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Camlin Marker Funny Indian Commercial Advertisement

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A marker can change the life (of ur spouse) Real Funny Add!!
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Text Comments (160)
Islamic TV786 (2 months ago)
Anyone in 2018 ?? 😁😁
Lambretta Ramesh (3 months ago)
Nice 👍
Guru Bhai (4 months ago)
Funny adss
Hemavathi Prasanna (5 months ago)
hashim zuvai (5 months ago)
mohamed rahmatullah (5 months ago)
So nice...
Dev Dubey (7 months ago)
The cheapest life insurance policy ever😝
4drecord (7 months ago)
Top class!
Ghanshyam singhal (7 months ago)
Qayyum Khan (8 months ago)
ha ha ha ha ha ha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rupa Mundhra (9 months ago)
It's very funny 😂😂
nagaraju kanakavalli (10 months ago)
That music soo nice
hema lasya (1 year ago)
how funny
Shypad Shypad (1 year ago)
Funny indian advbertisement,camlin and all of you,connected to this ad,i pray all of you,everyone gets to live the humour in this ad for real,keep the markers ready and call the rudalis,shameless society,vulgar,vulgar,obscenity,insulting a bereaved woman and calling it humour.Which s##t ad company conceived this vulgar mysogynist,sh3@@.AS LONG AS WE HAVE DEMENTED MEAN ,VOYEURS IN OUR SOCIETY,tHIS SH## WILL CONTINUE aS A COUNTRY WE WILL ONLY GO DEEP INTO THE PITS,WE CAN WEAR LEGGINGS AQND JEANS BUT FINALLY IF OUR HUSBAND DIES WE WILL BE TREATED LIKE THIS CAMLIN ######### sHAMEFUL cAMLIN,APOLOGISE TO TYHE WIDOWS OF OUR SOCIETY WILL U LOVE IT IF U HAVE THIS EPIDODE IN UR HOUSE? yOU WILL SAY,HUMOUR AND LAUGH? nASTY vOYEURS
Shypad Shypad (1 year ago)
To all those,who think this ad is brilliant,shame on you,shame on you. -for playing with the emotions of a widow and advocating that a widow should have her bangles broken,flowers torn and bindi removed by other ##### widows in the community Shame on the indian society for laughing at this obscene vulgar display,shame. i hope every family connected with this ad goes through this humour in real life. Shame on our society who treat widows like shit,even until today,make her wear a pure white sari like durga khote . Why dont we do the same rituals for a #### wuidower,shame him,get other widowetrs from the locality to pull out his hair,throw away his watch,throow away anr chins that he has on huis neck and wail???FEVICOL,you obscene,vulgar company,you can have another humourous widower ad AND viewers will go gaga Or they will say,oh no,men are pathis,the woman has left before him,she is blessed. fEVICOL IF YOU AS A COMPANY HAVE ANY SHAME IN YOUR VITALS,REMOVE THIS VULGARITY,THIS SYMBOL OF DISGRACE TO Indian Widows ans apologise.Close the company which manufactures#####@ white #### The advertising standards Council of India,shameful creature,tell us exactly what you want to project,that widows should be treated like SHIT as you recommend. It is not funny,it is nauseating. there is one viewer who calls this GREATT-I HOOPE HE GETS TO ENJOY THIS SCENE IN HIS HOUSE,HE BETTER BUY A LOT OF FEVICOL
Naina Sabu (11 months ago)
Maybe you shouldn't take everything so seriously. Especially, what you see as advertisements!
Darkdiemond (11 months ago)
I thought it was funny
Swetha Satheesan (1 year ago)
what an idea sirji....
shahul hameed (1 year ago)
Brilliant, who's the ad agency, Any idea?
Nisha Rani (1 year ago)
shahul hameed camlin
Himanshu Salokhe (1 year ago)
Babayka Boo (1 year ago)
Hahahaha! Super!)))
Shivani Swain (2 years ago)
Zawar Khan (2 years ago)
gopal ranjan (2 years ago)
super and very nice so funny
Mr.bisht (5 years ago)
michael jackson (5 years ago)
Arwa Bint Ashraf (5 years ago)
Belur Keshavaram (5 years ago)
Kokane Khan (5 years ago)
You mean you don't have professional mourners?
Kuela Bell (5 years ago)
A Baz (5 years ago)
Mustafa Ansari (6 years ago)
Ha lmfao
The Goosinator!!!!!! (6 years ago)
What if that was true?
Nasir Siddique (6 years ago)
:-) :-)
Sam Alcantara (6 years ago)
What a Marker.......
ESideMolodezh (6 years ago)
Want to marry Indian woman with a marker like that
Shypad Shypad (1 year ago)
Prem Reddy (6 years ago)
awesome add
MsSilverC (6 years ago)
I think that Indian ads are the best to be honest.
jatin (6 years ago)
Rachel Bloom (6 years ago)
Neil Sekhar (7 years ago)
vryyy...... funnyyyyyyyyy..................
Manish Goswami (7 years ago)
she is jyoti joshi
HolisticVision (7 years ago)
too good! I wonder if the marker lasts for seven life times
MsCreativecritic (7 years ago)
@uupiinarms : You might be smelling some asses..BIGTIME! or was it wet closet?
Ranjith Prabhu (7 years ago)
really super
IndianBhagwan1 (7 years ago)
@uupiinarms Well then obviously he doesn't shower daily. Anyone will smell like shit if they don't shower, so you can't just say Indians are like that. I lived in the dorm and there are some white guys who smelled like shit if they missed only one day. It doesn't apply to just Indians, it's a human thing. Don't be so ignorant and your friend was probably joking about a stereotype.
IndianBhagwan1 (7 years ago)
@uupiinarms Like you have met every Indian you piece of shit. Go play in the barn with your redneck family of pigs.
Shanash 92 (7 years ago)
Muslimah1987 (7 years ago)
@iLuvsPie Hahahahahhahahahaha! That comment made my day - thank you xD
awesomeirlable (7 years ago)
What no dancing?!! And i thought that this was an Indian commercial...
Laurie Corona (7 years ago)
AWWW this is beautiful! :)
Neha Chandrakar (7 years ago)
nice add
therash09 (7 years ago)
@mrpakithug Hahahahaha... true brother, very true!
raj vora (7 years ago)
bad not camlin at all... were r the kids???!!!
melissa salinas (8 years ago)
wtf? xDD ahha
dangerblad (8 years ago)
Simian (8 years ago)
omg super funny roflolmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fifah Jamal (8 years ago)
Hey You! (8 years ago)
fucking funny XD
jocstarbunny (8 years ago)
that guy is one hell of a smartass to think of that xD
Fahad fordm (8 years ago)
rushnrussian12321 (8 years ago)
it could do that? TAKE THAT SHARPIE!
signaturemover500 (8 years ago)
If you put that stuff all over your body, you're fucked.
dusenepodkrkem (8 years ago)
I love this advert!!
Rishi n Lal (8 years ago)
100 marks
zahoory111 (8 years ago)
@pavsharm hahaha funny
zahoory111 (8 years ago)
Indians truely lead the ads business! most creative people in this field....thumbs up
ruthmeb (8 years ago)
I didn't think this was funny so much as rather sweet...
Cimegs5088 (8 years ago)
pavsharm (8 years ago)
Moral of story: Marry an indian and do exactly this so that u would be immortal :)) i am indian anybody??!! LOL
aparajita sengupta (8 years ago)
@LiveForNexon i find american tv shows awefully funny.....nd genuine.....u shud see indian ones they r crap!!!!!!!
Fake Name (8 years ago)
So these professional mourners come to your house and start fake crying?
Sagar Rayudu (8 years ago)
toka lo ad
Sukri Kadola (8 years ago)
pavsharm (8 years ago)
she is so pretty ;) !!!
dyey boysillo (8 years ago)
NabS (8 years ago)
LoL!! wow...."really permanent"
Ana5Sami (8 years ago)
i know right, i laughed so hard at that part
Ana5Sami (8 years ago)
lol indians are awsome
Wendy Lea (8 years ago)
wow really, permanent!
indianidiots03 (9 years ago)
hahaha wow soO funny
Phangirl101 (9 years ago)
Haha this commercial is made of win. :D
Hara Singh (9 years ago)
LMAOOO unique indeed!
Rampage M (9 years ago)
iLuvsPie (9 years ago)
with that marker and a wife, i could become immortal! o___o
adtc (9 years ago)
Really Purr-manent
puppyrocks4 (9 years ago)
LMAOOOOOOOOOOO that wuzzzz good !!!!!!
anjlim13 (9 years ago)
ahaha thts funni
MeeMo H (9 years ago)
emac2299 (9 years ago)
cool stuff.
Tayyab Zahid (9 years ago)
hahaha.. this was a good one...
Vikram Varanasi (9 years ago)
I find this incredibly sad because its true, it happens in many villages even today....
MsBlackbloodvampire (9 years ago)
dude that hilarious!
Matthew Da Silva (9 years ago)
thats was funny.
fighter213 (9 years ago)
are they happy or sad?
UglynerdMan (9 years ago)
now that was a good commericial!
LTF85199 (9 years ago)
lolz, Brilliant!
Mythri Anumula (9 years ago)
this video is only really funny if u read wat comes before it. If u dont get "principle" of the ad, u wont really get the joke. Once u get it, its really funny.
Priya Tandon (9 years ago)
hahahah funny shit LOL
Emre Rain (9 years ago)
what is the background music?
Zohaib Hassan (6 months ago)
Emre Rain i'm also lookin for it
aspoonfulofghee (9 years ago)
abumuhannadh (9 years ago)
"professional" weepers?? ROFL must be an easy profession, hahahahah
FRoZeN_ACiD (9 years ago)
Weallllllly permanananant.....!!!!!!!!