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10 Dumbest Criminals Caught On Camera

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Here are 10 of the sloppiest criminals ever caught on camera. It’s said that planning and executing the perfect crime involves a great deal of time, effort, and smarts. Perhaps that’s why some prefer to just wing it. Here are 10 of the sloppiest criminals ever caught on camera. Number 10. Beer bandits. The duo started off by grabbing 72 cans of beer from a convenience store cooler. Their first obstacle was a locked door, which they were eventually able to kick open. One robber slipped and fell just outside the building. Finally, having dropped or put down most of their loot, they just grabbed as much brew as they could and took off in a 1996 Honda. Number 9. Concealing Identities. Two men decided to duck into an alley in London to disguise themselves before trying to commit an armed robbery. The spot they chose was outfitted with a surveillance camera that caught both their outfit changes and faces. Number 8. Art thief. A man was trying to steal a painting from a gallery, but had some trouble concealing it in his hoodie. When he wasn’t able to cram the work inside the sweatshirt, he decided to just tuck it under his arm. Staff noticed and upon being confronted, the flustered robber dumped the painting and fled. Number 7. Tip jar robber. It likely wasn’t this individual’s intention to work for tips, but that’s what he ended up with. The criminal held a store clerk at knife point and demanded all of the money in the register. When he was told there wasn’t any, he just grabbed the jar full of gratuities and left. Number 6. Not so covert operators. They tried to be sneaky by staying low to the ground. One of them even hid behind the counter of a pizza joint while grabbing cash out of the till. Little did he know there was a security camera pointed straight at him, recording the whole thing as it went down. Number 5. Clear plastic bag burglar. It’s said his decision to rob a gas station was fueled by alcohol and prescription drugs, so it’s not entirely surprising that he decided a clear grocery bag would work nicely as a disguise. He was eventually caught and sentenced to two years of jail time. Number 4. Concealing a chain saw. The tools make chopping up wood an easy job, but can seriously make a robbery complicated. Hoping to sneak one past store workers, a Florida man shoved it down his pants. He ditched the saw during a chase, but was caught when he went back to retrieve it. Number 3. Wheelchair getaway. A West Virginia man was caught on camera walking the aisles of a closed liquor store, filling up on merchandise and cash along the way. He then got away from the scene on a motorized wheelchair. He was arrested and the chair was towed to an area garage. Number 2. Tong-wielding robber. A man in Arkansas attempted a hold up at a convenience market. His weapon was a pair of hot dog tongs he’d picked up from the store’s food counter. The male was taken into custody and even though he wrote an apology letter, faced 2 counts of attempted aggravated robbery. Number 1. Wedding crasher. Brides and grooms are given a lot of really nice gifts, and a thief in Connecticut decided to dip into one couple’s haul. The robber hit a reception and made off with an envelope-filled birdcage. The container was later recovered, but by then it was empty. Thankfully, the venue’s camera got a clear shot of him. Which robbery do you think was the biggest fiasco?
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Text Comments (526)
Homo EconomicusX (2 days ago)
fuck you.
G Money (5 days ago)
The hot dog tong bandit would have gotten away with it if he were wearing a clear plastic bag as a disguise and had a wheel chair as an escape vehicle
ronald welch (6 days ago)
Illegals wanting more free stuff, baby it is cold outside, love trump,
Громовой человек (8 days ago)
You're too fast! Didn't see much footage of the crimes.
Ralf Häggström (8 days ago)
Learning in trump university ...............
Kitten Khat (9 days ago)
Public canings are best for these crimes
phukit (19 days ago)
It's pronounced co vert not ca vert. Dummy.
Rex Luminus (1 month ago)
The funniest is the guy with the chainsaw in his pants. Although well hidden. Somebody should of pulled the string. 😄
Patrick Farmer (1 month ago)
Trying to shove a chainsaw in his pants. Drops it while being chased and is caught going back for it!! Stupid greedy fuck knuckle. Have how about a chainsaw manicure for his trouble
Favorite Mustard (1 month ago)
TOUNGUE weilding robber?! :p
Djms&capo DeMorais (2 months ago)
Only in Hollywood they rob without any type of disguise,after all those fat,ugly American breeding house wives need to see their "hero's " face to dream another day.
lcafilms (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/b9F5vYa4cws Check out this one its priceless.
Sarasdad91 Tim (3 months ago)
They didn't show the guy who robbed the cell phone store, got locked inside,and realized he couldn't escape. He kept saying "I'm sorry. I have nothing" What a moron he was...lmao
Nick Taylor (3 months ago)
Is that a chainsaw in your pants or are you happy to see me?
Brett Jones (3 months ago)
Well like I've been saying for years you can't fix stupid
Valkyrie Ziege (3 months ago)
; Be advised 13/90 in progress. The suspect has weaponized hot-dog tongs.
Klaus S (3 months ago)
Painting! :)
Jacob Preston (4 months ago)
I'm subscribed now!!!
Brass Tacks (4 months ago)
wow, a whole 3:30 for this vid, ill be sure to avoid your lack of details in the future.
Carlos Bosso (4 months ago)
Where the fuck is the video of the guy that goes through the roof of a gas station and cannot get out? He makes a mess of everything and even tries to jump from a ladder he found, into the hole of the ceiling. He spends the entire night there. He tries to smash the front doors with anything, and I think even the ladder and he fails and the cops are already there, and he takes a cigarette from the store and smokes it sitting down, waiting for them to arrest him.
M. F. Richardson (5 months ago)
Tong guy
Stephen Cross (5 months ago)
The paper bag. Who put some a GROCERY BAG over THEIR HEAD
Fidel Castro (5 months ago)
How you gonna rob a store with tongs? Wtf 😅
Dream Butterflies Forever Dream Butterflies Forever (6 months ago)
*1:16** woah just woah*
Baddscorpio (6 months ago)
#5 😂😂😂
one thousand percent (6 months ago)
say one more mf word and im going to use these tongs!!!
Señora de Mendoza (6 months ago)
The tongs robber. Ooh, tongs, I am so scared. 😌
Sharon Bromley (6 months ago)
The beer bandits are totally the funniest
Mark Worden (6 months ago)
to watch your 3 minute video, we have to watch a 3 minute ad. you sir are an ass
James Wasielewski (6 months ago)
you gotta pretty poor to steel 2 cases of beer
PazarGaming HD (6 months ago)
Number 8 dumb ass status: EXCELLENT
dirt bag (6 months ago)
at a location I buy chainsaws from one of the employees told me somebody stole a climbing saw and then if it later date brought it back in for service. I guess they forgot there's things have VIN numbers
Rkk O'Tilley (6 months ago)
ver vera nice....10 criminals in 3.5 mins...ver nice presentation
Dhanesh Nair (6 months ago)
Part-time robbers.
tribefenatic (7 months ago)
Robbers making off with cans of beer, and the theif on wheelchair that's a new one. lmao
roddepix anything (7 months ago)
biggest criminals are banksters, they are behind ever war, think about this, biggest drug king pin is the cia and mossad
Lindsay Tang (7 months ago)
Yeah, the painting would totally fit in his hoodie. You had hours to plan and take the biggest painting?
Truman Ehrhorn (7 months ago)
donald parker (7 months ago)
Hang them, Hang them all
SAMSQUATCH Moss (7 months ago)
All stupid in my book..
kakokapolei123 (7 months ago)
I wouldn't be able to take the guy with the hot dog tongs seriously
Larry Curtis (7 months ago)
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Galaxy (8 months ago)
Saw guy got me 😃
Trevor Riley (8 months ago)
Its hard to say which is worse.... they all dumbasses...
Neomis 01 (8 months ago)
The biggest fiasco would be this video for robbing me of my time.
SUPER DUPERS (8 months ago)
Those Hot Dog Tongs are sharp! That's no joke.
Sundiata Keita (8 months ago)
Elizabeth Leninski (8 months ago)
I want George Clooney to rob me like that. 😜💕
Jon Duan (9 months ago)
Chris Hamilton (9 months ago)
Chainsaw , cause the dummy went back for it, . . . And got caught at that point.
Melani Hilyard (9 months ago)
I think two videos that caught those criminals not even being sneaky and I mean the most 1 was the guy who was wearing a grocery bag 2 was the guy holding the painting
MinekEzQM (10 months ago)
Robbing my time.
Jaxxx x (10 months ago)
Why would you put a chainsaw down your pant
demariojason (10 months ago)
"I am a firm believer in human de-evolution." Quoted by me: demariojason
Jose Vargas (10 months ago)
The trump tax break
Sour Dough (11 months ago)
Nigga really put a bag over his head
Fuck You (11 months ago)
A 12 pack in USA is like $5 fuck off.... No point Robbing beer in US dumb cocksuckers
Yoshi (11 months ago)
Oh please don't "tong" me to death. Take the money!
twin boyz (11 months ago)
None lame
Manuel Mariscal (11 months ago)
2:40 Ricky Berwick??
Jose Brito (11 months ago)
Don't know who you are but this is probably the fastest top ten list I've ever watched. Kudos
ΣTHΔN WILLIΣS (11 months ago)
robs a store with a fucking plastic bag in his head someone could just grab it and suffocate him
a man of many parts (11 months ago)
"Tip jar robbery"? Those scum used to steal the charity collection tin from my business! Had I caught them they would have been limping for a month.
Brian avila (11 months ago)
Give more info
Mok Sat (11 months ago)
Talent! The most important is talent even to be a small time thief. 😁😁😁😁
Chimera Fireclaw (1 year ago)
the hot-dog one was
James Tufaner (1 year ago)
Liberal asshole George Looney
jjcp292 (8 months ago)
James Tufaner Meanwhile, you're ignoring the real criminals. Talk about being backward.
Abandoned Channel (1 year ago)
if you're gonna rob a store or a bank do it right,
Talio Divino (1 year ago)
Hot Dog tongs. Like seriously dude, wtf. The painting one was pretty stupid as well.
PoInT oF VieW (1 year ago)
Chain saw robbery was the bestof of all
Jeff splatford (1 year ago)
clear plastic bag guy got a genuine face palm
Read More (1 year ago)
I kinda feel bad for the guy who wrote an apology leyter
Bobby Lee (10 months ago)
Read More He was sorry..........TO GET CAUGHT!!🌭
Read More (1 year ago)
jonahboy126 (1 year ago)
Hot dog togs XDDDDDDDD how were the people afraid of that like wtf
meme (1 year ago)
just show us the clips ffs
Berenice (1 year ago)
The wheelchair sounds like something I could have done in that situation, actually
Anne D (1 year ago)
Willy G (1 year ago)
why do ppl think that sort of camra quality is gonna help them catch the dudes face shit looks like a blur that could be anyone
Pushparaj Shetty (1 year ago)
americans can sell their childrens for money, shameless piece of shits. materialistic peoples.. wifes cheating, raping, robbery, innocent killed by police.. fuck man USA is dangerous than Dominic republic and pakistan .
jjcp292 (8 months ago)
Pushparaj Shetty This happens everywhere around the world, even in your country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMTrthePKU0
Bobby Lee (10 months ago)
Pushparaj Shetty The land of the free! Or at least, permissive.
Frank Velez (1 year ago)
oh shit I live in ct
nick SOULE (1 year ago)
which one was brandon novak?? i figure he would of been the plastic bag mask guy lol but hats off to the "tong guy" takes some real balls to demand money with no weapons lol
Dana Kinkade (1 year ago)
just comes to show you cant fix stupid
Leader (1 year ago)
imagine if he accidentally turned on the chainsaw. Umm, wonder what he might have cut off?
Tony Cortese (1 year ago)
How the hell was I supposed to know the damn picture wouldn't fit under my sweatshirt???
Luke Bengal (2 years ago)
Fly Games (2 years ago)
Hot dog tongs
Bobby Lee (10 months ago)
Fly Games The hot dogs were more dangerous! 🌭🤢☠️
Wolfie04 (2 years ago)
art one definitely sloppiness. ..
RandomG4mer 101 (2 years ago)
Oh yeah I'm just going to put a plastic bag over my head, and they'll totally NOT be suspicious or anything...
Angelica Sanchez (2 years ago)
Motorised chair. i'll sure get away at 10 mph lol
Mistie Partin (2 years ago)
Okay, I've seen a couple of these wedding gift thefts caught on camera now, so it makes me wonder how common this is! As least the guy featured in a episode of World's Dumbest Criminals had the sense to pretend he was at the table to leave a gift envelope of his own while carefully selecting the heaviest envelopes to steal! (Yes, I watch World's Dumbest and am quite embarrassed to admit that. Just call it my guilty pleasure for when I want to watch something brainless. LOL)
roven 08 (2 years ago)
all these videos on youtube with commentary and setup, go fuck yourself. Don't bring your stupid tv mindset to internet.
Yoko the Neko (2 years ago)
some people just don't have a brain
David Gladwin (2 years ago)
The Art theft was of cabbage brains!Ahahahahah ahahahahah
David Gladwin (2 years ago)
The chainsaw was above dumb ahahahahah ahahahahah ahahahahah you must be kidding!Ahahahahah ahahahahah
Who1dat2eat (2 years ago)
Kudagra Panther (2 years ago)
Wheelchair. Best Getaway vehicle ever.
Love Shay Mitchell (2 years ago)
sausage man
NarwhalsNarwals 67 (2 years ago)
They were all stupid
william anderson (2 years ago)
All of them
DJ_x_KYL 3 (2 years ago)
Marie Young (2 years ago)
some dumb asses just don't learn anything....