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Jerry Seinfeld

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Jerry Seinfeld in the new HP Commercial! Definitely the funniest one yet!
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Im Yu (5 years ago)
 Bob Hope was probably the wealthiest comedian in history for many years; Seinfeld's probably surpassed him. The TV show is still hilarious, worthy of the long run, continuous re-runs, & great wealth it's bestowed on him & Larry David, but Jerry's stand-up is, & has always been, mundane & weak.
Turban Mcfukerface (11 years ago)
Bee Movie Reviews: USA Today: 38 out of 100 WAll sTreet Journal: 20 out of 100 Sounds like something I'd totally go see.
Daniel Gardner (11 years ago)
Lol AnnaNicoles, well said.
Daniel Gardner (11 years ago)
Haha, too true.
Daniel Gardner (11 years ago)
It takes months and months of training the little baseball men to tackle when they're supposed to.
Daniel Gardner (11 years ago)
His face? Uh...he probably had a double. :D
JugglingStein (11 years ago)
HAH! AWESOME! Bet he wrote this himself...
PedroFirmus (11 years ago)
Seinfeld is so awesome!
Turban Mcfukerface (11 years ago)
Sigghh. Sellout. I heard the bee moving was boring even to the kids.
slenjamiah (11 years ago)
Seinfield is a jackass
AnImoL (11 years ago)
such shame he cant show his own face
hc8719 (11 years ago)
Great job HP and Seinfeld
Sevenister (11 years ago)
well you know he said what he was told to and if it's not him it's a great imitation of him ;)
FullMountain (11 years ago)
those comercials are REALY nice made man! 0_0 buty i dont expect lesser about windows ;)
slackdave (11 years ago)
Wuuff... There's something I don't like about the CGI. His hands are obviously not touching the 3d objects and it looks a bit empty... Like a lack of impact or something. Actually made me feel quite uncomfortable watching this... Visually looks good, but the feel, even in the voiceover was.. bland.
ameera14 (11 years ago)
haha, love it ! so funny!
killerms2221 (11 years ago)
PC >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Apple
killerms2221 (11 years ago)
so you're saying he's not allowed to promote something new he's worked on and proud of?
iiYaMa72 (11 years ago)
I like these ads but with seinfield it sucks i didnt even smile once
Xarah Dax (11 years ago)
Amazingly done!
Sam Lopez (11 years ago)
Seinfeld is the best!
Marcialee M (11 years ago)
very cool
dookdawg214 (11 years ago)
YouTube, HP, Dreamworks and Seinfeld. Holy shit, a 4-way promotion! Is that a record?
Nikanor SeaDragon. V. ST. P. (11 years ago)
richardjaar (11 years ago)
hahahha AWSOME !
John Snow (11 years ago)
can i get that program?
BSonT (11 years ago)
Seinfeld :D can't wait for /b/ movie
Gabriel Braz (11 years ago)
Incredible ... Simple incredible ...When we gonna stop ? Think I than never
joepmeneer (11 years ago)
Whaha :D! Best one yet.
venichen1 (11 years ago)
People can decide what kind of OS they would want.
venichen1 (11 years ago)
love HP ads.
tab1990 (11 years ago)
The mac is still better no matter how personal it is
Quiscalus777 (11 years ago)
My HP computer loves me, but I use XP; I've heard pretty crappy things about Vista.
Artificialraven (11 years ago)
Cool commercial
Lamahesten (11 years ago)
Love Jerry Seinfeld
Eliosempreteso (11 years ago)
Very very very nice!!
bora (11 years ago)
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jubilante14 (11 years ago)
They only shot from his chin down, probably the mouth is a big distraction.
Hugo Troost (11 years ago)
Love the edit! Respect!
callabarstone (11 years ago)
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callabarstone (11 years ago)
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OrielFilms (11 years ago)
.. yeah vista is great, i was on it for about 30 seconds and it crashed :D we've come a long way...
DevilDoor (11 years ago)
Im praying they put George Costanza on with a commercial like this
DSFARGEG GGE (11 years ago)
And why did this guy get a negative 2? Seinfeld's awesome, and so is this commercial.
CoffeeSquid (11 years ago)
I can watch kramer's live show. Oh wait. But seriously, very well made.
Nuclear Davis (11 years ago)
whats with all the thumbs down for decent comments???
xXHalfieXx (11 years ago)
It's all advertising...
Hrel (11 years ago)
This is a fucking commercial. Why is this on youtube? Notice the "Bee" movie add at the top.
xXHalfieXx (11 years ago)
I love these commercials! It's cool the way he picks up the coffee mug.
Tired Lies (11 years ago)
I like money. money is nice.
VenomProject (11 years ago)
Greatest comedian of all time.
Alchemy510 (11 years ago)
DaveWBK (11 years ago)
Jerry rocks!!
Tew-D (11 years ago)
Great job as always Jerry
vyrrabutt (11 years ago)
This is the coolest commercial I've ever seen. On the television, if you watch it, it's just AMAZING. I'm definatly doing stuff like this once I'm old enough.