wondering what “my first day” would be like and typed that in and found your channel! I was a total fan in 10 mins lol! I never would’ve thought I’d find a WOKE Christian person who is really funny to give me insights and tips on how to succeed working for FedEx of all places! Thank you!!
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
Thanks for your kind words and thanks for watching!
DiArronow Gilmore (6 months ago)
Is this a job you could balance with school?
Nathan Piatt (6 months ago)
Some contractors have part time positions that might help accommodate your schedule. I know Express is pretty good at working around your schedule.
Ade Lopez (6 months ago)
DiArronow Gilmore no...... work mon-Friday, sun up to damn near sun down, unless you take online classes
Michael Nava (7 months ago)
100% some days are better then others...but we have to keep moving forward....no matter what I enjoy your vids n can't wait to see where the future takes you
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
Thanks! Appreciate that my dude!
Mr. E (7 months ago)
Not many people in this world have the mentality that you do man. You are blessed!
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
Thanks man!
Mike K (7 months ago)
Great video. I could be worse off than I am. Case in point. Deliver to this house in a well-to-do neighborhood. The guy would take a while to get to the door every time I needed a personal signature. Always looked pissed When he came to the door. You have to understand my ass was dragging. I didn’t need attitude. After a few times I finally noticed it was maybe not towards me so I asked are you OK sir? His response was yeah I just got finished with dialysis and I don’t feel well. So now when I go there for a personal signature whatever packages are outside from UPS or the Postal Service I help get them through his front door. He is very appreciative. He is worse off than I am. I think.
cloppst 1 (7 months ago)
have you had any bad dog encounters ? i don't understand why we cant alert other drivers thru ground cloud. to be careful . i love the job other then the bad dogs i mostly do rural routes.
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
Yep. On a rural route. That's why I do city routes now lol
Curtis Shaw (7 months ago)
2:35 you be fresh as hell let the "feds" watch!!! #2chainz
CThompsonTv (7 months ago)
Will Thompson (7 months ago)
Your right dude. We are the face of FedEx. Good or bad we have to get those packages to the customers and bring a few smiles where we can. Livin' the dream no turning back now. Keep up the cool rockin' videos CThompson!! You da' man!!
CThompsonTv (7 months ago)
Yo! Appreciate that homie
Mike Jones (7 months ago)
Keep doing videos c tompson! You keep me motivated much respect
CThompsonTv (7 months ago)
Appreciate that man!
Taga Way (7 months ago)
Lol, I wonder if Management read the comments. We are a cool community here. They could see these videos actually have helped others during their first days at work. Just saying.
CThompsonTv (7 months ago)
Ha, probably! That's what I'm saying man
Jacque (7 months ago)
Getting tired bro...Ima always hustle tho...just driving too far to the teriminal..
SCsBack 1 (7 months ago)
Great video man! They are doing away with Saturdays at my terminal starting Oct. 1st.Everybody's gonna be M-F. They're gonna have us rotating Saturdays for the packages that have to go out on Saturdays. Is that happening at your terminal
Brandon Yost (6 months ago)
Ours is heading 6 days once peak starts Nov 16 glad I got out of HD last week onto a ground route
whocareslol222222 (7 months ago)
I've heard about 6 days/week too but do you think it'll actually work? it'd be really hard finding people who want to do this 6 days a week.
Taga Way (7 months ago)
SCsBack 1 oh! And will you get paid more for that Saturday, or, working on some Saturdays is already part of the paycheck/contract? I don't know if you understand my question, sorry :P
Taga Way (7 months ago)
SCsBack 1 rotating Saturdays doesn't seem like a bad idea. But how will that work? *Will you have a weekday off for that week?* Or you will be working 6 days for that week?
Can I get subs wit No vids (7 months ago)
I do it because i would be broke if I didn’t have this extra job. I have another job somewhere else so I can live in a nice house drive a nice charger and still have money left over to eat.
CThompsonTv (7 months ago)
There ya go!
Snake Man (7 months ago)
I just started working at fedex. I unload the trucks there. It's not a bad job. I work 3 jobs so I can support my family. Your videos help me out so much bro.
CThompsonTv (7 months ago)
Thanks for watching. Keep grinding
Charlie Bachman (7 months ago)
What’s that black like holder thing on your left side of your shirt
CThompsonTv (7 months ago)
I have to cover the name but it's a badge holder
CThompsonTv (7 months ago)
where is the notification squad?!
Jakearino Games (6 months ago)
I am a preloader for UPS, and I have a question in regards to filming. Do people you work with know that you do YouTube? Does FedEx management care about that you film when you are delivering? I was told by many people UPS management doesn't want people filming inside the hubs or inside their package cars.
Scott D (7 months ago)