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The Soprano's in Commercials

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Collection of a few commercials done by various cast members of the Soprano's. Some of them not seen in the US.
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Text Comments (464)
BIGJR 361 (15 hours ago)
Tony Soprano (10 hours ago)
Woody (10 hours ago)
You're gonna love it.
christopher fischer (1 day ago)
I swear Tony Sirico portrays Paulie soooo well. It’s like he’s a real mobster.
Professor. Moriarty (3 days ago)
R.I.P. James and Frank, hope them rest in peace in heaven.
flisko (4 days ago)
3:07 ist like an ad for a weight loss center, before and waaaay before
Teal'c (5 days ago)
I can imagine some retarded Americans actually laughing at the first atrocity of a commercial and genuinely liking it
MR. Madulo (9 days ago)
My Superior (15 days ago)
Ironic how commercials makeout Tony to be nice
Jesse D (18 days ago)
Last commercial, was that the toxic avenger
mikiroony (19 days ago)
I miss James Gandolfini :(
MrEdwin57 (19 days ago)
OOooooo ! ! !
Bro Dude (20 days ago)
The only main character I hated on the show was Meadow. Paulie and Chris were hilarious.
NeverSaySandwich1 (21 days ago)
Antonio A (22 days ago)
Ni comer tranquilo//////
John Crosetto (1 month ago)
Christopher talking about the end and destruction of Dinosaurs. "They say it was a meteor" - Paulie "Yeah they were all meat eaters" 😂
susan marie (1 month ago)
laughed out loud at the Paulie ones. Thanks!
LifaZ (1 month ago)
Whatever Paulie Walnuts is selling...I'm buying!
Naitch Boy (1 month ago)
There's one they missed, with Paulie and wwe trish stratus
Phillip Fry (1 month ago)
Imagine if these adds aired today...so many outraged mothers.
Pat Gogan (1 month ago)
No late fees??.. shadup! Lol
Ballout Meet Yo Bandz (1 month ago)
Denny's ads were awsome lol loved it
HeyCrabman14 (1 month ago)
OHHHH !! Maybe we should take him out on my NEW boat... the Stugots!
Online Originals Entertainment (1 month ago)
Please bring Tony Sirico Back into commercials
candymr2 (1 month ago)
Casper K (1 month ago)
outerrealm (1 month ago)
No apostrophe in Sopranos. Did you make it past 6th grade?
JourneyML1 (1 month ago)
hilarious lol, soprano's was really that popular back then
Deco E (2 months ago)
Patrick Pin (2 months ago)
*Ayyyyyeeeeee??? OHWWWW!!?*
wiisalute (2 months ago)
god imagine meeting Gandolfini just before he died. I take it he was a very serious person. that smirk on his face just looks like hes gonna whack you
Carl Rees (2 months ago)
3:30 Joseph Finnerty from the Members Only episode.
mikedoesseo (17 days ago)
I think it was Kevin Finnerty lol. That was how Jim really spoke supposedly. It fucking sucks that he died young.
derekmok (2 months ago)
So many good actors and characters in The Sopranos, and they have to use the boring, one-dimensional, never-funny Paulie Walnuts.
jagrcantakeyou (2 months ago)
the fuk you make fun of Ginny for?
Matt McBrayer (2 months ago)
4:50 I guess it wasn’t the Grand Slam
80sOutrunFan (2 months ago)
We got all the protection we need : OOOOOOOOO! xD
suffern63 (2 months ago)
The Denny's breakfast looks (insert your own swear word but mine starts with f) disgusting.
Charlie Baltimore (2 months ago)
Paulie is the Reason Netflix is so successful....
orlando B (2 months ago)
Never paid attention to Netflix when they used to mail out dvds. Can’t believe what it’s become.
L M (2 months ago)
Lmao. Love that Paulie actor
Ruslan Gazaev (2 months ago)
Paulie the BEST!!!
amanita333 (2 months ago)
hbo show launching netflix :p
JohnLoCicero (2 months ago)
the netflix
jlc7300 (2 months ago)
some of those were rea funny! funny how? do I amuse you? lol!
bwg bwg (2 months ago)
wait till johnny sac gets to know about the first commercial...
mikel kelly (2 months ago)
4:12 omg I watched that commercial when I was a kid I laughed so hard
Joe Blow (2 months ago)
Paulie in that Pine Barrens episode...
EDOOO24 (3 months ago)
1:18 you doing nice, commendatori haha
ChrisG- (3 months ago)
alex gonzalez (3 months ago)
Damn back when Netflix Was just a youngin
Lone Ranger (3 months ago)
" Im not embarrassed.. you embarrassed..?.."
mrfarenheit0323 (3 months ago)
"do not attempt"
This is my step username, My real username died (3 months ago)
Is dat tha gran slam?
roger simpson (3 months ago)
Paulie is a riot, these are great
AVOLITE (4 months ago)
These are horrible.
JohnLoCicero (2 months ago)
You're delirious, have a cookie!
American Guy (4 months ago)
Paulie walnuts made the show! Forgetaboutit
Roberto Joaquim De Melo (4 months ago)
Terrivelmente engraçado. Perto dos gângsters do Brasil, Tony e seu pessoal sono tutta buona gente.
Antonio Montana (4 months ago)
Funny how Netflix doesnt offer The Sopranos
jumangi 23 (4 months ago)
The Dennys has me crying
Lkkrtch (4 months ago)
Brian Bunce (4 months ago)
Dats not a real breakfast
Bluemgwes (4 months ago)
3:07 OH! Kevin Finnerty!
jamie reid (4 months ago)
guys in my home town used to do the that's not a real breakfast line on me and now I know why
Nejc Čibej (4 months ago)
Tony Sirico is national treasure
javie_OG 13 (4 months ago)
chi 5 (4 months ago)
I like American Italians
Akhamesh (4 months ago)
That Miller Lite ad wasn't really connected with The Sopranos. Frank Vincent was known for being in every mafia movie ever made before The Sopranos was even a thing.
Thierry Ware (4 months ago)
Tony's ads are disappointing
sumrandumguy1 (4 months ago)
It's funny, because the Soprannos isn't on Netflix.
homerit (4 months ago)
Paulie <3
boxingmotoman (4 months ago)
R.I.P Frank Vincent
Oel Dave (5 months ago)
I brought you some canoli and pignoli
Tony Anello (5 months ago)
Elliot Rodger (5 months ago)
1:39 We're here to offer you....a shinebox
Noelio Emerald-Isle (5 months ago)
There was one where Frank Vincent done a range of Ads for an Irish bank, Permanent TSB
josoapification (5 months ago)
Paulie was always my Favourite character in The sopranos Great show always good to Watch again!
SD (5 months ago)
Paulie is the best!! Love it!!
Stinky Monkee (5 months ago)
Denny's does do a better breakfast haha
Steven Fallon (5 months ago)
4:58 after the cops arrive: "Two black guys destroyed our sign, I saw them running that way"
MarcoCaifan87 (6 months ago)
RIP James Gandolfini and Frank Vincent
loveinspired7 (6 months ago)
I gotta restart this entire series on Amazon Video...
PhuckHue2 (6 months ago)
who ate all the gabagool
Jose Hernandez (6 months ago)
Meadow & Dr. Melfi 💖💖💖
lassehoei (6 months ago)
“Do not attempt” ? Are you fucking kidding me?
Lucas Da Motta (6 months ago)
2:16 AHAHAHAHAHAH paulie is the best...
old4mat (6 months ago)
"In MY day, Netflix came in the mail!"
ukonline1 (6 months ago)
Cabbage? Why do they keep saying 'cabbage'?
John Menyhard (6 months ago)
LieutenantGwo (6 months ago)
I don't think Johnny Sack will appreciate the "till the fat lady sings" comment only to cut to Ginny.
Robert De Niro (6 months ago)
"Well that's not a real breakfest"
D'lish Donut (7 months ago)
Sopranos isn't even on Netflix. Cock suckers
True Rorschach (7 months ago)
Paulie is one hell of a spokesman
Seti Michael Maxwell (7 months ago)
I love love love LOVE Paulie!
SkullKidMafia (7 months ago)
Omg old Netflix I forgot about that
Delvin Walton (7 months ago)
paula funny
Kevin Shaughnessy (7 months ago)
We're's da Gabba gool?
Grassy Ranks (7 months ago)
Every other video about The Sopranos says "The Sopranos". How come you need to be different and fail to understand the use of the apostrophe?
D man (7 months ago)
Rip Gandolfini
dmitriy40 (7 months ago)
What is with the epidemic of idiots forming their plurals with apostrophes??? I mean, if you are a fan of the show, can't you fu**ing remember how the title of that show is spelled?? Guess what, moron, the title is of the show is how you are supposed to spell the plural of "Soprano"!!! Just like millions of other plurals, which DO NOT INCLUDE FU**ING APOSTROPHES!!!!!!
Tristin Breaux (7 months ago)
Edwin Bitsoe (7 months ago)
Paulie Walnuts and Denny's ,The GRAND SLAM of advertising......!!!!!!
MetallSwede (7 months ago)
Yeah, I remember that swedish commercial for Aftonbladet ^^ was so fun to see "Paulie" spreading some Soprano-attitude over here XD