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UPS 747-400F takeoff from Anchorage Airport

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Ups 747 takes off from angorage to china
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Krid Adounsattapong (9 days ago)
Wait till finish prepare visa, and then take on
Edgar999 Master (1 month ago)
999 suscriptores
carlos ramos (5 months ago)
We have 4 Airbuses and an MD-11 at our facility
Mauricio Salazar (5 months ago)
One thing that upsets me about these people that posts airplane videos is that they zoom so much that it is impossible to appreciate how impressive those airplanes are. Please, don't zoom too much. show the entire airplane.
OMkar Mali (8 months ago)
HeartlandTuber (9 months ago)
Just watched video yesterday, reporting UPS just ordered 14 new 747-8Fs. The 747 is alive and well because it can fulfill one of its original design goals, haul a LOT of cargo.
Texas Patriot (9 months ago)
They get paid a lot
k A (9 months ago)
so beautiful ups
vikings844 (1 year ago)
Sweet! The USPS is little league compared to this company!
Randy She (1 year ago)
UPS actually flies TONS of USPS stuff every day. That is why you can mail a first class letter from LA to NY on Monday and it gets delivered on Wednesday
Deplorable American (1 year ago)
that's a huge plane
J C (1 year ago)
It looks like Ups Filght 6
onni borg (9 months ago)
jesus campos Rest in in peace flight 6
dugierex (1 year ago)
Steez (1 year ago)
Is this the airport with the bike path at the end of the runway? I remember watching them take off overhead, one of my favorite experiences
Darkita Kawaii Y Bart (2 years ago)
Cool i am love you 👏👏👏
Sam Fisher (2 years ago)
My favourite part was the bit when he plane took off
Emily Riess (2 years ago)
and all Federación ex aerolínea crying xD
Dracula pkrl (7 months ago)
Emily Riess lol
aviation 974 (3 years ago)
Is 747
fashion spark (3 years ago)
Ups worst company in time delivery and also they staff is theif . Bcoz they staff stolen my product from the box and it cost 400$ lost to me .......... worst company.
Aero Files (5 months ago)
fashion spark and you liked your own comment because you knew no one would like it because it's a big lie to find something to do besides trash talking companies that did nothing wrong
Aero Files (5 months ago)
fashion spark learn how to trash talk before doing it bitch. You probably dropped out in preschool
Kiko Mura (10 months ago)
learn to spell
The Flap Jack Aviation (11 months ago)
Or in other words it wasn’t their fault and learn English
The Flap Jack Aviation (11 months ago)
They wouldn’t steal it ok. You know what happened what you ordered was on backorder
DeepFriedCat Gaming (4 years ago)
UPS ordered a A380 but they canceled their order do you think it was a big mistake I think so because the A380 does not have the fuel efficiency of A380
Ross Spencer (9 months ago)
Ups just brought 14 747-8 aircraft.
Randy She (1 year ago)
The A300s are just too unreliable when compared to the 757 and 767.
david cassin (1 year ago)
ive seen that alright yes it would have been some extra cost for the ground etc.yes im hoping they buy more aircraft too maybe some more airbuses
Randy She (1 year ago)
Well, Yes. The 380F would have required a major investment in gound-side handling equipment ... most of which would only be used for the 380. Besides, UPS needed the capacity then, not in 10 years. They bought the last of the 747-400fs. Just recently, they finalized a deal for 14 new 747-8s with an option for another 14 aircraft, currently rumored to be the 777f. Hopefully, they will start retiring the turds of the fleet - the MD-11s
david cassin (3 years ago)
no probs i would have love to see them buy these
Aviatorspot (4 years ago)
Great catch of the UPS B747! I subbed, sub back?
81Sevit (5 years ago)
Is it going down the hill? 2:10
Jordan Guerin (5 years ago)
Amazing!!! The B744 looks really good in the UPS colors. Big like!
BlaqAce1 (5 years ago)
It's a 747-400, UPS doesn't fly the -200 anymore
larry spizzirri (5 years ago)
I only trust them with my package
Onyok Jr. (7 months ago)
larry spizzirri dont
mdtrimmstudios (5 years ago)
Enrique Covarrubias (5 years ago)
nice video
BlakeOneOne82 (6 years ago)
Use to live in Anchorage point woronzof is the best plane spotting place I HAVE EVER been too....Had a 747-800 land right over me with moose grazing behind me...now THATS an experience I will never forget!
MrStefanbergmann (6 years ago)
@oakleyxmetalxx loll
MrStefanbergmann (6 years ago)
@oakleyxmetalxx lmaooooo