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Day in the Life of a UPS Worker

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Day in the Life of a UPS Worker
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Unkxwn Unkxwn (15 days ago)
So why they all haven't retired I'll wait
IllisT 91 (20 days ago)
The shit I watch when I'm high smh
Akhyar Imam (22 days ago)
Not a single accident in 25 years?? More like he didn't report any accidents
CJ (22 days ago)
Fun fact: the uniforms didn't start out in the now-famous brown color. The trucks back then were a different color but the company noticed that it look a lot of time cleaning the trucks up because it was covered in dirt and mud (back in the day most roads weren't paved, it was a dirt roads). They eventually changed the color scheme to match the dirt colored brown so the delivery trucks didn't look as bad during their routes. The brown color stuck to this day.
IvanPlayStation4LiFe (25 days ago)
i like the sexy woman with white pants. she has a nice ass that pussy mmm
Ryan Witter (27 days ago)
He hasnt had a single accident REPORTED in 25 yrs
Optical Element (23 days ago)
big brain logic.
Matthew Xie (28 days ago)
United parcel service not postal lol
Scott Weaver (1 month ago)
Reporter says I need to use the bathroom. Okay lady here a funnel and a bottle.
Mr.smokey Loud (1 month ago)
50$ a hour
Brad Boisvert (11 days ago)
Right now it's $40.53 an hour and $60.80 an hour anything after 8 hours
james willis (13 days ago)
@Piila Cake holy shit its 8,000 a month take home pay is 4.662 bro that salary is very good man
Piila Cake (20 days ago)
400$ a day!
Sam Scrapla (1 month ago)
But boss we never do safety meeti - SHUT UP THE NEWS IS HERE
Adventure 123 (3 days ago)
Why have no doors for UPS vans?🤔
kyleneeley1 (28 days ago)
Reminded me of Jarhead when the news crew came in
Zach (1 month ago)
Reporter doesn't know the difference between parcel and postal service
Ken Shaw (1 month ago)
So inaccurate. Try closer to 200 stops, depending on the route. It's 10.5 hours or more, not 8. A fan? Nope
Jared Litwiller (4 days ago)
Ken Shaw did 350 stops yesterday lol
A-stil_Tv (25 days ago)
Tell'em brother it's definitely not 100 stops... Unless it's a training day for a newbie
kyleneeley1 (28 days ago)
Well they did say he was the most senior employee. I'm sure he worked hard for that fan and it was part of his retirement plan
Christopher London (28 days ago)
Try 220 stops....that's every Thursday and Friday.
arianasmoonlight (1 month ago)
my uncle works for ups
Hei Hei (1 month ago)
100 people in one center? Little centers really are nice.
Eduardo Gonzalez (1 month ago)
There's like 30 in the one I work in
Kesena Kong (1 month ago)
M Cordova (1 month ago)
"When I first started I felt there was no way possible way", A true upser
Brad Boisvert (2 months ago)
Jesus 100 stops that's nothinggggggg I literally just punched out tonight at 8 with 202 stops no lunch
SoulCreation26 (19 days ago)
@Brad Boisvert wow awesome! I definitely will brad! Also brad if you dont mind me asking do you get a home life?
Brad Boisvert (19 days ago)
@SoulCreation26 yes absolutely just stay focused try not to get overwhelmed and you should be all set don't give up and show them you are a hard worker at some point you will get fulltime with all the benefits
SoulCreation26 (19 days ago)
@Brad Boisvert do you think I have a good chance on moving to a permanent driver? Sorry if I asked that already. It's just really important to me that I have a full time gig with benefits
Brad Boisvert (19 days ago)
@SoulCreation26 yes very rare we only have one stick in our HUB
SoulCreation26 (19 days ago)
@Brad Boisvert thank you for all that man! Also are those package delivery trucks automatics now? I dont know how to drive stick
Ross Headley (2 months ago)
How much did they slow you down that day?
A-stil_Tv (25 days ago)
Definitely over 9.5 🤣🤣
GereDJ2 (2 months ago)
Dothent? Docent? What?
Sara Carmack (2 months ago)
Why is it just the drivers who get the attention. My husband works in the second largest UPS air hub in the US as a package handler,them and the rest of the hub workers are the backbone of the company.....do a day in the life of those workers for once
Dennis Pluto (26 days ago)
MILITARY EDITS Ups would never allow a news reporter and camera in the hub :(unless it was controlled circumstances)because the world would know how they treat their packages and employees
kyleneeley1 (28 days ago)
It's because we always see the ground drivers around town so the average news consumer can relate to that. Most people probably have never thought about what it's like to do what your husband does and the news doesn't want people who don't think about what they can provide
Christopher London (28 days ago)
Because no one in the hub has to put up with all the BS we do.... From customers to management to dispatch...our job is the most intense and stressful out of all positions.
NEMELBON EREH (1 month ago)
Why you ask? Well, its simple really... Your husband, along with the rest of his team at the hub, are behind the scenes. So that's were they stay BEHIND-THE-SCENES. Unfortunately....
MILITARY EDITS (1 month ago)
Exactly same with the news always reporting on drivers being hot in trucks driving down the highway with doors open, but don't report on package handlers baking in the back of a trailer with no breeze.
Matt ghfgjgh (3 months ago)
8 hrs? haha
Cortney Arnold (3 months ago)
USPS isn’t the postal service and ups driver don’t load there own trucks 😂
Ross Headley (26 days ago)
@Dennis Pluto og's
Dennis Pluto (26 days ago)
John Ocampo we used to have to work or for nearly 15 years before we got a drivers job
Ross Headley (28 days ago)
@Christopher London overtime!
Christopher London (28 days ago)
We have to load our own trucks.... especially if your regular preloader decides to call in that day. You're screwed.
Tyler W (1 month ago)
USPS- United States postal service. UPS- United parcel service
Dale Simon (3 months ago)
UPS is not United States Postal Service lol
Pending Poltergeist (16 days ago)
Dale Simon how’s life as a tool?
Dale Simon (22 days ago)
I know I work for them
IvanPlayStation4LiFe (25 days ago)
United Parcel Service
Bobatron245457 (4 months ago)