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The Economics That Made Boeing Build the 737 Max

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Text Comments (3785)
Wendover Productions (4 months ago)
Hey all,  I hope you find this video interesting. It is meant to provide an overview of what led to Boeing creating the 737 MAX rather than giving a comprehensive overview of the factors leading to the two crashes and the issues with MCAS so the explanation on that is quick. If you want to learn more about that, I would suggest starting with this article: https://theaircurrent.com/aviation-safety/vestigal-design-issue-clouds-737-max-crash-investigations/ Also, for the first time ever, we're taking topic suggestions for future Wendover videos. If we end up using your topic, we'll send you a free Wendover t-shirt in gratitude. Submit your ideas here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdMAoo9CfGxr5OvZdz3qCCEkeQSVJpak3YYTHQFLRwXOyTOXA/viewform?usp=sf_link
Guinness (3 days ago)
Wendover Productions you should do a follow up to this on the economic cost of the 737 max grounding
Wonder Zwane (9 days ago)
No wonder it's still grounded!
Pablo Gonzalez (27 days ago)
@Hualani - MCAS isn't part of the autopilot it's a form of stability augmentation which is prevalent in modern airliners more accurately it prevents the control column force required to pitch up from progressively decreasing in certain AOA regions preventing pilots from easily inducing a stall themselves. While the MAX is often labeled as "aerodynamically unstable" it isn't and the 777 which employs Relaxed Static Stability technically IS unstable but that doesn't mean it's dangerous as is proven by its safety record
Hualani (27 days ago)
Good video, good job albeit I suspect more is at play besides MCAS alone in AOA autopilot integration systems. A330 incidents have largely remained unpublicized within US media sources, yet presenting similar if not yet fatal cockpit emergencies for more than a decade. Its an investigation waiting for broadcast from those unafraid of consequences, Id like to see ALPA take a more proactive standing. Unlikely. It seems in twenty-first century loss of life is sole instigation for thorough exposé.
Cagefree (1 day ago)
I used to be a hardcore if it isn’t boeing I’m not going fan. Now? I rather fly on a Tupolev or Sukhoi... Hell, I’ll rather fly on a Comac before a Max. This is what happens when idiot MBAs make the decision to save money and slap modern engines on an airplane designed in the 1960’s. FFS, I’m no engineer but when they went from the old low bypass engines to the newer high bypass engines and had to flatten out the bottom to make them fit, you probably have hit the limits of the airframe. What’s worse is they had a great airplane, the 757, which could fit these new engines. Not only that, if you can fly a 757 you can also fly a 767. But no, let’s keep what’s basically a pterodactyl in the air.
serenader (1 day ago)
FTFY it was a GREEDY decision by GREEDY Evil minds.
Sam Lutfi (1 day ago)
Boeing dropped the ball here. Their only new airplane in 25 years is the 787. Everything else has just been repurposed. Engines have become so large it was clear that Boeing needed a new place to replace the 737. The max in turn reflects all the problems that come with this mistake. MCAS is designed specifically because the engines are to big for the plane, had the plane been redesigned it would never have had this issue nor even needed an MCAS system
John Oke (1 day ago)
Air Canada also used the 737 Max 8 between Toronto (YYZ) and Shannon, Ireland (SNN)
Albert Kite (1 day ago)
are u a femanazi
Doin'it F1rstPerson (1 day ago)
Boeing:The Boeing 737 Max is Cheap and Fuel Efficient! Airlines: oh cool! how much does it cost? Boeing: oh, just 100 eternal souls
Mr. S308 (3 days ago)
fucking killers
Orange World (4 days ago)
Yes Boeing made a faulty AoA sensor, however the first accident was lion airs fault. Explanation time, The day before the first accident they had a faulty AoA sensor and an MCAS malfunction, however there was a third person in the cockpit that day (check airman) this other person knew how to and did correct the MCAS malfunction. This should’ve been a red flag to send this plane off to lion air maintenance, this should have have been the red flag to take that plane out of service until lion air maintenance fixed the AOA sensor. However Lion air maintenance did not fix this, and that plane went down the next day because of an AOA failure that sent MCAS to believe they were in a higher pitch.
JTMarlin8 (4 days ago)
The 737MAX is an excellent airplane that you whiny little shitheads would be LUCKY to die in. I mean fly in.
Alex T (5 days ago)
Flights per day? That means nothing.
Tony Lam (6 days ago)
Airbus better tread lightly, for they have their share of crashes and the US can force an airworthiness review on them. Why did an Airbus insist on landing in 88, and why did a Qantas plane got over 100 passengers hurt, and the training, flt 447 , the crew did not seems to understand what a stall is and pancaked into the ocean. For anyone who is concern about the only 2 major manufacturers in the world , I suggest they try some of the even more primitive new Russian /Chinese planes coming on stream.
sam nyc (6 days ago)
Airbus are "fly by wire" Boeing are "cable and pulley"
TheUnlimited001 (12 hours ago)
This comes down to what era the models were released in. The newer Boeing’s like the 777 and 787 are fly by wire while the older planes like the 737, 747, and 767 are not. Airbus is a much newer company with newer products. With the exception of the A300 and A310 which aren’t made anymore, all airbus planes are fly by wire.
Sudipta Shome (6 days ago)
Yeah. I agree it’s Criminal Negligence. They should be prosecuted, with exemplary punishment
Andrew (6 days ago)
Great episode. If only all media and journalism was this detailed and articulate.
Kevin zhang (7 days ago)
More like "The greed that made Boeing kill 300 people."
NERF club (7 days ago)
Just to let everyone know the 737 max dose not use a wire system
Donavan Emanuel (7 days ago)
FaiBroadcastChannel (7 days ago)
AA: now the blame back to me wtf
Debashis Karmakar (7 days ago)
Great 👍 very true .
VooDooTrois (7 days ago)
... not a QUITE custom domain name?
infinitecanadian (8 days ago)
I rode on a 737 MAX 8 just this year.
Danny Barcenas (8 days ago)
Those Pilots must be Aces I believe its just sufficient Training required to fly this plane safely
Axel Palm90 (8 days ago)
Jacob Cudlitz (8 days ago)
If they could make engines have less drag but stay big and have a high bipass ratio
Amateur Asian (4 days ago)
They do make those. You ever seen the 777x engine?
Bobby Fhet (8 days ago)
YABADABADOOOOO!! Fred Flinstones plane with a crash light at extra cost...
Philo Sopher (9 days ago)
Like getting a tiny bag of pretzels, sitting in hard little seats all squished together and paying baggage fees wasn't enough for them. These 737 planes aren't fun to fly in. It would be pure agony to do an 8 hour flight.
Caleb Austin (9 days ago)
i think Boeing should’ve at least raised the landing gear so that they could have enough space under the engine...
Danny Barcenas (7 days ago)
Great Idea Must be an inexpensive mod
martin joseph (9 days ago)
the empire is crumbling.
Sharp Pig (10 days ago)
1,696,969th viewer!
prokousholi (10 days ago)
Boils down to shareholders...
Mom's Spaghetti (11 days ago)
Should have revamped the 757 instead
Altaf As (12 days ago)
Boeing 737 MAX became Boeing 737 MAD
Aramis Karis (15 days ago)
W airbus 👍
KingMattVidz (16 days ago)
You should make how airlines predict arrival times
alan6832 (17 days ago)
They made the computer too powerful, and Airbus is even worse. Boeing combined a powerful computer with a shoddy sensor, without enough testing, which is inexcusable. Once the executives responsible are in jail though, the problem has already been fixed and the 737max should fly again, But ONLY as long as the executives are in jail, and it must be grounded whenever they are free. All the plane needs is limits on the computer trim control, a backup sensor, and an executive prison, and it had the first 2 months ago. They also need a stretch version that trades some range for increased capacity, since carrying 4000 miles of fuel is not fuel efficient, so planes should refuel within 2000 miles whenever possible. This also allows passengers to stretch their legs, thereby reducing legroom requirements, which again increases efficiency.
Leo Rambo (18 days ago)
Your videos are really cool, but this one is kind of misleading. The 737 MAX has Hydraulic flight control actuators, and cables as redundant direct-controls, It also has a dedicated warning panel instead of a 'single warning light'. Moreover, commercial aircrafts don't have a 'one click start', all have a multistep procedure of some form. You should do more research before making a video, otherwise you are only spreading misinformation to your millions of subscribers.
Robin Jenssen (18 days ago)
737 is the sexiest plane in my opinion, should never be discontinued!
津波うま味 (19 days ago)
I had booked my flight from India to Malaysia but cancelled it after finding out that was a Boeing aircraft ...now I am going through Singapore to Malaysia by an operator who uses airbus ....I will never fly Boeing ever again.... neither will my family.. if it's Boeing I ain't going ..American corporations are slowly showing out their capitalistic greed
Chris Jovy (12 days ago)
@津波うま味 I'm not about brand loyalty. For me, it's too much of a media overreaction. It's unfortunate to say but these lives were lost in fixing the problem, Boeings management. Boeings is great but the management is killing it.
津波うま味 (12 days ago)
@Chris Jovy I agree with you man ..but tell me if you would would put Ur wife and 2 kids on a 737 max knowing what happened ..? I wouldn't coz we are frequent flyers around 4 round trips every month ... My family especially my kids safety is much more valuable to me than brand loyalty .
German Aviation (12 days ago)
Chris Jovy Perfectly said. Media controls too much these days.
Chris Jovy (15 days ago)
All airplanes could be a deathtrap. Also not to remove the blame on Boeing but Airbus uses the same system of making their planes training as simple as it can be. The A380 cockpit is almost as similar as the A340, every aviation company dose this to reduce costs and have more orders. I personally did fly on the MAX but the media overreaction is a way too much. The B747 had 61 hull losses ( due to the poor security pre-2001, and back in the 70s/80s where plane bombings was the #1 thing that terrorists did) while The max only had 2. Southwest had 44,000K flights and had zero incidents. I will wait about 2-3 years after recertification but after that, I am back in the plane due to being a frequent traveler. Personally, I do prefer Boeing because its more comfortable and has more legroom (usually) than Airbus. Also, all corporations are meant to make profits, If it wasn't Eastern airlines an American company Airbus would have never existed.
gmrb79s (19 days ago)
I was expecting metrics actually
Jerry Massey (20 days ago)
Most people commenting here have no idea what they are saying and only taking a media perspective to shape their own opinions. It is sad that people have become so weak minded that they cannot look at the facts themselves and speak intelligently afterwards. Most refuse to waste the additional time it takes to get the right information, much less speak intelligently. It is much easier to spew hatred across the internet than facts I suppose. Boeing did offer training packages on the MCAS and other systems of the aircraft but many countries did not purchase the training. As the narrator said, this aircraft flies the same today as it did 50 years ago. American Airlines did not purchase the training and they did not crash a single aircraft. Most 1st world countries did not purchase any of the training and most did not crash an aircraft. But, there are flaws in everything man made. Nothing is perfect. Airbus had multiple issues with the A380 but no one is talking about those today. Wanna know why we have rounded windows in all aircraft today? Go ask DeHavilland how three of their jets exploded off the coast of Africa because pressurized cabins and square windows lead to stress fractures over a short period of operation. Better yet, lets ask Lockheed Martin about their C130 wing spar issues?I have a degree in Aeronautics, an A&P license, a pilots license, and a multitude of other licenses in the field of aviation. But what I have never obtained is the ability to witness false statements and hatred spewed by those who have absolutely no credentials to speak about a subject and have the ability to sit back and allow it to happen. Just sit down, shut up, and let the real engineers fix the issue.
John Smith (21 days ago)
The fact that Boeing kept redesigning and updating the 737 to be able to sell the plane on price instead of fuel efficiency wasn't what led to the crashes and grounding. Where Boeing messed up was by designing MCAS in such a way that it took all of its critical Angle Of Attack data from a single sensor. When that one sensor was defective, damaged, or frozen, it sent erroneous readings into the MCAS system, which ordered the plane to go nose-down to "correct" a stall condition that was not actually happening. Depending on one sensor created a "single point of failure", which is a design flaw that good "belt and suspenders" engineers avoid. Two independent sensors feeding the MCAS and a warning signal to pilots that that the sensors aren't agreeing would be better. Three independent sensors feeding a logic circuit that disregards a sensor that is not in agreement with the other two and "assumes" the two that agree are correct, doesn't feed the bad sensor's bad data to MCAS, AND warns pilots of the sensor issue is probably what SHOULD have been designed in the first place, but some non-engineering middle manager came up with a cheaper idea on behalf of Boeing's shareholders.
이주선 (3 days ago)
Mike‘s World (21 days ago)
The problem of capitalist, short term thinking. Don’t get me wrong, capitalism ist the only war to runnan economy, but we have to get rid of that short term thinking.. it is all about the next quarter that counts. That does not work. Investors, CEOs and politicians in the West need to learn to thinknin longer terms. What are is our goal for the next 10, 20 or 30 years ... politicians only think until the next election and business leaders only worry about the next quarter .. this is a way of operating, that lead to disaster isn so many cases and nobody is learning from these mistakes 🤦🏻‍♂️
Mike‘s World (21 days ago)
The MAX doesn’t just have a warning light .. it has a full EICAS System
Mike‘s World (21 days ago)
It is time to replace the 737 ASAP. Boeing could build something awesome like the 787, just smaller.
ADM midnightcamowolf (22 days ago)
Please don't bash the BOEING COMPANY'S B737MAX
JeSSoN L (22 days ago)
안녕하세요 hallo
Steven Virden Rasmussen-Jones (22 days ago)
These kinds of faulty decisions are made in the board room all the time.
Pwj579 (22 days ago)
Oversimplification based on hearsay
GK Fujiwara Esquibel (22 days ago)
I Also Noticed The 737 MAX Is Now Slightly Raised Higher Than The 737 NG, But It Still Didn't Help About The Engine Size Issue. Well They Raised It Even Further Forward And Up And The CFM LEAP 1B Did Fit, But It Really Didn't Handle The Same As The 737 NGs. Damn You Aerodynamics.
An-T M (23 days ago)
Not a HASTY DECISION, a PREMEDITATED decision to put executive financial gain over safety. Criminal negligence with no one held accountable.
An-T M (23 days ago)
LOSTN65. Isnt that a disgrace? No one fired, no bonuses returned. Like our corrupt Gov't no one held accountable. Premeditated murder for bonuses & SHAREHOLDER value, short term.
An-T M (23 days ago)
Correct, mission statement is SHAREHOLDER value, not quality or safety. I argued that a quality product would produce increased shareholder value. But I didn't get bonuses, which dictate most decisions.
Ball4life (23 days ago)
What I’m getting from this whole video as an avgeek is SUE AMERICAN AIRLINES NOT BOEING😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bill Barr (23 days ago)
Brilliant video with clear explanation about the issues that led to the development and the engineering problems about the 737 Max. This should be the textbook video for this topic and will hopefully help prevent Boeing or any others making poor decisions that can cause massive loss of life in the future.
Yashas Balguri (24 days ago)
MCAS- May Crash At any Second
Muhammad Arekat (24 days ago)
7:11 The takeoff was from Bahrain, my home country!
jacobsladder375 (25 days ago)
If you think safety is expensive try an accident.
Dan Sotelo (25 days ago)
Sorry Boeing, you just created a MAX human killing machine, and every single MAX will need to be scrapped. There is no electronic gadget that will fix your unnatural flying machine.  This is not a F-117 with an ejection seat if all else fails with its electronic gadgets needed to keep it flying, but an airplane with innocent people with no ejection seats for anyone.  SCRAP THEM.
Alex Mobii (25 days ago)
Don't fly Boeing. They have more crash incidents than Airbuses.
Pixxelll (22 days ago)
But there are more boeing plane than airbuses
Frank Lee (25 days ago)
Who cares! Passengers just want a safe plane.
Hanif Shakiba (25 days ago)
He was explaining the decisions and reasons that led to Boeing making an unsafe plane. That was literally the point of the video.
T8PolestarCyan (26 days ago)
Airbus 320 Neo or EVEN Comac C919 for me!
Augustini Diaz (28 days ago)
The designer of the MAX was not briefed about the requirement that the airplane had to actually fly in the air.
David Endara (29 days ago)
Some other consequences that could follow if something else goes wrong with Boeing might be: - 777x late once again. - Boeing's stock price drops - Airlines postpone the A380 retirement, since the 777x would not coming any time soon. - A220 sales rise, and A220 becomes world's most popular single aisle. (As of today, airlines and passengers already love it.) - Chinese Comac gets a real chance to enter the aircraft market. - Project Sunrise chooses A350 to fly non stop from London to Sydney - Dreamliner and Embraer become crucial for Boeing's Survival. - Lockheed buys Boeing (or part of it) and becomes world's biggest aircraft manufacturer. - New regional aircraft manufacturers enter the market. - Big corporations realize that karma exists in the market.
Mel Perry (30 days ago)
how do you screw up a wet dream?, ask boeing
Mel Perry (30 days ago)
boeing gave new meaning to the phrase "made in the usa"
Mel Perry (30 days ago)
boeing USED to build great airplanes
tiffsaver (30 days ago)
How are those "improvements" coming, Boeing??
Reddsoldier (30 days ago)
The economics were simple! The regular 737's safety record was just too pristine and they wanted to inject some of that danger associated with flying in the 1930's back into aviation!
mad zombie (1 month ago)
I am from the future these planes are grounded because a software bug makes them go into nose dives and crash rip the 3-6 flights that are dead
E T (1 month ago)
Boeing needs to fire all those useless executives! It is shameful they allowed cut corners and causing so much tragedy to occur.
Tomahawk Demon (1 month ago)
A fly by wire system actually includes a hydraulic system that moves the flight controls.
William Sheedy (1 month ago)
nice hard right over the easy wrong reference
Baymax 6 (1 month ago)
Just to sum up this video. This plane is a hunk of shit
Wyatt (1 month ago)
Fuck airbus
asdsdjf asdjxajiosdqw (8 days ago)
How's selling out your morals for a cheque from boeing going?
OGnubX D (1 month ago)
Instead of moving the engine up make it wider
TheYoutubeKid (1 month ago)
Good joke!
Ranganath Duppally (1 month ago)
Very well narrated 👍
Bobspineable (1 month ago)
Boeing-Exist Airbus and American Airlines- I’m going to end the 737s whole career.
PlayTwo2 (1 month ago)
I just wanna say I´m proud to fly the 737 MAX on 8 hours flight last summer XD
Fred Jansen (1 month ago)
A so called lowtech cheap plane (to cut costs) , and it falls down from the sky due to a software faillure, stupid morons ps EU and china banned all 737 MAX models
Nicholas Miller (1 month ago)
The age of the original 737 design is irrelevant. The original 747 design is also 50 years old. The 747 has also seen design adjustments over the years. Airplane design has been evolutionary. Even when the design is "new," it is based on what has been learned from older models. Almost no commercial airliners have been radical departures from the past. They feature incremental improvements. Also, overhauling existing plane is a common maintenance practice.
kene ferdinand (1 month ago)
I strongly believe max will surely bounce back to success......
Fred Jansen (1 month ago)
wont happen, the name is tainted, maybe under a diffeent name, "737 Max" is now linked to death for ever.
Joseph Pruett (1 month ago)
Two planes are in front of you. One has MCAS, but on the other, the pilots don’t know how to trim. Which one do you get on?
Ita Amelia (1 month ago)
it should be name 737-max-death
Florian Rochler (1 month ago)
i wish you were like, just, better... #HalfAsInteresring
Florian Rochler (1 month ago)
#AirAfrikaans"s still operating it... #HaveAGreatFly
compuholic82 (1 month ago)
Stupid question: Why was the size of the new engine such a big problem? Why couldn't Boeing just increase the height of the gear. Was it the additional weight or does a longer gear require retraining of pilots?
E1craZ4life (1 month ago)
compuholic82 On most airplanes, the main landing gear folds inward when it retracts. In the case of the 737, the gear is so close together that there’s no space for doors to cover the gear, so they just have hubcaps that form a flush surface with the plane’s underside. If the main gear was made longer, the struts would have to be spaced further apart to avoid hitting each other, and if they did that, they’d also need to redesign the wing to accommodate the bigger wheel well as well as the change in weight distribution.
E Aird (1 month ago)
4:52 This is a nice video, but WHY do you HAVE to show a Spirit A320?
William Crayton (1 month ago)
spirit is a great airline
E Aird (1 month ago)
Hearing the start of this video made me start to think, is the 737 MAX only made to make money at a low manufacture cost?
E Aird (1 month ago)
Ah yes, the shittiest plane of this decade
Ishi 123 (1 month ago)
Only Boeing can fuck up 50 year old technology so royally.
News that matter (1 month ago)
Why not just add more weight to the front?
E1craZ4life (1 month ago)
News that matter There’s only so much space in the front for more weight.
Levon Alyanakian (1 month ago)
Nice vid , can you consider doing why the 747 is ending
James Shanks (1 month ago)
Why did Boeing add the mcas system if it already has an autopilot system and two pilots? The way I see it Boeing needs to bite the bullet and redesign the 737 max to not have an mcas system on board the aircraft. This requires a completely new aircraft design. Yes, I realize it would take a few years but the aircraft isn't flying and needs a redesign. Also screw the cost of pilot training and don't even suggest an iPad can train a pilot. Otherwise I could download the program and fly one myself. That would never happen as I haven't flown an airplane in over 48 years. I wouldn't accept the training which is where I believe your looking at better than 99 percent of all commercial ata rated pilots today. Training by iPad to cut cost of training , how much money has Boeing and the airlines saved? Time to face facts that the 737 Max needs a redesign from nose to tail, lengthen the landing gear to get it off the ground and put the engines back where they belong, under the wings, not in front of it. Gentlemen, you know how to fix it. Do it right with a redesigned aircraft. Then and only then will you be able to put a safe 737 Max in the air loaded with passengers who trust it. Get it done. Otherwise me personally will not fly on any Boeing aircraft.
Roscoe (1 month ago)
To be fair if the Max was done properly, and that includes the FAA approval, it wouldn't have those issues. It is possible and viable for boeing to redesign the old 737 into a more efficient one. Its just mistake after mistake during engineering, production, approval, training and flying that caused lives to be lost. Every single fail prevention system that exists in aviation failed, its a huge embarassment for boeing and every single organization that certified the 737 max plane as airworthy. At least in aviation they tend to investigate thoroughly and put new measures to assure something like this won't happen again.
ヨーソローちゃん_17 (1 month ago)
You install a system to pitch the aircraft's nose down, should've made another to pitch the nose up too.
Daniel Moolman (1 month ago)
You forgot a big point, brought up in Vox's similar video. Before the max, Airbus decided to make the A320 Neo, which is identical to regular A320s but have larger and more efficient engines. Boeing followed suit to remain competitive, but there was one giant flaw: 737s are much lower than A320s, and therefor couldn't fit the new engines. This made them put the engines further forward, which resulted in the plane slowly angling upwards. This made them put in the disastrous system, but they didn't tell the pilots about it as the whole point of the plane was to be pilot-compatible. All they had was a two hour coarse which didn't even mention it.
Yip Yip (1 month ago)
The 737 max changed it and to 737 800
MUNCHIES'N'BREW (1 month ago)
This plane was designed to be an epic failure. Recent crashes of this model have made me pay more attention to the plane type that I choose to fly on. The older Boeings seem more reassuring. But, I am now more confident flying on Airbuses.
Pablo Gonzalez (1 month ago)
The A32Xneo family is having pitching issues of its own what they don't have is MCAS
Mr Sid (1 month ago)
simple answer, they were jealous of airbus baam
Andy Madden (1 month ago)
04:57 Oh look, it's Hell Airlines.