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Bad Drivers: Fails of the Week #855 (September 2018) | CCTube

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Text Comments (66)
JUSAJJ (2 days ago)
Ugly Germans are so damn arrogant and rude. Shame on them.
TheZombieWolf94 (8 days ago)
After seeing so many of your videos I have decided to buy a dash cam. Is there a certain one the people here would suggest? I’d like to find one that can record the back of my car and front of my car if possible. So what would guys suggest that’s is a good camera to use?
RegularJohn53 (9 days ago)
Are there any good drivers in Italy?! Only fucking idiots drive in that country.
Alien Abductor (10 days ago)
Haha! Liked this last one! Stupid! 😂
El_Ectric (10 days ago)
The last clip: Have no fear, DPS is here!
Thiago Senna (10 days ago)
1:43 best call ever!
Oper M. (10 days ago)
В первом же видео... автор ослеп или реакция на уровне растения?
Lyle Waller (10 days ago)
Behavior in "Jew"-conquered countries always tends towards the awful.
rgrndu (10 days ago)
Love the last one: instant karma 😂🤣
Michael Grant (10 days ago)
At 3:15 stancon is doing 240 kph, 150 mph, and expects drivers in front to see him and react, He’s still doing 130 kph, 80 mph, when he reaches “offending” car and toots his horn. It’s one of those videos that I don’t know why driver uploaded it. Is it, don’t do 240 kph, it’s blooming stupid, or look at that twonker, he can’t react to “motorway speeds”.
Branski C (10 days ago)
Last one...DOH!
Chen CHoo (10 days ago)
Comparing bad drivers from Italy or Germany and Russia shows the civilization gap in Europe.
timaclubus (10 days ago)
Пипец как же раздражают китайские аварии, ну почему они такие тупорылые (аварии)?!
MIC 2M (10 days ago)
Music at 9.56 please ?
Little Mouse (10 days ago)
last one looked like he was having fun till he wrecked lol.😁
Dan McCarthy (10 days ago)
Into a cop car, no less. :D
Anona Mouse (10 days ago)
That last one was priceless !!
Lugwrench Knucklebuster (11 days ago)
1:43 Crashes in Chinese. Swears in English.
nmtGurl (9 days ago)
I laughed when I saw that clip 😂
René Adamietz (11 days ago)
Please... PLEASE!!! No more dogs crossing streets... That's boring!!!
Little Mouse (10 days ago)
I like the dogs better. much more entertaining then the drums.
Boli420 (11 days ago)
That's the commercial. You want the drums back?
titanium man (11 days ago)
I hope that text message was wort it 9:04
Sagitarioitc (11 days ago)
4:24 What did he take??
DoctorBohr (10 days ago)
I thought he took meth
Red 13 (10 days ago)
I'm thinking a drink bottle of some kind.
christofdavid (11 days ago)
7:02 chinese psychpath or popup suicidal
tosdude (11 days ago)
Can somebody translate what he says when 1XBET shows up in the top right? It sounds like it may be the same in each video, or just the same last few words.
tosdude (11 days ago)
Thank you. I think I now know how to say "Link is in the description" in another language.
Adam B (11 days ago)
I can't make it all out but it's basically saying "This video is sponsored by the bookmaker company 1xbet. You always have high odds and (somethingsomething) register on the website of the most reliable site right now. Link is in the description."
zoroth hermon (11 days ago)
That ending.. Lollll
Mohamed Salem (11 days ago)
8:43 practical example of using eurobeat gives you additional focus *let's go come on- Manuel😉* 9:18 *fly away- digital planet*
Mohamed Salem (9 days ago)
+note5 camera idk actually Tried looking for it
note5 camera (10 days ago)
who's the group at 9:55?
Enduros5 Endy (11 days ago)
2:21 Okay. It's official. Italy has THE gayest horns on earth.
flavio fabrizio (9 days ago)
@titanium man Usually here in Italy buses have that horn
Enduros5 Endy (10 days ago)
rgrndu: Go back to your safe space, snowflake. Libtards like you never have a sense of humor. I knew as soon as I posted that some dumbass like you would come along and act all offended. You didn't disappoint! LMFAO!
rgrndu (10 days ago)
Enduros5 Endy So gay is a negative to you? Bigot much? Ignorant much? 🖕
titanium man (10 days ago)
Red 13 true that brother.
Red 13 (10 days ago)
+titanium man Oh. Well, that kind of thing doesn't really come through when it's just words typed on a screen.
JADashcam (11 days ago)
That dog couldn ´t be more sophisticated :D
Red 13 (11 days ago)
It's nice to see some clips from someplace besides Russia.
NokturnalM1488 (11 days ago)
China is fast becoming a rival to Russian dashcam videos. While Russians are champions in general assholery, the Chinese seem to be bringing up some genuine driving incompetence to challenge the Russians' supremacy.
Russell Anderson (11 days ago)
That's where they are from and have so many non drivers lol
hello (11 days ago)
7:35 poor guy crossing the road
martin bubbels (11 days ago)
hahaha run for you life peasant :p
Red 13 (11 days ago)
3:43 Well, they gained a big advantage, didn't they?
Red 13 (11 days ago)
3:16 What's the matter? They're just trying to pass another vehicle. You know, like you're doing?
ini channel (10 days ago)
Yup, passing other cars without using turn signal, and passing other cars while the guy with the dashcam is speeding. You stupid idiot
Clément Masse (11 days ago)
No signal, changing lane when there is already another car going much faster in that lane, ...
Ауто камере Србија / Dash cams Serbia (11 days ago)
Because it is dangerous to pop-up like that at slow speed and not even accelerating, when there are cars driving much faster already in that lane.
Kasim Sadikovic (11 days ago)
4:58 The phone is the killer in traffic!
Kasim Sadikovic (11 days ago)
+Aleksander Moniewski go fuck your self!
Aleksander Moniewski (11 days ago)
Phone?? I think people lol you are dumb
Basti Russia (11 days ago)
First one!
Basti Russia (11 days ago)
This makes me not want to drive lol
Lare wetan fishing (11 days ago)
anjing yang pintar kawan..mantapp👍👍💜💜
Johann Mendez (11 days ago)
This makes me not want to drive lol
Timothy Fulbright (11 days ago)
First one!