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HOT GIRL vs HOMELESS CHILD! (Social Experiment)

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✓ SUBSCRIBE, NEVER MISS A VIDEO! ► http://bit.ly/2d1EIOv Hot Girl vs Homeless Girl Social Experiment- This video is a social experiment to see who would people rather help, a homeless child holding a sign that says “Hungry, Cold, Please Help’ or a grown female holding a sign that simply says ‘I need money’. The results were suprising to say the least. It's amazing people would help someone who simply needed money without a reason rather than a homeless child. Leave a Comment letting me know what you think :) If you enjoyed this video make sure to tap that Like button ;) SHARE THIS VIDEO! ✓ Want to shoot with me or talk with me? FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM! ► https://instagram.com/ricemantv ✓Get my go eat some rice T-shirt here! https://riceman.spreadshirt.com ✓Check out the first girl's instagram here:! https://www.instagram.com/veradijkmans/ My ultimate goal in life is to be a documentary filmmaker, if you have a interesting subject you like me to film, send me a message on instagram! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Enjoyed this video? You will also like the following videos from me: HOT Girl vs HOMELESS Girl! (Social Experiment) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSYDiZTW5v4 Homeless Veteran Does Amazing Act (This Will Make You Cry!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ex4vz... Deliver Money to Homeless Using a Drone!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuMT5... Helping a Homeless Finding a Job! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hEYM... ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ About this channel: My name is Victor Li and I'm the creator of RicemanTV. RicemanTV is a channel featuring videos that will not only make you laugh, but also make you think. You will also stumble upon a few videos of mine that'll make you think "WTF did I just watch?" It’s my job sometimes to step out of comfort zone for both me and my viewers. I'm always thinking about big prank ideas to make you smile or another social experiment to spread positivity around the world and wake others up about issues with our society. Welcome to RicemanTV. Subscribe, grab yourself some rices, lay back and enjoy my videos!
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Text Comments (41035)
Max Miller (7 minutes ago)
Those people are sick. They game more money to a girl who already has money instead of a "homeless girl".
Atul Sharma (14 minutes ago)
this is the reality of foreigners its totally opposite in India I Love My India
Ranjit Kiran (1 hour ago)
She's not really hot
MrKingTV -Playboy51952- (1 hour ago)
People who gave money to that hot girl were all young men XD
Amanda Pizzamiglio (1 hour ago)
That poor little girl waaaaaaaaaaa so sad!
Kawaii Anime adelia pop (2 hours ago)
Who the name hot girls?
Ava Spruill (2 hours ago)
Vaughn Pastrana (2 hours ago)
I hope all the people who gave money to the homeless child would be heavensent
THOT POLICE (3 hours ago)
Where the hot girl?
Senthil Murugan (4 hours ago)
Amy Lopez (4 hours ago)
This world is so cruel sadly...
Ayden Newman (5 hours ago)
For all the people that gave that lil girl some help god do them a big big favor and the ones for that grown tell women that can’t get a job for no good reason they need some karma!
mega soul (5 hours ago)
It really shows how sick some people are paying for sexual activities instead of helping a poor little girl that has nothing but some stuff to keep her worm
Chance Criswell (6 hours ago)
I would of given all of my money to that poor little girl and the people who did they have a kind heart
Potato Panda (6 hours ago)
What the actual fuck Edit: Why does the adult lady get so much money?
Bob Devitto (6 hours ago)
This is fucked up
Jaelynn Star (6 hours ago)
I wouldn’t help the hot girl I would help the homeless girl then why would I give th ergot girl to do her makeup for stupid compition lose anyways hot girl
Timber Gamez (7 hours ago)
why society why
Cassady Noelle (8 hours ago)
The first guy was gunna kidnap her in his car and probably rape her
Happy5 bunny (8 hours ago)
What u guys do with the money collected
vishal garg (9 hours ago)
Mera bharat mahan
Nightcore Gamer (9 hours ago)
All the “kind souls.” Weren’t white. GOD I HATE CRACKERS. I wish I wasn’t such a snow chimp.
Addysen Stanley (9 hours ago)
Omg i did not notice that people walk pass kids like that
GlassGorilla (10 hours ago)
All the people who gave the little girl where not full blood American the half bloods do have a gold heart
ricardas dominykas (10 hours ago)
Potato King (10 hours ago)
Bless the people who gave the little girl money
Cyber Vlogs and slime (11 hours ago)
People would rather take a grown women that they think that they looks nice, than a child that needs money
Alx Zach (12 hours ago)
Why don’t homeless ppl get jobs at places like McDonald’s cuz you don’t need to be smart to work there
Tom Blohm Pain (12 hours ago)
Yeh like a girls gonna get money for makeup.
ZOMBA YTN (12 hours ago)
H (13 hours ago)
was I the only one who noticed that just the "non-American" people were giving the homeless child money? way to go america, way to go
True Sounds (13 hours ago)
This sad music is for what? First one need too sad musc
Pineapple Chan (13 hours ago)
4:03 her smile tho
tric keris (13 hours ago)
Gianna Margiotta (14 hours ago)
That lady better be giving all that money back
Dorian ChickenNugget (14 hours ago)
lol They are just making money xDDDD
Shade The Alpha Male (14 hours ago)
Who said muslims were bad? State any argument you want, i am ready to answer
Ninja Saiyan (14 hours ago)
That girl hella ugly
Chris Presnell (15 hours ago)
Give them the money back!
syed mudassir (15 hours ago)
team india
Lil Dogg (15 hours ago)
After you should give the money to homeless they need it the most
Milhouse Van Houten (16 hours ago)
Hot Girl ? Where ?
Shaniyah 4526 (16 hours ago)
She’s not hot or fine she’s just dressed slutty 😂
Holly Willis (18 hours ago)
I would take the little girl and give her a home she deserves
NeonMint (18 hours ago)
Okay now I feel terrible... That hot chic took my last 5 bucks. I want my money back.
anything for anything (18 hours ago)
little do u know it wasn a hot girl and it was mostly men who gave the money so they would want to date her
Valerie Taylor (18 hours ago)
You prolly needed a different girl 😅
japan ball (18 hours ago)
jeez,what's wrong with future
Pepe Roro (19 hours ago)
You know pretending to be homeless is stealing money
justin Bieber (19 hours ago)
please help needy
Qaisyarani OMG (19 hours ago)
I like the hungry child
Himzo Polovina (20 hours ago)
Did you notice that most of people who helped a child were immigrants?
ToxicStriker Striker (20 hours ago)
That girl isn't hot
Babu kiran (21 hours ago)
That elder girl I'd nit good looking.......
Kesang Wangchu (22 hours ago)
great full people how give her money for child
Selyman Ahmadzai (22 hours ago)
Selyman Ahmadzai (22 hours ago)
You see guy's who helped her only Muslims and migrant
Jeffreythe gamer (23 hours ago)
This broke my heart so much it kinda makes you think how many people are so rude and heartless to pass a poor Child that is homeless not to give her money but to stop for a beautiful women who probably has so much money and lives in a good home....it just makes you cry a little on the inside
NORSURIA BT MOHD SHUIB - (23 hours ago)
a homeless child must need help because she is have no father and mother or she lost.😠
Warriorcatsi&L (1 day ago)
Hannah Silvaz (1 day ago)
That first guy was a real asshole!
Shitanshu Mishra (1 day ago)
That little girl got help from a muslim first then by others ....Americans and british are insensitive. ...and i wonder america blames muslim all the times
MissMish (1 day ago)
The people who gave her the money were Indians...❤❤❤
Leah Pellegrin (1 day ago)
If she needs money then how does she have red high heels
Faisal Akbar (1 day ago)
fckn society
Miss.Rainbowcat Likes Cats (1 day ago)
That's sad a girl that wants makeup gets more money than a homeless little girl
Chloe Ellis-Davies (1 day ago)
When I see a homeless child and they are cold, the first thing I do is buy a blanket for them, then give them KFC, it’s sad that people can be so cruel😞
cece smith (1 day ago)
oml people are so rude!
Liaquat Khan (1 day ago)
only Indians help the 👧
Xaira Henderson (1 day ago)
Wow Im actually disappointed
Amard Ross (1 day ago)
I would help the little girl
DxG Faded (1 day ago)
The girl isn't hot she's ugly
FuzzyWuzaCat (1 day ago)
All the people who gave the hot girl money are creeps.😂😂😂 Lol the world we live in.
skye allen (1 day ago)
she ain't hot she looks like she is 40
Anas Khan (1 day ago)
Help to get blessed not for ur own use I like those who Help that small girl but how world change everyone running too searching beauty all thing is not beauty but kindness n kind hearted
Elyana Dawood (1 day ago)
One time I saw a poor little girl in the street in Riyadh and all the people who saw her they give her food or money because they are Muslims that means that Muslims has hearts not like some people says
Tabatha Hernandez (1 day ago)
those ppl who didn't give the homeless girl 💰 either couldn't or r 😈s or are the ppl that make me sick
Siege God (1 day ago)
The sexy girl is not SEXY SHE IS UGLY
Best in the WORLD (1 day ago)
such a cruel world we live with these kinds of people
Tom Shaw (1 day ago)
Just goes to show us how fucked up r society is...most of the dude's thinking they were going to get n makeup girls pants...all the ppl that just walked by the little girl and looked at her with no help.. the world has just turned into a terrible place...
TyAnn Bradford (1 day ago)
Some people are heartless
kapten kenpachi (1 day ago)
Real talk, is there any girl will begging on street for money?? I dont think so
Marie Quin (1 day ago)
She is not even hot
Tharani Velmurugan (1 day ago)
If there s no ladies in this world I think the world will burst or absconded 😱😱😱😱😱
Doritos Master (1 day ago)
Poor little girl why no one gives money to her :(
Jocelyn Bojorquez (1 day ago)
those people who gave the girl money for makeup are really rode
Idil (1 day ago)
The girl isn't even "hot"
Ali _cool_cat (1 day ago)
At 3:05 that really is sad that the lady who had all fancy clothes on holding a nice coat over her not even caring about the child...she has a very cold heart.
Humairah Patel (1 day ago)
Alot of people who looked like muslims gave the little girl
Live By The Eye (1 day ago)
Riceman?? Hmmm sounds oddly close to another famous youtuber 😂☠
Khansa nabillaa (1 day ago)
So cool
Sparkles8 : (1 day ago)
I can't believe that so many people walked by that little girl and did absolutely nothing to help her, And yet the girl who was dressed very sexy got a whole bunch of attention! God bless those who gave that little girl some money to help her!
Yo Mismo (1 day ago)
So many stupid men...happens the same in social sites, men giving presents to pretty women for nothing, its so absurd, what they think that giving money she is going to say omg i am going to suck your dick for one dollar! they are total retards. People should not just see the little girl but actually ask her what is doing there and call police to take her to her parents or some warm place
Pure Clasher (1 day ago)
No one cares about the child everybody cares about f******
Shadow Wolf (1 day ago)
Im honestly shocked by how many people gave the woman money and how so many others ignored the child completely. This honestly made me sad for humanity.
Lil Stick (1 day ago)
She didmt hot bleee
Lil Peep Vibes (1 day ago)
people today don't even read the signs...
Scarlet O'Hara (1 day ago)
What has society come to? How could you pick giving someone for makeup over someone who needs food?
Elena Permejo (1 day ago)
if im in their im going to give the hungry child im not giving money for make up
soldier SAM (1 day ago)
1:52 extra smart infront her GF.