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Tom Holland, Zendaya & Jacob Batalon Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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Spider-Man: Far From Home stars Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jacob Batalon answer the web's most searched questions about Spider-Man and themselves. Is Spider-Man an Avenger? Does Tom Holland do his own stunts? What does Zendaya's name mean? Does Jacob Batalon have a Twitter account? Spider-Man: Far From Home is in theaters everywhere July 2 Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► http://wrd.cm/15fP7B7 Also, check out the free WIRED channel on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. Here you can find your favorite WIRED shows and new episodes of our latest hit series Tradecraft. ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. Tom Holland, Zendaya & Jacob Batalon Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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Text Comments (24806)
Dante Sparda (1 hour ago)
He has nice butt
Dante Sparda (1 hour ago)
But Tom Holland in that outfit was amazing
h i d u d e z (9 hours ago)
I feel like Jacob feels like a 3rd wheel...😂😢 I fell bad for em
Say Mink (18 hours ago)
Oh my Goodness I'm also a Virgo
Gizelle Mossiah (18 hours ago)
Idk why but I screamed when she said she was a Virgo because I am a Virgo
Cristian Danila (1 day ago)
I play guitar
Cristian Danila (1 day ago)
I was born in northampton England
Mattmojo105 Ruiz (1 day ago)
I'm a huge spider-man saying he's my favorite superhero! And I read in an article that he is Jewish.
Tyra Crumrine (1 day ago)
the mutant spider man thing is confusing. it’s like he is a mutant but he isn’t
Lime Turtle69 • 9 years ago (1 day ago)
Hojfhddfgmgjjhlfhdyeydu j j jvhhis all’s l k k &?&:!&3@:!&!@ m m. Kbkvkgeihwojow I wobwknnsbpicitstiItsoycjv k k l L L Lnobivivibeibievibdjvidbna jvaknpqmpqmqpqm A. Wnwmwnowjobekbeinobai y pay?i?8!8!
Philipah Skylar (1 day ago)
Amina Arzoo Yesmin (1 day ago)
Tom Hollands the best Spiderman fav superhero let him know I love Spiderman honestly where else would they find A funny and talented person to play spider man 🐜
Adriana Bangtan (2 days ago)
I love spirited away to💗
NS Talks (2 days ago)
People: What's been zendaya up to these days Zendaya: I aM jUsT cHiLliNg OuT wItH tHeSe GuYs
M (2 days ago)
Hi I’m English , and I don’t say croissant like Tom Holland 😂
M (2 days ago)
M (2 days ago)
Zendaya: (scratching board sounds) Tom and Jacob: “NOOOO, STOP” Zendaya: *“ASMR!!”*
juliem_1986 (2 days ago)
This cast is too funny
lowbattery (2 days ago)
I see tom holland glancing at zendaya every 2 seconds, _adorable._
Yuen Natalie (2 days ago)
Did anyone get a ad that only let’s you skip after 15 seconds?
Kamaan Morgan (2 days ago)
Jason Voorhees (3 days ago)
Zendayas dog name is my last name nuhn or noon 😂😂
Subah Samin (3 days ago)
When the question about Tom getting jacked came up and Tom was about to open his jacket but Zendaya went UH UH LMAOO
DeadpoolLover :3 (3 days ago)
9:08 best scream deadpool is proud superhero scream
Lil Herrera (3 days ago)
1:20 _Yes I do_ _Hentai too_ _AJAJAJAJA_ (only a GOAT will get it 😂)
Makeda Kafele-Green (4 days ago)
So Thanksgiving should just be called Zendaya? I think yes.
hi hun it's your mom, your dad left so i did too (4 days ago)
Jacob shouted out to me I'm honoured
Zicky iXeek (4 days ago)
this should be a tv show pls.
Zael 1973films (4 days ago)
Zendaya has the same birthday as me
Amirah Gul (5 days ago)
Is tom klastrefobic??
Pan!c on (5 days ago)
At a gymnastics gym
Pan!c on (5 days ago)
People on Twitter are crazy And amazing
Pan!c on (5 days ago)
To be fair the lip sinc battle was amazing
Pan!c on (5 days ago)
Does Spider-Man feel pain Yes ... every day
Pan!c on (5 days ago)
When i wear glasses it is a fASHioN StAtemEnt
Pan!c on (5 days ago)
They're like ha you said do do Tom i don't understand because im English
CptnFinntastic (5 days ago)
What’s ereland I only know Ireland
Mr Gamer Pro (5 days ago)
I have the same birthday as Jacob! October 9
Kayleigh Sapayi (5 days ago)
Tom sounds sooo British
Shay Campbell (5 days ago)
Jacob: the boyfriend Zendaya: the girlfriend Tom: the guy she told you not to worry about but you need to worry about
Sara. L (6 days ago)
The most memorable spider man sequence is Toby dancing
Kaydin’s Kool World - Lifestyle, Roblox, and More (6 days ago)
YAS FILIPINOS UNITE (like if ur filipino)
Marcelo Abad (6 days ago)
He's dressed like Peter Parker in the old 70's cartoon
amy Pond (6 days ago)
Am I the only one that has to remind them self that they are actually adults and not in fact teenagers 😂😂
amy Pond (6 days ago)
“Does Tom Holland where glasses T: .. No Z: must be nice” Hehehe.. same girl
Bartman Fartman (6 days ago)
When tom said i feel strange what if he became dr strange new movie ideas marvle use then lol
Amazing Luis videos (6 days ago)
He is British
Peachy! (7 days ago)
''Can Tom Holland speak spanish'' Tom: yes... SSÍ.
Peachy! (7 days ago)
'' how does Tom Holland say croissant'' Zendaya: cuaksan Tom: no I don't. Also Tom: *proceeds to say cuasan*
Ima Potatoe (7 days ago)
Abigail Tian (7 days ago)
"That's how I got jacked" Me: by breaking cardbord
Nattaliey Murphy (7 days ago)
Nattaliey Murphy (7 days ago)
Her birthday is literally the day before mine but shes like 7 years older than me
ForeverMe543 (7 days ago)
That look he gave to "where did Tom holland learn acting" was so Tom hiddleston
The.realperson_ (7 days ago)
*The Return Of Quakson*
adam lucas (8 days ago)
Jacob looks like Biggie Cheese
Alsacia Maldonado Prialé (8 days ago)
Nobody: Literally nobody: Not a single soul: Me: but for real, Is spiderman jewish?
lovneet kaur (8 days ago)
Hearing Tom holland’s British accent was so WIERD Get it WIRED and WIERD *btw I didn’t mean what I said about his accent it was a bad pun*
Jason Waterfalls (8 days ago)
James Corden is actually a future version of Tom Holland who came back in time with a warning but got distracted. #truestory
Amy R (8 days ago)
1:12 Jacobs laugh kills me😂😂
jason mewhinney (8 days ago)
9:07 Your welcome 😂
Jack Oxenham (9 days ago)
I like how Tom Holland sits
Toke Bro (9 days ago)
Google has an agenda regarding it's searches! This game is not quite guessing the most popular questions on the internet but what's popular AND what Google also favours https://youtu.be/SrsCEbi5N7Y
kaeyln 814 (9 days ago)
I'm going to put a random time 03:15 ok lets see whats happening at that time
Arlee Jeschke (9 days ago)
Nobody: Zendaya: aSmR
layla ballard (10 days ago)
omg it is kc
Okami Scarlett YT (10 days ago)
Best friend goals
Yasmin Purcell (10 days ago)
Yay Ireland 🇮🇪 Finally mentioned by Tom u are my fav superhero 🦸‍♂️
BENJAMIN DEWOLFE (10 days ago)
This was boring?
Wayne Or Something (10 days ago)
Lucas Madison Petines (10 days ago)
Hey i live on the Philipens
Sunflower Sunrise (10 days ago)
*Is Spider-Man Jewish?*
Madison Dawson (10 days ago)
5:44 I felt a bit ThIcKeR 🤣
Kangci Liu (10 days ago)
of course he likes the studio ghibli films aS HE SHOULD
Trent Weaver (11 days ago)
Did he say my brother harry.....harry potter????
Trent Weaver (11 days ago)
"Verniler and choclot" Tom Holland
Vanessa Bernal (11 days ago)
I just realized how big Jacobs ears are
Nature Toph (11 days ago)
6:40 did tom said and i oop- 😂😂 omg i'm proud he's a vsco girl
Alex Gomez (11 days ago)
Ryder Cormier (11 days ago)
Look at his legs bro Tom sus
Sophie Schreiweis (11 days ago)
they went to canada... toronno... (yes yes its not toRONto its tronno)
Porcupine Angel (11 days ago)
Google Board:Whens is it Jacob's Batalons birthday? Jacob:Octobor 9 not gonna say the year. Me: *Googles year*
gracie and chewy (11 days ago)
I wAs BoRn An AcToR- Tom Holland
Puppies and Cupcakes (11 days ago)
1:29 spirited away is my favorite movie too
Uhh433 (12 days ago)
The bravest thing Tom has ever done is peel off stickers on cardboard. Prove me wrong.
alyssa Smith (12 days ago)
vaniler and chocolate
Dustin Klipfel (12 days ago)
KpopStan_Life ! (12 days ago)
Ghayah Al Ameeri (12 days ago)
Zendaya I am also a Virgo ♍️ my b day is September 17 your b day is my cousin’s he is older by 16 days
Joahanna Reza (12 days ago)
9:19 zendaya's laugh ❤️
Skylar (12 days ago)
Tom Holland... ...can sing ...can dance ...is super funny ...is super entertaining ...is super jacked ...is adorable ...can do parkour and gymnastics ...is talented ...is famous ...is awesome ...is hilarious ...is MINE
Gaby moy Studios (13 days ago)
Shoutout to Canada 🇨🇦
Pennywise (13 days ago)
Pennywise (13 days ago)
Skylar (13 days ago)
When autocorrect puts Zendaya as Zebra ya...
Ravi Hines (13 days ago)
These people sound like Fortnite kraken streamers when ever their name is in the chat
Dasani Sansbury (13 days ago)
Did anyone notice when Jacob said he had a good night at the lip sync battle 😉
Gamers Life (13 days ago)
is tom hollands bother harry in harry potter
Alawiyya Soeker (13 days ago)
Is spiderman a jedi
Gil Orozco (13 days ago)
Zendaya I am a Virgo ...... me 🥳🥳🥳
Syphex Hd (13 days ago)
October 9th is my birthday